Chapter 872: Four Marks Of Tian Ji

    Chapter 872: Four Marks Of Tian Ji

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    Yu Zhenna lifted her head to face the door; her brows furrowed slightly. Was that a misperception? She actually felt that there was a person peeking at her through the door.

    Soon, Yu Zhenna placed that thought aside. No matter who it was, that person would definitely come in here ultimately. Thus, if it was not a misperception and if there was actually a person peeking at them, then that person would eventually come in.

    After obtaining this fortune, she would return. Her brother and her obtained two peak grade regulation talismans and secretly came to this lower realm. The two of them split apart in the void, so she didn't know where her brother was now. As long as she obtains the opportunity here, it would be worth it even if her father locks her up for a period of time.


    Mo Wuji sat within the swamp; his surroundings were hidden within a concealment array. His spiritual will from both his spirit storage channel and his sea of consciousness continuously flushed through his body. He searched every nook and cranny on his body at least ten times but the results always left him depressed. He was unable to find any imprint.

    If it was before, Mo Wuji might have thought that he was overthinking things. However, ever since he was ambushed by those three Grand Emperors and Quasi-Emperor, he would feel a deep sense of foreboding. Even back when he left Heavenly Chasm City, he also felt some bad omens. However, he still chose to head towards Ding Po Immortal City. Indeed, something bad happened and Han Qingru was even caught and thrown into Sword Prison.

    Moreover, that woman he saw was 70% similar to that brown-haired youth. This only left Mo Wuji more unwilling to take the risk.

    His spiritual will searched through his body another ten times but he still didn't find anything. Mo Wuji stopped using his spiritual will; he felt that if he continued using such a method, he still wouldn't find anything even after 10,000 years. He needed to find a new and reliable method.

    As Mo Wuji frowned and sat in contemplation, the spatial distortions in the air continued to tear Mo Wuji's skin apart. As his skin continued to lacerate, Mo Wuji felt more pain throughout his body. This also caused him to awake from his rumination. His vitality channel went into circulation, healing the injuries caused by the spatial distortions.

    Looking at the cracks form on his skin before being completely healed by his vitality channel, Mo Wuji's heart started pounding. He stopped his vitality channel from circulating. He even stopped his detoxification channel. Not only that, he burned the clothes on him and scraped off all his hair.

    After Mo Wuji stopped the detoxification and the healing of his injuries, his body started to get riddled with cracks. The spatial distortions caused injuries to form on every single inch of his body.

    Because he stopped the circulation of his detoxification channel, the poison in the air gathered around Mo Wuji. Soon, a white mist of poison could be seen rolling round him.

    His life force got weaker and weaker and his eyes started to turn dim. He still didn't circulate his detoxification channel but started to use his spiritual will to search his entire body.

    This time, in just a few breaths, Mo Wuji's spiritual will stopped near his heart. All his blood had been invaded by the poison and had started to turn white. However, a fist-sized blob of blood still continued to flow around his blood. It didn't show any signs that it was poisoned. In fact, it was still bright red.

    Mo Wuji was the one who created his own path of cultivation. Naturally, he was extremely clear about his own body.

    Under such venomous poison, he wouldn't be able to leave a blob of blood unaffected. There was definitely a problem with this unaffected blob of blood. Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he gorged into his chest. He grabbed that blob of blood, threw it into a jade box and sealed it.

    By this time, Mo Wuji's bones started to emit a grey aura of death. The only reason why he was able to endure till now was because of his God Physique. After gorging out that blood blob, Mo Wuji struggled to consume a vitality pill and continued to use his spiritual will to inspect his body.

    After searching for three more times and verifying that there weren't any abnormalities in his body, Mo Wuji started to circulate his detoxification channel to resolve the poison in his body. At the same time, his vitality channel also started reverse circulation to heal his injuries.

    If he delayed the detoxification any further, his meridians would have started to rot.

    His detoxification channel furiously went into reverse circulation. With his fastest speed, Mo Wuji expelled the venom within his body.

    From his previous experience, Mo Wuji was clear that he could temper his physique more efficiently here. Thus, while he expelled the venom out of his body, he also used his physique tempering technique and circulated it to the max.

    In merely a few cycles, Mo Wuji was stunned still. He had never felt that physique tempering was so easy before. His God Physique Level 8 soon reached the peak of the level and he was able to step into God Physique Level 9 without facing any bottlenecks.

    The moment he stepped into God Physique Level 9, Mo Wuji could clearly feel that the damage the spatial distortions could deal to him had fallen significantly.

    If he chose to activate his elemental energy, the spatial distortions wouldn't even be able to leave scars on his body.

    In half a day, Mo Wuji's detoxification channel had removed all the venom within him. At the same time, his physique stabilised at God Physique Level 9.

    Indeed, fortune and danger come together. If he simply stayed here and cultivate, it wouldn't have been so easy for him to enter God Physique Level 9.

    After completely recovering, Mo Wuji allowed himself to get poisoned for the second time. Because the damage that the spatial distortions have on him had decreased, he had to forcibly absorb the poison in the air.

