Chapter 858: Five Punches

    Chapter 858: Five Punches

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    Back then, he wasn't even an Immortal King when he exterminated the Great Sword Path. Now, he was already an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor. Even if it was the Very High Heavens that tried to destroy his Ping Fan, he would not hesitate to extinguish them.

    "Sister Qingche, my Lord seems to be very angry. What happened?" Shuai Guo carefully walked to Mo Qingche's side and asked.

    Mo Qingche didn't even know what happened. She shook her head, "I also don't know. It's just that some people in the Ascension Hall wanted to steal Big Brother Yan Li's items."

    "What? Some ants dare to have any intention on my brother? Where are those ants? I will suck them dry," Shuai Guo shouted angrily.

    Da Huang shot Shuai Guo a look of disdain. He knew Shuai Guo for a long time; he naturally knew of this kid's character. This kid might sound righteous and angered now, but in reality, even if Yan Li fingered those people out, Shuai Guo wouldn't do anything. More accurately, Shuai Guo wouldn't dare to do anything. It's not that Shuai Guo was afraid of those fellas; it was that Shuai Guo was afraid that the Lord would get angry. Da Huang could only admit that he was inferior to Shuai Guo in terms of acting.

    Unless the Lord personally ordered it, Shuai Guo's words would merely be a bluff.

    Yan Li could feel that Shuai Guo's power vastly exceeded his. He hurriedly came forward and clasped his fists modestly, "Big Brother, many thanks for speaking up for me. My name is Yan Li, I'm an old acquaintance of Big Brother Mo."

    Shuai Guo waved its hand, "Since you are friends with my Lord, you are my younger brother now. From now on, I, Shuai Guo, will protect you. Oh right, this fella here is Da Huang. Da Huang says that he is very strong. One time, he got into a fight with someone and got smashed into pieces. Eventually, it was my Lord that helped him to forge his body. Da Huang is really not bad. Of course, I also help my Lord to fight in battles. It's just that my bones are harder and I can take the hits."

    Shuai Guo didn't say anything that Da Huang wasn't. However, he also didn't say that Da Huang was far stronger than him. It's just that when Yan Li hears Shuai Guo's words, it felt to Yan Li that Shuai Guo was immensely stronger than Da Huang.

    Didn't you hear Shuai Guo's words? Da Huang helped the Lord to battle once, resulting in his body being smashed to pieces. On the other hand, Shuai Guo constantly helped the Lord in battles but he was still alive and well.

    "Big Brother Shuai Guo, Brother Da Huang, please take care of me." Yan Li instantly recognised the hierarchy; he placed Shuai Guo above Da Huang in that hierarchy.


    At this instant, Mo Wuji was already in front of the four corpses nailed to the city wall. His eyes were filled with anger. He didn't know who these people were, nor did he know why these people would be left to rot here.

    With a wave of his hand, the four bodies landed on the floor.

    Thereafter, he grabbed multiple healing pills and placed them into one of the bodies' mouth. Among the four, only this person still had a breath of life.

    With Mo Wuji's abilities and resources, as long as the soul was still attached to the body, and as long as there was still a breath of life, he would be able to save that person.

    "You actually dare..." A few of the cultivators that were tailing Mo Wuji since the Ascension Hall witnessed this scene. They all pointed at Mo Wuji in aghast, too speechless to continue talking any further.

    At the same time, they came to realise a cruel fact: Mo Wuji definitely wasn't a newly ascended immortal. There was no need to talk about a newly ascended immortal, Mo Wuji wasn't even an Immortal King. It definitely wasn't a simple matter to release those nailed corpses.

    These people glanced towards each other, then they hurriedly turned and tried to leave. It was just that the moment they turned, a wind blade sailed by, slicing all of them into halves. Even their primordial spirits weren't able to escape.

    Two guards stationed at the city wall were already extremely shocked when they saw Mo Wuji release the corpses. Now that they saw Mo Wuji publicly kill people in Ding Po Immortal City, they immediately knew that this matter wasn't simple.

    The shrill cry of an alarm sounded. The cultivators around the area all frantically moved out of the way.

    Shuai Guo's mouth went wide with excitement; it did not like cultivating, but it liked causing a ruckus. Unfortunately, Shuai Guo was usually afraid of angering the Lord, so it suppressed its character.

    After ten breaths of time, that cultivator that Mo Wuji fed the pills to opened his eyes. His cultivation was only at the late Golden Immortal Stage. Moreover, Mo Wuji's pills were the highest of tiers of healing pills. Thus, this cultivator had soon recovered.

    "Senior, many thanks for saving me." This cultivator stood up and clasped his fists.

    "It's you? Qu Yang?" This cultivator's entire body was bloodied, and there wasn't even a single intact piece of meat on his face. However, the moment he opened his mouth to speak, Mo Wuji recognised him. This person was actually Qu Yang.

    Those years ago, he was pursued by Nai He in the cultivation world and he fell into canyon in the void. In that canyon, he met Qu Yang. Moreover, Qu Yang was even a cultivator of Zhen Xing as well. It was just that Qu Yang's Absolute Sabre Sect had long perished from the history of Zhen Xing.

    Qu Yang cultivates the Saber Dao, and his character was upright and proper. When Mo Wuji first saw Qu Yang, Qu Yang had a plain and simple sabre on his back; Qu Yang looked lofty and proud like a pine tree.

    When Mo Wuji left Half Immortal Domain, he didn't meet Qu Yang. If he did, he would definitely have invited Qu Yang along with him. In terms of character, Mo Wuji felt that Qu Yang was much better than Bian Shuangbi and Mu Yingqiao.

