Chapter 868: The Site Of Tian Ji

    Chapter 868: The Site Of Tian Ji

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    "Who are you?" Mo Wuji stared calmly at the monk in front of him.

    Heng Ke was also a monk, causing him to suspect that this other monk could be a helper of Heng Ke. However, even if all four of them surround and attack him now, he wouldn't need to worry.

    Qing Yang hurriedly came forward and said, "Sect Head Mo, please don't misunderstand. This is Sala Buddha Immortal Domain Seven Buddha Great Temple's Buddhist Emperor Xing Shan."

    Xing Shan? Mo Wuji inwardly thought that this name was so filled with love. [1] After seeing the greedy monks of Great Kun Buddhist Sect, Mo Wuji had always lacked favour towards the Buddhist sects in Sala Buddha Immortal Domain. However, he did have a favourable impression towards Seven Buddha Great Temple. Before he entered the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, he had met Seven Buddha Great Temple's Monk Da Ning.

    Monk Da Ning's character was really not bad; he had always done things in the light. This was unlike Great Lin Buddhist Sect who only knew how to plot in the shadows.

    "This poor monk is Xing Shan." Xing Shan looked friendly and his tone was also amiable.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "So it's Immortal Friend Xing Shan. Previously, I had the fortune of meeting your sect's Immortal Friend Da Ning."

    When Xing Shan heard Mo Wuji mention Da Ning, he hurriedly asked, "Is Da Ning doing well?"

    Mo Wuji replied, "I only had a brief encounter with Immortal Friend Da Ning. We were separated midway and I didn't see him again. Thereafter, I also didn't hear any news of him, so I'm no longer clear about his exact situation."

    "Ai!" Monk Xing Shan sighed but no longer asked any further.

    "Is there any special reason why the few of you have stopped me?" Mo Wuji no longer continued acting against Heng Ke.

    The few of them turned to face Qing Yang, seemingly wanting Qing Yang to explain the situation.

    Qing Yang took the lead and said, "Sect Head Mo, before you came to the Immortal World, you should have been the Sect Head of Tian Ji Sect, right?"

    "That's right." Mo Wuji nodded. This sort of thing would be revealed in a simple investigation. Moreover, there was no need for him to continue hiding it. With his capabilities, he wouldn't need to worry if all of Tian Ji Sect's enemies came after him; he will face them all.

    When Qing Yang heard Mo Wuji's words, she heaved a slight sigh of relief and continued, "Someone discovered a place in the Immortal World which is emitting a violent energy of death and destruction. As long as anyone entered, then that person would undoubtedly die. Eventually, someone finally managed to escape alive but he died soon after. That person only said two words when he came out: Tian Ji."

    "Are you able to show me an illustration of that place?" When Mo Wuji heard the words 'Tian Ji', his interest was immediately piqued.

    Qing Yang was clearly prepared; she immediately retrieved a jade letter and passed it to Mo Wuji.

    The moment Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will in, he could see that the surroundings shown within this jade letter were roughly the same as the map that Su Zi'An gave him. This was also the same as the faint diagrams on the Tian Ji Sect Head Token.

    Mo Wuji had long wanted to take a look at this place, it was just that he had never known its exact location; so it had been delayed for so long. He didn't expect that someone else would discover it, and it even seemed to be a danger zone.

    "Sect Head Mo, we've been there once before. Whether it was Buddhist Emperor Xing Shan or Heavenly Emperor Gai Ying, they both had a premonition that this place was extremely dangerous. If this danger wasn't resolved, it could cause the entire Immortal World to collapse. Thereafter, Buddhist Emperor Xing Shan and Heavenly Emperor Gai invited Heavenly Emperor Zizai and Immortal Emperor Jin Ping. They also had the premonition that this place could cause the collapse of the entire Immortal World.

    Seeing that this matter is far from simple, the four of us prepared to invite an expert to take a look. We happened to learn that Sect Head Mo had returned, which was why we specially hurried over to find Sect Head Mo," Qing Yang's way of speaking was straightforward and she also explained things clearly.

