Chapter 859: Kill Zi Changluo

    Chapter 859: Kill Zi Changluo

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    "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Mists of blood formed under that punch.

    If Mo Wuji used four punches to deal with those three Immortal Emperors, then he only used a single punch to deal with everyone else. Moreover, the other party's attacks didn't even manage to break through Mo Wuji's domain.

    After those five punches, three Immortal Emperors, five Immortal Reverents and six Immortal Kings were killed without exception. The only one that Mo Wuji used two punches on was that late stage Immortal Emperor.

    Under Mo Wuji's powerful whirlpool domain, even that late stage Immortal Emperor could only struggle before being killed by Mo Wuji's punches.

    With five simple punches, more than ten experts were killed. There was no need to talk about the power behind those attacks, the precision was even more impressive. There wasn't any leftover energy behind Mo Wuji's attacks. Five punches, no more, no less.

    At this instant, the spectators didn't even dare to breathe. The only person that they could think of was the Very High Heavens' Dao Emperor Zi Changluo.

    Perhaps only Zi Changluo had such power.

    The moment they thought about Zi Changluo, some of them figured out who ordered the arrest of Mo Wuji. The Very High Heavens was indeed the one that ordered Mo Wuji's arrest. With that order, and Mo Wuji's immense strength...

    Many of them predicted that an earthshaking change was going to befall the Immortal World. This change was either the death of Mo Wuji or the collapse of the Very High Heavens' Zi Changluo's rule over the Immortal World.

    Chen San stared blankly at the experts that have been reduced to mists of blood by Mo Wuji. He saw as Mo Wuji retrieved the ten over storage rings without uttering a single word.

    By now, he finally understood that the reason why Mo Wuji wanted him to retreat wasn't because Mo Wuji was afraid. It was because Mo Wuji wanted to give him a way out on account of Chen Hu. Others might think that only Zi Changluo could be as powerful as Mo Wuji, but he knew clearly that even Zi Changluo wouldn't be able to do a thing. This was because he had met Zi Changluo before; Zi Changluo was far from being as impressive as Mo Wuji.

    After some time, Chen San clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji respectfully, "Many thanks, Sect Head Mo for sparing my life. Otherwise, Chen San would have already perished."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Chen Hu was not a petty person. I can also tell that you are a forthright person. Why did you kill the innocent just because of the Very High Heavens?"

    Chen San sighed and said, "Sect Head Mo, this is because I want to plead the Very High Heavens to send people to search for my son, Chen Hu. That's why I went against my conscience."

    As Chen San was speaking, Mo Wuji had already condensed a huge hand from immortal elemental energy. With a sudden grab, Ding Po Immortal City's array started to rumble and shatter. It seemed as though a layer of translucent air had been shaved off Ding Po Immortal City; the city seemed clearer and the atmosphere felt looser.

    Chen San was an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor; he naturally knew that Mo Wuji had just destroyed a layer of Ding Po's arrays. To be honest, he felt that even though Ding Po Immortal City's Castellan Wan Mi had taken part in the attack on Ping Fan, Ding Po Immortal City itself wasn't at fault. If Mo Wuji was going to exterminate everyone in Ding Po Immortal City because of that, he felt that Mo Wuji's actions were too cruel.

    When many knowledgeable cultivators saw Mo Wuji's actions, their hearts began to shiver in fear. Many of them were worried that Mo Wuji was going to raze the entire Ding Po Immortal City. However, no one had the guts to leave. Fleeing in front of an expert like Mo Wuji was only bringing your death closer.

    "Sect Head Mo, it's Castellan Wan Mi and part of the Castellan Estate's men that took part in the attack against Ping Fan Immortal School. Just now, Brother Mo has already killed Wan Mi. I would like to request Brother Mo to not destroy Ding Po Immortal City." Chen San's heart was filled with worry. He knew that Mo Wuji would only need a single punch to kill him, however, he still hardened his resolution to make this request. There were many innocent people in Ding Po Immortal City.

    Mo Wuji didn't even have the intentions of razing Ding Po Immortal City; he was not Grand Emperor Lun Cai. Now that he heard Chen San say that Ding Po Immortal City's Castellan Wan Mi had also participated in the attack on Ping Fan Immortal School, he immediately threw out multiple array flags, sealing the entire Castellan Estate.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards the crowd and said, "Immortal friends, I believe that everyone should know who I am. Those years ago, I was cornered by several huge sects and pursued by multiple Grand Emperors. If not for my good luck, this world would not have a Mo Wuji a long time ago. There's no need for me to elaborate on why I was being pursued. Everyone should know it; it was the simple reason of greed."

    The whole crowd went silent. When an expert like Mo Wuji was speaking, who would dare to utter any noise?

    Sensing the fear and apprehension towards himself, Mo Wuji continued, "I, Mo Wuji, am not a coarse man like that Lun Cai. I will not take my anger out on the innocent. My sect is Ping Fan Immortal School. In my sect, even the most ordinary of mortals could have authority to speak for themselves; no immortals are allowed to kill mortals. Why would I act against the people of Ding Po Immortal City? I stand in front of all of you today, only to share the evil deeds of certain people.

    As for that array that I just destroyed, it's not actually a defensive array but a grand immortal jar array. It's used to trap people. Those years ago, this grand immortal jar array was installed to trap me. However, it didn't manage to catch me. I didn't think that this array would still be here. I didn't destroy this immortal jar array for myself, but for everyone."

