Chapter 863: Vicious Person

    Chapter 863: Vicious Person

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    Few in Very High Heavens know of the Broken Soul Man, Zhu Yin. However, as Zi Changluo's right-hand men, Gongshu Shipan and Ping Lishang both knew of Zhu Yin all too well.

    When this person first came to the Immortal World, not only did he have an extremely rapid cultivation pace, he also had a vicious character. If anyone dared to offend him, they practically lost their chances in life.

    The more absurd thing was that this person killed cultivators above his level as easily as breathing. When he was merely a Grand Yi Immortal, he was able to kill a Grand Luo Immortal. When he was a Grand Luo Immortal, he could easily slaughter Immortal Kings.

    Besides some extreme geniuses, who in the Immortal World could kill Immortal Kings while in the Grand Luo Immortal Stage? Even if a person did achieve that, it would be a rare incident and he would have to fight all-out. However, Zhu Yin killed Immortal Kings as commonly as one would have a home-cooked meal. Even if he was in an immortal city drinking tea, if an Immortal King said anything that offended him, he would not show any mercy.

    In less than a million years, Zhu Yin managed to reach the Grand Emperor Stage. In the Immortal World, unless one had some extremely fortuitous encounter, the ones that could reach the Immortal Emperor Stage within a million years were all geniuses among talents.

    Indeed, there were some talents like that. This was especially so for cultivators that ascended from lower worlds; their talents were extremely absurd. These people could only depend on themselves for everything, but their cultivation speeds were somehow faster.

    However, different Immortal Emperors have completely different levels of power.

    Zhu Yin was one such person with preposterously high levels of power. After he advanced to the Grand Emperor Stage, he single-handedly destroyed a top-class sect of the Immortal World. That sect was one with seven to eight Immortal Emperors, and among which were three Grand Emperors. These seven to eight people all surrounded Zhu Yin who was by himself. However, they were still annihilated; Zhu Yin only suffered some injuries.

    The more terrifying thing was Zhu Yin's cultivation technique. Every time he kills his opponent, his power would rise by a bit.

    Zhu Yin originally wanted to establish a new sect over the sect that he exterminated. In fact, many people already knew of the name of his new sect; it was called the Broken Soul Dao Sect. Zhu Yin's title, the Broken Soul Man, was also given during this time.

    As Zhu Yin was building his sect, he accidentally found the passage to the Very High Heavens. He immediately abandoned his intentions of building a sect in the Immortal World; he wanted to build his sect in the Very High Heavens.

    In reality, Zi Changluo had been alerted to Zhu Yin's existence a long time ago. Zi Changluo was the one who allowed Zhu Yin to discover the passage towards the Very High Heavens. That was when he started to act against Zhu Yin.

    Zhu Yin was inherently a scheming person; he actually figured out that Zi Changluo might have been luring him over. Even so, Zhu Yin did not hesitate to go towards the Very High Heavens. He had immense confidence in his own abilities.

    However, despite his self-confidence, he didn't expect that Zi Changluo would possess an array disc for an array which exceeded Grade 9 immortal arrays. Not only that, he didn't think that Zi Changluo would invite 17 Grand Emperors to deal with him alone. Moreover, Zi Changluo himself was a Dao Emperor that surpassed Grand Emperors.

    During that campaign, Zhu Yin killed eight Grand Emperors and injured four. Ultimately, Zhu Yin himself was heavily injured.

    Zi Changluo remembered that Zhu Yin cultivated the Broken Dao Technique, which was why he wasn't willing to kill Zhu Yin, Instead, he imprisoned Zhu Yin in the Soul Seal Prison. Before imprisoning Zhu Yin, Zi Changluo refined Zhu Yin's mind and vital blood. As long as Zi Changluo wanted it, he could kill Zhu Yin at any time he wanted.

