Chapter 878: The Terrifying Sea Of Consciousness

    Chapter 878: The Terrifying Sea Of Consciousness

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    "You want to possess me and steal the fate that I obtained?" Mo Wuji suddenly said.

    "You really obtained the fate of a world?" That voice was clearly stirred up.

    Mo Wuji heaved s sigh of relief. He thought that this fella could really peep into his thoughts. From the looks of it, this fella couldn't do that.

    "You're very smart. If I'm not wrong, you didn't obtain that fate. You used a Xiantian treasure to rip my Tian Ji Sheet of Fate apart, then you were swept in here by the collapsing hall, right? Being to arrive here safely, that shows that you are at least in the late stage God Physique."

    Mo Wuji was even more relieved. Even though the other party was 99% sure that he didn't obtain the fate, he would still hug on to that 1% chance. From the looks of it, this sort of fate could be transferred. This fella definitely couldn't move for some reason, which was why this fella hoped that he obtained the fate and this fella would then forcefully rob it.

    Mo Wuji could only say that this fella was overthinking. Even if he was to be killed, he wouldn't willingly hand the fate over.

    "Who are you exactly? If you don't speak, I will walk in the other direction," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    "There's no harm in telling you. This sage is Kun Yun. I will tell you another thing. You probably guessed that I have been trapped. But even if you changed directions, you still wouldn't be able to leave." Kun Yun's voice was laced with an additional strand of coldness.

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji took a fear steps back and he stared at that rusty hilt which represented Kun Yun.

    Kun Yun's voice went silent. He didn't answer Mo Wuji's words.

    "What do you want?" After an entire hour, Mo Wuji could not help but ask another question.

    After some time, Kun Yun's voice sounded, "Originally, I wanted to ask you to help me. But looking at your wary appearance, it would be too hard to ask you to save me. How about this, give me a portion of that fate and I will tell you the way out."

    After Kun Yun finished those words, the ground beneath Mo Wuji suddenly started to tremble. Following which, huge areas of the sides of the chasm began to crumble.

    Mo Wuji rapidly retreated. The place that he was just standing on had already been buried by the falling rocks and sand.

    "This is a common occurrence. It won't threaten your life. These places that crumbled would soon revert to their original states, and after some time, they would collapse again. The largest collapse I saw was when millions of miles of this chasm all came crashing down..."

    Mo Wuji stared at this rusty hilt and he suddenly had a terrifying thought. He had seen such a scene before. It was back when he was in Half Immortal Domain. Half Immortal Domain's Mining Area of Death also had such earthquakes. Back then, everyone guessed that it was because the Mining Area of Death was living.

    After meeting Yan Li in the Immortal World, Mo Wuji was clearer about what the Mining Area of Death was. It was the sea of consciousness of a supreme cultivator. The immortal lattice stones that they excavated in the Mining Area of Death were sea of consciousness crystals.

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, he inhaled a breath of cold air.

    This pot bottom...

    How was this a chasm? This was a terrifyingly large sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji's own sea of consciousness was also large and had taken form. However, Mo Wuji knew that if his sea of consciousness was thrown into this one, it would merely be a drop in the sea.

    There was no need to talk about his sea of consciousness. Even that sea of consciousness back at the Mining Area of Death couldn't compare to this terrifying sea of consciousness.

    Kun Yun could control the collapse of the walls here. Clearly, he was the owner of this sea of consciousness. There was no wonder why it could mend itself.

    A trail of cold sweat trickled down Mo Wuji's back. He didn't know that he had actually ended up in someone else's sea of consciousness. That rusty hilt was clearly a scam. If this was Kun Yun's sea of consciousness, then his voice could have come from anywhere.

    In other words, Kun Yun didn't lie to him. Even if he turned and left, he would still be within Kun Yun's sea of consciousness.

    The reason why he only felt a sense of danger now was probably because Kun Yun was somehow sealed and required him to get closer to that rusty hilt in order to make a move.

    "You seem to be very afraid. I said it before, with your physique and capabilities, even if this place continuously collapsed for 10,000 years, it still wouldn't be enough to kill you," Kun Yun said calmly.

    "Tell me then, how can I transfer some of my fate to you." Mo Wuji forcefully calmed himself down. Even though it seemed like Kun Yun was heavily injured, he was still in Kun Yun's territory.

    He would rather the other person be in his sea of consciousness.

    "You see that long hilt? That's a supreme treasure. My primordial spirit is hidden within that treasure. It's just that I'm too weak and I can't condense my primordial spirit. So, you need to grab that hilt and follow this method..." As Kun Yun was speaking, a jade letter landed a few steps away from Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was silent. If he didn't know that this place was a huge sea of consciousness, he might actually believe the other party's words. After all, primordial spirits generally need to be hidden within peak-grade magic treasures. Those years ago when he saw Yu Minjiang, Yu Minjiang had also been hidden within a stone.

    But now that Mo Wuji knew that the entire place was the other party's sea of consciousness, he would be a fool to believe those words.

    In his own sea of consciousness, why would Kun Yun need to place his primordial spirit in a magic treasure?

