Chapter 887: Extremely Smart Woman

    Chapter 887: Extremely Smart Woman

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    "Ah..." When the woman saw that Mo Wuji actually walked out of Xi Jing's secluded lab, she let out an 'ah' as if she didn't expect to see him.

    Mo Wuji saw the woman's shocked look and he knew that this woman didn't come to save him intentionally. This woman looked much prettier than Xi Nianmo but because of her pregnancy and injury, her face actually looked pale and the energy exuding from her was in complete disorder.

    "Regardless, many thanks." Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards this woman as he took a step out and extended his spiritual will.

    Even if Xi Jing didn't kill this woman, she shouldn't have been allowed to enter this area? Since this woman was here, there must be something going on.

    "Hold on..." This woman assumed that Mo Wuji was going to leave so she hurried to call out for him.

    Even without the calling of this woman, Mo Wuji would have waited. His spiritual will sensed that the Lightning Sword Manor had already been turned into ruins and other than a few corpses lying around, this place looked like it had just experienced a massive earthquake.

    The greenery on the outside of the Lightning Sword Manor had also turned into a piece of desolate land. Everything proved to show that the Lightning Sword Manor had just experienced a calamity.

    "What happened to the Lightning Sword Manor?" Mo Wuji asked while staring at that woman.

    This woman's cultivation level should be higher than his but Mo Wuji wasn't fearful.

    "I thought you were..." After hearing that Mo Wuji's words were all direct and straightforward coupled with Mo Wuji's expression, she knew that Mo Wuji's previous dazed look was an act.

    Mo Wuji understood the woman's surprise look as he said mindfully, "I am indeed not a complete idiot yet but my spirit channels and primordial spirit are truly gone."

    "I understand now, you're just like me. The difference is that I've been captured by the b*stard Fan Sui and his mother and was ultimately stained by him. I thought that Xi Jing would definitely kill you and I really didn't expect him to not do so." This woman struggled to get on her feet.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart but kept silent. This woman was simply too accurate in her guess because Xi Jing did order Xi Yibo to kill him. If it wasn't for his detoxification meridian, he wouldn't have survived till now. This woman should have accidentally obtained the token to open this array. She must have thought that there might be extremely good treasures or items in the place where Xi Jing cultivated which was why she came over in search for treasures after the incident at the Lightning Sword Manor.

    "I managed to obtain Xi Yibo's storage ring coincidentally so I came here in search of healing pills. I certainly didn't expect to see that you're fine." The woman appeared like she understood Mo Wuji's thoughts as she explained herself.

    She was indeed a smart woman and Mo Wuji really didn't want to continue interacting with this woman. But because he was indeed rescued by this woman, he said, "Xi Yibo should have been worried that little miss would be upset so he let me live. I never thought that I would survive inside and I didn't expect you would actually open up this place. You've technically saved my life but I'm going to leave now so do you need any help from me?"

    "I'm severely injured so I simply came to see if there are any healing pills here at Xi Jing's lab. It seems like there are none of it here," The woman saw that Mo Wuji was not holding on to any storage ring and when she opened the place, there was nothing inside. Evidently, there shouldn't be anything in that lab.

    Mo Wuji replied honestly, "Indeed, my storage ring had been snatched by others and there are nothing in here."

    "Are you able to send me to the Nine Evolutions God Sect? I know I'm putting you in a difficult position but if I don't go to the Nine Evolutions God Sect, I will definitely die. After being plotted against by Fan Sui and his b*tch mother, the day Fan Sui obtained the throne would be my doomsday. Who knew that Xi Jing actually returned and allowed me to break free from the mother and son," The woman's tone brought along a trace of desire and expectation.

    Even though Mo Wuji really wanted to help, he still shook his head and said, "You should know that I'm considerably weak so I would only be able to bring you out of the Lightning Sword Manor. As for the Nine Evolutions God Sect, I've never even heard of it let alone the experience to bring you there."

    The woman could sense that Mo Wuji was willing to help but simply didn't know the route so she hurried to say, "Senior Brother Mo, the Nine Evolutions God Sect could be considered a big sect in the God Domain. My master is the Mountain Lord of the Nine Evolutions God Sect so if you're willing to bring me back, I'm confident I can let you join the Nine Evolutions God Sect.

    "But I don't even have any primordial spirit left ah," Mo Wuji asked questionably. Mo Wuji didn't seem to understand her intentions.

    The woman noticed that Mo Wuji didn't seem to understand her intentions so she explained, "Senior Brother Mo, it would be very dangerous for you to remain alone in the God Domain while your primordial spirit and spiritual roots are destroyed and that you can't cultivate. I can guarantee your spot as an outer disciple of the Nine Evolutions God Sect. An outer disciple at my sect would already have a place to stay as well as some cultivation resources. Even if you could no longer cultivate, you could at least have a family and career and live a peaceful life there.

