Chapter 881: God Lattice Has Different Grades Too

    Chapter 881: God Lattice Has Different Grades Too

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    The ship's cabin was very spacious and over 10 people were seated within in. Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will scanned through the cabin and could tell that these people's spirit roots had all been completely destroyed. However, the elemental energy surrounding their body was still surging turbulently. Everything was stored within the Dantian as Mo Wuji guessed that they should have been given the Black Transformation Pill.

    Mo Wuji didn't speak as he found a place to sit down.

    Just as he sat down, a skinny man shifted next to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows because since the entire cabin was so spacious, what was the meaning of this fella's act?

    "Big Brother, my name is Tian Nu. May I ask how do I address Big Brother?" The skinny man asked softly.

    "Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji simply said this and didn't continue further. He was prepared to use his spirit storage channel to observe the surrounding before finding an opportunity to escape. As for mining, it shall be left with those who are interested; Mo Wuji had never intended to go over.

    "Could Big Brother Mo be guarding against me? Actually, I am the same type of person as Big Brother Mo." Tian Nu noticed that Mo Wuji was not exactly interested in talking to him so he added.

    Mo Wuji didn't reply, the same type of person? He had just come over from the Immortal World and was even unaware of the structure of the God World so how could he be the same type of person as this skinny man.

    Tian Nu further lowered his voice, "Big Brother Mo, if my guess wasn't wrong, Big Brother should still have your spirit roots and is still able to use your spiritual will."

    Mo Wuji was shocked and following which, he instantly realised that his use of his spirit storage channel's spiritual will must have been detected by this man. His spirit storage channel was extremely concealed. Even if these people's spirit roots were not destroyed, they shouldn't be able to detect it so quickly. How would this skinny man know?

    At the instance Tian Nu mentioned about his use of spirit roots, Mo Wuji was already prepared to act and get rid of this skinny man.

    Tian Nu seemed to have sensed Mo Wuji's intention so he hurried to explain, "Big Brother must not misunderstand me. I am able to find out Big Brother's use of spiritual will only because I am a little unusual. Does Big Brother Mo has any other plans? Little Brother here is willing to follow you everywhere to support your cause. All I ask is for Big Brother to bring me away."

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "When I first arrived here, they had already told me that if I could mine enough god crystals, I would be able to earn my freedom back."

    Tian Nu said helplessly, "Big Brother Mo, you don't have to test me. If I really intended to plot against you, I would have told the manager directly that your spirit roots were not destroyed and you could still use your spiritual will. Why would I bother discussing terms with you?"

    Mo Wuji was already convinced by Tian Nu's words but he had no concrete plans yet so how could he form an alliance with someone else? Moreover, this skinny man should have no idea that he was only in the intermediate Immortal Emperor Stage. Otherwise, he should be pretty disappointed. Wouldn't it be a joke for an Immortal Emperor to bring a cultivator of the God World away?

    He didn't continue questioning why Tian Nu still had his spirit roots and spiritual will. Like himself, Mo Wuji understood that everyone had their own secret.

    "Could Big Brother Mo be thinking of using your spirit roots and spiritual will to get some god crystals from the god mining field before using it to leave?" Tian Nu said once again as he saw that Mo Wuji was still unwilling to reply.

    Mo Wuji pondered for a moment before saying, "Is that not possible?"

    Tian Nu said in a solemn tone, "If Big Brother Mo was planning to do that, you would be gravely mistaken. Do you really think we will be sent to mine for god crystals?"

    "Are we not?" Mo Wuji was confused. Initially, he was still considering to mine for some god crystals if he really had no other way out. Having some god crystals wouldn't do him harm because he still had his Undying World with him.

    Tian Nu said with an incredibly soft voice, "Big Brother Mo, think about it. With our destroyed spirit roots and primordial spirit, how long would we be able to mine for god crystals while only being supported by pills which replenish part of our elemental energy? If we are really going to mine for god crystals, they wouldn't have destroyed both our spirit channels and primordial spirit."

    "So what are we mining for?" Mo Wuji suddenly felt slightly frightened as he actually believed the words of those who captured him. It was as ridiculous as a wolf saying to a sheep: I am employing you to consume grass and once you've consumed enough, I will let you go.

    Mo Wuji had studied psychology before so he would naturally know what was this about. The other party had captured him so it should be easy for them to kill him off. Now that they didn't kill him, he subconsciously thought that they wouldn't lie to him. Tian Nu's words were clearly correct too because without spirit roots or spirit channels coupled with the blackened primordial spirit, one wouldn't be able to mine for a prolonged period of time no matter how much elemental energy one had.

    "Big Brother should have some understanding towards god lattice right?" Tian Nu asked.

    Mo Wuji answered, "I have heard of it but I am not too sure about it. Could you help by explaining to me? Because of my low cultivation level, I am even unaware of the realms in the God World."

    "Ah..." Tian Nu let out an 'ah' when he heard Mo Wuji's words and a trace of disappointment flashed across his eyes. It seemed to be because Mo Wuji said that his cultivation was still low.

    However, he readjusted his attitude and said with an even softer voice, "Big Brother, you're not from here right?"

    Mo Wuji guessed that it should be because he appeared clueless about even the realms of the God World which was why Tian Nu started suspecting him. Mo Wuji didn't choose to conceal anything as he nodded, "Yes, I am indeed not from this place. Hopefully Brother Tian Nu can provide some explanation to me."

