Chapter 864: The Horrifying Zhu Yin

    Chapter 864: The Horrifying Zhu Yin

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    In less than a month, Mo Wuji had finally made contact with the array runes of the defensive array. These array runes and methods were definitely superior to Grade 9 immortal arrays, but they were not insanely absurd; they were suitable for Mo Wuji's current level of the Array Dao.

    As Mo Wuji researched into these array runes, his standard of the Array Dao continued to rise rapidly. Unknowingly, his Array Dao standards had already surpassed Grade 9 and had stepped into a newer level.

    This also caused Mo Wuji to know that he had previously overestimated the time he would take to open this array. This was because he didn't add his rising Array Dao standards into the calculation.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to open the next layer of array foundations, he actually felt this array releasing a slight cracking sound.

    This definitely wasn't the sound of the array foundations opening. Instead, it was because this array had been opened from within; the people that were trapped within the array wanted to come out. At this point, Mo Wuji stopped studying the array. His heart was filled with emotions.

    In his mind, the first person to come out would be Han Qingru. Then, he suddenly recalled the words that Han Qingru said to him while they were in Sword Prison.

    "Shua!" At this moment, a fire-red flying sword landed in Mo Wuji's hands. When Mo Wuji saw the message in the flying sword, his face sunk and killing intent began to revolve around him.

    "Sect Head, it's really you!" Su Zi'An cried out in pleasant surprise.


    "Big Brother..."

    Su Zi'An, Fu Jingfeng and Dou Hualong all ran towards Mo Wuji emotionally.

    Mo Wuji then saw the injured Wei Zidao, as well as Jian Mingcheng. At the same time, he noticed that there many people that were not present; Nie Chongan, Cha Rui, and Lu Ming all weren't there.

    "Sect Head, I am to blame. Venerable Lord Nie, Deacon Cha, Lu Ming and the rest all perished in the huge battle..." When Su Zi'An saw Mo Wuji's glee turn into confusion, he knew that the Sect Head wanted to know why so many were missing.

    "Then what about Qingru and Lian Yingxian?" Just as Mo Wuji asked this question, another flying sword flew over.

    "Han Qingru and Lian Yingxian left the sect a few years ago to temper themselves. They have yet to return," Su Zi'An replied promptly.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already detected the large numbers of flying ships charging towards Ping Fan Immortal School. He retrieved a jade vase of pills and threw it towards Wei Zidao, "The Very High Heavens' army is here. I will go take a look."


    "Sect Head Mo, Zi Changluo has personally taken action." Chen San said solemnly when he saw Mo Wuji come out. However, he wasn't all too worried; he knew that with Mo Wuji's abilities, Mo Wuji definitely had no need to fear Zi Changluo. However, he was worried about the Very High Heavens' capabilities. There were far too many experts in the Very High Heavens; if they managed to surround this place, Mo Wuji, alone, wouldn't be able to do anything.

    "It's not Zi Changluo, but Gongshu Shipan." The one speaking was an early stage Immortal Emperor that Mo Wuji didn't recognise.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards the two of them. Thereafter, he brought out a stack of array flags and threw them out. Soon, Ping Fan Immortal School, which was under reconstruction, was now covered in a faint veil of mist.

    This wasn't the first time Mo Wuji was encircled and attacked. At his level, what was the use of superior numbers? He was only worried that Ping Fan Immortal School, which was still in the process of reconstruction, would be damaged again by the battle.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" A flying ship fearlessly landed on the ground. Because they intentionally didn't control the landing, every time a ship landed, it would form a huge hole in the ground, sweeping up large patches of dust.

    More than ten thousand immortals from the Very High Heavens' disembarked from the ships. They soon surrounded the fringes of Ping Fan Immortal School.

    Compared to the organised army, the randomly ordered people on Mo Wuji's side was a perfect definition of a messy crowd.

    "Zi Changluo really didn't come. The person that came is Grand Emperor Gongshu Shipan, as well as Grand Emperor Cai De, Yong Yutang, Si Heyi... Wait, that person is..."

    Just as Chen San was introducing the invaders to Mo Wuji, he stopped abruptly. His voice even started to tremble.

    "That's Zhu Yin, that's actually Zhu Yin..." The early-stage Immortal Emperor also recognised the person next to Gongshu Shipan; his voice also became filled with fear.

    "Who is Zhu Yin?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully. He turned towards that emaciated man with messy hair; Chen San and this early stage Immortal Emperor seemed to be afraid of this person.

    Before this early stage Immortal Emperor could reply, Gongshu Shipan had already walked to the front of Mo Wuji and he said coldly, "You don't need to know much about Zhu Yin. You only need to know that he is the person that will kill you... Zhu Yin, kill this man..."

    Just as Gongshu Shipan finished his words, Mo Wuji sensed a terrifying burst of killing intent. However, Mo Wuji didn't make a move; he could sense that this killing intent wasn't aimed towards him.

    "Zhu Yin, you..." Gongshu Shipan only managed to say these three words when he heard his bones shattering and his sea of consciousness collapsing.

    "Remember, no one can order me. You simply took a step towards death before Zi Changluo. Even though your soul is just ordinary, I will be keeping it." These words were the last words that Gongshu Shipan would hear in his entire life.

    Mo Wuji's eyes turned serious. Gongshu Shipan was no weaker than Lei Guyun and Jin Yusheng. However, this expert's neck was actually easily broken by this emaciated man and his soul had also been devoured.

    Others might not be able to see this emaciated man eat Gongshu Shipan's soul, but he, Mo Wuji, could see it very clearly. Mo Wuji was extremely clear that this fella was no weaker than him. Zhu Yin's dao aura was complete and his aura was majestic. This person definitely wasn't an ordinary Grand Emperor or Dao Emperor.

