Chapter 877: The Rusty Hilt

    Chapter 877: The Rusty Hilt

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    While he was feeling angry, God King Lone Cauldron was also worried for his daughter Yu Zhenna. His two children left together. Now that his son was dead, how could he not worry about his daughter?

    "Reporting to the God King. Young Mistress Zhenna has returned!" Just as God King Lone Cauldron was feeling anxious about his daughter, a handsome young man walked in, bowed and announced.

    God King Lone Cauldron suddenly stood up. The anxiety in his face turned into anger, "Bring her in."

    Yu Zhenna had been oppressed by the Laws of the Heaven and Earth and her injuries had yet to fully recover. God King Lone Cauldron noticed it the moment she entered the hall. His tone was icy cold as he said, "Not bad, you actually have the capability to go to a lower realm."

    "Daughter knows her mistake. Father Emperor, please forgive me." Yu Zhenna was proud and lofty in front of Mo Wuji and co. but she didn't dare show any of that in front of her father. With an angry harrumph from God King Lone Cauldron, she fell to her knees in fright.

    Don't think that God King Lone Cauldron was a protective father who indulged his children. He was definitely not such a compassionate father. If any of his children went against his will, it might be possible for them to be beaten to death. In fact, among the few children that Lone Cauldron had, a few were beaten to death by him.

    Yu Zhen'Er had been killed. Besides feeling the grief at the loss of a son, he was more infuriated at the fact that someone would dare to kill the son of him, Lone Cauldron.

    "Tell me, how did your brother Zhen'Er die?" Lone Cauldron calmed himself down and asked slowly. This was on the account that his daughter had been heavily injured by the pressure from the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. If not for that, he definitely wouldn't be speaking in such a genial tone.

    "What? Big brother is dead?" Yu Zhenna instantly went still. Since she was young, her brother had helped her significantly in her cultivation. Compared to her stern God King Father, her older brother had been much warmer to her. Now, her older brother had actually died. She simply couldn't accept that fact.

    God King Lone Cauldron frowned, "Didn't you leave with Zhen'Er?"

    Yu Zhenna recovered from her grief and she cried, "Big Brother and I obtained two peak-grade regulation talismans that allowed us to leave God Domain. We were afraid that Father Emperor wouldn't permit our actions so we secretly left. Big Brother and I were separated in the void. Thereafter, I obtained a Tian Ji Mark. Because Big Brother was much stronger than me, I wasn't too worried about him. Thus, I went to investigate more about Tian Ji..."

    Lone Cauldron interrupted Yu Zhenna's words, "You say you've obtained a Tian Ji Mark?"

    Mo Wuji and co. weren't very clear about the Tian Ji Mark, but this wasn't the case for Lone Cauldron. This was an item formed from the primordial fate Tian Ji. If used properly, it could extract the fate of an entire world. Imagine, the fate of an entire world used to strengthen you. Even if you didn't have talent to become strong, that fate would make you strong.

    "Yes. That Tian Ji Mark was formed from the shattered primordial fate Tian Ji. There was already a person that tried to use primordial fate Tian Ji to extract the world's fate and I managed to find that place." Yu Zhenna's tone was still laced with sorrow. She didn't manage to obtain a world's fate and her brother had died. If she could do it all over, she would definitely have advised her brother not to use the regulation talisman to go to the lower realms.

    "You've obtained the fate of an entire world?" Lone Cauldron's voice was trembling slightly. Even he couldn't see a thing like fate. Thus, he could only ask his daughter to know whether she had obtained that fate.

    Yu Zhenna shook her head. It wasn't weird to her that her father was more concerned about the Tian Ji Mark than the death of her brother.

    "Just as I was about to open the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate, my plans were foiled by an ant. He probably did it to preserve the Immortal World's fate. He actually sliced the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate apart and released the extracted fate back into the Immortal World. Thereafter, that person was swept away by the collapsing Tian Ji Sheet of Fate. He should already be dead," Yu Zhenna said honestly.

    Lone Cauldron sat down disappointedly. To actually lose such a great opportunity, this was simply...

    "Father Emperor, how was Big Brother killed? Are you able to know who killed him?" Yu Zhenna rubbed her eyes; she was still unwilling to accept her brother's death.

    Once a thing like fate was dispersed, it could not be recovered. Lone Cauldron was a God King. Thus, his heart also had some slight waves before he regained his calm. He suppressed his feelings of unwillingness and said, "Since your big brother wasn't killed in God Domain, there shouldn't be anyone from the lower realms who would be able to kill him. From the looks of it, there should have been a problem with his regulation talisman."

    Yu Zhenna hurriedly said, "That's not possible, Father Emperor. If I didn't tear my own regulation talisman, it wouldn't have shattered. The regulation talismans that we obtained are peak grade talismans..."

    Yu Zhenna's words stopped abruptly. She recalled that she had only gone to the Immortal World. What if her older brother went to an even lower realm? The pressure faced by the regulation talisman would have been much higher. Under that terrifying pressure from the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, it wouldn't be impossible for his regulation talisman to break apart.

    "So you've thought of it," God King Lone Cauldron harrumphed, "your regulation talisman allowed you to go to the realm right below the God Domain. What if you went to an ever lower realm, what would happen then?"

