Chapter 884: Clan Meeting

    Chapter 884: Clan Meeting

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    After coming down from the transfer array, Mo Wuji sat on another flying ship for over a month before it finally stopped.

    As Mo Wuji walked down the flying ship, the first thing he saw was a verdant hillside. Incredibly dense elemental energy could be felt and Mo Wuji's entire body felt relaxed at the same moment. He guessed that this should be the god spiritual energy.

    The god spiritual energy here was multiple folds denser than that of the Tao Tie Valley but what made Mo Wuji felt so comfortable was that the spiritual energy here didn't have as much impurities as those at the Tao Tie Valley. The clearness in the laws of Heaven and Earth made Mo Wuji can't wait to sit down immediately to undergo enlightenment.

    Mo Wuji was certain that he could step into the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage if he started cultivating here.

    This was only the periphery of the Lightning Sword Manor as Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already scanned further down the hillside where three gigantic words were displayed: Lightning Sword Manor.

    A clear and wide bluestone path was inclined upwards as it stretched directly to the Lightning Sword Manor.

    Xi Nianmo led the way while the old lady named Xi Jun followed closely beside her. The two women Qian Hua and Xun Ji followed behind her and Mo Wuji could only walk at the back.

    After stepping onto the bluestone path towards the Lightning Sword Manor, Xi Nianmo walked for over ten steps before stopping and turning back intentionally towards Mo Wuji, "Husband, you should walk right next to me."

    Mo Wuji could only answer with an 'en' as he walked right next to Xi Nianmo.

    What made Mo Wuji suspicious was that Xi Nianmo was after all still the temporary Manor Lord but now that she had returned, nobody actually stood out to welcome her.

    However, by looking at the expression of Aunt Jun, Xun Ji and Qian Hua, Mo Wuji knew that there was something unusual regarding this matter.

    Only when Xi Nianmo arrived right outside the main entrance of the Lightning Sword Manor, the inner defensive array of the Lightning Sword Manor opened up.

    Two green robed disciples stood at the entrance as they bowed, "Greetings, little miss."

    "How daring! Don't you know how to address the Manor Lord properly?" Qian Hua shouted furiously.

    "Qian Hua, having followed little miss out for a few days, your temper had indeed been affected. Why do I think that he wasn't wrong in addressing little miss? Little miss is after all only the temporary Manor Lord. Because little miss have yet to return after a few days, the replacement Manor Lord of the Lightning Sword Manor is Young Master Xi Sui..." A calm voice was heard and a middle age man wearing grey robe walked out from the side.

    Xi Sui? Xi Nianmo hesitated for a while before coming back to her senses. Isn't Xi Sui the same person as Fan Sui? She had only been out for two months and a person, whose identity had yet to be confirmed, actually took over her position as the temporary Manor Lord and even changed his surname to 'Xi' so publicly.

    "Xi Di, you're merely a manager so how dare you speak to little miss with such tone? Since you're courting death, I shall fulfill your wish..." Xi Jun, who was standing right next to Xi Nianmo, was enraged as she sent a palm flying towards the grey robe middle aged man.

    Even though the wild elemental energy had been condensed into one palm, Mo Wuji could sense the killing intent from within. Mo Wuji thought in his heart: this old lady's temper is not a joke. One sentence which displeased her and she wants him dead. Mo Wuji sensed that this grey robe manager named Xi Di was much weaker than this old lady and the difference in strength wasn't one or two point only.

    If this palm landed on him, Xi Di would probably not survive.

    "Boom!" Xi Jun's palm exploded in mid-air and a terrifying waves of elemental energy exploded out.

    Even though Mo Wuji subconsciously retreated immediately after Xi Jun acted, Mo Wuji was still sent flying after being struck by the remnants elemental waves of explosion.

    Mo Wuji was merely hit by the waves of explosions but he saw Xi Jun spitting out a mouthful of blood.

    Mo Wuji was shocked because he had witnessed Xi Jun's strength before when she killed off the Black Mustard God Merchant House so easily. An expert like this would actually spit out blood in a simple combat like this.

    Mo Wuji had severely underestimated the power of the Lightning Sword Manor and was even more upset that he was dragged into a battle like this. This was never what he intended and if Xi Nianmo failed to regain the throne, he could very well perish together with her. How would he, a small fry, be able to protect his own life in a place like this?

    A square face man appeared in front of everyone and evidently, he was the one who threw out the fist from far away to intercept Xi Jun's palm.

    "Elder Baren, what is the meaning of this?" Xi Nianmo's face turned serious as she said angrily.

    "Little miss, the manor must have the manor's rules. Manager Di didn't say anything wrong and Elder Jun wanted him dead. If a small matter like this would cost the life of a manager of our Lightning Sword Manor, my Lightning Sword Manor would decline very soon." The square face man said with a calm tone and was evidently not too bothered by Xi Nianmo.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because if he was Xi Nianmo, he really wouldn't come back to fight to be the Manor Lord. It was clear that in this manor, her speaking right had been severely restrained.

    Xi Nianmo took in a breath of air before saying with a calm tone, "Aunt Jun was slightly rash in this matter so we shall forget about it now."

    "Since little miss says to forget about it, we would naturally forget about it." The square face elder said.

    Mo Wuji despised this fella because he was even better at acting than himself. Mo Wuji really wanted Xi Nianmo to bite back to say that she wanted Xi Di dead to see how this square face elder would react.