    "He is the Broken Soul Man, Zhu Yin." Chen San caught his breath and muttered.

    Broken Soul Man Zhu Yin? Who is this person? He had never heard of such a person before.

    "It's said that this person is the progenitor of the Broken Dao. He massacred countless lives in the Immortal World and he exterminated no less than 30 sects. The number of experts that died by his hands is more than one could count. Thereafter, he discovered the passage towards the Very High Heavens and he went to challenge Zi Changluo. Thereafter, he was never seen again. Everyone thought that he was dead. No one would have thought that he had actually changed sides..."

    Chen San didn't continue any further. He originally wanted to say that the Broken Soul Man Zhu Yin had changed sides and joined Zi Changluo. However, Gongshu Shipan was the right-hand man of Zi Changluo, and Zhu Yin had just killed Gongshu Shipan. No matter how he looked at it, it didn't seem as though Zhu Yin had turned to Zi Changluo's side.

    The other Grand Emperors that came with Gongshu Shipan all subconsciously took a few steps back. Zhu Yin had actually killed Gongshu Shipan.

    "You are Mo Wuji? Let me have a taste of your soul and primordial spirit. Don't leave me disappointed." Zhu Yin bore his deathly pale teeth and stared at Mo Wuji.

    He didn't guess wrong, nor did he see wrong. Mo Wuji, who Zi Changluo sent him over to deal with, was definitely not a simple person. He was not a person that someone like Gongshu Shipan could hope to compare with. Even if Mo Wuji's aura was any more ordinary, he, Zhu Yin, would not disregard him because of this ordinariness.

    Mo Wuji turned to Chen San and co. and said, "You guys leave immediately."

    "Yes." Chen San and co. all knew that against a person like Zhu Yin, they wouldn't even be able to be of help. If they stayed here, they would only become the souls that Zhu Yin could use to replenish his strength.

    After Chen San and co. retreated, Mo Wuji turned to Zhu Yin and said, "These people that you brought over are too annoying. It would influence the battle between me and you, so I want to get rid of this trash."

    Zhu Yin chuckled loudly, "This is simple..."

    He opened his hand wide and a huge imprint formed in the sky. Below this imprint, a whole new world of Laws seemed to have formed.

    The immortal army that Gongshu Shipan brought over was basically filled with experts that were in the Grand Luo Immortal Stage and above. However, the moment Zhu Yin's imprint Laws formed above them, none of them was able to escape.

    Thereafter, they could only see as mists of blood began to explode below this imprint. Mo Wuji could see loads of primordial spirits and souls being devoured by Zhu Yin. He could feel his skull turning numb. No wonder why Chen San and co. were so afraid of Zhu Yin; this fella wasn't even a human.

    When those other Grand Emperors saw this, they frantically tried to break out of Zhu Yin's world.

    Zhu Yin snickered, "You are in the world of my, Zhu Yin's, Laws. You still think you can escape?"

    As he was speaking, Zhu Yin pointed his finger towards them. The moment his finger pointed at a person, that person would explode into a mist of blood. These Grand Emperors didn't even have any chance to resist; they were killed by Zhu Yin's finger sacred art.

    Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. He knew that Zhu Yin's finger attack was far from comparable to his Seven World Finger. However, he also knew that his Seven World Finger couldn't kill that many Grand Emperors as easily as Zhu Yin did.

    The only explanation was that his abilities were far from Zhu Yin.

    The moment he thought of this, Zhu Yin suddenly seemed to look more terrifying.

    "How impressive. No wonder why this person still dared to charge towards the Very High Heavens even though he knew that Zi Changluo had a trap laid for him." Chen San saw Zhu Yin's methods and exhaled a breath of cold air.

    Even though Chen San spoke softly, Mo Wuji was still able to hear him.

    "Zhu Yin, the Dao Emperor saw that it had been hard for you to reach your cultivation level, which was why he didn't kill you. I didn't think that you would not only be so ungrateful, but you would even try to kill us. If the Dao Emperor knows of this, you would definitely be captured and sent back to Soul Seal Prison..." A Grand Emperor stared as Zhu Yin condensed a hand of elemental energy which loomed over him. He knew that he couldn't escape, so he could only scold as much as he wanted.

    Locked in Soul Seal Prison? Mo Wuji hurriedly transmitted a message to Chen San, "Immortal Friend Chen San, do you know about Soul Seal Prison?"

    Chen San hurriedly transmitted, "It's the most terrifying prison in the Very High Heavens. It's even more terrifying than the Great Sword Path's Sword Prison. If you are imprisoned in there, your soul and primordial spirit would be continuously eroded by icy-cold wind and burned by flaming-hot fire. Eventually, your soul would be grinded clean and you would turn into a complete idiot..."

    "You see, I already helped you exterminate these people. Come, let's have a good talk." After Zhu Yin killed the last Grand Emperor, he turned and grinned towards Mo Wuji.

    Under his imprint of Laws, the Very High Heavens' army continued to explode behind him. He acted as though he didn't see any of this.

    Mo Wuji said slowly, "Zhu Yin, your cultivation technique is not bad. You are actually able to devour the souls and primordial spirits of others and use them for your cultivation..."

    "I have some deep insights towards the devouring of souls. If you need it, you can try to restrain me and I can teach them to you," Zhu Yin grinned and said.

    The moment he heard these words, it seemed as though a lightning had flashed across Mo Wuji's mind. In an instant, the fear that he had towards Zhu Yin disappeared.
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