Chapter 870: The Land Of Tian Ji

    Chapter 870: The Land Of Tian Ji

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    Heavenly Emperor Zizai also said, "Even though I didn't recognise the second person, I could tell that he was wearing a mask. Moreover, I could sense that he was very young; young to the point of disbelief."

    As he was speaking, Heavenly Emperor Zizai glanced towards Mo Wuji, implying that the second fella's age was comparable to Mo Wuji's.

    Mo Wuji suddenly thought of something. He hurriedly asked, "Immortal Friend Zizai, you mean that the second person is roughly the same age as me? How was his cultivation?"

    "I'm afraid that his cultivation is not weaker than mine and I'm unable to discern it clearly. I even suspect that I've seen him before," Heavenly Emperor Zizai said honestly.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank; he was 100% sure that the second person was Lei Hongji. That fella possessed the Tian Ji Sword. Now that the site of Tian Ji has appeared, that fella definitely wouldn't miss out on this opportunity.

    "Sect Head Mo, you can also feel the terrifying energy from within the passage. In terms of power, I believe that Sect Head Mo is already standing at the absolute peak of the Immortal World. This problem is not one that can be solved with greater numbers. With our current powers, even if we can install powerful seals over the passage, they will still be to no avail in the face of such terrifying energy," Xing Shan tried hard to speak in an indirect and tactful manner. It was just that he wasn't an expert at doing so.

    Anyone that heard Xing Shan's words could tell what he was implying. He was saying that Mo Wuji was the strongest person in the Immortal World; among all of them here, only Mo Wuji could take a look inside.

    The others all prepared for Mo Wuji's rejection. And if Mo Wuji really rejected Xing Shan's words, everyone could only join hands to seal this place, then find a way to get to the Very High Heavens.

    Even though there were seven Immortal Domains in the Immortal World and each Immortal Domain was separated by the vast void, the Laws across the Immortal Domains were connected. If this energy of destruction explodes, the Laws of the Heaven and Earth would collapse. When that happens, Yong Ying Immortal Domain wouldn't be the only one that gets destroyed.

    "Alright, I will go in and take a look. But if I'm unable to escape, then I would have to request for everyone's help to take care of my Ping Fan Immortal School," Mo Wuji answered in a straightforward manner; he did not beat around the bush.

    "Sect Head Mo, my life was saved by you. In the future, when Immortal Friend Zidao takes over as the Heavenly Emperor, I, Chang Beihe, would definitely show him my full support," Chang Beihe was the first to clasp his fists.

    "Alright, farewell everyone." With that, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he directly entered that passage.

    The remaining people didn't even have time to react. Why was Mo Wuji so forthright and straightforward? Why didn't he even ask for any benefits?

    Xing Shan sighed, "Sect Head Mo is truly a hero among men. I, Xing Shan, am inferior."

    Qing Yang could only shake her head. She didn't know whether she should be complimenting Mo Wuji or sighing for him. They did have intentions of asking Mo Wuji to enter the passage when they invited him over, but Mo Wuji always seemed to rush through things. He didn't even prepare himself; he simply entered the passage.

    He was the same those years ago. And it was exactly because of his straightforward and direct way of doing things which caused him to be pursued by multiple Grand Emperors.

    After Mo Wuji entered, Gai Ying stepped forward and said, "Because of certain reasons, our Immortal World's strength gets weaker as the days pass. Sect Head Mo should be the strongest expert of our Immortal World. No matter what happens, we should still prepare for the worst and start to install a seal over the passage."

    Gai Ying's words immediately received the acknowledgement from everyone. Everyone all took out their best materials and started to join hands to install a grand seal.

    Whether this seal was successful or not, they were still going to attempt to form it.


    If he didn't know that Lei Hongji had already entered, Mo Wuji might actually have prepared a plan and asked for some benefits before entering the site of Tian Ji.

    But now that he knew that Lei Hongji was a step ahead of him, how could Mo Wuji still have the time to think about anything else? Only Mo Wuji knew exactly how terrifying Lei Hongji was. Moreover, since Heavenly Emperor Zizai said that Lei Hongji's cultivation was no weaker than his, it would mean that Lei Hongji had also stepped into the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    The reason why he, Mo Wuji, could step into the Immortal Emperor Stage at such a fast pace was because of his Immortal Mortal Technique and his 108 meridians. At the same time, he obtained vast amounts of green crystals in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

    This Tian Ji Secret Domain was definitely far from simple. If Lei Hongji managed to conquer it, then it would definitely have a huge impact on the gap between Lei Hongji and him.

    The moment he entered the passage, Mo Wuji linked to his six pages of the Book of Luo. The moment anything feels amiss, he would immediately activate his Book of Luo to protect himself.

    The curious thing was that there wasn't even any form of danger. Besides the deep concentrated elemental energy here, this whole passage was a blur. He wasn't even able to release his spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji cultivated with green crystals before. The moment this natural elemental energy flooded towards him, he could feel that a portion of the energy was similar to the energy of the green crystal.

