Chapter 883: Completely Reliant On Acting

    Chapter 883: Completely Reliant On Acting

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    Killing intent shrouded the entire area and Mo Wuji certainly didn't think that would still be a person with justice in the God World.

    Mo Wuji knew that no one would bother about them at this moment in time so he transmitted a message to Tian Nu, "Remember to avoid killing intent."

    "I get it, many thanks Big Brother." Tian Nu transmitted the message back with emotions. He didn't expect the big brother he met would be so heaven defying that he could even detoxify poison which could blacken the nervous system. Not only that, Mo Wuji even helped him detoxify the poison in him unknowingly.

    The elemental energy continued to explode in space and random cultivators were constantly being killed.

    Even in the periphery of the battle, Mo Wuji felt that breathing had became difficult.

    This made Mo Wuji realised how truly weak he was in this great big world.

    "Dao Friend, it wouldn't do you any good by killing me, Ying Congchang. Let me go and I could at least save these people..." A hoarse voice sounded out.

    Mo Wuji heard the voice clearly and knew that it was that previous Zi Pao.

    "Alright..." All Mo Wuji heard was an 'alright' and in the next moment, he heard Ying Congchang's desperate cry, "Despicable..."

    Mo Wuji knew that Ying Congchang had been killed. From the looks of it, the person who killed Ying Congchang didn't really seem like he wanted to save them.

    The surrounding quieten down and a clear voice could be heard, "All of you, turn around."

    Including Mo Wuji, the hundreds of dazed looking people turned around to look at the person speaking. The person was a female with slightly yellow skin. Additionally, her hair was evidently yellow too and her eyes were rather big. She wasn't considered ugly but wasn't particularly pretty too. If her skin was slightly fairer, she could be described as delicate.

    It was the two women standing on either side of her that made Mo Wuji sigh. These two women were the two people he had escaped from earlier on. Who would have expected that after all these drama, he would still be captured by these two women.

    Standing behind the yellow hair woman was an old lady. This old lady might look old but one could still see her once delicate appearance. Killing intent were still exuding from her body and she still looked a little blood-thirsty. Evidently, she was the one who attacked and was probably their main force.

    "Where is uncle?" The yellow hair woman scanned through the crowd and asked with a calm voice.

    The tall woman hurried to bow as she replied, "Little miss, I followed them all the way because uncle was captured by them. This was also how I managed to leave traces behind. I didn't expect uncle to be not around but that fella is here. That fella refused to listen to me and was indeed caught by these people."

    Having said that, she pointed at Mo Wuji, who was standing amidst the crowd.

    The yellow hair woman's eyes fell on Mo Wuji before saying, "Aunt Jun, can this person be recovered?"

    The old lady standing behind the yellow hair woman shook her head, "Little miss, this person had his spirit roots and primordial spirit blacken by the Black Transformation Pill. To make things worse, his nervous system had been destroyed by the Perplex Spiritual Pill. At the very most, I would be able to recover part of his consciousness, allow him to have simple interactions and do simple tasks. The others..."

    The old lady didn't continue on.

    The yellow hair woman sighed, "Since he almost became my husband, I guess we have some affinity. Aunt Jun, go save him."

    The old lady didn't speak as she raised her hand and landed a pill accurately into Mo Wuji's mouth.

    Once the pill enter, it formed a icy cold stream which moisten Mo Wuji's mind. Mo Wuji suspected if he had truly lost his consciousness from the Perplex Spiritual Pill. This pill might have helped him recover fully.

    A while later, Mo Wuji revealed extra signs of life force in his eyes and even took a few steps forward to look around doubtfully.

    "There is no need to look around anymore. My little miss had saved your life," The tall woman, who wanted to bring Mo Wuji away, spoke with a stern voice.

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji stared at the tall woman and didn't react for a while.

    The yellow hair woman sighed before saying, "Bring him away and let him do some simple tasks in the farmstead."

    "Yes," The old lady raised her hand and Mo Wuji could feel a mighty elemental energy sweeping towards him in an attempt to bring him away.

    Tian Nu saw that Mo Wuji was brought away so he quickly darted out from the crowd of people as he escaped swiftly.


    Two days later, the flying ship stopped on a massive station plaza. Mo Wuji followed the four women down and he saw four massive words: Shen Jiang Transfer Station.

    The yellow hair woman kept the flying ship as she said, "Let's head over to check out the Phecda God Sect. I've heard that they are recruiting disciples."Mo Wuji, who was standing by the side, was shocked because he didn't know if Phecda is his Tian Ji [1]. He was extremely curious to know why the God Domain had this sect and that there was only an additional 'God' behind it.

    "Little miss, we must not leave the Lightning Sword Manor at a moment like this because if we leave, the Lightning Sword Manor would no longer belong to the surname 'Xi'." The tall woman said with a slightly anxious tone.

