Chapter 867: Died So Simply

    Chapter 867: Died So Simply

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    Very High Heavens, Dao Emperor Palace.

    Zi Changluo couldn't help but feel uneasy. Days had passed but no news came from Gongshu Shipan.

    If that wasn't enough, the sects that regularly send him news of the Immortal World were also silent.

    No. Carrying on like this is the not the solution. If Mo Wuji didn't have the feat of killing a Dao Emperor, Zi Changluo really wouldn't have cared too much about him. However, the key thing was that Mo Wuji's battle records were indeed too shocking; Mo Wuji was even able to kill Lun Pa. One must know that even he, Zi Changluo, wouldn't be able to kill Lun Pa.

    "Men, get Lei Hongji here," Zi Changluo decided not to wait any further.

    "Yes." A response came from outside the Dao Emperor Palace.

    In less than half an incense's time, a deep voice came from outside the palace, "Master, you're finding me?"

    Zi Changluo said warmly, "Hongji, come in. I have some matters I want you to handle.

    "Yes, Master." The tall and muscular Lei Hongji came in. Compared to when his first arrival at Very High Heavens where he had lightning bolts dancing all around him, Lei Hongji no longer had the same unbridled lightning aura.

    Zi Changluo nodded contentedly, "Not bad, not bad. Out of all my disciples, only your talent is truly spectacular. Your Immortal Emperor Stage cultivation has completely stabilised and you already have the aura of a master."

    Lei Hongji bowed respectfully and said, "Master is over-praising me. Compared to my other senior brothers, Lei Hongji is still lacking."

    Zi Changluo pointed towards the chair opposite him and said, "Hongji, ever since you became my disciple, I have regarded you as my son. There's no need for you to be so polite here."

    Lei Hongji bowed once more before he sat down. Zi Changluo also sat down. After Zi Changluo took a seat, he brought out a tea set, placed it at the corner of the table and said, "Hongji, Master is slightly sorry. Master has to borrow something from you."

    Lei Hongji stood back up and said modestly, "If Master needs anything, there's no need to say anything about borrowing. You only need to ask this disciple."

    When he finished speaking, Lei Hongji took the initiative to pick up the teapot and served Zi Changluo a cup of spiritual tea.

    Zi Changluo accepted the tea but he didn't drink it. Instead, he placed the teacup on the table and said, "This thing is also very important to you, so Master feels very guilty..."

    Lei Hongji laughed, "Master, please say it. If I, Lei Hongji, have extra, I wouldn't mind giving it to you."

    Zi Changluo jolted slightly. He could naturally tell that something was wrong with Lei Hongji's words. What did he mean by extra?

    "Lei Hongji, I know that your spiritual roots are amazing; they should be self-evolving spiritual roots, right? Honestly, in my entire life of cultivation, I, Zi Changluo, have never seen self-evolving spiritual roots. It's been a long time since I reached the Dao Emperor Stage, and my cultivation potential has also reached its end. So, the thing I want to borrow is your spiritual roots..." When Zi Changluo finished speaking, he stared calmly at Lei Hongji.

    Lei Hongji did not seem to be surprised. Instead, he said indifferently, "I'm afraid I cannot lend you that."

    "Eh, that's not up to you, nor is it up to me. You should be able to see that this teapot of mine is an array disc right? However, it was useless for you to have moved it away from the corner of the table. Now, even I am unable to release this trap array." ZI Changluo sighed, stood up and tried to pat Lei Hongji's shoulder.

    He had purchased this trap array from Heaven's Beyond Cosmos; it was an array that exceeded Grade 9. As long as it was activated, everyone else besides him would have their immortal elemental energy and spiritual will sealed.

    When Zi Changluo tried to raise his hand, his face changed. He discovered that his immortal elemental energy and spiritual will were trapped within his body and could not be used.

    "You..." Zi Changluo's heart sunk. Even an idiot would know that something was amiss.

    Lei Hongji said indifferently, "I thought that you would have waited for some time. I didn't think that you would be so impatient. You truly disappointed me."

    "You know?" Zi Changluo's heart sank to the bottom of an abyss.

    Lei Hongji's voice was calm as he said, "If I didn't know, I, Lei Hongji, wouldn't have gotten so far. Honestly, I really admire you. You are the first person to completely understand how heaven-defying my spiritual roots are. Even if you didn't act today, I would have acted against you a few days later."

    "I'm your master." Zi Changluo growled lowly. He didn't shout; he knew that it would be useless to shout within this trap array.

    Lei Hongji shook his head and said with slight disdain, "You can only be considered my fifth master. Oh right, do you want to know what happened to my first four masters?"

    "What?" Zi Changluo asked subconsciously.

    Lei Hongji said slowly, "My first master helped me to open my spirits. He was also the first to discover that my spiritual roots could evolve. Thereafter, he died. My second master was a Star Lord. He gave me countless cultivation resources. Then, he also died. My third master was my first master in the Immortal World. He had an alias, it was Grand Emperor Venom Sky..."

    "Venom Sky..." Zi Changluo's face changed. He finally understood how he fell into such a state; he had been poisoned. How could he not know about Grand Emperor Venom Sky? This was a person that even he wasn't willing to offend. It was rumoured that this person could even place venom in the sky and that anyone that touches his hand would undoubtedly die.

    Lei Hongji continued monotonously, "He also died. My fourth master is called Lei Guyun. I heard that he died a few days ago. He is also the only master that I didn't kill personally. You are the fifth. Actually, you could have a few more days, ai..."

