Chapter 876: God King Lone Cauldron

    Chapter 876: God King Lone Cauldron

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    Tangled streams of force continuously swept towards Mo Wuji. Even though this ripping force wasn't enough to cause Mo Wuji any damage, Mo Wuji was still extremely worried. He was worried that he would get swept out of the Immortal World by these streams.

    During that violent explosion when the site of Tian Ji collapsed, it wouldn't be strange if a tear was formed in space.

    At the beginning, Mo Wuji didn't resist these tangled streams. He only allowed the Book of Luo to protect him as he used all his effort to heal himself. Besides his heavy injuries, another reason why he did this was to prevent Yu Zhenna from chasing after him.

    Multiple days passed. Mo Wuji's injuries had fully healed and he did not detect any signs of Yu Zhenna chasing after him. At this time, Mo Wuji wanted to release his domain and take a look at his surroundings.

    He soon discovered that he wasn't able to release his domain. Moreover, his spiritual will and elemental energy could only linger within the area around his body. Also, the tangled streams didn't get weaker, but increasingly violent.

    What caused Mo Wuji to be more worried was that there seemed to be a boundless force of gravity below him. Coupled with the streams in the air, he was continuously being drawn downwards.

    Initially, Mo Wuji could still protect his entire body and try to manoeuvre himself. However, after a month, Mo Wuji couldn't do anything else besides protecting himself.

    The gravity below him seemed to get stronger and stronger; Mo Wuji's speed also got faster and faster. This left Mo Wuji extremely worried. He suspected that if he continued like this, he might be squashed into meat juice.

    Even if his body was any stronger, if he continued to fall at this continuously accelerating pace, he would definitely die.

    He was completely unable to communicate with his Undying World. Now, the only thing he could do besides protecting himself with his elemental energy was to cultivate.

    Even if Mo Wuji's heart was any bigger, he wouldn't be able to calm down and cultivate.

    He couldn't even bring out his other pages of the Book of Luo. Besides the page of the Book of Luo which he was using to protect himself now, his other pages were all stuck in his Undying World.

    Mo Wuji grudgingly expanded the domain of the Book of Luo protecting him. Thereafter, he tried to find a way to reduce his speed.

    Two months later, the continuously increasing speed caused Mo Wuji to keep his Book of Luo in anxiety.

    The Book of Luo could protect him but it was unable to help him slow his descent. Over these months, his speed had already accelerated to an unimaginable degree. If this carried on, even if the Book of Luo could protect him, he would still get killed by the rebound force within the Book of Luo.

    Moving at this terrifying speed way beyond the controls of his spiritual will, Mo Wuji could not help but feel bouts of dizziness despite his strong sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji didn't have time to think about that. He frantically used his Wind Escape Technique. After a few days, Mo Wuji was finally able to stop this crazy descent. With his Wind Escape Technique, he was no longer falling at an accelerated pace.

    Even though he was still falling at a scary pace, Mo Wuji's heart was slightly reassured. At this pace, he would be able to survive with heavy injuries at the very most.

    Mo Wuji didn't dare to bring out his Book of Luo. When he was descending at such uncontrollable speeds, the Book of Luo had restricted the use of his Wind Escape Technique.

    Several more months passed. Just as Mo Wuji was wondering whether there was even an end, he felt a tremor beneath his feet.

    "Boom!" Dust and sand were directly sent flying into the air by Mo Wuji. He could clearly hear the sounds of his bones breaking. Thereafter, a sensation of suffocation came. This suffocation wasn't on his breathing, but on his vitality and his meridians. His life force turned sluggish and his meridians were on the brink of shattering.

    Fortunately, this process didn't last for a long time. Mo Wuji's surroundings suddenly cleared up, and at the next instant, he had landed properly on hard ground.

    Feeling his shattered bones, his blood all over his body, and the remaining blood inside his body which threatened to shoot out of his mouth, Mo Wuji actually sighed in relief. He had finally reached the end. As long as he had a single breath left, he would be fine.

    Mo Wuji then tried to release his spiritual will. This time, his spiritual will could actually extend to a radius of 3 meters. Mo Wuji immediately jumped into his Undying World.

    Da Huang and Shuai Guo were both cultivating furiously. This was especially the case for Da Huang; Mo Wuji could feel that Da Huang was multiple folds stronger than when he had first been rebuilt.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't use the Breath of Hongmeng. After all, his injuries were on his physical body. As a physique temperer at the Great Circle of the God Physique, he was least afraid of physical injuries. Of course, Mo Wuji also wasn't affected by attacks or injuries to his primordial spirit; he didn't even have a primordial spirit.

    Mo Wuji sat on multiple peak-grade immortal veins. All his 108 meridians went into reverse circulation and formed a circulation path. Among them, his vitality channel circulated at an even faster pace in order to heal the injuries on Mo Wuji's body.

    Compared to when he was first ganged up on by several Grand Emperors, Mo Wuji's injuries were a lot lighter. It wasn't because the damage was lesser, but because he was at least a hundred million times stronger than he was back then?

    In merely a month, Mo Wuji's bones reverted to normal and his body had recovered. Besides his overpowered vitality channel, Mo Wuji knew another important reason for this was that he was a physique temperer.

