Chapter 874: Fifth Mark Of Tian Ji

    Chapter 874: Fifth Mark Of Tian Ji

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    Indeed, this hall was very huge. The group walked for an entire hour but they still couldn't see its walls. Mo Wuji inwardly praised his luck. If Yu Zhenna and the other two weren't near the door, he might have directly entered. The moment he entered, Yu Zhenna might discover the imprint he got from killing that brown-haired youth and the consequences would be too disastrous to consider.

    After walking for another incense's time, the group stopped. In front of them wasn't the wall of the hall, but a rune sheet.

    This rune sheet looked transparent and it rippled with powerful dao laws. Ordinary methods definitely weren't able to open those dao runes. At the same time, Mo Wuji wondered whether his Kun Wu Sword could slice this sheet open. After all, Kun Wu was one of the ten ancient godswords.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will was completely unable to penetrate through this sheet.

    "This is the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate. These runes on the exterior of this sheet is a peak-grade primordial fate array. It's said that no one can replicate this sort of array because it can only form with the primordial fate of Tian Ji. Within the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate, is the land where the Immortal World's fate is being extracted." Yu Zhenna pointed at that rune-filled sheet and said.

    "Then how do we open this Sheet of Fate?" Mo Wuji's heart was feeling slight uncertainty. Even with his attainments in the Array Dao, he was actually unable to see that this was actually a huge array.

    Yu Zhenna said indifferently, "We'll take when the Tian Ji Pole arrives."

    Mo Wuji was truly helpless. If he was in her position and believed that all four marks hadn't been gathered, he would have said the same thing.

    Yu Zhenna shot Mo Wuji a glance of disdain, "Don't tell me you've never heard of fate attachment? The Laws of Fate far exceeds the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time. Some even say that fate has no laws. You might have heard of various kinds of sacred arts, but have you heard of a fate-type sacred art? Besides the extracted fate, there's no form of life within the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate. If we are able to get past the sheet, fate will automatically attach itself to our body. As for exactly how much each of us gets would have to depend on our own luck."

    Mo Wuji was sure that it wasn't going to be based on luck. It was likely that this fate was based on cultivation or based on a cultivator's Laws. If he really wanted to divide this fate with them, the fate that would attach itself to his body would most probably be the least.

    He cultivated the Mortal Dao. Fate was something that could not be seen nor touched; why would it attach itself to him? And if it wasn't based on Laws, it would be based on cultivation level. Over here, his cultivation level was only slightly higher than Lei Hongji.

    "Then if we enter, is it possible for the fate to disperse itself?" Mo Wuji exclaimed. He anxiously hoped that Yu Zhenna would reveal how the fate inside could be dispersed. According to what this woman was saying as far, if he manages to disperse the fate here, it would automatically return to the Immortal World and it would no longer be extracted.

    This time, Yu Zhenna turned serious, "So we need to work together. When the Four Marks of Tian Ji are gathered and placed into their respective spots, a force of suction will instantly appear around the Four Marks. This suction force is what absorbs the extracted fate. After the fate is absorbed into us, the array will collapse and disappear. What I'm saying is that when the suction force appears, we must not resist the suction force. Otherwise, the fate would be dispersed. Even if it was a single breath of time, a good half of the fate inside would be dispersed."

    Mo Wuji celebrated. These words of Yu Zhenna's had revealed two important information. Firstly, for then to open this array and absorb the fate, they would need to place the Four Marks of Tian Ji into their four respective spots. Secondly, fate disperses easily. Even a short delay would allow the fate to slip through the gaps and disperse considerably. If he delayed them for some time, it might be possible to return all the fate back to the Immortal World.

    Mo Wuji focused his attention on the sheet. However, no matter how he observed with his spiritual will, he was unable to see the places where they could place the Four Marks of Tian Ji.

    This time, Mo Wuji intentionally moved closer and condensed his spiritual eye.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji saw four, no, five grooves. Among which, two of the grooves were roughly the same size as the token in his hand; they should be for the Yin Yang Marks.

    There were also two other grooves; one was shaped like the Tian Ji Sword while the other was shaped like his Tian Ji Pole. It was just that they were all roughly the size of a palm; Mo Wuji really didn't know how he could place the Tian Ji Pole in.

    Besides these four palm-sized grooves, there was a groove which was slightly larger. This groove looked like a square brick.

    Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye for only an instant. But the moment he saw the five grooves, he knew that Yu Zhenna had not been totally honest. He recalled what Su Rou'Er said those years ago. When the Tian Ji Tablet shattered, it split into five different items. One of it was the Tian Ji Stone Tablet.

    'Dao Friend Yu, the three of us all have a mark. What about you? Don't tell us that you would just follow along because I definitely wouldn't believe such lies," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    Yu Zhenna stared at Mo Wuji and said, "I really couldn't tell that you actually have the spiritual eye."

    When Mo Wuji heard these words, he truly felt quite awkward. He thought that his spiritual eye only opened for an instant. He didn't expect that this woman would actually notice it. He even went on to act in his own self-directed show.

    "I'm indeed able to see that there are five grooves here." Mo Wuji didn't continue hiding. It didn't matter that she knew about it; he had no reason to fear.