    After years of continuous interrogation, Zi Changluo finally came to understand part of Zhu Yin's cultivation technique. Indeed, Zhu Yin was cultivating a malicious cultivation technique. This technique allowed one to devour the other party's soul to strengthen one's sea of consciousness. The most shocking part was that this technique actually didn't have any side-effects.

    A person's strength was largely determined his sea of consciousness. Zhu Yin's sea of consciousness was abnormally strong, which was why he was much stronger than those in the same stage.

    Zi Changluo's own cultivation technique had already taken form. He wanted to research on how he could integrate this Broken Dao Technique into his own cultivation technique, so he didn't think of Zhu Yin for a long time. This time, the Very High Heavens met with a serious problem in the Immortal World; Ping Lishang wasn't the only person that died. Clearly, his opponent was no weaker than him. This was why he was reminded of Zhu Yin.

    Before Gongshu Shipan returned, a flying messenger sword landed in Zi Changluo's hands. Zi Changluo's face instantly turned ugly. He didn't think that this problem was caused by Mo Wujil. Not only did Mo Wuji return, he even brought people with him to the Immortal World.


    Gongshu Shipan soon brought a wretched looking man to the Dao Emperor Hall. If one didn't use spiritual will go probe, one would only see a long-haired monster that released a peculiar smell and aura.

    If one did use spiritual will to observe this man, you'll discover that the eyes veiled by his hair looked empty; this man seemed completely numb.

    "Zhu Yin, you committed a grave crime. Even if you were killed a million times, it still wouldn't be enough to atone for your actions. But now, I'm giving you a chance at redemption," Zi Changluo harrumphed harshly when he saw this monster.

    Clearly, this wretched looking freak was Zhu Yin.

    Zhu Yin seemed as though he hadn't heard Zi Changluo's words; his two eyes remained blank and empty.

    Zi Changluo, however, revealed an expression of contentment. Suddenly, he patted his forehead and a talisman shot towards Zhu Yin's forehead. Thereafter, he brought out a crystal ball and passed it to Zhu Yin, "This man is Mo Wuji. He is at a place called Ping Fan Immortal School. You will immediately go to him and kill him. If you see anyone around him, you will kill them. All living things in Ping Fan Immortal School will be killed."

    "Kill, kill..." Zhu Yin repeatedly muttered that word.

    "That's right, kill them all." Zi Changluo acknowledged solemnly.

    His voice seemed to penetrate deep into Zhu Yin's mind. After hearing these words, Zhu Yin instantly burst forth will killing intent. He lifted his head and his eyes were revealed; they were filled with viciousness. It seemed as though everything in front of him should be killed.

    Zi Changluo heaved a sigh of relief, then he said to Gongshu Shipan, "Shipan, you and Hu Chisheng will bring 10 experts of the Very High Heavens with this Zhu Yin. At the same time, bring an army of immortals to raze Ping Fan Immortal School to the ground. Kill that Mo Wuji on sight. Ai, this injury of mine. It's truly not the right time."

    "Yes," Gongshu Shipan bowed and said.

    At the same time, a man with a blurred face walked out from the row on Zi Changluo's right. People of the Very High Heavens know of him as Hu Chisheng, but no one knew of his origins. This was because he never made any friends.

    Gongshu Shipan then picked another seven people in the hall. Thereafter, he brought these people and left with Zhu Yin.

    Zi Changluo stood up. He looked at Gongshu Shipan's gradually fading silhouette with a solemn expression. His eyes were filled with satisfaction; even though he was injured, there were still people in the Very High Heavens that were willing to step forward.

    Actually, no one knew that his injury had already recovered. Logically, facing someone as powerful as Mo Wuji, he should be the one that led the way. However, since the very start, Zi Changluo had never had any intentions of personally going. Ever since he heard that Mo Wuji had killed the Gods Race's Dao Emperor Lun Pa those years ago, he never wanted to face Mo Wuji while he was only at the Dao Emperor Stage.

    At the same time, no one knew that after Zhu Yin left the Dao Emperor Hall, a hint of bone-chilling coldness flashed across his vicious eyes.