    After poisoning his entire body once more, Mo Wuji used spiritual will to search again. After verifying that there weren't any abnormalities, he started to detoxify himself.

    After using poison to temper his physique twice, Mo Wuji's physique had strengthened to the peak of God Physique Level 9.

    After changing into a set of clean clothes, Mo Wuji entered his Undying World. While in the Undying World, he opened that jade box. In that jade box, there was a blob of blood. This was the blob that he had just pulled out of his body.

    If he wasn't poisoned, he wouldn't have been able to notice that this blood blob was different from the rest of his blood; this blood blob was completely mixed in with the rest of his blood. When he searched his body with his spiritual will, he wasn't able to notice this blood blob out of the rest of his blood. Even now, his spiritual will was unable to detect any abnormalities in this blood blob. It could clearly be seen how terrifying this imprint was.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji knew that if he decided to use this method to search for imprints right after he killed that brown-haired youth, his affected blood wouldn't be so huge as to form a blob. In order words, if he hadn't inspected his body now, perhaps all the blood in his body might have been converted by this imprint. Even if he used this poison method, he wouldn't be able to notice the difference.

    If someone told him that the imprint was within his blood, he wouldn't even be able to remove it with his current level of cultivation. Would he have to release all the blood within his body?

    The more Mo Wuji thought about it, the more fearful he got. He didn't know exactly who he killed, but he did know one thing: that brown-haired fella must definitely be of some terrifying background.

    The Undying World was Mo Wuji's own world but he still didn't dare to have this blood blob exist within it. He installed array after array around it and had the Book of Luo to guard him. Thereafter, he whipped out his Scholar's Heart and threw it at this blood blob.

    The Scholar's Heart was a Grade 9 immortal flame. Moreover, this was Mo Wuji's territory. The flame engulfed the blood blob and the blood blob was soon ignited and burned. An extremely small drop of blood floated within his defensive array. No matter how his Scholar's Heart tried to burn it, that blood drop didn't evaporate.

    Mo Wuji's heart was filled with shock. This imprint was so strong. Even his Grade 9 immortal flame was helpless against it. If the owner if this imprint were to discover it, wouldn't he definitely be screwed?

    Mo Wuji did not continue trying to burn this imprint. This was his Undying World. He even whipped out piles of array flags and installed arrays around this imprint. Not only that, he even used two pages of the Book of Luo to guard over this imprint.

    He didn't dare to casually throw this imprint away. If this imprint was thrown into the Immortal World and discovered by that expert who made it, then the entire Immortal World might be destroyed because of him.

    Leaving the Undying World and cleaning his tracks, Mo Wuji returned back to that huge door. He still didn't go in immediately. Instead, he condensed his spiritual eye and continued to observe that vast and boundless hall.

    The moment Mo Wuji's gaze landed on that woman, she turned her head to face the door and she sneered coldly.

    Mo Wuji knew that the first time he laid eyes on her, she knew that he would definitely return. This was why she didn't chase after him.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate to step into the hall. This was because he no longer felt any sort of deathly threat. Clearly, that imprint was the existence that could have threatened his life.

    "I thought that you were going to hide for a few more days. I didn't think that you would come so soon." Yu Zhenna stared at Mo Wuji. Her mouth arced into a smile of disdain.

    When Lei Hongji and Hu Chisheng saw Mo Wuji, they also stood up.

    "Mo Wuji, it's you? Previously, I didn't manage to kill you. This time, I wanna see how much you've improved." Lei Hongji stared at Mo Wuji; his eyes were filled with incomparably sharp killing intent.

    Compared to Mo Wuji's desire to kill him, his desire to kill Mo Wuji was far greater. He knew that Mo Wuji was strong and was also an Immortal Emperor. However, he, Lei Hongji, remained dauntless. Even though he was only in the early Immortal Emperor Stage, he was sure he could easily kill Zi Changluo in an open battle. Those that never crossed swords with him before wouldn't know that he was completely different from other Immortal Emperors.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "If I recall correctly, I wasn't the one that fled previously."

    "So you're called Mo Wuji. It takes some capabilities to arrive here. Do you have the Four Marks of Tian Ji?" Yu Zhenna had no interest in the grudge between Mo Wuji and Lei Hongji.

    By the side, Hu Chisheng didn't wait for Mo Wuji to speak as he brought out a black token and said, "The Four Marks of Tian Ji are four different kinds of things. My token here is the Yin Mark of the Yin Yang Marks. Lei Hongji's sword is the Tian Ji Sword."

    Indeed, this black token was similar to his white token; there were also some faint diagrams on it.

    Looking at the three's postures, Mo Wuji immediately knew that if he didn't take out any of the Four Marks of Tian Ji, the three of them would probably join hands to attack him.

    There was no need to talk about joining hands; Mo Wuji guessed that he wouldn't even be a match for that young woman. This woman was definitely related to that brown haired man; they looked far too similar.

    "What do the Four Marks of Tian Ji do?" Mo Wuji didn't immediately retrieve his Tian Ji Pole and his white token. Instead, he asked a question.
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