    Xi Nianmo controlled her rage as she said once more, "I have yet to return so why did you give away my position as the temporary Manor Lord?"

    Hearing Xi Nianmo's words, the square face elder reverted back to his serious face as he said, "Little miss isn't wrong and I was initially against the idea of taking away little miss' position as the temporary manor lord. However, i am unable to further rebut their argument that according to the rules of the Lightning Sword Manor, the Manor Lord must be fully grown to take up this responsibility. Their definition of fully grown would be to get married. Little miss wasn't married..."

    Xi Nianmo waved her hand and interrupted the square face elder's words as she pointed at Mo Wuji concurrently.

    Mo Wuji was helpless as he could only walk to the side of Xi Nianmo. Xi Nianmo grabbed onto Mo Wuji's hand as she said, "Elder Baren, this is my husband, Mo Wuji. Wuji, this is one of the five great elders of my Lightning Sword Manor, Elder Xi Baren. Hurry up and greet him."

    Mo Wuji looked dazedly at Xi Nianmo before sizing up Xi Baren and then saying with a confused voice, "Xi Baren?"

    Having said that, Mo Wuji furrowed his brows as he wondered why this square face elder would be called Xi Baren.

    Xi Nianmo hurried to explain to Xi Baren, "Elder Baren, Wuji was captured by the Black Mustard God Merchant House to look for god lattice crystals so he had been given the Perplex Spiritual Pill. This was why his answers to questions now are a little simplistic. I hope that Elder wouldn't mind this."

    Xi Baren smiled, "Little miss is too serious about this. Since he is the uncle of my Lightning Sword Manor, we will do our very best to save him."

    Mo Wuji had experienced too many incidents over the years and he wasn't those type who only knew how to cultivate behind closed doors. From Xi Baren's casual words, Mo Wuji knew that he had already done his investigation on everyone here. He should know about his origins and where Xi Nianmo came from.

    Mo Wuji wasn't wrong because Xi Baren had indeed checked on where Xi Nianmo had been to.

    As for the filthy acts of the Black Mustard God Merchant House, too many people were aware of it. However, not everyone was as forthright as Xi Nianmo to eliminate the entire Black Mustard God Merchant House. Firstly, too many people have done such things and secondly, the implications to future benefits would be too severe.

    On the surface, Xi Nianmo killed the Black Mustard God Merchant House but unknowingly, she had offended many other people.

    After Xi Baren's casual sentence, he changed the topic of conversation immediately, "Little miss, since you're back at the manor, why don't we organise a clan meeting three days later to reach an agreement on the matter of the manor lord position?"

    Xi Nianmo replied faintly, "Why should we wait for three days later? Let's go and discuss matters right now at the clan's meeting hall."

    "Alright, I shall go arrange matters now," Xi Baren replied promptly as he turned to Manager Xi Di behind him, "Xi Di, go inform all the elders and direct disciples to head towards the clan's meeting hall now."

    "Roger that," Xi Di bowed in respect, took a few steps back before turning away. As compared to Xi Nianmo, Xi Di's attitude towards Elder Baren was much better.

    "I shall go prepare some matters too," After Xi Di left, Xi Baren mentioned this and before Xi Nianmo could say anything, he had already left.

    "Little miss, I'm afraid that in the few days we're not around, the Lightning Sword Manor already had major changes to it," Xi Jun said worryingly after the two of them left speedily.

    Xi Nianmo said calmly, "No matter how great the change is, the Manor Lord token is in my hands. Without my token, nobody would be able to enter the Xi Clan's ancestral hall. Wuji..."

    "I am here," Mo Wuji looked dazedly at Xi Nianmo as if he couldn't understand why he was here and why Xi Nianmo would call out for him.

    Xi Nianmo looked at Mo Wuji before saying one word at a time, "After reaching the clan's meeting hall, you shall not speak at all. If anyone asked you anything, all you need to say is that you are my husband and that you have no idea about anything else."

    "Oh," Mo Wuji answered as he didn't continue saying anything.


    The Lightning Sword Manor's clan meeting hall was not big and it looked just like an assembly hall. The furnitures and decorations here were extremely simplistic with only a few stone pillars and tables.

    The clan meeting hall had a massive pond in the middle which Mo Wuji couldn't wrap his head around. Mo Wuji didn't have spirit roots so he wasn't personally experienced in terms of the metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning and ice attributes of spirit roots. However, because he had cultivated lightning attribute sacred art before, he could sense that the pond in the hall was a lightning pond because of the great lightning energy from within it.

    Only Xi Jun and Mo Wuji followed Xi Nianmo into the meeting hall because Xi Jun was the elder of the Lightning Sword Manor, she was qualified to enter. Mo Wuji was Xi Nianmo's husband so he would naturally be able to enter. As for Qian Hua and Xun Ji, they could only wait outside.

    Xi Nianmo didn't stand on any ceremony as she went directly to the head seat. Xi Jun sat on her right while Mo Wuji sat on her left.

    After the three of them settled down, people started streaming into the hall. Even though Mo Wuji had a low cultivation level and was acting dumb, he could tell that every single one who entered were not of low cultivation and everyone was much stronger than himself.

    In less than half an incense worth of time, the average sized clan meeting hall was filled up.

    "Little miss, we have yet to decide on the eventual manor lord so shouldn't that seat be left empty first?" After everyone was seated, someone stood up to comment.

    The one speaking was a beardless elder and what he meant to say was that Xi Nianmo shouldn't be sitting on that seat for now.
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