Chapter 865: Finger Against Finger

    Chapter 865: Finger Against Finger

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    "Zi Changluo kept you imprisoned for so many years. Why didn't you kill Zi Changluo before you came to me?" Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    Especially vicious people have especially deep schemes. At this point, Mo Wuji was sure that Zhu Yin's entering into Soul Seal Prison wasn't because Zhu Yin was helplessly caught, but because Zhu Yin intentionally wanted to go into Soul Seal Prison.

    The reason why Mo Wuji could think of this was because he, himself, was the progenitor of his own Dao. In his Mortal Dao, he also needed to truly immerse himself in the life of a mortal in order to understand the true meaning within this Grand Dao.

    Zhu Yin's cultivation technique which was based on devouring souls was indeed evil. However, there's no need to judge whether a cultivation technique was evil or not. This was because to a cultivator, all Daos could lead to the pinnacle that they are aiming for.

    However, all Daos have their own form of shackles; these shackles needed to be continuously broken. Mo Wuji's own Mortal Dao also had shackles; he didn't believe that this wasn't the same for Zhu Yin's Broken Dao.

    His Grand Dao required him to become a true mortal in order to understand its true meaning. As for Zhu Yin's Grand Dao, it should be related to souls and primordial spirits.

    Before Mo Wuji ascertained what the Soul Seal Prison was about, he didn't dare to make such assumptions. But after Chen San explained about Soul Seal Prison, Mo Wuji immediately knew that Zhu Yin definitely went to Soul Seal Prison because he wanted to temper his Broken Dao.

    The reason why Zi Changluo didn't think of this wasn't because Zi Changluo was more stupid than Mo Wuji. Instead, it was because Zi Changluo wasn't the progenitor of his own Grand Dao.

    Thus, from a certain perspective, Mo Wuji and Zhu Yin were the same kind of people.

    Mo Wuji didn't believe that a vicious person like Zhu Yin wouldn't immediately kill Zi Changluo for locking him for countless years, albeit it was within his intentions.

    By now, Mo Wuji completely understood the reason why Zhu Yin didn't kill Zi Changluo. This was because Zhu Yin wanted Zi Changluo to help him one more time. When he first left Soul Seal Prison, he would definitely have to pay a price even if he tried to kill Zi Changluo.

    Now, Zi Changluo had dispatched many experts and even an entire army to attack Mo Wuji. Zhu Yin simply wanted to use these people's souls to recover his own elemental energy.

    Previously, Zhu Yin had already devoured countless souls and primordial spirits. By now, Zhu Yin should have fully recovered. Unfortunately, he, Mo Wuji, didn't know of Zhu Yin's cultivation technique and origins beforehand. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have allowed Zhu Yin to easily consume all those primordial spirits and souls.

    Now that Zhu Yin had recovered his elemental energy, Zhu Yin probably wanted to kill him and devour his soul. Thereafter, Zhu Yin would head back to the Very High Heavens to kill Zi Changluo. From the looks of it, Zhu Yin probably thought that Zi Changluo was stronger than him.

    The reason why Mo Wuji's fear towards Zhu Yin disappeared was because he also discovered how Zhu Yin was able to easily slaughter multiple Grand Emperors.

    Mo Wuji was also the progenitor of a Grand Dao. He didn't believe that there would be a huge gap in power between the two of them despite only having a small gap in cultivation.

    In reality, there should have been days of work behind those simple-looking finger attacks. How could a vicious person like Zhu Yin not plot against the experts of the Very High Heavens as they were travelling to the Immortal World? As long as he managed to plot against those Grand Emperors, Zhu Yin would naturally be able to eliminate them easily.

    As for how Zhu Yin managed to plot against those Grand Emperors, Mo Wuji didn't want to think about that. He was sure that Zhu Yin definitely had his own ways.

    Even though Zi Changluo wasn't as vicious as Zhu Yin, Mo Wuji didn't believe that Zi Changluo would have done nothing to Zhu Yin after capturing Zhu Yin. Since Zi Changluo had done something to Zhu Yin, but Zhu Yin still remained fearless, it would mean that Zhu Yin was far more devious than Zi Changluo.

    Indeed, when he heard Mo Wuji's question, Zhu Yin laughed indifferently, "It's because I really want to know how strong is the person that even Zi Changluo has reservations towards..."

    As he was speaking, Zhu Yin had already brought out a gigantic wooden fish. This wooden fish seemed as huge as a continent as it moved towards Mo Wuji.

    Back when Zhu Yin killed more than 10,000 people, he didn't even use his magic treasure. However, against Mo Wuji, he immediately brought out his magic treasure. Clearly, this person was very cautious.

    In Mo Wuji's perspective, Zhu Yin didn't use his magic treasure on him because he was strong. Instead, it was because Zhu Yin didn't understand him, but understood the people that were dispatched from the Very High Heavens.

    In fact, it could even be a form of mocking when Zhu Yin used his magic treasure.

    The moment Zhu Yin acted, Mo Wuji whipped out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. Don't simply look at how Zhu Yin had already killed more than 10,000 people. By now, Mo Wuji still didn't know the true methods of Zhu Yin.

    The attacks that Zhu Yin had shown so far probably wasn't even one-billionth of his actual capabilities.

    His Half Moon Weighted Halberd conjured a sky-splitting halberd light; this halberd light split into nine silver rivers which cascaded down from the sky.

    All of a sudden, Zhu Yin's wooden fish suddenly exploded. The shockwaves from the explosion actually left Mo Wuji slightly shocked. These shockwaves weren't elemental shockwaves but spiritual will shockwaves. This was actually a Law that he had never seen before...

