Chapter 866: This Person Is Too Terrifying

    Chapter 866: This Person Is Too Terrifying

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    Zhu Yin's eyes turned cold. His Soul Capturing Finger no longer struck towards Mo Wuji. Instead, it transformed into ripple-like surfaces as he tried to defend against Mo Wuji's finger.

    After Mo Wuji shot out with his Seven World Finger, no one would be able to locate where his Seven World Finger was; but Zhu Yin could.

    "Boom!" The two finger's dao energy slammed into each other; Laws exploded and filled the sky, forming spatial whirlpools in the air.

    "Pff!" Zhu Yin coughed out a mouthful of blood. His Soul Capturing Finger had been completely shattered.

    A hint of madness flashed across Zhu Yin's eyes. At the same time, a strand of glee could also be seen within them. It seemed as though he wasn't the one who was at a disadvantage after that finger battle.

    Indeed, at the very next instant, the Soul Capturing Finger's dao energy rapidly rebuilt itself. It soon condensed for form a murky black dao rune, forming a Law of the Heaven and Earth over this area. Anyone that saw that Law rune would feel their souls shaking.

    Many people knew that Soul Capturing Finger Sacred Art was very strong. However, no one knew that his Soul Capturing Finger had more than one Capture. Not only was there the First Capture, Heavenly Charge, but there was also a Second Capture, Spiritual Intelligence.

    The reason why no one knew it was because no one was even strong enough to force him to use his Second Capture.

    After displaying the Second Capture, Zhu Yin retrieved his wooden fish. The same thought as Zi Changluo fleeted across his mind; he wanted to capture Mo Wuji and bring Mo Wuji into his wooden fish's world.

    Mo Wuji was the most impressive expert that he met in the entire Immortal World. He was especially envious of Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness which possessed its own realm and he was curious as to how Mo Wuji was able to cultivate without a primordial spirit.

    When one's cultivation was low, possessing a primordial spirit would be useful for battles. However, once one's cultivation got higher, not having a primordial spirit was so much more terrifying; Zhu Yin was extremely clear about that.

    Even if Mo Wuji was any stronger, Zhu Yin believed that Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to completely defend against his Second Capture. At the most, Mo Wuji would prevent the Soul Capturing Finger from entering his sea of consciousness. However, in reality, Zhu Yin's Second Capture didn't even need to enter the sea of consciousness; it needed to capture Mo Wuji's spiritual intelligence.

    As long as Mo Wuji lost his capacity for thought, even if it was for a single breath, he would be able to drag Mo Wuji into his wooden fish world. Zhu Yin was also sure that in this short period of time, Mo Wuji would have no means of dodging or using a new sacred art.

    The instant the World of Man dissipated, Zhu Yin's Soul Capturing Finger transformed into his Second Capture. However, Mo Wuji's Seven World Finger didn't dissipate completely. Instead, it transformed into the Second World Killer - Heaven and Earth.

    The World of Man was only capable of controlling living things. However, Heaven and Earth was capable of controlling Laws. Thus, within this Heaven and Earth, all Laws, all life, and all sacred arts were within the control of his Heaven and Earth.

    The moment Heaven and Earth appeared, everything had fallen into Mo Wuji's hands; Mo Wuji was the one in control of this Heaven and Earth.

    "Boom! Kacha!" If the First Capture of the Soul Capturing Finger was still able to contend with Mo Wuji's World of Man for a short while, then this Second Capture wasn't even able to tear through Mo Wuji's domain before it was controlled by Heaven and Earth.

    The Law within the Soul Capturing Finger shattered entirely, turning into nothing beneath Heaven and Earth.

    After the Soul Capturing Finger shattered, Zhu Yin saw a finger behind the Heaven and Earth aiming towards his forehead. This finger didn't crazily absorb deathly energy like the previous Spiritual Will Arrow. However, the deathly energy of this finger was far more terrifying.

