Chapter 853: Deadly Danger

    Chapter 853: Deadly Danger

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    Large numbers of inscriptions of various grades gushed into Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. While he did not have the ability to refine them instantly, he wasn't willing to exit the Sage Dao Talisman either, so the only other option he could think of was to filter the inscriptions.

    One inscription after another were cut down before they could enter Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Only a small amount was absorbed and understood by him and turned into something of his own.

    Other people might have thought this was a waste and possibly not dare to even do it in the first place out of fear that it would affect the power of the Sage Dao Talisman.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't care at all. He cultivated with the Immortal Mortal Technique, so he didn't need that many inscriptions from the Sage Dao Talisman. As long as he could master part of the basic inscriptions, he could use his dao revelation channel to understand a Talisman Dao that truly belonged to him.

    As he continuously cut down various inscriptions, the pressure on his sea of consciousness was reduced slightly. Around him, silver inscriptions began to form. These silver inscriptions flashed constantly, and eventually covered him completely.


    Gua Cheng City, inside Xian Zhiyang's temporary office.

    Xian Zhiyang stared at the dust covered Tan Zhenman that stood before him in shock. Never did he imagine that she would actually come over.

    When his gaze fell on Xi Li that was standing behind her, it was like he saw a ghost. He pointed at Xi Li, stuttering, "You're... Number 1 expert Xi Li..."

    With a smile and a bow, Xi Li responded, "That's right, I'm Xi Li. Compared to Senior Mo Wuji, I'm really nothing much. Please don't say that I'm the number 1 expert."

    After regaining his composure, Xian Zhiyang looked at Tan Zhenman with a surprised look, "Tan Zhenman, you really passed the Space Navigation Federation's Three Star Exam?"

    Xi Li took the iniative to reply, "With Tan Zhenman's skill level, even Planet Diyuan's Five Star Exam would be a piece of cake."

    Tan Zhenman quickly clarified, "Yes, I've already passed the Three Star Exam. The things Brother Mo Wuji taught me are simply too powerful..."

    As Xian Zhiyang and Mo Wuji were friends, and he was also her classmate, she did not want to refer to Mo Wuji as 'senior' in front of him.

    Xian Zhiyang was not a dummy though, and not only was he not a dummy, he had a very high IQ. Otherwise, he wouldn't have sensed that Mo Wuji was special. Once he heard Tan Zhenman's words, and with Xi Li coming to a small location like Gua Cheng, he immediately knew what they were here for: definitely to find Mo Wuji.

    However, he did not know where Mo Wuji was. It was only by chance that he had saved Mo Wuji once. Without any means to communicate with Mo Wuji, where could he start the search from?

    As expected, Tan Zhenman followed up, "Xian Zhiyang, I was blind back then to not have taken Brother Mo Wuji as my master. Now Senior Xi Li wants to look for Brother Mo, can you tell us his address?"

    With a slight difficulty, Xian Zhiyang replied, "Tan Zhenman, I really don't know where Brother Mo went. Back then, I had only met him by chance on Luo Yang Mountain. He was injured and I sent him to the hospital."

    Upon hearing Xian Zhiyang's explanation, both Tan Zhenman's and Xi Li's eyes were filled with disappointment.

    Just when Xi Li wanted to ask where Luo Yang Mountain was, his phone range again, which prompted him to quickly pick up the call. Halfway through the phone call, his hand shivered and the phone fell towards the ground.

    As Tan Zhenman was just standing right beside Xi Li, she swiftly grabbed the phone before it hit the floor.

    "Senior Xi Li..." When she was about to probe further, a panicking voice came from the phone, "...Countless beasts that are stronger than ever before appeared, and we can't even take a single hit from them. The construction of Planet Diyuan's defensive structures has been demolished, countless humans have been massacred by the beasts... They seem to have some level of intelligence, as they gave up on murdering and forced humans to send them to Earth in flying ships that they stole..."

    "Clack!" Tan Zhenman could not hold onto the phone anymore, which sent it clattering onto the ground.

    Due to the phone's good quality, a frantic voice continued to echo out from the phone after it hit the ground, "Instructor Xi Li, Instructor Xi Li, respond if your hear this transmission, respond if you hear this transmission..."

    "It's over, it's all over..." A tinge of hopelessness hung in Xi Li's voice.

    "Senior Xi Li, don't worry. Brother Mo is still here, so those beasts won't be able to do anything even if they make it to Earth." Tan Zhenman comforted him.

    Xi Li just shook his head and replied in a more downtrodden fashion, "Zhenman, you don't understand. Do you know why I came back so urgently? Back in the day I hid behind a rock on Planet Diyuan and saw two beasts fighting. THey were actually meters high and could even spit out blades. Those blades could slice even the largest tree in half. No matter how strong that Senior Mo is, he is only one person. Once those beasts flock to Earth, mankind is done for..."