    "I don't need much. Just one-third, no, one-fourth of your fate is enough," Noticing Mo Wuji's hesitation, Kun Yun spoke once more.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to use his spirit storage channel, he suddenly felt that sense of danger again. He swiftly retreated. By the time the sense of danger disappeared, he was already standing far away.

    "Since you are not willing to cooperate, then forget about it." Kun Yun said calmly when he saw Mo Wuji retreat; there was a slight disappointment in his voice. Even though he sounded rather disappointed, he seemed to be able to accept it.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on that jade letter and he discovered that there wasn't any problem with it. He retracted his spiritual will, then sent his spirit storage channel's spiritual will onto that jade letter. Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel immediately detected a faintly discernible energy.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji completely understood what was going on. This Kun Yun was truly devious. He thought that the rusty hilt was the threatening existence, but in reality, this jade letter was the one that was truly dangerous.

    Before Mo Wuji managed to retract his spiritual will, Kun Yun cried in alarm, "You actually have the spirit storage channel..."

    Mo Wuji no longer cared to reply Kun Yun. Kun Yun was far too terrifying. Since he forged his meridian cultivation method, Kun Yun was the first person to know that he had the spirit storage channel.

    Kun Yun should be helpless against him. Otherwise, Kun Yun would have attacked him by now.

    "Don't tell me that you don't have spiritual roots and a primordial spirit? You are a mortal? You actually created the mortal method of cultivating with meridians? How is that possible...?" Kun Yun uttered a series of questions; his tone was filled with agitation.

    Unfortunately, Mo Wuji already knew that this person was terrifying so he didn't respond to this fella. Compared to Yu Minjiang, this fella was far more terrifying. Even though Yu Minjiang was very impressive, he still needed to make use of his surroundings.

    "Come over. I promise that I will no longer try to lay hands on you. I have many things to tell you. I admit that I was too cautious previously. I swear that I don't have any evil intentions." Kun Yun cried out anxiously. He finally understood why Mo Wuji could detect his killing intent; Mo Wuji actually cultivated the Mortal Dao. Even though Mo Wuji was still 108,000 li from validating his Dao, if Mo Wuji was successful, he would definitely be an expert that stood at the peak of the entire cosmos.

    That sloppy old man's guess those years ago was actually right. He guessed that mortals could also cultivate but he was derided by many of the other experts. Kun Yun didn't think that after so many years, when most cultivation paths had reached their final stages, someone was still able to create the path of mortal cultivation. How impressive must this person be?

    If he knew that Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao, he definitely wouldn't have employed his previous method. A young cultivator of the Mortal Dao was enough for him to give up everything, including his already recovering giant sea of consciousness.

    Despite Kun Yun's beautiful promises, Mo Wuji continued to retreat backwards. There was no wonder why he couldn't cultivate here; this was a sea of consciousness after all.

    The reason why Mo Wuji was retreating so hurriedly was because he was sure that Kun Yun's control over the sea of consciousness was limited. Otherwise, Kun Yun would have known about his Undying World.

    After retreating for a thousand miles, Mo Wuji stopped and brought out his Kun Wu Sword. Against this old man, his Half Moon Weighted Halberd would be useless.

    Kun Wu Sword conjured a sharp sword intent which was hundreds of meters long!

    "Boom!" The sword intent slashed against the walls. Rocks from both sides of the walls shattered. A gull that was close to 3000 meters long was sliced out from the inclined walls. This was on the account that Mo Wuji's spiritual will could only be released a radius of 300 meters. If his meters could reach 3000 meters, then that slash would have been multiple times more powerful.

    Mo Wuji swept the crushed rocks to one side. Thereafter, his Scholar's Heart descended down on these crushed rocks.

    The way Mo Wuji saw it, since this was a sea of consciousness, its life force could be burnt using the Scholar's Heart. Of course, the damage he could deal through such actions was far from fatal, but he had no lack of time. What he needed to do was to prevent this sea of consciousness from recovering.

    Even though his cultivation was far from this self-proclaimed sage Kun Yun, he could slowly move this mountain. As long as his Kun Wu Sword continuously sliced at this sea of consciousness, then this sea of consciousness would take a longer time to recover.

    "Stop, since you can tell that this is my sea of consciousness, it means that you know that I have the power to restrain you. It's just that I don't to disperse that fate and waste my elemental energy." Mo Wuji's actions finally caused Kun Yun to be flustered. He was no longer in total control.

    There was another reason why he drew Mo Wuji over to that rusty hilt. In the case that Mo Wuji decided to attack, the walls of his sea of consciousness within that area were within his control. He would be able to stop Mo Wuji.

    But now, Mo Wuji had retreated to a place where he had almost no control over. This had caused him to lose his bottom line. He really couldn't believe that Mo Wuji was able to figure out that this was a sea of consciousness. No one else would dare to believe this entire place was a sea of consciousness.

    Stop? Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. The more you threaten Mo Wuji, the less afraid he would be. Not only didn't he stop, his Kun Wu Sword conjured up a sword intent which was far stronger than before.
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