Chapter 873: Extracting Fate

    Chapter 873: Extracting Fate

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    "If you don't have any of the Four Marks of Tian Ji, then f*ck off. If you have one, then I will naturally explain," Yu Zhenna said harshly. She felt great contempt towards this cowardly Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji completely ignored Yu Zhenna as he walked into the depths of this hall. Su Rou'Er had said it before, the white token and the Tian Ji Pole could also open this place. Thus, he was going to go in and take a look.

    He could tell that Yu Zhenna was being restrained by a regulation talisman. However, he could also guess that he still wouldn't be a match for her. Even so, he wanted to test out this woman's capabilities. In the event that they had to vie for treasures, he needed to know where he stood at the very least.

    Expectedly, the moment Mo Wuji went about on his own, Yu Zhenna suddenly opened her hand and a hand of elemental energy grabbed towards Mo Wuji.

    The Laws of Space was instantly activated by this elemental hand as it tried to seal Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji turned and released a punch. This was his most ordinary Domain Smashing Fist; he didn't even imbue it with his immortal flames.

    "Boom!" The Laws of Space that tried to seal Mo Wuji were instantly blown apart, it was as though a lorry's tyre had exploded suddenly. The energy that sealed Mo Wuji then transformed into an elemental hammer which slammed against Mo Wuji's chest.

    Bang! A muffled sound resounded throughout the hall. Mo Wuji was sent flying for tens of meters before he finally landed on the ground.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. Indeed, he was far weaker than this young woman. But it was also clear that this young woman was restrained by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth and she didn't dare to use her full power. Otherwise, that simple exchange would have already been enough to shatter his limbs.

    Clearly, he still had some power to contest with them. This was unless this young woman chose to ignore her regulation talisman and forcefully try to kill him. With this young woman's current power, she could threaten his life if she decided to forcefully ignore the Laws.

    This young woman was definitely not simple. At the very least, her background wasn't simple. At this instant, Mo Wuji was especially glad that he had removed the imprint before entering. Otherwise, his consequences would be too disastrous to consider.

    "Eh." Yu Zhenna exclaimed in astonishment when she saw Mo Wuji accept the brunt of her elemental hammer and only retreat a few tens of meters. She thought that with that blow, she would have at least forced Mo Wuji to cough out blood. From the looks of it, she had underestimated the experts in this realm.

    "You're not bad. You deserve the rights to be here and know about the Four Marks of Tian Ji. There's no need for you to go deeper in because without all Four Marks of Tian Ji, we are completely unable to release the fate of Tian Ji. So, there's no use in you going in alone." Yu Zhenna didn't continue attacking.

    Even though she was restrained by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth here, she didn't use her full power in her previous attack. However, she could also guess that Mo Wuji didn't go all-out in that fist of his.

    Mo Wuji also didn't continue moving on his own. Su Rou'Er's information had been passed through many hands, so it might not necessarily be accurate.

    Even Yuan Yi, who established Tian Ji Sect, might not be fully clear of the exact situation.

    "Is this one of the Four Marks of Tian Ji?" Mo Wuji brought out his white token.

    "That's right. That's the Yang Mark of the Yin Yang Marks." Yu Zhenna said delightedly when her eyes landed on the white token in Mo Wuji's hand. By now, she had a rough understanding of Mo Wuji's character; Mo Wuji was a person that wouldn't bend in the face of threats.

    Lei Hongji had long guessed that the Yang Mark would be with Mo Wuji. Thus, he didn't find it strange when Mo Wuji brought the white token out.

    Hu Chisheng clasped his fists and said, "Sect Head Mo, let me make the introductions. I am Hu Chisheng of the Very High Heavens and this is Lei Hongji from the Lightning Sect. I believe the two of you are already acquainted. Also, the one that just attacked you is Dao Friend Yu Zhenna. Her origins are still unknown."

    Hu Chisheng carefully stoked the flames between Mo Wuji and Yu Zhenna. Currently, he was also slightly curious as to how Mo Wuji could appear here. However, he didn't ask Mo Wuji about it; he didn't even care about such matters. Zi Changluo might have dispatched him to kill Mo Wuji, but to him, it was simply a matter of convenience. In his eyes, whether it was Lei Hongji or Mo Wuji, they were only brats that he could easily deal with.

    "I wonder if Dao Friend Mo knows about the tale of fate?" Yu Zhenna asked.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "Never heard it."

    Even though he never heard it, Mo Wuji knew that fate existed. Whether it was a person, a sect or a world, they all had fates.

    "The land of Tian Ji has extracted the fate of the Immortal World. This sort of fate is majestic and vast. It could be said that even if this fate is split equally among the four of us, each of one will be able to pull ahead of the masses. We will be able to step onto the peerless path of the Dao and stand at the pinnacle of the entire universe..."

    Before Yu Zhenna could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Mo Wuji, "You're saying that this place is extracting the fate of the Immortal World?"

    This time, Yu Zhenna didn't have to be the one to answer. Lei Hongji sneered, "Natural fate has always been predestined. Do you think fate comes out of thin air? The disasters befalling the Immortal World and even the fact that there are seven Immortal Domains are because the Immortal World's fate has been extracted."