    Despair was deeply rooted in Xi Li now. He was the number 1 expert that went from Earth to Planet Diyuan, but when facing these beasts, he wouldn't be able to block a single wind blade. Who knew that humans would have attracted these beasts over right after the Earth's environment had been restored?

    This stunned Tan Zhenman. While she had never fought against Xi Li before, she knew that she was definitely not his opponent.

    Now that Senior Xi Li was also afraid of these beasts, how could anything good come out of their arrival on Earth?

    If it were only one or two of them, they could still be blown apart by nuclear weapons. But if it were a large group, going nuclear would simply be seeking death.

    Sighing, Xi Li spoke, "We shouldn't have built the flying ship that can reach that sort of speed. As we ventured out, we also brought the enemy back, so it's just all for naught."

    "So what should we do?" Tan Zhenman forgot that she was just comforting Xi Li as she didn't know what they could do at this point in time anymore.

    Xi Li's eyes turned towards the crystal clear skies that no longer had any haze, and said with conviction, "Even if I die, I'll die at the frontlines of battle. Zhenman, you have great potential. When those beasts take over the Earth, there'll be some groups of mankind that survives. I hope that you will continue living and work hard to turn your potential into strength, eventually leading more men to drive those beasts away. If we humans are not meant to go extinct, the day that we chase them away will come."

    After finishing his piece, Xi Li turned around and left. Those beasts were already in space, hence they would reach Earth in a few month's time. In these few months, he had to make some preparations.

    "Senior Xi Li, I will leave with you. If it weren't for Brother Mo's instruction, I, Tan Zhenman, would still be an ignorant student. With my power comes responsibility. Even if I can only fight against a single beast, I would gladly do so." The grand feelings of Xi Li had moved her deep inside.

    When Xi Li was the first expert to leave Earth, he led the Earth's experts to occupy an area on Planet Diyuan. Now that the beasts had come to Earth, he was the first to step forward to risk his life to protect the planet.

    Never did Xi Li think about himself, and if Tan Zhenman had this sort of mindset, she would have become Mo Wuji's disciple by now.

    But because she was selfish, wanting to go to Planet Diyuan to live a good life, did she lose something that would have belonged to her.

    After staring at Tan Zhenman for a good while, Xi Li nodded his head, "Sure, you'll leave with me then."

    Although he asked her to hide herself, in reality, after those beasts came to Earth, where would she be able to hide at?

    "Tan Zhenman, Senior Xi Li, let me help as well." Xian Zhiyang quickly added on.

    However, Xi Li just patted his shoulder, "You're a good person, but this is not something that you can help with."


    The South Pole.

    By the time Xi Li and Tan Zhenman arrived here, there were three to four layers of explosive weapons set up. Some of the top grade missiles had been moved over too, all in the hope of eliminating the beasts on Earth in the shortest time possible.

    "Instructor Xi Li." Once Xi Li disembarked from the plane, Ka Sanuo, who had come back earlier, trudged towards him with a serious expression.

    Waving it off, Xi Li tried to be as casual as he could, "When we first arrived on Planet Diyuan, didn't we face even more beasts? Since we could set up a foundation there, we can also stop the beasts from setting foot in Earth."

    Ka Sanuo didn't make any comments. He knew that Xi Li's words weren't meant for his ears, but for the soldiers. Nearly none of the soldier present had gone to Planet Diyuan before, and most had special forces backgrounds.

    "Are you building a laser wall?" Xi Li asked curiously as he observed the construction works going on around him.

    Ka Sanuo acknowledged it, "Yes."

    But Xi Li did not reply, as it was clear to him that the presence of a laser wall didn't make much of a difference. Planet Diyuan had a similar laser wall which was fortified over many years to the point that no normal laser walls could match up to it. If those beasts could destroy the laser wall on Planet Diyuan and steal flying ships to come over, what use would this last minute laser wall be?

    At this moment, Woolf also walked over, asking softly, "Instructor Xi Li, are we going to prepare to use nuclear weapons?"

    "There's no need for that. Even if we were able to kill all of the beasts with nuclear weapons, the Earth would be on the brink of destruction. Without using them, perhaps many years down the road, we humans can still take back the home that rightfully belongs to us."


    As compared to the uptight South Pole which had a continuous stream of soldiers going there, everywhere else on Earth experienced a period of happiness.

    What could make one happier than breathing clean air and seeing the clear blue skies after suffering for a few decades? Even the number of disputes and arguments seemed to decrease.

    Humans would always be the most adaptable species. Within a short span of months, almost all stock prices rose tremendously. If there were any that saw their stock price drop, it would undoubtedly be those companies that earned the most from purifying air or something similar.

    However, the tension in the South Pole was building up. Inside a gigantic command center, large screens displayed the dense pack of flying ships approaching Earth. Based on their trajectory, it would take at most half a month for those flying ships to land on the South Pole.

    The most ironic thing was that these flying ships were manufactured on Earth.

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