Chapter 862: Broken Soul Man

    Chapter 862: Broken Soul Man

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    Mo Wuji was originally a Grade 9 Immortal Array Master. After refining the first layer of the Sage Dao Talisman, his understanding towards arrays only got more profound.

    The defensive array around Ping Fan immortal School was based on Ji Li's understanding towards the Gods Tower's immortal sealing array. What kind of people were sealed in the immortal sealing array? There's no need to talk about Immortal Emperors, even Dao Emperors were considered ants within the immortal sealing area.

    Mo Wuji considered himself as a person who had spent time within the immortal sealing array. He believed that he would be able to break through this array in a short period of time.

    But just when Mo Wuji truly got into the intricacies within this array, he finally knew what he was facing. Even though Ji Li's methods were only an imperfect imitation of the original immortal sealing array, Mo Wuji still felt that he was facing a sea of smoke.

    No wonder why these people spent years but they were still unable to break through this array.

    Mo Wuji soon went deep into breaking this array. In just a short time, a thin layer of mist formed around him. Within this mist, array runes were flowing incessantly. If a person who liked arrays was by Mo Wuji's side now, he would definitely learn a lot.

    As Mo Wuji was trying to break through Ping Fan Immortal School's defensive array, Yan Li and co. were rebuilding Ping Fan according to the original plans.

    In reality, Yan Li didn't even need to go off searching for help. Not only after Mo Wuji returned to Ping Fan, countless immortals came over. Most of these people came from beyond Ding Po Immortal City. They all heard of Mo Wuji's revelations of the misdeeds of the Very High Heavens.

    Moreover, the resources that Mo Wuji gave Da Huang were as plentiful as the hair on a cow. Because of that, the reconstruction of Ping Fan was visible to the naked eye.

    Not only that, when Chen San arrived, Chen San arranged for the expansion of Ping Fan.

    The huge herb farm was rebuilt and a wide blue jade path extended into the distance. Besides this, an entire immortal city was built.

    As more people surged to Ping Fan Immortal School to take part in the reconstruction, more news was spread out. Almost everyone in the seven Immortal Domains knew of the Very High Heavens' misdeeds.

    The news of Mo Wuji killing close to 20 Immortal Emperors, including four Grand Emperors, as well as the thousands of cultivators that were involved in the attack on Ping Fan Immortal School was also spread.

    In a single night, Lightning Sect suddenly disappeared. No one knew where they went. Lightning Sect wasn't the only one; Vast Ocean Immortal School also disappeared. As for sects like Mirage Mountain and Empty Mirror Immortal Dao, they had vanished even before the Lightning Sect.

    Grand Emperor Yi Minghu also suddenly disappeared. Great Sword Path, which was in the process of reconstruction, was completely abandoned.


    Within the Ping Fan Immortal School, the only things left displayed at the entrance of the Discussion Hall were the two huge stone tablets engraved by Mo Wuji. One of the stone tablets wrote 'Ping Fan' while the other wrote: One's Dao Can Differ, But All Men Are Equal.

    These were brought in by Ping Fan Immortal School's substitute Sect Head Su Zi'An when they retreated.

    In Su Zi'An's eyes, Ping Fan Immortal School was established by Mo Wuji. These two stone tablets were left behind by Sect Head Mo. Ping Fan Immortal School could be destroyed, but as long as these two stone tablets remained, there would be a day when Ping Fan would be rebuilt.

    Within the Discussion Hall, Su Zi'An had a haggard expression on his face. Those years ago, Ping Fan Immortal School was huge and powerful. But now, only 20 over people remained and were in this Discussion Hall.

    Before the innermost defensive array of Ping Fan Immortal School could be activated, they suffered with a disastrous number of casualties. Among the Immortal Emperors that established Ping Fan with Mo Wuji, Wei Zidao had suffered heavy injuries while Nie Chongan had died in the battle. Besides them, Cha Rui and Lu Ming had also been killed.

    Su Zi'An looked at the increasingly gloomy hall and said solemnly, "Those years ago, Sect Head Mo established Ping Fan Immortal School so that we could have a safe and stable place to cultivate. Who can blame reality for being so cruel? Some people do not allow for such a safe place to exist in the Immortal World. If Senior Ji Li did not help us install this peerless array those years ago, protecting the core of our Ping Fan Immortal School, we would have perished a long time ago.

    Our comrades who fought together with us those years ago are now either dead or injured. Yesterday night, I went to take a look at the array core that Senior Ji Li left behind. Out of the 108 array flags, only 18 remain. I believe, in half a year or even less than that, our Ping Fan Immortal School's final layer of arrays would be completely broken..."

    The other people in the Discussion Hall all knew what Su Zi'An was saying. If all 108 array flags that Senior Ji Li left behind were destroyed, it would mean that their final place of sanctuary would soon be torn apart.

    "Now, I want to hear everyone's opinions." Seeing the silence in the Discussion Hall, Su Zi'An could only continue.

    Wei Zidao had suffered heavy injuries which he had yet to recover from. Even so, he had come to the Discussion Hall. In Ping Fan Immortal School, Su Zi'An was the substitute sect head appointed by Mo Wuji. On the other hand, Wei Zidao was a Grand Emperor and was the most powerful person in Ping Fan. Thus, his opinions were also extremely important.