    "Ah... I remember something." After saying that, Yu Zhenna retrieved a pearl that looked like a crystal from her storage ring.

    The instant she looked at the pearl, she started to bawl, "Father Emperor, Big Brother was killed. This pearl contained both of our blood shadow imprints. If there had been a problem with the regulation talisman, the blood shadow imprint would have disappeared. If we were killed, the blood shadow imprint would turn black. Now, Big Brother's blood shadow imprint had turned black. This means that Big Brother had definitely been killed."

    After Yu Zhenna verified that Yu Zhen'Er had been killed, killing intent burst forth from Lone Cauldron's body.

    After a long time, he said slowly, "Regardless who it is, killing my son can only be paid with the life of a world. Zhenna, which world did you go to?"

    "Father Emperor, what about the regulation talisman to go to the lower realm... " Yu Zhenna wasn't bothered by her father's claim that he would destroy the Immortal World.

    Lone Cauldron's eyes were filled with conviction, "I will think of a way. You can leave first. Remember, don't decide such matters on your own in the future. I will not spare you for a second time."

    Even a God King couldn't go to a lower realm without a peak-grade regulation talisman.

    "Yes, Father Emperor. Daughter takes her leave." Yu Zhenna hurriedly bowed and retreated.

    She wasn't all too happy that her father didn't punish her. After all, her brother had been killed. She would rather have been locked up for 100,000 years.


    After months of caution, Mo Wuji decided to move faster. He didn't know where this chasm was. Besides some restraints to his spiritual will, there weren't many dangers here.

    The only thing that Mo Wuji found pitiable was that he couldn't cultivate here. With his reverse Immortal Mortal Technique, he wouldn't face any problems with moving and cultivating. As for physique tempering, it wasn't really suitable here. Moreover, Mo Wuji's physique had already reached the peak of God Physique Level 9, so it really wasn't possible for him to make any huge improvements here.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji could still condense his spiritual will as he moved.

    One year passed. At the very beginning, Mo Wuji's spiritual will could only expand to a radius of 30 meters. Now, it could already expand to a radius of 300 meters. He felt that there was some sort of Law here. As long as his spiritual will could bypass this Law, it could even expand even further.

    By this time, he was basically accustomed to this Law. Now, his spiritual will didn't even need to bypass this Law to expand beyond 300 meters.

    Originally, Mo Wuji prepared himself to refine his spiritual will in a casual manner as he moved. However, a sudden and ominous threat of death caused him to stop. He looked in front of him; no matter whether he used his spiritual eye or his spiritual will, he could only see a patch of grey.

    Even though he didn't see anything, Mo Wuji didn't continue moving forward. He placed a page of the Book of Luo into his storage ring. At the same time, he moved the square-shaped Tian Ji Mark and the Tian Ji Pole into his Undying World. Only then, did he slowly advance forward.

    After experiencing these threats of death multiple times, Mo Wuji realised that his Mortal Dao was especially sensitive towards such threats.

    He was a mortal and he cultivated the Mortal Dao. Naturally, a mortal was most worried about death. Thus, he would have a foreboding every time he was going to have a close encounter with death.

    Heading forward, Mo Wuji felt this threat getting stronger and stronger. If he was anywhere else, Mo Wuji would not have hesitated to turn and leave. However, there was nowhere else he could go to. This was a chasm; he could only advance forward or retreat.

    Mo Wuji had never considered retreating. He had been walking in this direction for over a year. And who's to say that there wouldn't be any danger in the other direction?

    After walking another few hundreds of meters, Mo Wuji stopped. He felt that he couldn't advance any further. Just 30 meters in front of him, there was a rusty long hilt stabbed into the ground. Mo Wuji couldn't see the part of that hilt which was under the ground with his spiritual will. And the part that was above the ground looked like a handle of some magic treasure.

    Mo Wuji had been to the Gods Tower's immortal sealing array before. That old fox, Yu Minjiang, had hidden within a rock.

    "You're the first cultivator to come here. Tell me, how did you get here?" In less than three breaths since Mo Wuji stopped, a voice sounded gently.

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded. His guess was right. This voice clearly came from that long hilt.

    "I was battling someone while in the void and I accidentally ignited a talisman. Thereafter, I ended up here." Mo Wuji blurted as though that was what actually happened.

    "You're lying. Say it then, how many marks of the Five Marks of Tian Ji do you have?" The other party seemed to understand why Mo Wuji was here very clearly.

    When Mo Wuji heard the other party talk about the Five Marks of Tian Ji, he felt as though a lightning bolt had flashed across his mind. He knew who this fella was.

    This person was definitely the one that installed the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate. He didn't expect that this fella actually didn't die but ended up in this mysterious chasm. This fella was willing to extract the fate of an entire world. One could clearly see how ruthless this person was.

    "Your guess is right. I was the one that installed the Tian Ji Sheet of Fate. I believe that you should have obtained no small amount of benefits from it." This voice was like a roundworm living in Mo Wuji's stomach. He was clear about what Mo Wuji was thinking of.

    Mo Wuji stared at this rusty long hilt. This fella could read his mind?
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