    Even if Zi Changluo was ten thousand times smarter, he might not have thought that Zhu Yin allowed himself to fall into Zi Changluo's trap. Zhu Yin had intended for himself to be captured.

    In terms of viciousness in cultivation, there was probably no second person in the entire world that could compare with this Zhu Yin. Not only was Zhu Yin vicious to others, he was also vicious to himself.

    In reality, he had reached the Grand Emperor Stage a long time ago. Because he was limited by his environment and his cultivation resources, his cultivation stagnated.

    After exploring the entire Immortal World, he came to know of a place called Soul Seal Prison. He knew a secret that even Zi Changluo didn't know about: there was an extremely pure soul pool beneath Soul Seal Prison. This place was extremely important to his own Grand Dao. If he didn't enter Soul Seal Prison, he wouldn't be able to take another step forward in his cultivation.

    This was just like how Mo Wuji had to truly return to the life of a mortal if he wanted to get past the Grand Emperor Stage. This was because Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao and he was the progenitor of the Mortal Dao.

    Zhu Yin cultivated the Broken Dao. Similarly, he was also the progenitor of the Broken Dao. In his Broken Dao, he absorbed other cultivators' soul for his cultivation. He borrowed the souls and primordial spirits of others to strengthen his own. It was an extremely evil cultivation technique. Of course, in Zhu Yin's eyes, there was no evil or just in cultivation techniques; there was only the strong and the weak.

    When this cultivation technique was cultivated to the peak, his soul and sea of consciousness faced the restraints of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth; it was extremely hard for him to take another step further.

    After many years of stumbling around, Zhu Yin finally understood the principle within. If he would like to break through these shackles, he would need grind away the alien dao present within his soul and sea of consciousness.

    Even though Zhu Yin's talent was exceedingly high and his Broken Dao was extremely impressive, his sea of consciousness could not remain pure after devouring that many souls and the dao within them.

    The method that Zhu Yin deduced to solve this problem was to use the Very High Heavens' Soul Seal Prison. In Soul Seal Prison, his soul would be sealed. His soul would then he tortured, depleted, tempered, and finally, perfected.

    Once a person enters a place like Soul Seal Prison, he would basically lose all hopes of life. If it was anyone else, he wouldn't willingly send himself to Soul Seal Prison.

    However, Zhu Yin did just that. Not only that, he did it without Zi Changluo noticing his intentions.

    One must know that if Zi Changluo had even half an intention of killing him, then he, Zhu Yin, would undoubtedly die. After so many years of torture, he continued to persist so that his cultivation technique could be perfected. Just as he wanted to leave Soul Seal Prison, Zi Changluo provided him with the opportunity.

    When Zi Changluo brought him out of Soul Seal Prison, it broke the seals that the Soul Seal Prison had on him. The moment he stepped out Soul Seal Prison, he knew that his life and death was once again back within his control.

    The reason why he still followed Gongshu Shipan to Ping Fan Immortal School wasn't because he wanted to help Zi Changluo deal with Mo Wuji. Instead, it was truly because he wanted to have a battle with that Mo Wuji.

    He, Zhu Yin, really wanted to know exactly how strong was that expert? How strong was he that even Zi Changluo was afraid? At the same time, Zhu Yin wanted to know exactly how strong had he gotten after his Broken Dao achieved a major success?

    Also, he wanted to treat Mo Wuji as his first meal after perfecting his cultivation technique. He only hoped that this meal wasn't a scanty one.

    Of course, he didn't know that after he ascended to the Immortal World, his descendant established a Reincarnation Dao Sect in Zhen Xing. Thereafter, the Reincarnation Dao Sect was destroyed by Tian Ji Sect. Zhu Qu, another one of his descendants, then established the Broken Sect, but it was also destroyed by Mo Wuji. If he knew all this, he wouldn't simply be going towards Mo Wuji with a meal in mind.
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