Chapter 875: I Wont Give You Time To Think

    Chapter 875: I Won't Give You Time To Think

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    Before Yu Zhenna could make sense of his words, Mo Wuji had already slapped the Tian Ji Mark into the groove. By this time, how could he give Yu Zhenna time to think? If she thought any further, she would definitely come to a realisation.

    The moment the square-shaped Tian Ji Mark was slapped into its groove, the remaining four grooves immediately appeared on the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate. Various dao laws revolved around the edges of each groove.

    "What are you guys waiting for? Hurry and place the other marks into the grooves. My method can only work once. If we don't hurry, don't blame me if we miss this opportunity," Mo Wuji cried loudly.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji had occupied the initiative. He didn't even give the remaining three any time to consider. Even though all of them simply wanted to devour Mo Wuji right now, they could only place their marks into the grooves.

    It took them much difficulty to get to this place which contained the fate of the entire Immortal World. If their delay stopped them from obtaining this fortune, then it would be too late for regrets. No matter what grudges they had towards Mo Wuji, they would have to wait.

    Yu Zhenna's teeth were gritted so tightly that they almost shattered. No matter how this matter ends, she would definitely kill Mo Wuji.

    "Everyone, pay attention. One incense's time later, you will feel the majestic energy of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. When that happens, everyone must take note to defend against it. This is to prevent any injuries from the sudden Tian Ji light..." Mo Wuji was still on with his bullsh*t.

    Originally, the three of them thought that they would be able to go through the Sheet of Fate at any moment. If Mo Wuji failed at this moment, they would definitely join hands to murder Mo Wuji.

    They didn't think that Mo Wuji would still ask them to be on the guard for some Tian Ji light. If such a thing actually appeared, would they even be able to dodge it?

    Even though Yu Zhenna had never heard of this Tian Ji light, she could only choose to believe it at this moment.

    The three that were originally prepared to charge in now subconsciously used their elemental energy to protect themselves. They weren't raring to charge through the sheet like before.

    Mo Wuji noticed that when Lei Hongji placed the Tian Ji Sword in front of its groove, it automatically went in; there were no problems faced in placing it in the groove.

    At almost the same instant the three of them placed their marks into the grooves, he brought his Tian Ji Pole in front of its groove. Indeed, the Tian Ji Pole was like the Tian Ji Sword, it automatically went into the groove. It fitted into the groove nicely; it was not too big, nor too small.

    With all five marks gathered, an immense and overbearing Law descended down onto the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate.

    In less than a breath's time, the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate went "kacha!". Following which, everyone felt a majestic force of suction.

    Because of Mo Wuji's warning, the other three subconsciously defended themselves.

    Mo Wuji frantically steadied himself. After which, he brought out Kun Wu and cleaved downwards. The overbearing sword intent crashed down on the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate. A loud crashing sound reverberated throughout the air.

    Fate has always been something that was intangible; it was not something that the five senses could feel. With Mo Wuji's attack, the fate was directly turned into nothingness and returned back to the Immortal World.

    The entire process didn't even take a single breath's time. By the time the three realised that Mo Wuji actually possessed the Tian Ji Pole and had opened the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate, the entire Tian Ji Sheet of Fate had already been turned into nothingness.

    Fate attachment was not bad. But if Mo Wuji, Lei Hongji, Yu Zhenna and Hu Chisheng went into the Sheet of Fate, the one that would benefit the most from the fate attachment would definitely be Yu Zhenna.

    But because Mo Wuji used Kun Wu Sword to rip the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate apart, all the extracted fate was completely returned to the Immortal World.

    In an instant, the entire hall felt fragile and empty; it seemed as though everything was melting apart and dissipating.

    "You're courting death..." Yu Zhenna was the first to react. With a twist of her hand, she conjured a black light which transformed into a curved rope which whipped towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji could feel the Laws of Space in area breaking apart. He hurriedly brought out his Book of Luo. At the same time, he extended his hand to grab his Tian Ji Pole and the Tian Ji Square Brick. He knew that he wouldn't be able to grab the Tian Ji Sword. By the time Lei Hongji reacted, Lei Hongji immediately grabbed the Tian Ji Sword instead of joining hands with Yu Zhenna to attack him.

    On the other hand, Hu Chisheng reacted by whipping out a talisman. Seemingly, he wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. It could clearly be seen that Hu Chisheng was a rational man. Even though Mo Wuji had ruined his opportunity with the fate within the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate and he simply wanted to kill Mo Wuji, he still chose to leave at this moment instead of joining Yu Zhenna to attack Mo Wuji.

    "Pff!" A mist of blood exploded from Mo Wuji's body. Mo Wuji's entire body was almost split in half by that black rope.

    Boom! This entire place also started to collapse. Mo Wuji allowed the Book of Luo to protect himself as he followed the collapsed hall as it got swept into the endless void.

