Chapter 882: The Change Outside The God Burial Valley

    Chapter 882: The Change Outside The God Burial Valley

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    Tian Nu continued, "Big Brother Mo, if my guess is right, we would lose our consciousness and thought once we reached the God Burial Valley. After which, our hands would be carved with transfer array runes before being sent into the God Burial Valley. In this manner, we would be focused only on finding the god lattice crystal and once we find those crystals, it will be immediately transferred to the greedy people outside. Therefore, we have to find a way to escape even before we reach the God Burial Valley."

    "Are there any examples of people surviving even after entering the God Burial Valley?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Tian Nu said anxiously, "Big Brother Mo, your future would definitely be extraordinary but you must not think about this. Even a God King with nine lives wouldn't survive once he entered the God Burial Valley. Indeed, there were people who managed to escape alive but they had either turn retarded or died the moment they escaped. The only person who escaped with no major injuries was God King Wu Jie. In fact, he managed to obtain his five coloured god lattice crystal from the God Burial Valley."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I get it now. Brother Tian Nu, do you have any good idea?"

    From Mo Wuji's perspective, this person named Tian Nu was definitely not simple. Even while he knew that Mo Wuji had low cultivation, he didn't seem to have any hesitation. Because Mo Wuji had created the Mortal Dao, he managed to enter this place unharmed. If Tian Nu could also enter unharm, how could he be a simple person?

    Tian Nu shook his head, "Big Brother Mo, I have two Mind Palaces which was why I have two seas of consciousness. One of my sea of consciousness could stimulate out fake spirit roots and spirit channels. The reason why I am capable of using my spiritual will now is not because I am incredibly powerful but because only one of my sea of consciousness, one set of fake spirit roots and spirit channels have been destroyed. My strength is at concealment and I'm weak in other areas. As long as Big Brother Mo could get us out of here, I would have a way to conceal the both of us..."

    Mo Wuji understood why Tian Nu wanted to work with him. It was so that Tian Nu could borrow his strength.

    Mo Wuji didn't dare to extend his spiritual will outwards because he knew how weak he was compared to everyone else in this place. If even Tian Nu could notice his spiritual will, how could he expect the others to not notice him? Even if it was because Tian Nu had a unique ability, Mo Wuji was not willing to risk.

    "Tian Nu, you can address me by my name in the future. I might be even weaker than you so I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to escape this ship at all. Also, I don't think I am fit enough to be addressed as Big Brother by you," Mo Wuji said honestly.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, there was indeed a flash of disappointment in Tian Nu's eyes. Even so, he concealed his emotions well as he said, "Precisely because Big Brother Mo is not very strong, the people outside wouldn't be able to notice your situation which is why Big Brother Mo's future would be incredibly promising. Big Brother Mo, feel free to suggest any ideas and regardless of success or failure, Tian Nu would agree to it all."

    "Great," Mo Wuji said, "Given our strengths now, trying to leave the ship would be an impossible dream. My plan would be to wait till we reach the periphery of the God Burial Valley. If all else fails, we shall enter the God Burial Valley."

    "Ah..." Tian Nu was momentarily dumbfounded when he heard of Mo Wuji's idea. These people want them to look for god lattice crystals so they would definitely make them lose their consciousness once they reached the God Burial Valley. Without consciousness, how would they be able to think of any idea. Moreover, even if they retained their consciousness, their life force would be sucked away by the God Burial Valley.

    Mo Wuji patted Tian Nu's shoulder as he said, "Tian Nu, just have faith in me."

    Mo Wuji had the detoxification and vitality channel so he didn't believe the God Burial Valley could finish him off.

    Even though this was his thoughts, Mo Wuji was still very frustrated and helpless. He was well aware that other than entering the God Burial Valley, there was no other way around this. With his intermediate Immortal Emperor's strength, he wouldn't have any means of escaping even if he had monstrous intelligence against these people who captured him so easily.

    Sometimes, everything else would simply be like fleeting clouds in front of true strength.

    "Big Brother Mo, I trust you," Tian Nu knew that Mo Wuji made his decision helplessly but he had no other choice too.

    Listening to Mo Wuji would bring about a slight chance because if he chose not to trust Mo Wuji, what could he do on his own?

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to speak again, Tian Nu suddenly shut his eyes with a face of despair. Mo Wuji knew that Tian Nu was extremely sensitive in this aspect so he followed suit to shut his eyes while revealing a disappointed expression.

    Half a moment later, the cabin door was opened and a bald headed man walked in. After entering, he didn't say anything as he simply sat beside the door.

    Mo Wuji had no choice but to keep all his burning questions by the side of his heart. He could only wait for further opportunities to ask Tian Nu.


    Multiple days later, the bald headed man had yet to leave but the flying ship came to a halt.

