Chapter 885: You Shall Be The Last To Die

    Chapter 885: You Shall Be The Last To Die

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    Xi Nianmo stood up as she took out a green token to slap it on the stone table in front of her, "This is the Lightning Sword Manor Lord's token left behind by my father. Could it be that even this token is not allowed to sit here?"

    Without waiting for the beardless elder to speak, a youthful looking middle aged man stood up. "Nianmo, that seat is yours so there is no harm in you sitting on it."

    Xi Nianmo heard this sentence and instantly bowed towards this middle aged man with slightly reddish eyes as she sat back down.

    The beardless elder no longer had any objections when he heard the words of the middle aged man.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart at how difficult this must have been for Xi Nianmo. There was finally someone willing to speak out for her. Moreover, this middle aged man didn't seem to be any weaker than Xi Baren.

    Xi Baren stood up and said with a clear and concise voice, "A few months ago, little miss Nianmo left the Lightning Sword Manor and the manor had no manor lord in charge for that period of time. That was the reason why we chose Xi Sui to be our temporary Manor Lord..."

    The middle aged man, who spoke for Xi Nianmo earlier on, replied, "Elder Baren, Xi Sui is merely chosen to deal with the few guests in the Lightning Sword Manor for that period of time. He shouldn't be considered as a temporary manor lord."

    Xi Baren chuckled, "It is no longer important if he could be considered a temporary manor lord or not. Now that little miss has returned, we should elect our new manor lord. Back then when Old Manor Lord left the Lightning Sword Manor, he didn't indicate his preference on who should be the next manor lord. Fortunately for us, even though Old Manor Lord didn't return, he left behind two blood related descendant. Nianmo and Xi Sui..."

    "Elder Baren, my father would return sooner or later. You shouldn't be spouting nonsense about some things." Xi Nianmo's slightly icy tone interjected Xi Baren's words.

    "Fellow elders, little miss Nianmo should be the next manor lord. I've let down Sui'Er's father, I..." A weak sounding female voice was heard and before she could even finish her sentence, she started sobbing in front of everyone.

    Mo Wuji saw the woman speaking and was praising this woman's beauty in his heart. Not only did she possess an exceptionally gorgeous face, she even had an extremely tender looking skin.

    Beside this woman was a man and another woman. The man looked young and ugly with a thin and gloomy eyes. The woman had her head lowered and appeared to be pregnant.

    "Sister-in-law, you wouldn't need to care about this matter anymore. Regardless, the fact that you could raise young master into an adult in silence was already something difficult." The previous beardless elder sighed as he comforted the sobbing woman.

    Xi Nianmo was so furious that she started trembling slightly. She knew that this woman had absolutely no relations with her father but she was unable to prove it.

    Xi Jun, who was seated beside Xi Nianmo, said lividly, "A b*stard like him is also worthy to be the Lightning Sword Manor Lord?"

    "Who are you calling a b*stard?" The thin eyes youth suddenly stood up in fury.

    Xi Baren said with a stern face, "Elder Jun, Young Master Sui had been through the Xi Clan's blood test about a month ago. Results proved that he was indeed Old Manor Lord's son. Even though both female and male are qualified to be the manor lord of our Lightning Sword Manor, everyone knows that Xi Sui is slightly more apt for the position. I would also prefer Nianmo to be the manor lord but I cannot lie that Xi Sui would be more suitable."

    Mo Wuji looked blankly at Xi Baren and instantly concluded that it must take some skills to be as horrible a human as Xi Baren was.

    "Aunt Jun, there's no need to say anything else. Since this is the case, let's carry on with the selection of the Manor Lord." Xi Nianmo said with a calm tone but her heart was trembling in fear.

    This was because she knew that Fan Sui never had her father's blood but Xi Baren actually said that he was also a blood descendant of the Xi Clan. Even so, Elder Xi Yibo didn't actually step out to object. This proved that Xi Baren's test was actually true.

    "Nianmo, the Manor Lord of the Lightning Sword Manor has to be..."

    Before Xi Baren could continue, Xi Nianmo raised Mo Wuji's hand as she said, "Let me introduce him to everyone. This is my husband, Mo Wuji, and he would be a member of my Lightning Sword Manor in the future. Because of some reasons, his brain suffered a shock but he is as interested as me in the affairs and well-being of the Lightning Sword Manor."

    "Nianmo..." Hearing that Xi Nianmo actually called Mo Wuji out to be her husband, the youthful looking middle age man with thin eyes could no longer contain his anger anymore.

    The beardless elder stood up once again, "Nianmo, we can understand your frustrations. You should know that to enter the clan's meeting hall, one had to bear the rinsing of the clan's meeting hall lightning pond right? Otherwise, even a blood descendant wouldn't be qualified to enter this place."

    "Elder Xi Ti, what do you mean by this?" Xi Nianmo's face started turning pale. Without mentioning the fact that Mo Wuji had his spiritual roots blackened, he shouldn't be rinsing himself in the lightning pond even if his spiritual roots were not blackened.

    So this person was called Xi Ti. Mo Wuji was certain that this beardless elder was working for Fan Sui. Only at this moment did Mo Wuji finally understood what was the purpose of this lightning pond.

    "What I meant to say is that if one is unable to rinse himself in this lightning pond, he wouldn't be qualified to be the uncle of my Lightning Sword Manor." Xi Ti said with a cold tone.