    Tian Nu suddenly stopped talking and moments later, the cabin door was reopened and two more unconscious cultivators were thrown in.

    In one look, Mo Wuji knew that these two fellas were captured to mine as well. Whether or not they were really going to mine or not, their fate should be the same as everyone else in here.

    Once the cabin door was shut again, Tian Nu said, "Actually, this place isn't called the God World but the God Domain. In the God Domain, the strongest would be God Kings. However, there weren't many God Kings even in the entire God Domain. Those who had just entered the God Realm would be in the Nascent God Stage and it is split into 9 levels. As long as one cultivated to level 9 of the Nascent God Stage, one would be able to condense god lattice and step into the Heavenly God Stage. Heavenly Gods are the true gods who have been recognised by the Heaven Dao Laws.

    The Heavenly God Stage was also divided into 9 levels and one would be able to charge towards the God Monarch Stage at the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage. Big Brother Mo, the most precious thing in the God Realm isn't any treasure or pills but the god lattice..."

    Mo Wuji was intending to inquire further about the stages after the God Monarch Stage but hearing Tian Nu talked about how precious the god lattice was, he asked, "Brother Tian Nu, could you explain more about the god lattice?"

    Tian Nu knew that Mo Wuji wasn't from the God Domain so he didn't find it odd, "A Nascent God who wishes to enter a higher stage must condense his own god lattice. The grade of the god lattice would eventually affect how far one could go in the future."

    "There are different grades to the god lattice?"

    "Of course there are, the god lattice is graded by stars. One star would be the lowest grade while five stars is the highest. You should know about God King Wu Jie right? Oh yes, I doubt you would know about him. I've heard that he had condensed a five stars god lattice. In the entire God World, the number of experts with five stars god lattice were as rare as a phoenix feather and a unicorn horn. Tian Nu appeared extremely familiar with these matters as he explained everything in great details.

    Just as Mo Wuji was going to inquire further, Tian Nu raised his hand to stop Mo Wuji from speaking, "I know what you're going to ask. In the God World, there are many forms of appearance for the existence of god lattice. The main ones would be God Lattice Dao Fruit, god lattice crystals and I've even heard that consciousness crystals could even be used to condense god lattice. The God Lattice Dao Fruit would only form god lattice of three stars and below so the god lattice crystals would still be the most valuable treasure to condense god lattice. God lattice crystals are graded by the number of colours. One coloured god lattice crystals are the most commonly seen and the use of one coloured crystal would form a one star god lattice. Five coloured god lattice crystals are the rarest and every one of them would ignite a bloody reign of terror..."

    Mo Wuji hurried to ask, "What is the consciousness crystal? It could also be used to condense god lattice?"

    Tian Nu replied, "There are huge restrains in using the consciousness crystal and even dangers. This is crystal rock condensed from the sea of consciousness of fallen ancient experts. Those who used the consciousness crystals would usually not be able to achieve their full potential and could even degrade along the way. One example would be if an expert with five stars god lattice had fallen, his sea of consciousness could at most form three stars god lattice.

    I've even heard of a type of god lattice called the primal god lattice which was rumoured to be a heaven splitting existence. People called this god lattice the god tablet and those who condensed the god tablet lattice are likely to be creators of a new world."

    Mo Wuji nodded as Tian Nu's explanation was not far off from Ji Li's explanation and the only difference was the Ji Li didn't explain about the god lattice. Mo Wuji had nothing much on him except loads of consciousness crystals which he would not use for himself. At the very least, he would sell them away in the future.

    "You said we weren't going to mine so why are we going to do?"

    "I'm suspecting that we wouldn't be mining but to collect god lattice crystals..." Tian Nu said in a low voice.

    "How is this different from mining?" Mo Wuji questioned because collecting sounded the same as mining.

    Tian Nu answered, "In the God Domain, 90% of the god lattice crystals are at the God Burial Valley..."

    At this moment, Mo Wuji felt a slight tremble at the bottom of his feet. He exchanged glances with Tian Nu and both of them new that the flying ship had moved off.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "Brother Tian Nu, I have decided to work with you so please continue."

    Despite sensing that Mo Wuji was not that strong, Tian Nu was still pleasantly surprised, "I knew that Big Brother Mo isn't ordinary . The god lattice crystal still had a unique character and that is that it was suspended within the God Burial Valley. It is extremely firm and one wouldn't be able to bring it down unless one had sufficient elemental energy. Anybody who brings the god lattice crystal down would have his primordial spirit and spirit roots merged and then condense the god lattice."

    "Are you saying that if our primordial spirit and spirit roots were not blackened, we would be the ones using the god lattice crystals once we touched it?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously.


    "Since this is the case, why don't those people who want to condense their god lattice grab the god lattice crystals themselves?"

    Tian Nu sighed, "If the god lattice crystals were so easy to obtain, it wouldn't be that valuable anymore. The God Burial Valley was reputable only because anyone who enters would have his life force depleted. Once you enter the God Burial Valley, you could lose your entire life force even before you find any god lattice crystal."

    "So frightening," Mo Wuji exclaimed in his heart. If he hadn't met Tian Nu, he would really believe that he could mine for some god lattice crystals to bring away.
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