    Of course, when we reached the sect, I suggest that you would pretend like how you did at the Lightning Sword Manor. Act dumb and dazed so nobody would treat you as an opponent and you wouldn't offend anyone."

    Mo Wuji's was tempted because he was not familiar with the God Domain. If he could find a sect to cover and cultivate on his own, it might not be a bad thing. As for this woman's shrewdness and cleverness, what has it got to do with him? Once he reached the sect, he would merely be an outer disciple and wouldn't come in contact with her life anymore.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji clasped his fists, "I agree but I've yet to ask for Senior Sister's name. Senior Sister is far more powerful than me so please call me junior brother instead of senior brother."

    The woman replied excitedly, "Alright, Junior Brother Mo. My name is Liu Ruting and my master, Xiang Weiyang, is the Mountain Lord of the Lilac Mountain of the Nine Evolutions God Sect. The Lightning Sword Manor's Lord, Xi Jing, had offended a tremendously powerful enemy and about a month ago when Xi Jing sent you here, the enemies came chasing after him here. Besides Xi Nianmo, everyone in the entire Lightning Sword Manor should have perished."

    "Xi Nianmo isn't dead?" Mo Wuji was truthfully very thankful for Xi Nianmo.

    Xi Nianmo brought him out of the Buried God Valley and even saved him from Xi Jing's hands. Whether or not it was intentional, Mo Wuji would always remember these acts of hers.

    "Yes, she's here too. When I used the talisman my father gave to me to conceal myself, I saw Xi Jun using a similar treasure to conceal her energy..." Liu Ruting replied.

    Mo Wuji said apologetically, "Senior Sister Liu, you should know that Xi Nianmo saved my life. Therefore, I hope that you would tell me if you know where she is. I really hope I can save her this time around."

    Liu Ruting smiled, "Junior Brother Mo, I have already intended to rescue her from the onstart. Without her ring, we would really not be able to return to the Nine Evolutions God Sect."

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because this woman really had everything planned out well. Mo Wuji really wondered how a scheming and smart woman like her would fall into the hands of Fan Sui and his mother. To think that she actually lost her virginity and became pregnant because of this too.

    Xi Nianmo's hiding spot wasn't very far off Mo Wuji's position and with Liu Ruting leading the way, Mo Wuji quickly found a spot beside a broken stone tablet.

    "Right inside this stone tablet," Liu Ruting pointed at the stone tablet as she said that. With her injuries, she even found it difficult to walk around so she would definitely not have the capability to open the stone tablet.

    Despite not being a cultivator of the God World, Mo Wuji wasn't considered weak. After all, he was in the advanced Immortal Emperor Stage and in fact, an extraordinary advanced Immortal Emperor.

    Under Liu Ruting's guidance, Mo Wuji broke the stone tablet easily. Just like what Liu Ruting said, Xi Nianmo appeared in front of Mo Wuji with her eyes shut.

    Xi Nianmo's body was filled with blood and her energy was scattered.

    Liu Ruting took the initiative to knead Xi Nianmo's forehead and moments later, Xi Nianmo opened her eyes. When she saw Liu Ruting and Mo Wuji, she jumped up in joy.

    Xi Nianmo appeared as though she suddenly recalled what happened as she asked frantically, "Where's my father?"

    Liu Ruting sighed, "Everyone in the entire Lightning Sword Manor and perished and only the three of us remain. I am from the Nine Evolutions God Sect and if Senior Sister Xi is willing to follow us, we can go to the Nine Evolutions God Sect together. I have no god crystal on me at all so I would need Senior Sister Xi to pay for the road funds first. When we reached the Nine Evolutions God Sect, I guarantee that Senior Sister Xi would be able to join the Nine Evolutions God Sect."

    Xi Nianmo revealed a despair look but she didn't cry or waste time spouting any nonsense. She simply stood up and bowed towards Liu Ruting, "I don't even have a home now so it is my fortune that Senior Sister Liu is willing to take me with you. As for Senior Sister Liu calling me 'Senior Sister', I really don't deserve it.

    While she spoke, she had already prepared an empty storage ring to store all the god crystals inside for Liu Ruting.

    After experiencing many things, Xi Nianmo had understood how to continue living. Moreover, before she lost her consciousness, she personally witnessed her father being struck several times.

    Liu Ruting handed the storage ring back to Xi Nianmo, "Nianmo, you shall keep the storage ring to yourself. You only need to hand over the crystals when we are required to pay for the fees of the flying ship or transfer arrays."

    "Alright," Xi Nianmo nodded as she kept the storage ring. From the start till the end, she didn't question how Mo Wuji was able to survive or how he made it here. It could be because she knew that Mo Wuji was not mentally sound to answer her questions.
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