Chapter 854: All You People

    Chapter 854: All You People

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    "The group of flying ships has slowed down. 59 minutes remaining till entry into the atmosphere..." The voice from the AI rang out loud and clear inside the hall.

    The person standing all the way at the front and staring at the armada of flying ships on the monitors, Xi Li, had fear and pain etched into his eyes.

    "49 minutes remaining till the flying ships enter the atmosphere..."

    The AI's voice seemed to jolt the stunned Xi Li back to his senses, as he suddenly instructed, "Everyone pay attention, once the flying ships enter the atmosphere, lock onto them and fire. For those flying ships that manage to avoid all missiles, engage them with the heaviest firepower when they land on Earth..."

    Xi Li was aware that there were many humans beings being forced to do things inside the flying ships. Destroying anyone might not kill the beasts inside, but all man inside would definitely die. However, he couldn't help but give the command to do so. No matter how many people died, they couldn't allow the flying ships to land in the South Pole.

    Moreover, Xi Li also knew that while there were many land-to-air missiles in the South pole, there wasn't any guarantee about how many flying ships they could take down. Those flying ships that made it to Planet Diyuan represented the forefront of Earth's technology, so they could predict the trajectory of the missiles or other attacks and avoid them.

    "Sudden movement detected in the flying ship armada, they are starting to decelerate abnormally. Flying ships have stopped short of the atmosphere and are circling the Earth..."

    This new piece of news brought by the AI cause everyone to become stunned. That's right, the South Pole had a flying ship space harbour, and who knew how many weapons were pointed at this area. If the flying ships did not land at the South Pole, instead choosing another location, while they could still carry out attacks, they would be far less effective. As for whether the attacks would cause collateral deaths, this was already ignored from the start.

    "Instructor Xi Li, what should we do?" Many people, with Ka Sanuo as their representative, turned to look at Xi Li.

    Xi Li was the instructor of the Space Navigation Federation and also the leader of the long battle against beasts on Planet Diyuan, and now he was the only one that could give an idea for the way forward.

    Taking in a deep breath, Xi Li was about to announce the start of the offensive, but a sudden emergency broadcast came from the command hall, "Urgent message! Urgent message! I am Space Navigation Federation's Space Enforcer Yu Yiyu, the beast threat onboard the flying ships has been neutralised. Flying ship armada seeking permission to land at the South Pole harbour, please respond..."

    "What?" Regardless whether it was Xi Li, Ka Sanuo, or anyone else, no one could believe the truth that was before them.Si Li had detailed how scary the beasts were, and how they couldn't deal with the beasts on Planet Diyuan, so how could those beasts have been eliminated before the flying ships even landed?

    "Could he be coerced by the beasts?" An officer said cautiously.

    Without anyone else's comments, Xi Li spoke confidently, "That's impossible. I've known Yu Yiyu for decades and fought side by side with him. I know what kind of man he is better than anyone."

    There was a good reason for Xi Li to believe Yu Yiyu, and he also believed that if they swapped places, Yu Yiyu would trust his words too. To them, when it came to the choice between their lives or the safety of Earth, they would throw their lives away without hesitation.

    The AI spoke once again, "Federation YL021, YL102, Federation MH199, MH311, Federation GKQ015... Requesting to share internal cabin feed..."

    "Approved." Xi Li immediately agreed. Even if the flying ships requesting to land did not offer to share their internal cabin feed, he would have asked for it. There was no chance that he would allow any flying ship to land before seeing the internal cabin condition, not even if Yu Yiyu requested for it.

    A spacious cabin appeared on the gigantic display, which shocked all personnel in the control hall upon seeing it..

    The Space Navigation Federation's flying ships were an amalgamation of the latest technology in the world, and almost all famous rocket scientists took part in its design and construction. As a flying ship would be gone on a voyage of up to decades-long, its interior was intentionally designed in a way that was not only spacious but also very intricate.

    However, what was the scene before their eyes? A room covered in blood. Those beasts were cut open by who knows what knife. Some died after taking a few slashes, while others were decapitated with one slice.

    Inside the big flying ship's cabin, there were the dead bodies and bloodstains of all sorts of beasts piling up everywhere.

    "Grant permission to flying ships whose cabins have been inspected to land. Put the attack on hold, standby for further orders." Xi Li ordered.

    Once the flying ships received permission to land, they rapidly entered the atmosphere and docked at the giant flying ship harbour of the South pole.

    At this point, Xi Li had already brought Ka Sanuo and a group of men to wait here. The first to exit the flying ship was a single armed, middle-aged man covered in bloodstains and sweat. Upon spotting him, Xi Li quickly went forward, "Yiyu, your arm..."

    Surprisingly, Yu Yiyu did not care about his arm at all, instead grabbing Xi Li using his remaining arm and with a smile on his face, "Thank you Xi Li."

    Xi Li quickly replied, "Yiyu, your arm is gone, why are you still thanking me?"

    Staring up at the sapphire sky, Yu Yiyu squinted at the sun while explaining agitatedly, "Do you know? When I heard that the Earth's environment had been restored by a mysterious expert, joy blossomed in my heart. It is indeed as such, no, it is 10,000 times better than I had imagined it to be. Even Planet Diyuan does not have such a natural environment."