    And even though his spiritual will couldn't be released, Mo Wuji still had his spiritual eye.

    Condensing his spiritual eye, a vast and boundless swamp appeared in front of Mo Wuji. What's different from usual was that this swamp was inclined downwards. Additionally, there weren't any signs of life in the swamp; even the puddles around the swamp were all dried up.

    At the centre of this downward-sloping swamp, there stood the huge stone. When Mo Wuji saw that stone previously, he estimated that it was only 300 meters at the very most. But now, he could see that this huge stone was at least multiple times of that. At the top of this huge stone, there was indeed another piece of stone laying horizontally. Two words could be seen on the horizontal stone - Tian Ji.

    As Mo Wuji moved forward, the natural elemental energy around him got thicker. In less than a single breath's time, the space around him suddenly started to bend and a violent force began to tear at Mo Wuji's body.

    Even though Mo Wuji had a late stage God Physique, trails of blood still started to form throughout his body.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji finally understood why no one was able to escape. The Laws of Heaven and Earth over this area were too strange. He had his Book of Luo but his Book of Luo couldn't even be activated. Perhaps he might be able to use his Book of Luo once he fully refines it, but for now, he wasn't able to use it at all.

    Even with his spirit storage channel, he was unable to make use of his defensive treasure. There was no need to talk about others; it was definitely impossible for them to use their defensive treasures.

    That fella that managed to escape definitely must have been a physique tempering expert.

    Just as Mo Wuji thought of this, he suddenly felt a pain akin to ant bites over the injuries that just formed over his body. Following which, a layer of faint white smoke oozed out from his injuries.

    Mo Wuji's detoxification channel immediately went into reverse circulation. Very soon, the remaining meridians all joined it in circulation. As this happened, smoke continuously got expelled from Mo Wuji's injuries.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly very impressed. The spatial distortions that could easily tear through the bodies of cultivators actually weren't the most terrifying threats here. Instead, it was the poison which entered him without him even noticing it.

    If he didn't have his detoxification channel, he would have already died by now. Even though he was a Tier 9 Pill Emperor, he wasn't sure that he could resolve this poison through his pills alone.

    Since the two people that went ahead of him were still alive, it was clear that the two of them were truly impressive. Mo Wuji did have some idea as to how powerful Hu Chisheng was. This fella had lived for god knows how many years, and if he wasn't strong, he wouldn't have been able to kill Han Long's ancestor, Han Yi.

    On the other hand, if the other fella was really Lei Hongji and if Lei Hongji was really still alive, then he would need to reevaluate Lei Hongji's strength.

    Mo Wuji proceeded with greater caution and speed. Soon, Mo Wuji reached the edge of this strange swarm. To his astonishment, he discovered that the huge stone, which should have been near the centre of the swamp, was now further in the depths of the swamp.

    Indeed, this was a peculiar place.

    As Mo Wuji stood at the edge of the swamp, his spiritual eye saw that there was only one direction in the swamp where the natural elemental energy was getting thicker. The other directions were much weaker in comparison.

    Mo Wuji did not hesitate to enter into the swamp.

    The spatial distortions got stronger and stronger; the pressure that Mo Wuji's body had to bear also got increasingly terrifying. At this instant, Mo Wuji really appreciated the fact that he was a true physique temperer. Otherwise, he really would have died by now. Perhaps he could try retreating, but he had a faint premonition that he wouldn't be able to retreat.

    His physique tempering technique also went into circulation. What delighted Mo Wuji endlessly was that this place was actually very suitable to temper his body.

    Moreover, as the spatial distortions caused more injuries to form throughout his body, more poison was absorbed into his detoxification channel. The poison was converted into a form of elemental energy and this elemental energy was able to strengthen Mo Wuji's body at a hitherto unheard of pace.

    Mo Wuji had been stuck in God Physique Level 7 for a very long time. But this time, he only needed a short moment to step into God Physique Level 8.

    If not for the secrets of Tian Ji and the fact that Lei Hongji was a step ahead of him, Mo Wuji would have stayed here to cultivate. After all, this place was truly too suitable to temper his body.


    With his spiritual eye, Mo Wuji saw that this swamp was vast and boundless. However, in reality, this swamp wasn't really without an end.

    At the end of the swamp, there was a door. Behind that door, there was a hall with no walls. If the walls couldn't even be seen, one could only imagine how vast this hall was. If not for that door and the hard ground, perhaps this place would simply be the void.

    At this instant, there were three people facing each other in the hall.

    If Mo Wuji was here, he would definitely have recognised one of them as Leo Hongji. Even though Lei Hongji might be disguised and the two of them didn't have many encounters, Mo Wuji would still be able to immediately notice Lei Hongji's intense lightning-type dao aura.

    Among the other two, one was an old man with a slightly blurred face while the other was a young woman.
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