Chapter 861: Exterminate

    Chapter 861: Exterminate

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    The entire world was beneath this finger. This finger had controlled this entire World of Man.

    At this moment, the original Laws began to shatter and dao energy was reorganised

    This finger wanted to change the Heaven and Earth within this World of Man; the owner of this finger was going to control all life, death and reincarnation within this World.

    "Boom! Kacha!" Lei Guyun had already hurled his lightning hammer; it transformed into a leviathan-like lightning ball which went to welcome this finger.

    If not for this finger, the world beneath this hammer would be his, Lei Guyun's, world; it would be run under his, Lei Guyun's, Laws. In fact, he already envisioned Mo Wuji being burned into bits of dust by his lightning hammer.

    Unfortunately, because of Mo Wuji's finger, this Heaven and Earth had become the World of Man. All Laws were determined by this finger, and not his lightning hammer. The Laws within the lightning ball shattered and the lightning ball, itself, exploded into millions of arcs of lightning which filled the air.

    "Pff!" A hole of blood formed in the middle of Lei Guyun's forehead. At the same instant, his primordial spirit withered and his life force started to rapidly seep away.

    "So strong." Lei Guyun's eyes started to turn dull. He was not strong enough to defend against Mo Wuji's finger; thus, he could only die.

    Remorse and longing could be seen in his eyes; he knew that his Lightning Sect was screwed. With his ability at the Grand Emperor Stage, he could not even resist a finger of Mo Wuji's. It would be weird if his Lightning Sect was able to survive.

    At this instant he died, he understood one principle: Even the strongest sect could not allow greed to blind its eyes. If not for the Lightning Sect's Qi Junyi who killed Yuan Yi for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, would all these troubles have befallen them?

    He was also wrong. The moment Mo Wuji destroyed the Great Sword Path, he should have immediately pulled his Lightning Sect out. This idea sank into his mind, then it turned into eternal darkness. No one would ever know what that trace of longing in his eyes was for.

    If Lei Guyun managed to get a chance to attack Mo Wuji because he was the first to move, then that Jin Yusheng didn't have a single chance at all.

    He didn't even manage to bring out his magic treasure before the World of Man directly exploded him into a mist of blood. Perhaps he was the only Grand Emperor in the entire Immortal World that died in such a depressing way. He didn't even expect that Lei Guyun was unable to block Mo Wuji's finger, leaving him with no chance to resist as well.

    Jin Yu was the last among the three and he was also on guard against Mo Wuji. When Lei Guyun was killed, his heart instantly sank. Mo Wuji was far more impressive than he had predicted; the moment Lei Guyun was killed by that finger, he knew that Mo Wuji was no longer someone that his Jin Clan could go against. He frantically retreated. Fortunately for him, he had a Jin Yusheng in front of him.

    By the time Jin Yusheng had been reduced into a mist of blood, Jin Yu had managed to bring out a huge war drum. At the same time, he had already retreated to more than 300 meters away.

    Still, he didn't slow down. He continued to rapidly flee backwards. At the same time, he shouted loudly, "Sect Head Mo, my Jin Clan is wiling to offer you a compensation for this matter. If you kill me, you would be creating enemies out of my Jin Clan..."

    "Boom!" The Seven World Finger's First World Killer, the World of Man, finally crashed against Jin Yu's huge drum.

    "Dong! Kacha!" Jin Yu's drum emitted an ear-splitting sound as it was ripped through. Thereafter, it thoroughly exploded into millions of pieces.

    Mo Wuji could feel that the World of Man within this finger had finally ended. He heaved a sigh of relief as he retrieved a talisman.

    Before he could even use that talisman to escape, he felt the entire Heaven and Earth overturning. In this overturned Heaven and Earth, he wasn't even comparable to an ant.

    Within this overturned Heaven and Earth, he saw a world. This was a world created by a finger. Within this world, all objects were destroyed.

    He, Jin Yu, wasn't lucky; he had become one of the members of this world.

    "This finger actually has a Second World Killer. So strong..." After Jin Yu muttered those words, he was turned into juice by the Second World Killer.

    The Second World Killer didn't end just because of that. After killing Jin Yu, it's horrifying killing intent continued to sweep outwards. If was like a surging wave of knives.

    All cultivators struck by this wave of knives were sliced apart. No one was spared.

    It was just one finger. After that finger, the Heaven and Earth finally calmed down.

    If there was still any noise, it would be from Mo Wuji's Grand Desert halberd light. Anyone that was mired in the Grand Desert was soon shredded into nothingness by the halberd light.

    The only remaining Grand Emperor, Ping Lishang, stared at Mo Wuji in a daze. He had never met someone as powerful as Mo Wuji before. He wasn't an inexperienced person that had been living in a well. He, Ping Lishang, had even stayed in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos for a long period of time. Which experts has he not seen before? However, he clearly never met any expert that was as powerful as Mo Wuji.

    He was sure that Zi Changluo wasn't as powerful as Mo Wuji. Not only that, when compared to Mo Wuji, Zi Changluo wasn't only off by one or two points. Their difference could be comparable to the difference between the Heaven and the Earth.

    "Sect Head Mo, there must be some misunderstanding. It should be Jin Yu, that b*stard, that incited the Dao Emperor's anger..." How could Ping Lishang dare to battle with Mo Wuji?