    The yellow hair woman sighed, "What can I do? Now that they have brought out the teachings of the Xi Clan's ancestors and we haven't found an uncle to enter the Lightning Clan, we are basically not able to enter the ancestral hall."

    The tall woman's eyes landed back on Mo Wuji and Mo Wuji's heart jumped. You can't possibly want me to be your uncle right? I already have an incomplete consciousness and you still want me to be your uncle? Aren't you setting the standards too low?

    "Little miss, how are you going to obtain Old Lord's legacy if you can't enter the ancestral hall? This uncle issue is only a makeshift strategy and your agreement would also be part of the makeshift strategy. Once you've obtain Old Lord's legacy, you would be able to create your own world and control the Lightning Sword Manor." The tall woman said energetically.

    That short woman also agreed, "Little miss, Sister Qian Hua's words are right. You've even saved Mo Wuji and if it wasn't for you, Mo Wuji would have been dead. He would have helped you at a moment like this."

    The truth was that both of them were certain Mo Wuji's intelligence was not sufficient enough to fight back like before.

    The yellow hair woman's eyes lit up as she instantly looked back at Mo Wuji, "Qian Hua, you and Xun Ji are right. Mo Wuji, you shall be the uncle of my Xi Clan and rest assure that I wouldn't ill-treat you. When I take control of the Lightning Sword Manor, I would find a way to help you recover your spirit roots."

    To continue acting like a dazed person, Mo Wuji could only despise this woman in his heart. Mo Wuji exclaimed in his heart, how could you be bashful about this and didn't even bother asking me before making the decision for me?

    Fortunately, he heard that he only had to be their temporary uncle which was still acceptable by him.

    The shorter woman sighed, "I'm only afraid that they find out that this uncle is fake and find other reasons to give us trouble."

    The quiet old lady sneered, "Even if you find the real uncle back, they would still think its a fake. What's important is for little miss to enter the ancestral hall and everything else is secondary."

    The yellow hair woman nodded seriously, "Aunt Jun is right. Whether or not they know that the uncle I found is fake, they wouldn't be able to stop me from entering my Xi Clan's ancestral hall."

    Once she said this, the yellow hair woman turned to Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, all you have to know is that I am your wife. There's nothing else for you to know and also, my name is Xi Nianmo..."

    Xi Nianmo didn't look down on Mo Wuji and actually explained everything to Mo Wuji.

    Half an incense later, Mo Wuji had a rough idea of everything that had happened.

    Xi Nianmo came from the Lightning Sword Manor and the original owner of the Lightning Sword Manor was Xi Jing. Xi Nianmo never mentioned about Xi Jing's cultivation level but Mo Wuji's guess was that it wasn't low.

    Many years ago, Xi Jing did something extremely dangerous and never came back. The entire Lightning Sword Manor believed that he had fallen.

    The temporary lord of the Lightning Sword Manor ended up to be Xi Jing's only daughter, Xi Nianmo.

    The Xi Clan's legacy had always been kept in the Xi Clan's ancestral hall. Logically speaking, Xi Nianmo was Xi Jing's only daughter and inheriting the Lightning Sword Manor and entering the Xi Clan's ancestral hall shouldn't be a problem at all. However, there was indeed a problem.

    The problem lies with the fact that Xi Jing once brought back a pregnant woman named Fan Lin. Fan Lin gave birth to a boy back when she was at the Lightning Sword Manor. The boy followed his mother's surname and was called Fan Sui.

    After Xi Jing had fallen suspiciously, Fan Lin actually stood out to say that Fan Sui was Xi Jing's son and that Xi Jing didn't mention it previously because of pride.

    If she didn't had the support of other people in the Lightning Sword Manor, Fan Lin would have been killed for saying such things. The key was that when Fan Lin mentioned about how Fan Sui was also Xi Jing's son and could inherit the Lightning Sword Manor, half of the elder of the Lightning Sword Manor actually supported Fan Lin. They believed that according to the teachings of the ancestors, Xi Nianmo was not married so she shouldn't inherit the legacy of the Lightning Sword Manor's Xi Clan.

    Once she reached this point, Mo Wuji understood the story. He was also helpless at how he came out quagmire just to enter another one.

    "Mo Wuji, this matter had nothing to do with you initially. I know that you would probably only understand half of what I've said but just remember that I am your wife and you are the uncle of the Lightning Sword Manor." Xi Nianmo comforted Mo Wuji after reciting everything to Mo Wuji in simple terms.

    "I get it," Mo Wuji replied in a low muffled voice because what else could he say now?

    If he said that he was never poisoned, could he have left this place alone? That would probably be the way to death. He didn't expect that after all these years of cultivation, he had to rely on his acting skills to survive.

    [1]: Phecda in chinese would be Tian Ji as well. However, the 'Ji' in Phecda is a different character from the Tian Ji Sect that Mo Wuji was from.
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