    As expected, when everyone heard that Mo Wuji didn't destroy the defensive array of Ding Po Immortal City, almost all of them eased up. Don't simply look at the accusations against Mo Wuji by the powerful sects and the malicious announcements made by the Very High Heavens. In reality, that are few fools among those that could cultivate to the Heavenly Immortal Stage.

    Which one of them would treat those accusations and announcements as the truth? Those years ago, weren't there claims that that Mo Wuji had exterminated the Dragon Race's bloodline in West Moat Ocean? Ultimately, it was revealed that Mo Wuji wasn't the villain, but the benefactor of the Dragon Race. In fact, it was a survivor of the West Moat Ocean's Dragon Race that cleared Mo Wuji's name. This sort of testament was more effective than any other form of explanation.

    With this incident as the precedent, who would still continue to believe the lies about Mo Wuji?

    "Sect Head Mo, we believe you." Someone in the crowd shouted.

    Compared to the Very High Heavens, people were more willing to trust Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's Ping Fan Immortal Sect was already a clear example. In the Immortal World, where could all men live together equally? There was only one such place - Ping Fan.

    Buddhist schools claim that all lives are equal. However, the true reality was that countless of murders still take part in the Buddhist Immortal Domain. Not only that, Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Guang Xing had personally participated in the encirclement of Mo Wuji. That was common knowledge.

    Mo Wuji eased his tone. He spoke with a clearer voice, "I urgently want to return to my Ping Fan Immortal School. However, I still want to let everyone know of the deeds of Very High Heavens' Zi Changluo. Not only ago, I was just at Heaven's Beyond Cosmos."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji was at Heaven's Beyond Cosmos not long ago, almost everyone went silent.

    Previously, few knew about the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Now, few were unaware of it.

    This was because the Very High Heavens had announced to the Immortal World that more than a hundred races in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos had joined hands to deal with the Immortal World's Human Race. Almost all of the Human Race cultivators in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos were killed. Very High Heavens' Dao Emperor Zi Changluo fought valiantly but he only managed to save a few people and they fled back to the Very High Heavens.

    Mo Wuji had just returned to the Immortal World; he still didn't know that Zi Changluo had painted black as white. His tone was calm as he continued, "Immortal Friends, the Very High Heavens is the face of our Immortal World; the protection of the Human Race cultivators in the Immortal World should be their objective. However, in reality, any other race can kill our Human Race cultivators in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos's Cosmos Edge. In the entire Cosmos Edge, the Human Race does not have any dignity or honour to speak of.

    Does everyone know what Zi Changluo has done? He hid in his nest, too afraid to come out. He didn't even dare to speak up for those Human Race cultivators that got unreasonably killed in Cosmos Edge. Thereafter, I came to Cosmos Edge. I saw the Gods Race's young lord killing our Human Race cultivators without reason. I was not able to hold it in. I killed that young lord, and at the same time, I killed the Gods Race's Immortal Emperors that encircled me..."

    Hearing these words of Mo Wuji, an applause sounded from within the crowd.

    Mo Wuji raised his volume, "But what did Zi Changluo do? He actually tried to appease the Gods Race; he took part in the Gods Race order to arrest me. It's just that the Gods Race had long had the intentions of occupying the last immortal city that the Human Race had in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. They didn't even care about Zi Changluo's actions as they sent their armies to surround the Human Race's city and slaughter the people within.

    I don't know how Zi Changluo managed to become the Dao Lord of the Very High Heavens, or how he was even able to control the entire Immortal World. I only have one sentence to say about that: This person is not worthy. When the Gods Race were invading our city, when the cultivators of our Human Race were fighting with their lives on the line, do you know what he did?"

    Mo Wuji shouted harshly, "Zi Changluo didn't fight with them. He secretly snuck out of the immortal city. If that was not enough, he abandoned millions of Human Race cultivators to ensure his escape. He only brought ten over people with him when he fled. After he fled, he closed the passage between the Very High Heavens and the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. This was what that coward, Zi Changluo, did."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, the crowd started to get agitated. Many of the cultivators that went to Heaven's Beyond Cosmos were friends and relatives to the people here.

    Zi Changluo told them that he had fought hard for the Human Race. They didn't think that the truth would be the exact opposite. This was clearly a form of humiliation.

    "Sect Head Mo, how did you know of this?" Someone in the crowd asked.

    Mo Wuji grabbed a crystal ball and said, "Back then, Zi Changluo had abandoned many Immortal Emperors. However, only three managed to survive. The three are Waterfall Immortal Sect's Immortal Empress Wen Lan, Virtual Qing Dao's Dao Lord Jie Ying and Revolving Soul Dao's Sect Head Lu Ziting.

    The three of them fought bravely. Coupled with the fact that the Gods Race wanted to leave behind some of the Human Race cultivators for a blood sacrifice, the three of them were able to escape the immortal city with little more than a hundred thousand cultivators. I'm truly grateful that one of those cultivators recorded what happened; he allowed us to forever remember that instant."

    With that, Mo Wuji activated the crystal ball.

    The scenes of a violent battle appeared. Indeed, there were scenes of Lu Ziting, Immortal Empress Wen Lan and Jie Ying fighting courageously with countless of Human Race cultivators. The Human Race cultivators were continuously being slaughtered; the diminishing numbers could be seen with the naked eye.

    However, within those scenes, there was no Zi Changluo; nor were there any of the people that returned back with him.

    "Kill Zi Changluo!"

    "That shameless man!"

    "False gentleman! Let's storm into the Very High Heavens..."

    The cries of anger got louder and louder. Ultimately, they seemed to join together into one loud chant: "Storm the Very High Heavens! Kill that shameless Zi Changluo!"

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