    He didn't think that Qu Yang would also leave Half Domain Immortal and that Qu Yang would be suffering here.

    "You are Mo Wuji?" Qu Yang also came to a realisation; the person in front of him was indeed Mo Wuji.

    Towards Mo Wuji, he only felt utmost respect and admiration. If not for Mo Wuji, he would have still been trapped in that canyon. If not for Mo Wuji, he would not have been able to leave Half Immortal Domain. While Mo Wuji might not have brought him away, Mo Wuji had forcefully opened the transfer array between Half Immortal Domain and the Edge of Yong Ying. That had saved countless of lives.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji's character was even more worthy of respect. Back in Half Immortal Domain, Mo Wuji was the only one that dared to disciple Meng Tianyu, as well as that Dao Lord Guang Quan.

    Besides Mo Wuji, who else dared? Not only must one have the backbone, one must also have the ability.

    "It's me. I really didn't think that we would meet again at Ding Po Immortal City. Exactly what's going on? Who are these people? Why were they nailed to death here because of me?" Mo Wuji was also rather elated; he didn't think that the person he casually saved was actually Qu Yang.

    Before Qu Yang could answer, a cold voice interrupted, "Mo Wuji, you are truly bold. You actually dare to show yourself in Ding Po Immortal City."

    "Shua..." More than ten figures descended from the sky, surrounding Mo Wuji.

    When Mo Wuji saw the people surrounding him, he didn't even bat an eyelid. Among these ten over people, there were only four Immortal Emperors; there was one late-stage Immortal Emperor, one intermediate stage Immortal Emperor, and two early stage Immortal Emperors. The rest were either Immortal Kings or Immortal Reverents.

    Mo Wuji felt speechless; back when he was in Oblique Space Sea Island, the people that surrounded were all experts at the level of Dao Emperors. There was no need to talk about Oblique Space Sea Island, even back in Cosmos Edge, the people that tried to kill him were either Immortal Emperors or Grand Emperors.

    His powers had already increased since that time; his cultivation had even reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. However, the people encircling him actually got weaker.

    "Mo Wuji, the Heaven truly has virtues. We also do not wish to kill you. Just tie yourself and allow yourself to be captured. We also do not wish to destroy Ding Po Immortal City." The one speaking was the late stage Immortal Emperor.

    Clearly, he had heard stories of Mo Wuji and he knew that Mo Wuji was not simple.

    Mo Wuji did not look at him. Instead, he faced one of the intermediate stage Immortal Emperor and said, "If I'm not wrong, you should be Chen Hu's father, right?"

    This intermediate stage Immortal Emperor looked similar to Chen Hu. Additionally, the energy of his cultivation technique was also the same. Mo Wuji guessed that this person was Chen Hu's father.

    This intermediate stage Immortal Emperor clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and nodded, "That's right. This Emperor is Chen San. I have heard stories about you from Chen Hu. You are truly not a bad person. It's just that..."

    Chen San didn't continue any further. He felt that any further words would not be appropriate.

    Mo Wuji calmly asked, "Chen Hu and I could be considered acquaintances. Since you are Chen Hu's father, I want to ask you something, how's my Ping Fan Immortal School?"

    Mo Wuji still hadn't received a reply from the message that he sent to Ping Fan.

    Chen San hesitated momentarily but he still said, "Ping Fan Immortal School is slightly damaged, but the place is still there."

    When Mo Wuji heard those words, the killing intent in his heart burned fervently. Chen San's words might sound simple, but Mo Wuji knew that it was far from that. If his Ping Fan was really destroyed, then he would go around paying a visit to everyone that contributed to its destruction.

    Ping Fan was his legacy. Anyone that destroyed his legacy must compensate with their lives.

    "Dao Friend Chen San, I have one word. It's up to you whether you choose to listen. I have interacted with Chen Hu before, and Chen Hu is really a good person. Thus, I have never treated Chen Hu as my enemy..."

    Before Mo Wuji could finish speaking, Chen San immediately said, "Sect Head Mo, I understand what you're saying."

    After which, Chen San clasped his fists towards everyone and said, "Everyone should know what I, Chen San, am like. My son, Chen Hu, is still missing and it's unknown whether he is even alive. Sect Head Mo used to have a cordial relationship with Chen Hu. I will not join you in dealing with Sect Head Mo."

    Actually, Chen San already felt that it was disgraceful for so many people to gang up against Mo Wuji who didn't even seem to be at the Immortal Emperor Stage. Moreover, Chen Hu had said it before: Mo Wuji was not simple and was full of potential. Of course, Chen San knew that Mo Wuji's potential was going to be wasted. It's just that he still remembered his son's words.

    A gloomy voice said, "Chen San, you should also know whose order this is. There are so many sects in the Immortal World that support this. On the other hand, this Mo Wuji is probably only an Immortal Reverent at the very most. There would be no difference whether you participate or not. But if you choose to retreat like this, you cannot blame others when you suffer the consequences."

    "Haha..." Chen San chuckled, "I, Chen San, don't need to listen to your criticisms to what I do."

    With that, Chen San's figure flashed and he retreated to the sides.

    "Attack." Seeing Chen San retreat and that Mo Wuji didn't seem to have any intentions of turning himself in, that late stage Immortal Emperor ordered harshly. He was the first one to attack with his magic treasure.

    Qu Yang truly wanted to help. Unfortunately, he wasn't even comparable to an ant among these people. There was no need to talk about helping; just standing among the pressure of these experts already made it difficult for him to even breath.

    Mo Wuji didn't even move. Within his domain, all that suffocating pressure disappeared without a trace. It seemed as though he didn't notice the magic treasures moving towards him. He simply stood there and released five punches.
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