    Mo Wuji had no idea how powerful this lightning pond was but he was certain that he would be able to bear with it. However, he would definitely not step out to say he could rinse himself there at a point like this.

    "Big Brother Yibo, what are your takes on this?" Xi Jun saw that Xi Nianmo was speechless so her eyes landed back on that youthful looking elder.

    Xi Yibo said slowly, "Everyone here are members of the Lightning Sword Manor and a few months ago, Xi Sui's wife was also unable to rinse herself in this lightning pond. Only after she cultivated our Lightning Sword Manor's cultivation technique, she managed to rinse herself there. Why don't we let uncle cultivate here in the Lightning Sword Manor for a few months before putting him through the test."

    "I agree." Xi Baren said immediately.

    Even the beardless elder, who had been going against Xi Nianmo, nodded as he said, "I agree too. After all, Xi Nianmo is also the daughter of the Manor Lord and should be treated equally."

    Xi Nianmo's face turned increasingly pale but she didn't blame Xi Yibo. Mo Wuji had his spiritual roots destroyed and primordial spirit dissipated and while Xi Baren knew about it, Xi Yibo should be completely unaware of this. If Xi Yino knew about it, he wouldn't have suggested an idea like this.

    Xi Yibo saw Xi Nianmo's pale face and knew that he must have came up with a bad idea.

    "Many thanks Uncle Yibo. Nianmo have decided to give up on the position of the Manor Lord and leave the Lightning Sword Manor." Xi Nianmo stood up and said this.

    She initially thought that once she have a husband, there wouldn't be a problem but things didn't turn out as what she expected.

    Mo Wiji hurried to stand up as well because he really couldn't wait to leave this place too.

    "Little miss, the Lightning Sword Manor is your home and we really don't wish to see you leave. Moreover, the God Domain is huge so where will you find..." Xi Ti's voice brought along a trace of sadness.

    "Many thanks for your concern but you don't have to worry about where I'm going to," Before Xi Ti could finish, Xi Nianmo interrupted.

    Xi Baren sighed and said, "Every one of us wouldn't wish to see little miss leave but if little miss insists, that would be her own freedom. The Old Manor Lord's Lightning Sword Token is the symbol of our Lightning Sword Manor so little miss must not bring that away."

    "This is an item left behind by my father and I refused to give it to anyone." Xi Niao said with a slightly pale face and her hand was trembling in fear.

    "You are wrong. That is not left behind for you but for the Lightning Sword Manor." Yet another elder stood up to comment.

    "That's right, the Lightning Sword Token is definitely not your personal item." Within the clan meeting hall, many disciples started to add in their opinions.

    While Xi Nianmo was still enraged over the Lightning Sword Token, Mo Wuji started to worry. He sensed danger and that if he followed Xi Nianmo out of here, he could very well be killed along with her.

    "All of you are wrong. Let me tell everyone that the Lightning Sword Token is left specifically for Mo'Er." A hoarse voice with a trace of coldness could be heard throughout the hall and a brown robed man walked in.

    "Manor Lord?"

    "Big Brother..."

    A brown robe man walked in and everyone in the clan meeting hall was dumbfounded. Thereafter, everyone stood up in shock.

    "Father..." Xi Nianmo dashed out crying as she threw herself at the brown robe man's arms.

    Mo Wuji didn't expect that Xi Nianmo's father Xi Jing would actually appear at a time like this. Regardless, he had made it out of one danger.

    "Manor Lord, without you in the Lightning Sword Manor, we were like headless chickens," Xi Ti said with a 'surprised' expression but his body movement showed that he was fearful.

    "Is that so? But it seemed like you're chasing my daughter away..." Xi Jing's words brought along icy cold energy and once she said that, his hand had already moved. Elder Xi Ti, who was constantly pressing Xi Nianmo earlier on, was smacked into a mist of blood without any strength to fight back.

    Mo Wuji's heart jumped because the difference in strength was simply horrifying. The Manor Lord of the Lightning Sword Manor was simply outrageously powerful.

    "Manor Lord, Xi Ti..." Xi Baren only said this four words and Xi Jing sent another slap.

    Xi Baren also had no means of defending himself as he was instantly turned into another mist of blood. Xi Jing continued to say, "Am I deaf? Could I have not heard how you treated my daughter?"

    After killing two elders, Xi Jing stared coldly at Fan Lin, "Fan Lin, I rescued you many years ago but since when did your son turn into my son? Not only that, you actually tried to chase my daughter out of the Lightning Sword Manor?"

    Fan Lin's face turned pale as she said with a trembling voice, "Xi Jing, you swore that you would not hurt me and my son. You promised and are you going to go back on your promise?"

    Xi Jing's became even more serious and after keeping silent for a while, he said furiously, "Leave and never let me see the two of you ever again."

    Fan Lin grabbed the trembling Fan Sui as they hurried out. As for that pregnant woman, both of them didn't even look back at her.

    Xi Jing's killings didn't stop and everytime he struck out a hand signal, a mist of blood would appear soon after. Everyone in the hall was stunned and no one had any means of defending against it.

    When the hall was left with half the number of people from the start, Xi Jing stopped his killing as he looked at Mo Wuji, "You are quite daring to actually pretend to be the uncle of my Lightning Sword Manor. You shall be the last to die..."

    Before finishing his sentence, a slap was sent towards Mo Wuji.
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