Chapter 879: The God World Of Legends

    Chapter 879: The God World Of Legends

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    "Boom!" Huge masses of the walls were sliced apart. Then, they were sent to burn in the Scholar's Heart.

    "Dao Friend, even if you destroy my sea of consciousness, I will still be able to recover it slowly. Must you be that persistent in trying to kill me? I admit that I'm unable to trap you. I am willing to guide you out of here, and from here on, we will have nothing to do with one another."

    After a brief moment of fury, Kun Yun recovered his calm. He finally understood Mo Wuji's intentions; Mo Wuji was trying to dig through his sea of consciousness wall.

    If he could fully control his sea of consciousness, even if this ant in front was hundreds time stronger, it could only dream of doing anything to him. But now, he was clear that the ant had chosen the best option.

    He was unable to fully control his giant sea of consciousness. Even though the other party had fallen into his sea of consciousness, neither of them would come out victorious. His sea of consciousness would take a longer time to heal while the other party might be trapped here forever.

    To Kun Yun, the more important reason why he decided to give up on Mo Wuji was because he was sure that Mo Wuji didn't obtain the fate. If a cunning fella like Mo Wuji didn't obtain the fate, then he, Kun Yun, wasn't willing to continue wasting his time.

    When Mo Wuji heard that Kun Yun was no longer enraged, he stopped. He also knew that his actions could only lengthen the time the other party took to recover and he was unable to eliminate Kun Yun. And when it came to cunningness, he was definitely inferior to Kun Yun. If he stayed in Kun Yun's sea of consciousness for too long, he might actually end up falling for one of Kun Yun's schemes.

    In both Mo Wuji's and Kun Yun's heart, the other was as devious as a ghost.

    "How do I get out?" Even though Mo Wuji stopped, his Kun Wu Sword was still surging with sword intent.

    "You will definitely suspect this method, but continue digging like this. Begin at the position 40 meters behind you. I will give you three days. During this three days, I will not mend my sea of consciousness. But this is on the premise that you dig in a stable manner." Kun Yun's clear voice had suddenly turned hoarse.

    "Ok." Mo Wuji didn't utter a single word of nonsense. In a straightforward manner, he retreated by 40 meters. His Kun Wu Sword stabbed forward and a 3000-meter deep sword scar formed in the wall of the sea of consciousness.

    Kun Yun kept to his words; he didn't continue healing his sea of consciousness.

    Seeing Mo Wuji take action without uttering any nonsense not asking anything about his past, Kun Yun knew that Mo Wuji definitely wasn't simple. He especially hated such decisive and cunning people.

    Mo Wuji wholeheartedly wanted to escape as soon as possible. He knew he had to leave while the other party still couldn't fully control this giant sea of consciousness.

    After all, the Dao was something that was uncertain. The other party might suddenly have an enlightenment which allowed him to heal his sea of consciousness rapidly. If that day comes, he, Mo Wuji, would die without being able to resist.

    A person like Kun Yun was so terrifying that Mo Wuji didn't want to spend even half a breath more than he should.

    Mo Wuji's speed was staggering. Coupled with the help of Kun Wu Sword, he only needed two days before there was nothing in front of him.

    A sensation of freedom came over; Mo Wuji's spiritual will could sweep out unbridledly. He exhaled deeply. He had finally escaped; he had finally left that terrifying sea of consciousness.

    There were no longer any traces of Kun Yun's sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji didn't even know where he came out from. However, Mo Wuji didn't want to think too much about it. If such an ancient power couldn't even do such a thing, then he wouldn't be able to survive these years with such injuries.

    But Mo Wuji was soon dumbfounded. He was sure that this was not the void. The Laws of the Heaven and Earth here seemed much stronger than the Immortal World. Not only that, the immortal spiritual energy here was much thicker. No, this wasn't immortal spiritual energy, this was an energy similar to that within the green crystals.

    The reason why he knew that this wasn't the void was because there was air around him and his surroundings were murky black. This gave Mo Wuji the impression that he had just left one strange chasm and entered another.

    Mo Wuji could only whip out his Book of Luo to protect himself while he continuously moved upwards.

    A day passed and some light pierced through the darkness. Mo Wuji celebrated gleefully; he could tell that this was light from the Sun.

    Right at this moment, a terrifying feeling came from below his feet. Mo Wuji didn't think too much as he directly teleported.