    The ripping force of the void came ravaging over. However, Mo Wuji's was already at the pinnacle of the God Physique. Thus, this bit of ripping force wasn't enough to cause him any damage.

    As the threat of death gradually passed, Mo Wuji's heart remained shaking with lingering fear.

    That Yu Zhenna was truly too terrifying. Even though he had the Book of Luo to protect himself, albeit his Book of Luo had yet to be fully refined, he was still almost decapitated in half by that black rope of Yu Zhenna's. If he didn't have the Book of Luo, he would already have been dead.

    His vitality channel furiously went into motion and Mo Wuji's injuries started to gradually heal. To Mo Wuji, as long as he wasn't insta-killed just now, he wouldn't die.

    After Hu Chisheng fled, Lei Hongji also grabbed the Tian Ji Sword and escaped. The only one that wasn't swept away by the collapsing hall was Yu Zhenna. She stared hatefully at the dark void; her killing intent was so concentrated that it almost seemed to take form.

    She knew that Mo Wuji was the only one that was swept into the void. However, she didn't go and chase after him. She was clear that Mo Wuji was already dead meat.

    If not for that page of the Book of Luo, her rope would have already turned Mo Wuji into dust. Actually, even though Mo Wuji had the Book of Luo, he would still undoubtedly die. That strike of hers was enough to destroy Mo Wuji's primordial spirit. After Mo Wuji's primordial spirit gets destroyed, the killing intent from that strike would gradually tear at Mo Wuji's body and sea of consciousness.

    Even if Mo Wuji was any stronger, he could only prolong his death.

    Those with higher cultivations than her would also die by that strike.

    The only unfortunate thing was that page of the Book of Luo. She knew that after Mo Wuji dies and his primordial spirit collapses, that Book of Luo would disappear into the cosmos. Even if she chased after him, she wouldn't be able to retrieve it.

    Yu Zhenna sighed; she knew that it was time for her to return. Perhaps her brother had already returned. She wondered what kind of fortune her brother managed to obtain in this trip.

    As she thought about how the fate of an entire world slipped out of her hands because of that b*stard, she simply felt like vomiting blood.


    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Thunderous rumbles resounded through the air. The experts standing outside Yong Ying Immortal Chasm all glanced at each other. They stopped their preparations of the seal because they knew that the seal was no longer needed.

    The entire Yong Ying Immortal Chasm had collapsed and reduced into a patch of nothingness.

    "What happened? That terrifying energy of destruction has disappeared." Heavenly Emperor Zizai was adroit in the Dao of Changes. Thus, he was the first to react.

    "The Immortal Chasm has collapsed. That huge stone has also disappeared..." The Immortal Emperor beside Heavenly Emperor Zizai muttered.

    It could be said that everyone gathered here were the strongest experts of the entire Immortal World. Everyone soon understood what had happened and they all glanced towards each other meaningfully.

    After some time, Gai Ying said solemnly, "If I'm not wrong, Sect Head Mo should have used his efforts and his sacred arts to resolve this threat. But Sect Head Mo, he..."

    That terrifying energy of destruction had disappeared but Mo Wuji hadn't returned. They didn't need to think to know that things didn't bode well for Mo Wuji.

    "Excellent, excellent (Shan Zai, Shan Zai)[1]! Sect Head Mo has done a great deed for the Immortal World. I'm ashamed..." Xing Shan only said half his sentence when he suddenly lifted his head to face the vast sky.

    It wasn't just Xing Shan; the other Immortal Emperors also felt it.

    "Why do I feel that the Immortal World is different from before?" Devil Immortal School's Grand Emperor Jin Ping exclaimed in astonishment.

    Heavenly Emperor Zizai said emotionally, "That's right, the Immortal World's fate has become deeper and more profound. I'm unable to deduce anything but I know that the Immortal World is definitely different from before."

    "It's definitely related to Sect Head Mo." Qing Yang suddenly felt that her knowledge could not be applied to Mo Wuji. Previously, she was speechless towards Mo Wuji's rash actions. But now, not only did Mo Wuji resolve their threat, he even caused helped the fate of the Immortal World to become more profound.

    "The Laws here are crumbling. Things don't bode well for Sect Head Mo. No matter what happened to Sect Head Mo, I suggest that we erect a statue of Sect Head Mo here." Heavenly Emperor Zizai was skilled with the Dao of Changes. The instant he felt a change in the Immortal World's fate, he knew that Mo Wuji's contributions were far more than what the others could have imagined.

    "These words are excellent." Xing Shan placed his palms together in agreement. Even though he felt that Mo Wuji's penchant for slaughter was too strong, Mo Wuji still cared for the Immortal World and disregarded his own safety to enter the site of Tian Ji. Ultimately, Mo Wuji didn't manage to escape but he still resolved the threats from the site of Tian Ji. Even he, Xing Shan, couldn't compare to such magnanimity, what more the other immortals in the Immortal World?

    [1]  (Shan Zai) is a term of praise used by monks.
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