    Mo Wuji also knew clearly about what their original intentions were. What 'happened to learn that Sect Head Mo had returned'? What 'specially hurried over to find Sect Head Mo'? They probably were prepared to report this incident to the Very High Heavens. It was just that they came to know that Mo Wuji had screwed the Very High Heavens and had even killed many Immortal Emperors of the Very High Heavens. This was why they decided to change their plans at the last minute to request for his help instead.

    Of course, Mo Wuji saw no need in revealing that he knew of such matters.

    Now that the map towards Tian Ji had appeared, he would have made a trip there even if Qing Yang and co. didn't invite him.

    "Sect Head Mo, Heavenly Emperor Zizai is adroit in the Dao Studies Of Changes. His opinions are sometimes more precise than ours." By the side, Gai Ying added.

    Mo Wuji knew of Heavenly Emperor Zizai's skill with the Study of Changes. However, Mo Wuji didn't dare to respect Heavenly Emperor Zizai's skill. This fella predicted that Lei Hongji was going to be the saviour of the Immortal World; he, Mo Wuji, didn't believe that bullsh*t. Would a person like Lei Hongji sacrifice himself to save the Immortal World? This fella could probably do better trying to fool the dead.

    "I wonder where Heavenly Emperor Zizai is?" Mo Wuji casually asked.

    Monk Xing Shan answered with his palms placed together, "Immortal Friend Zizai and Immortal Devil Path's Immortal Emperor Jin Ping are currently guarding over that place, along with several other Immortal Emperors."

    "Alright, I agree to go. But before this, I still have to handle some matters, so I would have to push this matter off for some time," Mo Wuji decided on the spot.

    Xing Shan placed his palms together once more, "May I ask what matters will Sect Head Mo be attending to? And how long would it take?"

    Before Mo Wuji could reply, Qing Yang said, "If Sect Head Mo is intending to go to the Very High Heavens, I would suggest against it. I have met the Very High Heavens' Zi Changluo before. He is an extremely cautious person. When he sent his army to the Immortal World, he didn't even come. Even if you know the location of the passage to the Very High Heavens, he would have closed it off."

    Mo Wuji thought in his heart: This Qing Yang was really quite piercing. He really did intend to get rid of Zi Changluo first, then he would return. In reality, he didn't even know where the passage to the Very High Heavens was; he intended to go to Gods Immortal Domain and ask around for directions.

    Now that he heard Qing Yang's words, he knew that he could only postpone that matter even if he was especially eager to do it. Moreover, it seemed that he should resolve the matter of Tian Ji's appearance as soon as possible, whether it was for himself or for the Immortal World.

    "I will first return to my sect to install a sect protecting array. Thereafter, I will follow the few of you to where Tian Ji is." Mo Wuji gave up his intention of going to the Very High Heavens. However, installing a protective array for Ping Fan Immortal School was something that he needed to do.

    Previously, because he accidentally landed himself in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, he wasn't able to return to the Immortal World for many years. Who knew exactly where Tian Ji was? If he was unable to return for a protracted time, then his sect would be left without a protective array.

    "Of course this is fine. We can even assist Sect Head Mo with this," Gai Ying hurriedly said.

    Heng Ke, who hadn't spoked for a long time, grabbed this opportunity to say, "To compensate for my Great Kun Buddhist Sect's past mistakes, my Great Kun Buddhist Sect would provide the materials for Ping Fan Immortal School's sect protecting array."

    This was definitely going to be a huge sum. As a Grade 9 Array Master, Mo Wuji was naturally going to install a Grade 9 immortal array. Not only was the amount of materials needed for a Grade 9 array going to be stupefying, the grade of the materials was going to be dumbfounding as well.

    Hearing Heng Ke's words, Mo Wuji revealed a smile, "Very well then since the Great Kun Buddhist Sect has such intentions. If your sect is really able to help with this, then I will forget about the past."