    "Kacha!" It felt as though the entire space had been bitten; Mo Wuji felt an intense sensation of emptiness around him. Fortunately, he had already landed on hard ground. Through his spiritual will, he noticed a terrifyingly large mouth flash by.

    Cold sweat trickled down Mo Wuji's back. If he had been slower or if that giant mouth detected him earlier, he would have already been dead.

    Looking around, he found that he was standing at the edge of a deep gully. He had just come out from that gully. It was unknown exactly how deep that gully was as his spiritual will wasn't even able to reach its bottom. Not only that, his spiritual eye also couldn't see what was inside clearly.

    He added caution to his caution but he still almost got screwed by Kun Yun. That old demon Kun Yun, he must have used some method to send Mo Wuji from his sea of consciousness to this deep gully.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept around his surroundings. This place was desolate; there wasn't even a strand of wild grass.

    That feeling of threat was constantly within his heart. Mo Wuji didn't dare to stay here any further. He immediately fled using his Wind Escape Technique.

    After moving for a day, the energy around him got thicker and he finally stopped. There was finally signs of life here. A green and tender grass appeared by the side of the path. Mo Wuji elatedly sent over to dig this grass up.

    Exactly where did he end up in? There was actually a Two-leaved Immortal Dust Grass by the side of the road. This was a Tier 9 immortal herb used to concoct a Tier 9 healing pill, the Immortal Dust Pill. He didn't have much use for a healing pill but such a thing was a priceless treasure for other people.

    Just as Mo Wuji picked the Two-leaved Immortal Dust Grass up, two shadows swiftly landed beside him.

    Mo Wuji grabbed his jade box and hurriedly retreated. He actually felt that these two were much stronger than him. At this instant, Mo Wuji's heart was even bellowing angrily. Why were there so many experts?

    There were two women. Their looks were considered pretty and they both had almond-shaped faces. One of them was relatively taller.

    The two's gaze swept across the jade box in Mo Wuji's hand. When they saw that it was only a Two-leaved Immortal Dust Grass in the jade box, a hint of disdain flashed across their eyes.

    That relatively taller woman asked, "What's your name? Why have you appeared so near to Tao Tie Valley? Did you see a youth that is slightly shorter than you in the area?"

    Mo Wuji was slightly startled. Tao Tie Valley? Could it be the deep gully that he had just come out from?

    "I was asking you a question, didn't you hear it? Also, why can't I see through your cultivation?" The relatively taller woman suddenly harrumphed harshly. Following her harrumph, an intense aura pressed down on Mo Wuji, causing him to be unable to breathe.

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded; he finally came to a realisation. This two woman's auras were similar to that Yu Zhenna. Yu Zhenna was definitely from a realm higher than the Immortal World. Since these two could release the same auras as Yu Zhenna without needing regulation talismans, it meant that this place wasn't the Immortal World.

    "I was here looking for some herbs. I didn't see any youth," Mo Wuji said hurriedly.

    "Big Sister, this person looks a little slow. He even wants such rubbish herbs. He wouldn't even notice it even if Uncle brushed past him," The shorter woman added.

    The taller one nodded, seemingly in agreement with the shorter woman's words. Her tone became slightly gentler, "Then why can't I see through your cultivation?"

    "I have a concealment technique which is not bad. If these two senior sisters are interested, I..."

    Before Mo Wuji could finish speaking, that taller woman waved her hand, "Who wants your concealment technique? Also, with your bit of cultivation, why would you need to conceal it?"

    Mo Wuji said awkwardly, "I cultivate this technique on the side."

    "Little sister, let's go." The taller woman felt that Mo Wuji was simply a passer-by, an insignificant one at that. Thus, she couldn't be bothered to continue wasting her words on Mo Wuji.

    As the two walked into the distance, Mo Wuji could still hear their voices, "Big sister, that fella was looking for herbs in the vicinity of Tao Tie Valley. He truly leaves people speechless."

    The taller woman sneered, "With his capabilities, he wouldn't even be able to get to the area with the lowest tier of god herbs. Even if he does, he would be courting his death."

    "Big sister is right." The shorter woman responded. By that time, the two were already in the distance.

    Mo Wuji looked at their disappearing silhouettes, the glee in his heart had vanished without a trace. Originally, he would have no qualms about leaving the Immortal World. But now, he still had a huge enemy left in the Immortal World - Zi Changluo. How could he rest at ease if Zi Changluo was still alive?

    He also didn't know whether this was the God World of legends.
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