Chapter 871: Familiar Woman

    Chapter 871: Familiar Woman

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    "The two of you are actually able to reach here. That takes some abilities. No, I should say, that takes some secrets." The one speaking was that young woman.

    As she was speaking, the young woman suddenly opened her hand. A violent tornado suddenly seemed to sweep up around them. The other two hurriedly brought out their defensive treasures.

    This tornado soon disappeared. At the same time, the faces of the two other people changed. At this instant, the disguise of the black-robed man with the blurry face was revealed. He was a youth with slightly pale skin. The other person was also a young man; he had a long face and a pair of eagle-like eyes.

    Seeing this young woman easily remove their disguises with a simple opening of her hand, the two of them were incredibly shocked. They were both top class powerhouses of the entire Immortal World, but at this instant, both of them were unable to even see through this woman's cultivation.

    "This dao friend's methods are indeed not ordinary. However, it still shouldn't be easy for you to kill us, right? If we go all-out, I'm sure that the regulation talisman on dao friend would definitely shatter." The one speaking was the pale-faced black-robed youth.

    Secretly, his heart was shaking in shock; he had not expected that Lei Hongji would appear here. Now that Lei Hongji's disguise had been destroyed by that young woman, he was naturally able to recognise Lei Hongji.

    Likewise, Lei Hongji also didn't think that he would meet the most mysterious subordinate of Zi Changluo here. He only knew that this fella's name was Hu Chisheng, nothing else.

    The young woman laughed blandly, seemingly dismissing the words of this pale-faced youth. She remained calm as she said, "If you don't have the Four Marks of Tian Ji, then screw off. If you don't believe me, the two of you can try attacking me together. Let's see whether I can kill the two of you."

    Lei Hongji suddenly said, "My name is Lei Hongji and I really don't believe you. If this senior sister really wants to fight, I, Lei Hongji, will accompany you to the very end."

    Hu Chisheng regained his composure the moment Lei Hongji said those words. Perhaps this young woman might be stronger than them but she was definitely bluffing when she said that she could squash them easily. He could not help but feel slightly ashamed. Because he was too cautious, he wasn't able to immediately tell that this woman was trying to deceive them. Just now, it must have been due to some unique sacred art which allowed her to destroy their disguises. It was not because she was leagues above them.

    Indeed, this young woman jolted slightly in response to Lei Hongji's words. She didn't utter any further threats.

    Even though this young woman didn't threaten them any further, Lei Hongji retrieved a sword and said, "This should be one of the marks of the Four Marks of Tian Ji that you mentioned, right?"

    This sword looked very ordinary, but at the same time, it looked strange. This sword didn't have a sword knob nor a sword blade; it was a sword with a sword point and sword face that were of equal thickness.

    "Tian Ji Sword!" The moment this woman saw the sword, she cried out in astonishment and her eyes turned serious.

    "I wonder if this sword is considered one of the four marks?" Lei Hongji said unhurriedly.

    The young woman nodded, "That's right. This is indeed one of the Four Marks of Tian Ji - Tian Ji Sword."

    Thereafter, her gaze landed on Hu Chisheng. Now that Lei Hongji had taken out the Tian Ji Sword, if Hu Chisheng didn't have anything to show, it was likely for Lei Hongji to join hands with her to deal with Hu Chisheng.

    Hu Chisheng opened his hand and a palm-sized black token appeared in his hand.

    Seeing the black token in Hu Chisheng's hand, a hint of delight flashed across the young woman's eyes. Indeed, only those that possess the Four Marks of Tian Ji could arrive here.

    "I wonder if this is considered one of the Four Marks of Tian Ji?" Hu Chisheng said gloomily.

    The young woman responded, "That's right. This is the Yin Mark of the Four Marks Of Tian Ji."

    Lei Hongji unhurriedly kept his Tian Ji Sword and said, "This dao friend, Dao Friend Hu Chisheng and I have both brought out our marks of Tian Ji. Aren't you going to take yours out too?"

    The young woman didn't retrieve anything. Instead, she said calmly, "I don't have any of the four marks. But which one of you knows how to use the four marks to open Tian Ji? Only I know how to do it, so I have my own leverages. Of course, since we're all working together, I will reveal my name. I am Yu Zhenna."

    "Then are we able to open Tian Ji now?" Hu Chisheng wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. He was different from Lei Hongji, he was dispatched to the Immortal World by Zi Changluo to destroy Ping Fan Immortal School. It was just that he discovered the site of Tian Ji, which was why he detracted from the mission to deal with Mo Wuji and came here instead.

    Thus, he didn't know that the army sent by the Very High Heavens to deal with Mo Wuji had already been decimated, nor did he know that Lei Hongji had already killed Zi Changluo.

    "No. We need all Four Marks of Tian Ji to open Tian Ji." Yu Zhenna did not hesitate to reply.

    Hu Chisheng and Lei Hongji glanced towards each other. They were still missing two marks, so what bullsh*t 'working together' was she talking about.

    Yu Zhenna said calmly, "From the looks of it, the two of you still don't know what are the Four Marks of Tian Ji. Since they're called the Four Marks of Tian Ji, the people that possess them would definitely know that this place has opened. Once they do, they would come here. This is also part of heavenly fate." [Tian Ji is translated to heavenly fate].