    The flying ship stopped and the door opened. The bald headed man looked at the people inside the cabin as he said with a cold voice, "Everyone follows me and we shall consume an antidote first. Because the air of our mining area contains poison, everyone needs to consume the antidote first. Those who perform well will be rewarded with your freedom a year later. Those fortunate and are able to find peak grade god crystals would be rewarded your freedom immediately. Additionally, you will be given a god pill to recover your spirit roots.

    It was perhaps the bald headed man's last sentence that came into effect because everyone suddenly felt rejuvenated.

    Pills were passed down by the bald headed man and Mo Wuji received one pitched black pill too. The pill brought along a fishy smell and it looked similar to the ordinary antidote for poisons.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he swallowed the pill in his hand.

    Tian Nu saw that Mo Wuji had swallowed the pill so he followed suit. He was certain that his judgement would not be wrong. Mo Wuji was not only able to retain his primordial spirit as well as spirit roots so Tian Nu was confident in Mo Wuji's abilities. More importantly, he believed that Mo Wuji was trustworthy enough.

    Corroding dao spirituality expanded throughout his body and Mo Wuji could feel everything blackening in his mind. Concurrently, the detoxification meridian started circulating.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief as he was worried that his detoxification meridian might not work. If the detoxification meridian worked, he would still have an opportunity of escaping.

    At the same time, his spirit storage channel made use of his detoxification meridian to sweep up the toxic in Tian Nu's body.

    Mo Wuji's detoxification meridian would be able to disregard even the peak grade highly poisonous toxic. Therefore, these two pills worth of toxic merely needed one circulation of the meridian to cleanse it.

    After Tian Nu sent the pill into his mouth, his face turned pale immediately. The toxic pill was simply so terrifying that it wrapped around his entire nervous system almost instantaneously.

    With a toxic like that, what would be the point even if he managed to escape with Mo Wuji eventually?

    The numbness could be felt and before Tian Nu entered the state of daze, he could feel a spiritual will extending towards him. Following which, a mighty elemental energy swept all the toxic away from his mind without leaving a single bit behind.

    An indescribable happiness overwhelmed his heart as he knew that this must be Big Brother Mo's help. Just when his consciousness was about to be erased, Mo Wuji silently helped him removed the toxic. Just how terrifyingly strong was Mo Wuji? In fact, Mo Wuji's character made him even more thankful and excited.

    After all, Mo Wuji's act of helping him at a moment like this would land himself in great danger. Moreover, Mo Wuji had no need to help him now.

    Tian Nu was certain that this wasn't the time to be grateful as his face turned numbed and dazed.

    Mo Wuji was also like Tian Nu as his face appeared numbed and dazed.

    The bald headed man saw everyone standing in front of him turn dazed so he nodded satisfyingly, "I am about to tell you two things now. Firstly, put on this gloves."

    As he spoke, a pair of gloves was floating in front of everyone here. Mo Wuji, like everyone else, put on the gloves that were suspending in front of him.

    The instance he held the gloves, Mo Wuji knew that this was a pair of gloves with transfer array carved on it. It seemed like Tian Nu's guess was not wrong.

    "Secondly, everyone please follow me." The bald headed man said as he led the way.

    Mo Wuji was in the middle of the group of people with his dazed eyes. He didn't use his spiritual will or his spirit storage channel but he could see that this was indeed a desolate place.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji noticed that there were already hundreds of people gathered here. These people were just like them as all of their eyes were dazed and numbed too.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji understood what was happening. Those people who captured them here were not after god lattice and instead, they brought them here to sell. The hundreds of people here were evidently brought here by the various groups of 'kidnappers'.

    A green robed man appeared in front of Mo Wuji and co. as he scanned through their bodies. With a stern tone, he said, "I have an opportunity for everyone now. Everyone is to walk inside and remember to keep walking forward. If you find anything along the way, remember to grab onto them with force."

    Once he said that, the green robe man took out an edgy shaped crystal. Mo Wuji looked dazedly at this particular white crystal.

    After everyone looked through it, the green robe man said, "This crystal could be multi-coloured too. Whichever colour you see, you have to grab hard and this will be your opportunity at life. Understand?"

    "Yes," A jagged reply was heard and every voice seemed to have a preset order to it.

    "Alright, you can head in now." The green robe man waved his hand as he pointed to a curved dirt road.

    The hundreds of people followed the path into the curved dirt road and not one of them had any opinions.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji could feel that his surrounding let out an explosion. Following that, Mo Wuji heard as though something was broken and everything in front of him cleared up.

    Previously, this place was protected by a defensive array. This was Mo Wuji's first reaction when the explosion was heard.

    "Ying Congchang, your Black Mustard God Merchant House actually installed a concealed grand array at a remote corner of the God Burial Valley and commit such outrageous act? Even the entire God World will never forgive a scum like you..." An enraged voice was heard and a piercing blade radiance, which even Mo Wuji could feel, landed.
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