    Grade 9 immortal array? Keke, that's a thing of the past. Now, the protective array that Mo Wuji was going to install was going to exceed Grade 9. He wouldn't read till he wrests away half of the Great Kun Buddhist Sect's savings.


    Ten days later, Heng Ke finally saw Mo Wuji complete Ping Fan's defensive array with a pale expression on his face.

    The Great Kun Buddhist Sect's stores could be considered top-class in the entire Buddhist Sect. However, this array of Mo Wuji's almost emptied out their deep stores.

    While his heart ached, Heng Ke also felt relief. He finally resolved the grievances between Sect Head Mo and his Great Kun Buddhist Sect. Otherwise, his Great Kun Buddhist Sect could only follow the example of the Great Sword Path or learn from the Lightning Sect and vanish without a trace. Either way, the sect would basically cease to exist in the Immortal World.

    Ping Fan Immortal School had expanded to more than multiple times its original size. Because there were many people that supported Ping Fan, the sect stood far more majestic than before.

    Originally, Mo Wuji even intended to install a large scale lightning tempering array. However, Monk Xing Shan was especially anxious about the matter of Tian Ji, he could only prepare a temporary lightning tempering pond for Mo Qingche. Thereafter, he followed the group out of Ping Fan Immortal School and towards the site of Tian Ji.


    "What a great flying car. This car seems to have been forged not long ago, could it be a work of Smith Emperor Xu Suren?" Gai Ying exclaimed in wonderment when he saw the array flags and array runes along the flying car.

    In the Immortal World, there were extremely few Smith Emperors that could forge Grade 9 immortal equipment. Whether it was in terms of defences or speed, Mo Wuji's flying car was at the very top. In Gai Ying's perspective, only Xu Suren could have forged this flying car.

    Qing Yang sighed and said, "The Heavenly Emperor's judgement is wrong. If I am right, this flying car should have been forged by Sect Head Mo himself."

    Gai Ying was momentarily stunned. He already suspected his eyes when he saw Mo Wuji install a sect protecting array which even exceeded Grade 9 immortal arrays. If Mo Wuji was also a Grade 9 Smith Emperor, then...

    "This flying car is indeed forged by me," Mo Wuji smiled and said.

    "Sect Head Mo is truly the number one genius in our Immortal World," Gai Ying sighed," I didn't think that my acumen would be worse than my daughter, Feiyan."

    If he heard these words before he met that brown haired man that was hunting Yan Li, Mo Wuji would have really felt contented. But now that he met that brown-haired man, Mo Wuji knew that his bit of abilities was truly not worth mentioning.

    It was just like when he was in the Worldly Immortal Stage back in the cultivation world, he still felt as though he wasn't at the top. This was because even though he was standing at the peak of the cultivation world, he still couldn't see the light. In front of him, there were only taller mountains.

    Qing Yang also had similar thoughts as Gai Ying; previously, she thought that Mo Wuji didn't have any potential for growth and decided to go against her initial thoughts of betrothing Qing Ruoyue to Mo Wuji. If she knew that Mo Wuji would have progressed to such a stage, she wouldn't have dared about how shameless it might seem, she would have tried to bring Qing Ruoyue and Mo Wuji together.

    "Sect Head Mo, that Zhu Yin really didn't have any means of resisting you?" Qing Yang changed the topic. The moment she thought about Qing and Mo Wuji, she would get vexed.

    Mo Wuji's expression turned serious, "No, this person is extremely strong. If he didn't underestimate me or overestimate himself, even if I could win him, it wouldn't have been an easy victory."

    Even though Mo Wuji seemed to have defeated Zhu Yin easily, Mo Wuji was very clear that Zhu Yin still had many methods which he didn't reveal. It was primarily because he had just emerged from Soul Seal Prison that Zhu Yin's self-confidence swelled, causing him to underestimate Mo Wuji.

    Of course, even if that fella didn't underestimate him, Mo Wuji didn't have any reason to fear.

    [1] Xing Shan means to do good deeds.
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