Chapter 856: Insanely Strong Opponent

    Chapter 856: Insanely Strong Opponent

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    That expression of pleasant surprise soon disappeared. That violet robed youth soon cried out anxiously, "Big Brother, hurry and flee. That person is too terrifying..."

    Mo Wuji laughed and said, "It's too late to flee, that person is already here. I say, Yan Li, I gave you a vase of Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow those years ago but you don't seem to have grown much. Even your transformation isn't complete, there are still two golden horns on your head."

    This violet robed youth was Yan Li, he was the Golden Horn Violet Dragon that Mo Wuji saved. Back then, Mo Wuji was able to leave the cultivation world because of the Hidden Dragon Pool that Yan Li told him about. Not did the Hidden Dragon Pool help him to get back to the Immortal World, it also helped him greatly: his physique had improved greatly and his cultivation also rose.

    After all these years, Mo Wuji could feel that Yan Li's cultivation was approaching the Heavenly Immortal Stage. With Yan Li's cultivation, he only needed a single step and he would be able to ascend from this world.

    Yan Li said anxiously, "Even though I don't know why you haven't left for the Immortal World, our matters should be left for later. We have to leave..."

    Yan Li's voice stopped abruptly. A grey shadow suddenly appeared between him and Mo Wuji.

    "Little worm, continue running." An icy-cold voice filled with contempt sounded.

    This was a very young-looking man. He had a head full of brown hair which grew to the back of his shoulders. His voice sounded like a prepubescent kid who had yet to break his voice.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly filled with shock. This young man's cultivation definitely exceeded every expert that he had ever met. He was sure that even Dao Emperors would be treated like ants in front of this young man.

    Around this young man, there were boundless of talisman runes flashing and revolving. Mo Wuji could faintly see the talisman rune of the World Rending Talisman emerging from the young man.

    Mo Wuji was in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage and he was also the progenitor of his own Dao. He only needed a single glance at this man to know what was going on. This young man was definitely much stronger than him. The only thing that reassured him was that this fella had a peak grade regulation talisman on him. Due to this regulation talisman, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth didn't directly crush this young man to juice.

    But even though this young man had the regulation talisman, the pressure of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth still formed trails of blood on his body.

    With Mo Wuji's judgement, this fella could only display a power above that of an Immortal King, but below that of an Immortal Emperor.

    Yan Li cried harshly, "I don't know why you must kill me. But Mo Wuji is my friend and he's not related to this."

    "Haha... Go and die, little worm." The brown-haired man laughed maniacally, he opened his hand and grabbed towards Yan Li.

    Mo Wuji sprang out of his flying car and punched towards this young brown-haired man. Yan Li was his friend; how could he simply let Yan Li be killed in front of him?

    "Big Brother, you have to hurry and flee. This person is extremely powerful..."

    Yan Li urgently wanted Mo Wuji to run away. He was very clear that even if Mo Wuji had grown more powerful than before, Mo Wuji still wouldn't be able to last a single move from that brown-haired man.

    "What galls, you actually attack me..."

    The brown-haired man snorted coldly. The palm he extended towards Yan Li turned into a fist. He then punched out towards Mo Wuji; the way that he moved was the same as Mo Wuji. He wanted to use the exact same method that Mo Wuji was using to crush Mo Wuji into pieces.

    "Boom!" Elemental energy exploded violently. Yan Li, who was caught in the crossfire, was directly sent flying by this clash of elemental energy. Moreover, this was after Mo Wuji forcefully tried to shield Yan Li from the impact. Otherwise, Yan Li would have directly been killed.

    "Kacha!" The sound of something shattering could be heard.

    "Ah!" Following that was a terrifying roar. The eyes of this brown-haired man turned crimson red; they shone with deep hatred and fury, "Who are you exactly? You are actually able to use the power of an Immortal Emperor here? I'm going to devour you..."

    Even as this brown-haired man was saying those words, his body continuously tore apart. The flashing talisman runes around him also started to burst.

    Now, even his pupils had turned red. He maniacally released a punch towards Mo Wuji. Compared to the previous punch, the power in this punch was multiple folds higher.

    "Bang!" Just as this punch was released, this brown-haired man exploded into a mist of blood. After Mo Wuji shattered his regulation talisman, he was no longer able to resist the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Not only did his body explode into a mist of blood, his belongings were also reduced to ashes by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth.

    Even though this youth had been suppressed by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, that dying punch of his was still able to send Mo Wuji flying.

    Fortunately, the dao energy within the punch was no longer perfect the moment that brown-haired man died. Thus, Mo Wuji only suffered some light injuries.

    "Big Brother, how were you able to get rid of that fella with a single punch?" Yan Li rushed over in excitement and glee.

    Mo Wuji slowly caught his breath. He was also in disbelief as he said, "Yan Li, you're just a Violet Dragon that had yet to reach the Heavenly Immortal Stage. How did you manage to offend such a powerful enemy?"

    Yan Li stroked his forehead, "Big Brother, I don't even want to think about it. That fella seemed bent on finding me. I was chased by him for more than half a month. I don't even know him."

    Mo Wuji looked at Yan Li in doubt, "Yan Li, I'm not underestimating you but this fella's cultivation is extremely terrifying. Even ten thousand of you working together wouldn't be his opponent. He would need half a month to chase you?"