    Yu Zhenna brought out a square brick and said, "You're right. There are not four, but five marks of Tian Ji. I concealed some information, but I don't have any malicious intentions. By the time everyone arrives, I would have still revealed the fifth mark."

    Mo Wuji slowly retreated, "I don't want to work with you anymore. Your plots are too deep. When the time comes, I might have been scammed by you and I still have to help you count your money."

    "Wait..." Seeing that Mo Wuji was about to leave, Yu Zhenna was truly anxious.

    Mo Wuji didn't have any intentions of stopping. He even brought out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd as he raised his guard against Lei Hongji and Hu Chisheng.

    Lei Hongji and Hu Chisheng had originally already had some reservations towards Yu Zhenna. After hearing Mo Wuji's words, they were even less inclined to join hands with her to deal with Mo Wuji.

    When Yu Zhenna saw the situation, she hurriedly said, "I admit that I have been too cautious. But don't tell me that all of you have been 100% honest with me? Dao Friend Mo, when you saw us previously, didn't you also leave secretly for a few days in order to prepare a plan against us? I have always proposed the idea of working together. Working together is beneficial for everyone and I won't gain any benefits from having any malicious intentions."

    Mo Wuji stopped retreating but he was still wary as he said, "Since that's the case, then let me take a look at your mark and see if there are any problems with it."

    When Yu Zhenna heard Mo Wuji's words, her voice turned cold, "Pass my mark to you? Your idea is truly good..."

    Mo Wuji brought out his Yang Mark and said, "To prevent any mishaps, I will pass my Yang Mark to you. If you still don't dare, then that would only show that there's a problem with you."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Yu Zhenna frowned. Then, she turned and saw the wary Lei Hongji and Hu Chisheng. She hesitated slightly before she said, "Ok, but you must return it immediately after you look."

    Mo Wuji didn't say anything as he directly placed his Yang Mark on the floor.

    Yu Zhenna could only place the square brick on the floor. The moment her square brick touched the ground, Mo Wuji's hand swept over. However, that square brick was protected by her domain. At the same time, Mo Wuji's Yang Mark was swept away.

    When they saw Yu Zhenna's actions, Hu Chisheng and even Lei Hongji who had an enmity with Mo Wuji brought out their magic treasures.

    Yu Zhenna had thoughts that Mo Wuji's Yang Mark would also be defended by his domain and she would have used that as an excuse to reject handing over her Tian Ji Mark. She didn't think that Mo Wuji wouldn't even extend his domain and she would only need a slight movement of her spiritual will to sweep the Yang Mark into her hands.

    By this point, if she still insisted on keeping her Tian Ji Mark then things would get problematic. As she thought of this, she could only let go of her Tian Ji Mark. At the same time, she prepared herself. If Mo Wuji dared to retreat, she wouldn't hesitate to attack him.

    The moment Mo Wuji grabbed this square brick, he saw the two words: Tian Ji. He was very clear that this square brick was the most valuable mark of the five.

    The value of this square brick definitely far exceeded that of his Yang Mark.

    "You should have taken a good look by now. Return it to me." Yu Zhenna had already blocked Mo Wuji's path of retreat.

    When they saw Yu Zhenna pass the square brick to Mo Wuji, Lei Hongji and Hu Chisheng didn't say anything further. From the looks of it, Yu Zhenna really wanted to work together with them.

    Mo Wuji didn't even have any intentions of retreating. Instead, he took a step forward and came in front of the biggest groove on the sheet, "I want to take a look and see if it's fake."

    "Idiot, we're still lacking one mark. Even if you try now, it would be useless," Yu Zhenna berated.

    Mo Wuji said coldly, "Dao Friend Yu Zhenna, do you still think that I don't know that this is a land of fate and that there are five grooves here? I have a spiritual eye and I only need a moment to verify it. Also, I have something to add. I am able to obtain that Yang Mark because of my fortune. Also, I know of an item that can replace the Tian Ji Pole."

    "What item?" All three of them seemed to exclaim at the same time.

    "Everyone, stand at your respective positions. I will stand at the position of the Tian Ji Mark. In at least six hours and at most one day, I can allow everyone to experience the suction force of fate." Mo Wuji started to bullsh*t.

    Yu Zhenna's voice was icy cold, "Return my Tian Ji Mark to me, then share your method."

    Mo Wuji chuckled and said with contempt, "Why? Since you didn't manage to deceive us, you decided to go the hard way?"

    "My abilities are the highest. Naturally, I will be in charge of such matters." Yu Zhenna forcefully tried to suppress her anger. She was highly suspicious with Mo Wuji's incoherent words. Previously, he didn't know anything, but now he suddenly seemed to know how to open this Tian Ji Sheet of Fate.

    Mo Wuji continued his bullsh*t, "Idiot, who told you that you require cultivation to open this place? This place requires the combined forces of the Array Dao, the Dao of Changes, and the Dao of Conning [1]. How many of them do you know?"

    Yu Zhenna instantly frowned. She was proficient in both the Array Dao and the Dao of Changes. But what was the Dao of Conning?

    [1] The word for Conning here is  (Hu You) which also has other meanings such as flickering and swaying. Thus, she might not immediately get that Mo Wuji was referring to the 'conning' meaning.
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