    Zhu Yin cultivated the Broken Dao, causing his sea of consciousness and his soul to be far more powerful than an average cultivator. The Spiritual Will Arrow was indeed very strong, but because of the strength of his sea of consciousness and his soul, it was only able to injure him. However, this finger, Heaven and Earth, seemed truly capable of ending and extinguishing him.

    Under this Heaven and Earth, he, Zhu Yin, would undoubtedly die if he didn't do anything.

    When this finger came, Zhu Yin's skull turned numb. He thought that his Soul Capturing Finger having a Second Capture was one of a kind. He didn't think that Mo Wuji's finger would also have a Second World Killer and it was even much stronger than the First World Killer.

    An intense sense of unwillingness filled his mind; this was the first time he was overwhelmed by boundless regret.

    He didn't regret fighting Mo Wuji. Instead, he regretted his carelessness despite knowing that Mo Wuji wasn't a simple person. If he, Zhu Yin, had a Second Capture for his Soul Capturing Finger, why wouldn't others have a Second World Killer? After being trapped in Soul Seal Prison for so many years, did he forget how he managed to travel all the way to the top? It was through vigilance, vigilance and more vigilance.

    If he had been more careful, he definitely wouldn't have fallen under Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth. In terms of capabilities, he believed that he was not weaker than Mo Wuji. In fact, he had even more powerful sacred arts which he had yet to use.

    "Spiritual intelligence, shatter for me..." Zhu Yin howled; a complex rune brimming with his dao energy suddenly appeared.

    This complex rune transformed into a murky black blade. This blade light slashed forward from Zhu Yin's sea of consciousness and cleaved against Mo Wuji's finger. This was a slash paid at the price of his spiritual intelligence.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth clashed against this huge black blade. A soul-tearing force swept through the air. Mo Wuji could no longer hold it in as he coughed out a mouthful of blood. At this instant, his soul actually started to wither and his entire body felt fatigued.

    At the same time, Zhu Yin heard a cracking sound from the depths of his sea of consciousness.

    His head was bleeding. On the surface, it looked like he only faced minor injuries. In reality, he knew exactly what he had lost. To defend against this finger of Mo Wuji, he had to pay with his spiritual intelligence.

    To Zhu Yin, the shattering of his spiritual intelligence wouldn't merely cause a fall in his power, his Soul Capturing Finger would also be unable to use its Second Capture, Spiritual Intelligence, ever again. This wasn't the most terrifying thing to him; the most terrifying thing was that with his spiritual intelligence shattered, he would have to find another place like Soul Seal Prison and torture himself for thousands of years before he could recover his power. If he wasn't able to find such a place, then he would never be able to improve again in his entire life; his Great Dao would cease there.

    No matter what, he had to flee, he had to flee far away. Before he recovered his power, he wasn't going to return.

    Mo Wuji was far too terrifying.

    Even though his soul felt withered, Mo Wuji still released his domain explosively. At the same time, he prepared his Wheel of Life and Death. He anxiously wanted to kill Zhu Yin.

    What shocked Mo Wuji was that after defending against his Seven World Finger, Zhu Yin suddenly shattered into pieces. Thereafter, he transformed into a black mist, and in an instant, that mist dispersed into the surroundings and vanished without a trace.

    Even though Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye, he was still unable to determine where Zhu Yin had fled to.

    Mo Wuji was speechless. He knew that with his capabilities, he wouldn't be able to find Zhu Yin. It would be the same if he lost; Zhu Yin wouldn't be able to find him. With his Wind Escape Technique, he could transform into a light breeze and disappear. Clearly, Zhu Yin's escape art was related to the soul.

    The surroundings of Ping Fan were filled with people. After Zhu Yin fled with heavy injuries, dead silence descended onto the crowd.

    There's no need to talk about those that didn't know about Zhu Yin. However, the experts that knew of Zhu Yin felt their hearts shaking in waves of shock. How strong was Zhu Yin? The sect that Zhu Yin destroyed those years ago was one that even the combined forces of the Lightning Sect, Great Sword Path and Vast Ocean Immortal School couldn't compare with. It was rumoured that when Zi Changluo brought ten over Grand Emperors to encircle Zhu Yin, Zhu Yin was still able to kill eight Grand Emperors and heavily injure Zi Changluo before he was eventually captured.