    Hu Chisheng nodded, "Since a long time ago, I knew that someone was extracting the fate of the Immortal World. Do you know that there used to be ten Immortal Domains in the Immortal World? When fate is extracted, it will cause a person or even a cosmos to collapse. A planet without fate would be struck by meteorites and debris, and it would ultimately be destroyed.

    On the other hand, if a planet has its own fate, it would condense its own Laws. These Laws would protect it from collapsing. The fate of the Immortal World had been gradually extracted for a long time. Because the entrance of the extraction is Yong Ying Immortal Domain, Yong Ying Immortal Domain has become the weakest Immortal Domain. Eventually, it would also be the first Immortal Domain to crumble."

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk. He was very clear about what was going on. If Yu Zhenna's words were really true and if he obtained the fate here, even if it was only one-quarter of the total, it would provide incomparable benefits to his Great Dao.

    However, he didn't have such intentions. If he did so, he would be nothing more than a leech. If he really did this, then wouldn't the Immortal World eventually be reduced to the state of the environmentally damaged Earth?

    Because the Earth's environment had been damaged, Earthlings were forced to leave Earth and find other planets. If the fate of the Immortal World was fully extracted, what would the Immortal World be left with?

    He cultivated in the Immortal World and absorbed its immortal spiritual energy. If he really extracted the fate of the Immortal World, then he would be too much of an ingrate.

    This was worse than biting the hand that feeds you.

    At the same time, he understood why Monk Xing Shan, Gai Ying and co. all felt forebodings. Their forebodings were true. If the group of them really divided the fate here, then the Immortal World was likely to collapse.

    "Will anyone know if we divide the fate in here?" Mo Wuji asked calmly. He really wanted to kill the three people here, but he was very clear that he definitely wouldn't be able to defeat that Yu Zhenna.

    Yu Zhenna's tone was also calm as she said, "The Immortal World's fate has been extracted to this place but it still remains in the Immortal World. So before we divide up this fate, no one would know. After we split the fate up among ourselves, it is likely that the Immortal World would collapse. By that time, the Immortal World will no longer be related to us."

    What a vicious woman. Even though he knew that he couldn't kill this woman, his heart still burned in killing intent. Among the four of them here, he was the only one that wanted to leave the fate here for the Immortal World. If they really decided to fight, he would have no chances of winning.

    "I have one final question. Is this extraction of fate due to artificial or natural reasons?" Mo Wuji's tone was slightly excited as he clasped his fists and asked.

    In reality, there was no need for Mo Wuji to act excited. Because no one here would suspect that Mo Wuji would try to return the fate back to the Immortal World. Only an idiot would reject this extracted fate after knowing its vast benefits.

    "Tian Ji is an ancient existence. It could be considered a primordial form of fate. However, this primordial fate wouldn't extract the fate from other objects, but absorb the fate from the vast cosmos to strengthen itself. Many years ago, a peerless expert found this place. During that time, the Immortal World's fate had yet to reach its peak. That expert made use of Tian Ji to build this location to extract the fate of the Immortal World. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to reap the benefits of his actions. He was pursued by his enemies and has since vanished without a trace." Yu Zhenna seemed to be much more patient towards Mo Wuji than towards Lei Hongji and Hu Chisheng.

    Mo Wuji asked confusedly, "If we take away the fate, will others also be able to do so in the future?"

    Yu Zhenna laughed coldly, "Ignorance is so pitiable. Is fate so easy to take? This place has the primordial fate of Tian Ji and it is also able to extract the fate of the Immortal World due to that ancient expert. Even so, we still need to use the Four Marks of Tian Ji in order to open this place. The moment this land of fate opens, it will be reduced into nothingness. Even if the Immortal World manages to avoid collapse, who would still be able to extract the fate of the Immortal World? Even if you are a lord of Gods, you cannot dream of doing it."

    "What's a lord of Gods?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    Yu Zhenna's gaze swept across Mo Wuji disdainfully. This time, she couldn't even be bothered to answer him.

    Mo Wuji also didn't have any further questions. He clasped his fists and said, "Three Dao Friends, we haven't taken an actual look at the place where Tian Ji is extracting fate. Why don't we go in and take a look?"

    "Without the Tian Ji Pole, we would only be wasting our time," Yu Zhenna said coldly.

    Mo Wuji did not seem to mind; he continued speaking, "If we don't go, how would we know its a waste? Little lady, you know much more about this place than the three of us. Could you be trying to deceive the three of us, which is why you're stopping us from taking a look?"

    "Who's a little lady?" Yu Zhenna's eyes went large and killing intent exploded out of her. If not because she knew that she wasn't able to immediately kill Mo Wuji, she might have already swatted him.

    Hu Chisheng saw the opportunity and hurriedly said, "Sect Head Mo is also right. We can go take a look at how the site of extraction looks like first. I believe that when the holder of the Tian Ji Pole arrives, he would know to go there."

    Lei Hongji added, "That's right. After all, we aren't familiar with this place."

    Seeing that the three agreed to go in and take a look, Yu Zhenna could only say, "Since that's the case, then let's go in and take a look."
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