    Seeing that even Grand Emperor Ping Lishang didn't dare to attack, the surviving thousand of cultivators didn't even dare to make a single move. All of them stared at Mo Wuji in aghast; they had all completely forgotten that they were calling for Mo Wuji's death not long ago.

    Mo Wuji didn't speak. Instead, he closed his eyes. The remaining thousand of survivors appeared within his mind.

    These people destroyed his home; they had killed his family and his friends. To him, there was no misunderstanding.

    Just because the wolf pack stopped attacking, it didn't mean that he would do the same. At this moment, his whirlpool domain burst forth explosively. In an instant, he enveloped everyone within his domain.

    "He wants to exterminate all of us. We need to hurry and attack." When Ping Lishang saw Mo Wuji's actions, he knew that Mo Wuji didn't have the intentions of sparing them.

    However, it was all too late. When fighting against an expert stronger than you, you would have to fight with more than 100% of your power. Mo Wuji's power was already far stronger than all of them, but now, these people even let Mo Wuji take the initiative.

    Once again, his Grand Desert swept outwards; the halberd light within the Grand Desert was multiple times stronger than before. At this time, Mo Wuji had already killed three Grand Emperors. The only Grand Emperor left was Ping Lishang and the remaining Immortal Emperors were only at the early stage. There was no need for him to hold back any longer.

    Within the Grand Desert, there was no Winding River. Instead, boundless lightning began to descend from the sky.

    Halberd light swept across the ground while lightning bolts danced around the sky. Mournful cries for mercy could be heard. When these people were killing the disciples of Ping Fan, they only felt glee and excitement. When it was their turn to be killed, they only felt endless fear.

    At this moment, the wastelands of Ping Fan Immortal School had become an Asura Hell. With Mo Wuji's savage attacks, no one was spared.

    When the final lightning bolt disappeared and the Grand Desert dispersed, this entire wasteland had turned into a charred mess of corpses. The only one remaining was Ping Lishang.

    Ping Lishang didn't die. He knew that it wasn't because Mo Wuji couldn't kill him, but because Mo Wuji hadn't killed him.

    Just now, he had tried umpteen times to break out of Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain and Grand Desert, but all his efforts were in vain.

    Perhaps if they had initially prepared an array when they first saw Mo Wuji, some of them might have been able to flee. However, when they faced Mo Wuji as a scattered bunch of crows, they were simply extending their necks in preparation for an execution.

    "Pff!" A halberd light directly shot through Ping Lishang's Mind Palace. As it destroyed his sea of consciousness, it also prevented him from being able to commit suicide.

    "Say it then. Who was the one who wanted to destroy my Ping Fan Immortal School? If you are straightforward, I will also give you a straightforward death. But if dare to take your time, then you would come to regret it." Mo Wuji stared at Ping Lishang calmly.

    Ping Lishang didn't even utter any words of resistance. Similarly, he said calmly, "The Jin Clan knows that you have peerless treasures on you. At the same time, Dao Emperor Zi Changluo believes that you should not have offended the Gods Race and implicated the Very High Heavens."

    Mo Wuji knew that Ping Lishang wasn't bluffing. He opened his hand and Ping Lishang was directly killed. Sweeping across the area, thousands of storage rings were swept away. Thereafter, he gathered those corpses into a small mountain. Throwing a ball of flames at them, these corpses burned into nothingness.

    Even though such a huge battle had occurred, there wasn't a stir within Ping Fan Immortal School. Clearly, Ping Fan was shrouded by a thin veil of fog as they were forced into the Extreme Glade Sea.

    Mo Wuji had spent some time in the immortal sealing area before. He could tell that this defensive array has the marks of the immortal sealing array. It was just that the person who installed this array had limited materials, which was why the array wasn't perfect.

    Even so, Mo Wuji was clear that he wasn't able to break through this array in a short period of time. This was even in account of the fact that he had stayed in the immortal sealing array and had some understandings towards it. Otherwise, he might not be able to break through it even if he spent years. Mo Wuji also understood why he didn't receive any responses to his messages; it was due to this array.

    "Big Brother, you are far too strong. I am sure that the strongest person in the Immortal World of my Dragon Race is also no match for you." Yan Li was the first to run over, his voice was filled with admiration.

    Mo Qingche also came over. The time that she spent in the Immortal World with her grandfather felt like centuries. She didn't know that a situation where the Very High Heavens and huge sect gang up against a sect like Ping Fan might not happen even after a million years. However, this incident had influenced her deeply. She did not know the reason behind this incident. She only knew that she had to become strong; she had to become much stronger. Otherwise, her time in the Immortal World might not even be as long as it would have been on Earth.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a jade letter and passed it to Yan Li, "Yan Li, these are the original plans I used to develop Ping Fan previously. Now, this place has already been turned into a wasteland. Help me to rebuild the sect."

    "Grandpa, I can also help," Mo Qingche hurriedly said.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "You can follow Yan Li to find people to rebuild it. The payment matters can be left to Da Huang."

    As he was speaking, Mo Wuji passed a storage ring to Da Huang, "Da Huang, the few of you help to rebuild the sect. I want to open this array. Opening this array will not be a matter of one or two days, even for me."

    Even though Mo Wuji eagerly wanted to exterminate Lightning Sect and Vast Ocean Immortal School, he still resisted his intentions. Ping Fan had been forced into a corner and no news came from within. Mo Wuji was worried; he needed to open this array before doing anything else.
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