    When they saw that no one came forward to speak, both Wei Zidao and Su Zi'An knew that the people here all knew that their chances of survival were bleak. Wei Zidao suddenly shouted loudly, "Immortal Friends, when everyone was trapped in Sword Prison, none of us thought that we could escape. Even I, Wei Zidao, was filled with despair,

    But, Sect Head Mo went to Sword Prison out of his own initiative. In fact, I believe that Sect Head Mo is the first person to do that. When he did, not only did he save all of us, he even destroyed the owners of Sword Prison, the Great Sword Path. I'm not the only one here that escaped from Sword Prison; most of us were from Sword Prison. Everyone, tell me. Is the despair that we're feeling today comparable to the despair we felt in Sword Prison?"

    "No!" Including Su Zi'An, ten over people in the Discussion Hall responded loudly. Revered Protector Wei was right. Back then, they were even able to escape from Sword Prison alive. Now, they had yet to lose all hope. How could this compare?

    Waiting for the crowd to calm down, Su Zi'An said with greater solemnity, "Perhaps we don't have a choice. If all our array flags shatter, then we have to fight the invaders whose powers far exceed us and face their massacre. I remember that the Sect Head said this once before: Do not let your fate be controlled in the hands of others. Thus, I would like to proclaim right now. We will not wait for all the array flags to shatter. We will charge out and fight. Even if we only kill one person, it would not be for waste."

    Some people immediately stood up and expressed their agreement. At the same time, some remained silent. If offered a choice between life and death, no one would be willing to pick death. If they opened the array now, they would be sending themselves to death.

    Su Zi'An slowed down his words, "I know that everyone still hopes for a miracle. In reality, I am sure that by now, only 17 array flags remain."

    "I agree with Senior Uncle Su's words. We will fight our way out," Fu Jingfeng stood up and said loudly.

    With the wealth of cultivation resources in Ping Fan Immortal School, Fu Jingfeng had already opened a total of 103 meridians and was at the True Lake Stage.

    To be honest, the True Lake Stage might be of influence in the cultivation world. However, in the Immortal World, this cultivation wasn't even comparable to ants.

    Su Zi'An waved his hand towards Fu Jingfeng and said, "It's the exact opposite for you. You need to take the two stone tablets and leave. I hope that the revered words left behind by the Sect Head would be able to protect you. You are the disciple of the Sect Head. If the Sect Head doesn't return, you must be the one to rebuild Ping Fan Immortal School."

    "Senior Uncle, I rather die in battle than to leave by myself," Fu Jingfeng didn't hesitate to say.

    Just as Su Zi'An was able to speak, Dou Hualong hurriedly rushed over. He had a look of delight on his face as he said, "Senior Uncle Su, there are still 18 array flags and they are no longer flashing."

    Hearing these words, not only Su Zi'An stood up in surprise, everyone else also stood up. Since the attack on Ping Fan Immortal School's final layer of arrays, the array flags had never stopped flashing. Now that the array flags had stopped flashing, it meant that no one was attacking them.

    "Could the Sect Head have returned?" Su Zi'An said emotionally.

    Dou Hualong promptly replied, "It must definitely be Big Brother. Only Big Brother's return would stop those pricks from attacking our Ping Fan Immortal School."

    "Right, Master must have returned." Fu Jingfeng was also incomparably excited.

    He had deep feelings for Mo Wuji. In his life, he only had three people he was close with: his Master Mo Wuji, his current Senior Aunt Lian Yingxian, and his Grandpa Yu Cheng.

    His Grandpa Yu Cheng had left Extreme Glade Sea while his Senior Aunt Lian Yingxian left Ping Fan Immortal School together with Han Qingru. Now, the only person left was Mo Wuji. Naturally, he was extremely happy with Mo Wuji's return.


    Very High Heavens.

    Compared to the Immortal World, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth here were far more complete. Not only that, the immortal spiritual energy here was not something the Immortal World could hope to compete with.

    If Mo Wuji came to the Very High Heavens, he would really think that this was the Southern Heavenly Gate and the Emperor's Palace [1]. The Very High Heavens' Dao Emperor Palace was built in a place surrounded by spiritual clouds. Broad steps of white jade extended up towards the palace. By the sides of the staircase, there were immortals holding enforcer weapons.

    Zi Changluo wore a crown on his head. At this moment, he had an overcast expression as he sat at the highest point of the Dao Emperor Hall. At the two sides of the hall, were also two rows of immortals. Anyone that could stand in this hall was either an Immortal Emperor or exceptional characters.

    Because of Zi Changluo's expression, the atmosphere in the hall was tense and heavy.

    "Dao Emperor, Ping Lishang's soul tablet has shattered. It's possible that he might have met that expert that once stayed in the Immortal World. According to the words of that person from the Jin Clan, that expert should be from above." Feeling the tense atmosphere, a yellow-bearded man beside Zi Changluo said softly.

    Zi Changluo had two loyal followers. One was Ping Lishang, while the other was this yellow-bearded man, Gongshu Shipan. Those years ago, Gongshu Xiang, the person who chased Yan Yuerong out of the Human Race was this Gongshu Shipan's nephew.

    Zi Changluo waved his hand, "No, that expert has already left the Immortal World. There's no doubt about that. I'm definitely right about this. Lishang's death should be due to another reason..."

    After a short pause, Zi Changluo suddenly stood up. His voice was lined with slight madness as he cried, "Men, go to the Soul Seal Prison. Bring the Broken Soul Man, Zhu Yin, over. No, Shipan, you personally bring Zhu Yin over."

    [1] These are references to the Heavenly Court of the Jade Emperor of Chinese Mythology.
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