    "Tell me, how was I poisoned, and how are you able to remain unaffected by my trap array? Otherwise, I will not be able to die peacefully..." Zi Changluo cried harshly.

    "Who says that I am unaffected? Also, why would I care whether you die peacefully?" Lei Hongji suddenly pulled out a short sword from his sleeve and he walked next to Zi Changluo.

    "So you weren't able to break my trap array..." A hint of hope appeared within Zi Changluo's eyes. So Lei Hongji was also the same as him; they both had their immortal elemental energy and spiritual will sealed.

    Lei Hongji smiled with contempt, "I'm not the same as you. You have been poisoned by me, causing your entire body to turn numb. As for me, I only have my immortal elemental energy and spiritual will sealed. I can still move like an ordinary person."

    "Hahaha..." Zi Changluo chuckled loudly. He was a Dao Emperor. A Lei Hongji without spiritual will and immortal elemental energy wouldn't be able to kill him even if Lei Hongji had 100 years.

    There was no need to talk about 100 years. If he didn't come out after a few days, his subordinates would definitely get suspicious.

    "..." Zi Changluo's laughter stopped abruptly. Lei Hongji clearly didn't have immortal elemental energy nor spiritual will. However, the sword in Lei Hongji's hand was still able to easily pierce into his forehead, destroying his sea of consciousness and extinguishing his primordial spirit and soul...

    "What's this sword?" Zi Changluo muttered to himself. He didn't hope that Lei Hongji would give him an answer, he only hoped that he could live.

    In his life, he became a Dao Emperor, he lived in the Very High Heavens, and he ruled the Immortal World. What pleasures had he not enjoyed? What sights had he not seen?

    He didn't think that he would have died so simply, so easily. If he could turn back time, he would rather die in the battle for the Very High Heavens Cosmos City.

    "This sword's name is Tian Ji. You could consider it an honour to die under Tian Ji Sword and my Lei Hongji's hands. Oh right, you want to know how you got poisoned? I merely helped you pour a cup of immortal tea which you didn't drink," Lei Hongji said indifferently.

    Honour? A hint of self-ridicule and disdain flashed across Zi Changluo's eyes. In his life, he had killed many people and he had backstabbed many friends. Today, he died by his own disciple's hands. It could be considered a form of retribution.

    "Kacha!" Zi Changluo's primordial spirit shattered and his fleshly body collapsed. A drop of vital blood was caught by Lei Hongji. Countless of runes landed on that vital blood. In less than two hours, an array disc the size of a palm appeared in Lei Hongji's hand.

    After grabbing that array disc, Lei Hongji picked out a pearl from Zi Changluo's body, then he sliced off Zi Changluo's finger and grabbed the storage ring.

    He then walked out the door. He carefully placed a seal on the door and said to the empty air, "My master has some sudden insights. He needs to be left alone for 49 days. Even if there's anything urgent, don't disturb my master."

    "Yes." A few voices sounded from shadows.

    Lei Hongji nodded, then he calmly walked out of the Dao Emperor Palace.


    Just as Mo Wuji walked out of Ping Fan Immortal School, four figures appeared in front of him. They were three men and one woman; he actually recognised three of them.

    One was Six Paths Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Gai Qing and another one was the Second House Master of Green Immortal House, Qing Yang. When Mo Wuji saw Qing Yang those years ago, Qing Yang was only a Quasi-Emperor. Now, she was already in the early Immortal Emperor Stage. The third person was Great Kun Buddhist Sect's Heng Ke.

    This fella, Heng Ke, actually dared to appear in front of him? It wasn't because he was magnanimous that he chose not to exterminate Great Kun Buddhist Sect, but because he didn't have the time.

    "Sect Head Mo!" Before Mo Wuji could rage, the four simultaneously clasped their fists and paid their respects. Heng Ke, in particular, bowed deeply.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart; even though it wasn't Heng Ke but Guang Xing who teamed up with Jin Yusheng, Lei Guyun and Yi Minghu to deal with him, he, Mo Wuji, really wouldn't forget about that grudge. Those years ago, if Guang Xing hadn't blocked him, he wouldn't even have been surrounded by the other Grand Emperors.

    "The three of you, please wait. I need to settle some debts today." Mo Wuji burst forth with killing intent.

    Heng Ke seemed to know that Mo Wuji wanted to kill him. He did not wait for Mo Wuji to attack as he brought his palms together and said, "Sect Head, the incident that happened those years ago was due to my Great Kun Buddhist Sect's greed. As the sect head, Guang Xing actually did such a tyrannical thing. Guang Xing knew that he had sinned greatly. So as not to implicate the sect, Guang Xing has gone back into the circle of reincarnation a few days ago."

    Guang Xing had committed suicide? However, was Guang Xing's suicide enough to make him forget about his revenge? He, Mo Wuji, wasn't such a nice person. Those years ago, if not for that star locket that Ji Li gave him, his Revolving Star Passage Technique and his God Physique, he would have definitely died.

    But this Guang Xing also knew how to act. To actually commit suicide, this Guang Xing was rather bold.

    "Amitabha, we all know that Sect Head Mo had been wronged. It's just that the Seven Immortal Domains are in grave peril. This monk boldly pleads that Sect Head Mo temporarily places aside this karma." The one speaking was a monk; the only one of the four that Mo Wuji didn't recognise.
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