    Mo Wuji didn't go and disturb Shuai Guo's and Da Huang's cultivation. Instead, he left his Undying World.

    With his injuries completely healed, Mo Wuji's spiritual will could not expand to a radius of close to 30 meters. He lifted his head to look above him. Even with his spiritual eye, he could only see a deep patch of grey. However, Mo Wuji was clear that he passed by something similar to a planet's open land right before he landed.

    The ground beneath his feet was solid. It seemed to be formed from burnt tiles and the tiles were randomly cobbled together.

    There weren't any signs of life around him. Mo Wuji only walked for an incense's time when his spiritual will detected a huge inclined stone wall. The stone wall looked relatively polished and it was slate grey.

    Mo Wuji had a sense of foreboding. He hastened towards this stone wall. He lifted his head to look up; this downward sloping stone wall gave him an extreme sense of pressure.

    It felt like he was in a giant pot and this stone wall in front of him was the wall of the pot.

    Mo Wuji was naturally very clear about where this place was; it was the Yong Ying Immortal Chasm. Back when he traversed it those years ago, the edge of the Immortal Chasm gave him the same feeling.

    But Mo Wuji was also clear that this place definitely wasn't the Yong Ying Immortal Chasm. It was just extremely similar.

    Mo Wuji's fist landed on this wall. Rocks shot everywhere as a huge hole formed in the wall. To his aghast, this hole was actually started to mend itself.

    In less than half a day, that hole had completely mended. The only difference was that it no longer had that same slate grey coating.

    There was no need to talk about how Mo Wuji didn't have intentions to leave through this wall. Even if he did, he could only give up on that idea now. If he entered this wall of unknown thickness, he might possibly seal himself within this self-mending wall.

    Mo Wuji guessed that he was trapped in a strange place. This place didn't seem to have the various dangers that Yong Ying Immortal Chasm had. At the same time, the Laws here were much higher than the ones in Yong Ying Immortal Chasm.

    Mo Wuji went to feel the terrain. He decided to walk along the edge of this stone wall to a higher ground. No matter whether it was possible to escape, he was going to try. If one year wasn't enough, he would take two. If that was still not enough, he would take three. There would definitely be one day when he would walk out of this chasm.


    While Mo Wuji was trying to find his way out of that unknown chasm, Yu Zhenna arrived in front of a huge floating rock in the void. This rock was half grey and half white. There were three words on the rock - Seven World Stone.

    This was the same place that Mo Wuji had been to before. It was just that Mo Wuji had come here through the Great Desolate Sea while Yu Zhenna came here using a talisman.

    Yu Zhenna didn't know that she could get to the Seven World Stone through the Seven World Sea. If she did, she definitely wouldn't have wasted that talisman.

    At the opposite end of the Seven World Stone, there were seven black and seemingly endless holes. Mo Wuji didn't do the same thing as Mo Wuji and randomly picked a hole to enter. Instead, she slapped the regulation talisman that was on her body.

    The violent pressure of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth came down in her. Yu Zhenna's entire body began to ooze out with blood. At this time, a suction force came from one of the black holes at the other end of the Seven World Stone. It swept Yu Zhenna away and she disappeared without a trace.


    To immortals of the Immortal World, they would ascend to a higher realm once they reached the peak of the Immortal Emperor Stage, just like in the cultivation world. This higher realm was called the God World.

    In reality, over countless years, no one ascended into the God World from the Immortal World before. Most didn't even know of the God World. In the eyes of the immortals of the Immortal World's seven Immortal Domains, the Very High Heavens was a more conspicuous place. The status of the Very High Heavens was higher than the Immortal World, and its leader, Zi Changluo, was even addressed as a Dao Emperor. This caused many immortals to view the Very High Heavens as the higher realm.

    Thereafter, the Gods Tower appeared. Inside, various magic treasures, cultivation techniques and dao marks that far exceeded the Immortal World could be found. The concept of a God World formed, but it still largely remained as a place of myth. After all, no one had been to the God World nor met any of its experts. Even in the Gods Tower itself, no one saw an actual God.

    The God World was a true place. However, it wasn't called God World but God Domain.

    In God Domain, the strongest beings naturally weren't the Gods, but God Kings. God Kings were different from Immortal Kings. There were still Immortal Reverents and Immortal Emperors above Immortal Kings. However, God Kings were the pinnacle of existences in the entire God Domain.

    God Domain was vast and endless. Anyone that could become a God King in God Domain was an exceptional and peerless existence in the entire cosmos. As long as they reached the stage of God Kings, even those God Kings that weren't ranked within the Ten Great God Kings and those that didn't have titles, they would be at the peak of the entire cosmos.

    God King Lone Cauldron wasn't only an existence at the God King Stage. He was also one of the Ten Great God Kings. Even though his cultivation was the lowest at only God King Level 6, he was able to use his cauldron to obtain the title of God King Lone Cauldron. Not only that, his abilities were able to suppress the ranked 10 God King Clear Rise, ranking him as 9th. One must know that God King Clear Rise was at God King Level 7.

    At this moment, God King Lone Cauldron was in his own God King Hall. His face was ashen. In his hand was a shattered soul tablet. This soul tablet belonged to his son, Yu Zhen'Er. The fact that it was shattered meant that his son was already dead.

    Who? Who actually dared to kill the son of Lone Cauldron!
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