    With a forced smile, Xi Li responded, "This is not my doing. It was a senior named Mo Wuji. I've never even met this Senior Mo before."

    "What about Senior Mo's disciple Tan Zhenman?" Yu Yiyu asked.

    Tan Zhenman, who had always been standing beside Xi Li, stepped forward and greeted, "Tan Zhenman greets Star Enforcer Yu."

    Towards Yu Yiyu, Tan Zhenman had nothing but the highest level of respect. Under his sound leadership only did Earth manage to create a flying ship that could travel between galaxies, which enabled them to discover Planet Diyuan, a backup plan for Earth. What made her feel even closer to him was that Yu Yiyu was also a Chinese like her.

    Yu Yiyu bowed back at her, "Zhenman, you're the disciple of Senior Mo, and Senior Mo is a great benefactor of Earth. I, Yu Yiyu, thank your master here today. We're also fellow Chinese, so if you respect me, call me Brother Yu."

    Upon hearing this, Tan Zhenman frantically returned the bow, "Brother Yu, Senior Mo did not take me as his disciple, but he's indeed a Chinese like you and me."

    By this moment, the number of people in the area had grown, and Xi Li asked, "Yiyu, what's going on? Why did Planet Diyuan's beasts suddenly lose control, and since they had come to Earth, why were they suddenly killed?"

    Xi Li knew the structure of Earth's flying ships too clearly. While it had many excellent functions, there weren't any weapons that could kill beasts.

    Only then did Yu Yiyu speak fearfully, "Not long after you left, the beasts went wild. They broke through all our defenses and killed countless humans. Those beasts were quite smart. Not only did they leave some humans alive, they forced the survivors to control the flying ships to head towards Earth. Back then I was already prepared to make the flying ship implode in space.

    However, we underestimated the intelligence of the beasts. They learned how to control the flying ship very quickly and contained us in a fixed area. Do you know? The first to receive news that the Earth's environment was overhauled wasn't the humans but those beasts. When the flying ships approached Earth, I gave up all hope..."

    "So how were those beasts killed..." Ka Sanuo couldn't help but blurt out.

    Yu Yiyu continued on, "In reality, I don't know what happened. When the flying ship approached Earth, formless blades suddenly shot in from the outside of the flying ship. Those blades seemed to have eyes, cutting down the beasts in the shortest amount of time possible."


    Everyone was stunned after hearing Yu Yiyu's words. A flying ship was sealed up extremely well while traveling through space, so how could blades, or formless blades for that matter, shoot in from the outside? Was this a fictional story?

    "I know everyone doesn't believe me. Actually, i don't really believe this myself. Even till now I suspect whether I was dreaming. It seemed like some invisible things seeped into the flying ship before condensing to form blades that killed the beasts." Yu Yiyu explained after taking in a deep breath.

    "I know, it must be the work of Senior Mo. Only he is powerful enough to prevent the beasts from entering Earth." Tan Zhenman said excitedly.

    "But..." Someone asked out of suspicion, "This doesn't seem very realistic. Can someone control formless wind blades outside of Earth? And send them into a flying ship to kill the beasts while recognising their targets?"

    This might have sounded rather absurd, and even Tan Zhenman, who was adamant that Mo Wuji did it, didn't dare to rebut the person when he questioned her assertion. After she cooled down, she also felt that this was not logical at all.

    Although Xi Li did not dare to confirm that Mo Wuji did it, he still greatly respected this Senior Mo that he never met before. After seeing many bloody men exit the flying ships, he quickly instructed, "Everyone please rest first. We'll convene a federation meeting tomorrow to discuss this matter."

    Just when Xi Li finished his sentence, a sigh echoed out from space, "All you people, I just restored the Earth's environment and set up a defensive array, and you bring back so many demonic beasts. Let me tell you, while my defensive array is of a rather high grade, but it requires immortal spiritual energy to sustain. If you continuously bring back demonic beasts and experts, no matter how high a grade my array is, it will lose its effect eventually due to the exhaustion of immortal spiritual energy.

    Since Earth's environment is back to normal, isn't it good enough for everyone to live happily on Earth? Remember that everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, so don't let something like this happen again. Also, don't go searching for some Planet Diyuan and bring back all sorts of nonsensical demonic beasts. I can't help you if the defensive array is gone since I've left long ago..."

    The voice gradually turned softer, before it finally faded into space.

    "It's Brother Mo, Senior Mo..." Tan Zhenman was so emotional that she was flushed and couldn't control the words coming out of her mouth.

    Even though it was all men from the highest echelons of Earth here, they knelt to the ground and thanked Mo Wuji after hearing the message left behind by his spiritual will.

    "So it was Senior Mo indeed, it was Senior Mo indeed..." Xi Li's face turned bright red as well. His only regret was that he could never meet this Senior Mo face to face.

    Yu Yiyu clenched his fist tightly. He regretted never coming back with Xi Li to meet his Senior Mo even once.
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