    "What if they enter but are unable to reach this place. What do we do then?" Lei Hongji asked worriedly.

    Yu Zhenna smiled faintly, "As long as it enters, each of the marks of Tian Ji will find their way here. If the person who possesses the mark of Tian Ji dies, the mark would automatically fly here. However, do you think that any random person could obtain a mark of Tian Ji?"

    Yu Zhenna didn't need to continue speaking any further for Hu Chisheng and Lei Hongji to understand her meaning. She was saying that one must possess a certain level of heavenly fate and luck in order to obtain any one of the Four Marks of Tian Ji.

    "Since that's the case, we will wait here." With that, Hu Chisheng retreated ten steps, closed his eyes and stopped speaking.

    The instant Hu Chisheng sat down, Yu Zhenna and Lei Hongji also retreated. They each found a spot to cultivate.


    Following Mo Wuji's continuous advancement, the pace of his physique tempering got increasingly faster. However, no matter how far he walked, the huge stone would always be in front of him.

    Five days later, Mo Wuji stopped. He had walked to the end of the swamp.

    Even at the end of the swamp, that huge stone was still erected in the distance. But at this point, it looked far taller.

    Mo Wuji didn't pay attention to that huge stone. Instead, he was looking at the black door which was at the end of the swamp. This door was like an array gate; it stood alone at the end of this dried-up swamp.

    Mo Wuji's Array Dao had long exceeded Immortal Grade 9. He was very clear that this wasn't an array gate. This door was an ordinary door. However, there was dao energy flowing within this door, giving it an indescribable aura.

    Mo Wuji did not immediately step into the door. By this point, he had already calmed down significantly.

    He didn't think that traversing this swamp would take him five days. Now that so many days had passed, Lei Hongji might already have found the treasure and it would be useless for him to go in and fight for the treasure. On the other hand, it was better for him to be careful and to use this opportunity to eliminate Lei Hongji.

    If Lei Hongji hadn't even obtained the treasure, then there was even lesser need for him to worry.

    Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye and carefully peeped through the door.

    Behind the door was actually a vast and spacious hall; he couldn't even see where the hall's walls were. Within the hall, there were three people. These three people were sitting in a triangle, seemingly on guard against one another.

    Previously, Heavenly Emperor Zizai said that there were only two people that entered. But now, he clearly saw three and one of them was even a woman.

    Yu Zhenna seemed to notice Mo Wuji's gaze; she actually opened her eyes.

    In an instant, Mo Wuji closed his spiritual eye. At the same time, his figure flashed, retreating by tens of kilometres and landing back within the swamp.

    If he didn't guess wrong, the two young men inside should be Hu Chisheng and Lei Hongji. He had never seen Hi Chisheng before while he had battled with Lei Hongji once.

    On the other hand, he felt a strange sense of familiarity from that woman. That woman gave him a sense of danger, so huge to the point where he felt that he would immediately die if he walked through that door.

    As he inscribed hundreds of array runes around himself, Mo Wuji thought: Who's that woman?

    In merely a few breaths of time, Mo Wuji's face turned pale. He finally remembered. Before returning to the Immortal World, he killed a mysterious brown-haired youth.

    That brown haired youth's cultivation was far higher than his. If not for that brown-haired youth's cultivation being sealed by the regulation talisman and that talisman causing the youth's entire body to tear apart, there was no need to talk about killing the youth, Mo Wuji might not even be able to withstand a single of his sacred arts.

    This woman actually looked similar to that brown-haired youth.

    By this time, if Mo Wuji didn't know where that chilling sense of impending doom came from, then he would be too much of an idiot.

    Clearly, that brown haired youth was related to this young woman. If he went in, that young woman would definitely kill him to take revenge for that brown-haired youth...

    That's still not right, Mo Wuji frowned. Only those with him would know that he killed that brown-haired youth. None of them would reveal that news, so how would this woman know about it?

    Mo Wuji shuddered. He finally came to an understanding. There was a 100% certainty that some sort of imprint latched onto him after he killed that brown-haired youth.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji was increasingly sure that he was right. No one would have noticed the spiritual will imprint besides that brown-haired youth's family. Now that it was likely that this young man was a relative of that brown-haired youth, she would definitely discover the spiritual will imprint if he appeared before her.

    Mo Wuji's expression turned slightly unsightly. He stood up and retreated another tens of kilometres before he stopped.

    This wasn't his first or second time that someone left a spiritual will imprint on him. Thus, after he killed the brown-haired youth, he checked himself for any imprints but he didn't find any.

    From the looks of it, he had been too careless. The imprint was still there; it was just that he didn't locate it.

    As for the threat that this young woman posed to his life, Mo Wuji didn't suspect it. The brown-haired youth was in the cultivation world; the pressure from the regulation talisman in the cultivation would definitely be at least two times the pressure here in the Immortal World. When he saw that young woman just now, he saw that there weren't any blood cracks throughout her body like that brown-haired youth. With such power, would she even face any difficulty in killing him, Mo Wuji?
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