    In the blink of an eye, this Law transformed into a world of its own. Mo Wuji clearly prepared himself but he was still drawn into the world.

    Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold. By this time, he understood that this world should be Zhu Yin's Broken Dao World. His cultivation level wasn't as high as Zhu Yin but he also had his own world. It was just that the completeness of his world wasn't the same as Zhu Yin's; at the very least, his world couldn't be used in battle.

    Boundless black runes filled the sky; Mo Wuji seemed to return back to the distorted and warped space in the Sage Dao Talisman.

    However, this was different from those spatial distortions. The spatial distortions were a power of the Sage Dao Talisman; Fu Jiujiang could only activate it but didn't have any means of controlling it.

    However, this talisman world was created by Zhu Yin, himself. Thus, Zhu Yin had absolute control over the Laws of his Broken Dao World.

    Indeed, just as Mo Wuji thought of this, a terrifying force brushed across the edge of his sea of consciousness. It seemed to want to suck away the roots of his Dao.

    In an instant, Mo Wuji knew what was going on; this was Zhu Yin's method to extract one's primordial spirit. If he really had a primordial spirit, he would have been caught off guard and he would actually have fallen under Zhu Yin's attack. Even though he didn't have a primordial spirit, his soul still got slightly unstable.

    Zhu Yin's cold laughter could be heard, "I was still thinking about how strong you could be. From the looks of it, Zi Changluo is getting weaker..."

    Zhu Yin's laughter stopped abruptly; he actually didn't manage to grab a single trace of Mo Wuji's primordial spirit. Before he could react, a Spiritual Will Arrow filled with death energy locked onto him.

    His Broken Dao World was under his own Laws, everything should be within his control. However, he was unable to control this arrow intent. Not only that, his mind was even locked on by this arrow intent.

    This is the Spiritual Will Arrow? Zhu Yin soon reacted. This was definitely the Spiritual Will Arrow. He definitely couldn't allow this Spiritual Will Arrow to continue gathering the deathly energy in the area, nor could he allow himself to get completely locked on by this arrow.

    Just as Zhu Yin thought of this, that Spiritual Will Arrow had already ripped through the air and shot towards his forehead. Mo Wuji had never intended to have his Spiritual Will Arrow completely locked onto Zhu Yin.

    "Boom!" Zhu Yin's wooden fish world suddenly exploded. A blinding light flashed across Zhu Yin's forehead, it actually shattered Mo Wuji's Spiritual Will Arrow.

    Zhu Yin instantly coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    "Pff!" A glimmer of blood flashed; Zhu Yin's right arm had been sliced by the cascading Winding River.

    Zhu Yin landed among the corpses of the army that he had just slaughtered. He lifted his only hand and wiped off the blood that seeped out of the corner of his mouth. He stared at Mo Wuji and said, "You're very strong. You're strong beyond belief. Since I, Zhu Yin, started cultivation, you are the first person to force me to a disadvantage besides my intended capture by Zi Changluo. However, this isn't because I'm worse than you, but because I didn't know that your secret is actually bigger than mine. Now, why don't you try my Soul Capturing Finger..."

    Zhu Yin slowly raised his left hand. He looked as though he was picking flowers as he only pointed his finger towards Mo Wuji softly.

    Mo Wuji knew the meaning behind Zhu Yin's words. Zhu Yin was saying that it was simply because he didn't know that Mo Wuji didn't have a primordial spirit, which was why he had suffered a disadvantage.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. Even if he did have a primordial spirit, Zhu Yin should still forget about touching his sea of consciousness. After that battle with the Sage Dao Talisman and Fu Jiujiang, his sea of consciousness had already evolved into a new level. Even Zhu Yin probably didn't know that there would be a sea of consciousness which possessed its own realm.

    Zhu Yin's finger only pointed lightly, but the entire world seemed to change. At this instant, the world turned black and white. In between these two colours of black and white, all souls would be shocked and captured.

    With this finger, the Heaven and Earth turned into nothingness, space extinguished, and souls dispersed...

    "Then why don't you also try my finger..." Mo Wuji also pointed his finger forward.

    The World of Man of the Seven World Finger appeared. The Heaven and Space appeared again and the extinguished space turned into the World of Man. In this World of Man, all living things were like white clouds - insignificant.

    All life and death existed within this World of Man.

    "Boom!" The two auras of the two Dao Progenitors clashed. Mo Wuji could even feel his sea of consciousness vibrating violently; there seemed to be a force which wanted to wrest away the soul from his sea of consciousness.

    That force surrounded his willpower and his soul.

    Since Mo Wuji started cultivation, the one thing he didn't lack was willpower. Even though that soul capturing power was incredibly strong, he still remained unmovable like a mountain. All his dao energy transformed into the World of Man under his finger.

    Zhu Yin's expression was calm. It didn't matter how strong your willpower was; his Soul Capturing Finger was able to capture his opponent's soul, even if it was only a single strand of it.

    In just a few breaths, Zhu Yin's expression changed. His Soul Capturing Finger was actually unable to break through Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness actually possessed its own realm, and that realm belonged to Mo Wuji's own Laws. Since he, Zhu Yin, started cultivation, he had never met such a freak like Mo Wuji. If not having a primordial spirit was not enough, Mo Wuji even possessed a sea of consciousness which had its own realm?

    A single mistake was enough for an ordinary person to perish. However, he, Zhu Yin, was not an ordinary person. He no longer dared to continue fighting a freak like Mo Wuji.

    Before he could escape, he saw the vicissitudes of life within the World of Man. In this World of Man, he was simply an ant.
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