    "Big Brother, actually, you have some misunderstandings. WIthin my bloodline, there's a unique ability. I can easily find nodes between different places in the same plane, and I can traverse between them. Every time I move to a different part of the void, I lose track of this fella for a period of time. Unfortunately, this fella seems bent on chasing after me and he would eventually find me. When that happens, I would need to continue finding nodes and leave that part of the void. If not for that, I would have been caught by him a long time ago," Yan Li explained helplessly.

    "A bloodline's sacred art?" Mo Wuji uttered in astonishment.

    Having cultivated for so long, he naturally knew that this was a bloodline sacred art, and not some unique ability. From the looks of it, this Violet Dragon's background wasn't simple.

    "It's a sacred art?" Yan Li's brows knitted together as he thought about it. His cultivation was still lacking so he had yet to inherit his full legacy; there were many things that he still didn't know about.

    Mo Wuji directly interrupted Yan Li's thoughts and asked urgently, "Then are you still able to find the location of the Hidden Dragon Pool?"

    Yan Li shook his head, "Big Brother, I don't even know how far I had run, or how many galaxies I had been too. If you ask me now, how would I be able to find it? However, I have a method. I am able to ascend at any moment. When I ascend, Big Brother can follow me."

    Mo Wuji nodded; he knew that Yan Li ascended, the passage between the cultivation world and the Immortal World would open briefly. As long as the passage was opened, it wouldn't be difficult for him to return to the Immortal World with his Immortal Emperor Stage cultivation.

    "I was just about to ask you, why haven't you ascended even though you're so close to the Heavenly Immortal Stage?" Mo Wuji asked hurriedly.

    Yan Li said with a bitter expression on his face, "It's not that I don't want to, it's that I don't dare to. I have the bloodline of the Golden Horn Violet Dragon, the moment I ascend to the Immortal World, even my bones would get eaten."

    Mo Wuji patted Yan Li's shoulders, "There's no need to worry. You can ascend now. When the passage to the Immortal World opens, I will follow you."

    "Big Brother, rest assured. As long as I want to ascend, I can do it." Yan Li patted his chest; he had absolute trust towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was even able to eliminate that pervert chasing after him. Clearly, this Big Brother of his was also insanely strong.

    "Wait, let me return this to you. Those years ago, I didn't manage to meet your mother, so I can only return this pearl to you." Mo Wuji retrieved a green pearl.

    This green pearl was the one that Yan Li passed to Mo Wuji those years ago. He requested for Mo Wuji to hand this pearl to his mother should they ever meet. Mo Wuji didn't manage to meet Yan Li's mother but now that Yan Li was going to ascend to the Immortal World, he should return the pearl to Yan Li.

    Yan Li accepted the pearl with a blank expression on his face. Clearly, he missed his mother deeply.

    "Don't think too much about it. Your abilities are still lacking greatly. Don't just think about how you seem to have transformed. Honestly, even an idiot can tell that you're a Golden Horn Violet Dragon. Let me give you another thing. After you refine this, then you can ascend."

    When he finished speaking, Mo Wuji took out a jade box and handed it to Yan Li.

    Yan Li accepted the jade box in doubt; he was wondering what thing could help complete his Dragon Race transformation. When he finally opened the jade box, he immediately cried out in surprise, "Transformation Dao Fruit? Big Brother, you even have such a thing? Back then, you gave me the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow. Now, you're giving me this Transformation Dao Fruit. Big Brother, do you still have..."

    "Stop bullsh*ting. Hurry and refine." Mo Wuji knocked Yan Li's forehead. He felt that this fella definitely shouldn't meet Shuai Guo. If the two of them met, a highly explosive reaction might take place.

    "Alright, I will refine it immediately." Yan Li elatedly grabbed the Transformation Dao Fruit and jumped onto Mo Wuji's flying car. He didn't treat himself as an outsider.


    One month later, Yan Li stood up. His eyes were filled with delight. Even though his cultivation level didn't rise, his understandings towards the Dao had gotten more profound.

    Not only that, his Golden Horn Violet Dragon aura had completely vanished; even the two little golden horns on his head had disappeared. As for the violet energy revolving around him, it had been completely retracted.

    "Not bad." Mo Wuji was also very happy. He could tell that Yan Li's future was going to be bright.

    Don't look at how that kid Shuai Guo seemed to have an undefeatable bloodline legacy; actually, Yan Li's bloodline was no lower than Shuai Guo's. Moreover, Shuai Guo wasn't as hardworking as Yan Li in cultivation. It wouldn't be weird if Yan Li overtook Shuai Guo.

    On the other hand, it was Da Huang's potential that Mo Wuji couldn't discern accurately. He had given Da Huang 108 meridians as well as 108 spirit channels. If Da Huang were able to fuse his spirit channels and his meridians, Da Huang might even end up more powerful than him.

    "Big Brother, I'm ready to face my tribulation." Yan Li had already noticed that Mo Wuji had parked his flying car at some desolate planet.

    "Alright, go on and face your tribulation. When you ascend, there's no need to care about me. I will follow you." Mo Wuji waved his hand towards Yan Li.

    While waiting for Yan Li to pass his tribulation, Mo Wuji sent Da Huang and Shuai Guo into his Undying World. Then, he called Mo Qingche out.

    Over these short months, Mo Qingche's aura had grown to be like Mo Wuji; it had become more like a mortal. Her cultivation had also improved, she was already at Channel Opening Level 3.
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