    Such a vicious person was actually unable to defeat Sect Head Mo. Not only that, he was even heavily injured by Sect Head Mo and had one of his arms cut off.

    To the people that know of the Broken Soul Man Zhu Yin, this act of Mo Wuji was far more difficult than killing multiple Grand Emperors.

    No one knew that Zhu Yin didn't only lose an arm. Compared to the shattering of his spiritual intelligence, Zhu Yin's decapitated arm was merely an itch.

    Mo Wuji turned to the dazed Su Zi'An and said, "Zi'An, Ping Fan Immortal School will be left to you and Wei Zidao. I will need to leave for some time. Mo Qingche is my relative, help her arrange for a quiet place to cultivate."

    After which, Mo Wuji turned to Mo Qingche and said, "Qingche, if there's anything you don't know, you can ask Elder Su or Protector Wei."

    "Zi'An understands." Su Zi'An finally returned to his countenance. He suppressed the agitation in his heart as he bowed respectfully.

    With the Sect Head of Ping Fan being so strong, even Zi Changluo would no longer dare to cause trouble for them.

    Wei Zidao was even more agitated. There was no need to talk about the current Zhu Yin, even the Zhu Yin tens of thousands of years ago was capable of squashing him. Over these tens of thousands of years, he, Wei Zidao, merely advanced from the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage to the Grand Emperor Stage. On the other hand, the Sect Head of his Ping Fan Immortal School was actually able to suppress Zhu Yin. Indeed, it was the right choice for him, Wei Zidao, to have stayed with Ping Fan.

    "Yes, Grandpa," Mo Qingche said hurriedly.

    This battle with Zhu Yin didn't last very long, but it had shocked her deeply. At the same time, she was more aware of how powerful her grandfather actually was.

    That Zhu Yin fella was so strong that he could kill 10,000 people with a single palm. Even though he was so impressive, her grandfather was still able to defeat him.

    She was cultivating the legacy of her grandfather. If her Grandpa Mo Wuji could do it, then she, Mo Qingche, would also be able to do it too.

    Mo Wuji then clasped his fists towards the crowd and said, "Immortal Friends of the Immortal World, my Ping Fan Immortal School is being rebuilt and it requires large amounts of resources. I seek everyone's help. Of course, my Ping Fan Immortal School will compensate with the required immortal crystals."

    The moment Mo Wuji said these words, many immortals came forward to express their support.

    Chen San was the first to come forward, "Sect Head Mo, we actually came here to lend you our fists in battle. But now, we weren't even strong enough to lend you our fists. Since Ping Fan Immortal School is going to be rebuilt, I, Chen San, will be the first to show my support."

    "Right! We will support the rebuild of Ping Fan Immortal School!" The crowd hollered loudly.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards the crowd once more. Then, he turned to Chen San and said, "Immortal Friend Chen San, when I was in Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, I heard some news about Chen Hu. It's rumoured that he had met with a mishap. However, this matter has yet to be verified and I didn't witness it personally. When I return to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, I will definitely find Chen Hu."

    When Chen San heard that it was likely that Chen Hu had met with a mishap, his eyes turned red. He bowed towards Mo Wuji and said, "Sect Head Mo, I only request that when Sect Head Mo returns to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, you will bring me, Chen San, along."

    "Alright." Mo Wuji accepted Chen San's request.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji's priority was to go to the Very High Heavens. As for the sects like Lightning Sect and Vast Ocean Immortal School, he didn't have to go after them at all; he knew that the people in those sects would definitely have fled already. Moreover, Mo Wuji only wanted to kill Lei Guyun and Jin Yusheng. Now that those two were already killed by him, he didn't care that their sects have been disbanded.

    At this instant, Zi Changluo was the one that he wanted to kill.
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