Chapter 891: Stepping into Nascent God Stage

    Chapter 891: Stepping into Nascent God Stage

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    "Bring them over then," Shi Su ordered.

    "Roger that!" Su Xia bowed and backed out of the hall.

    The seated Wei Jie started feeling uneasy about this matter. He somehow knew that this was related to the incubation of the God Domain Nest.

    The God Domain was vast and boundless but the laws were extremely stable. There was never once when the domain was unstable and in fact, it even kept expanding.

    The area which expanded out from the God Domain was called the God Domain Nest. Every time the area expanded outwards, there would be a unique name tagged to it called the God Domain Nest incubation.

    Once the God Domain Nest underwent incubation, countless peak grade treasures would appear. Other than the massive amount of ores and peak grade god spiritual herbs piled up like mountains, there were even all sorts of heaven-splitting treasures.

    Every time the God Domain Nest incubated, it would be during times of bloodied war in the God Domain. It was also considered the feast of experts here.

    Because the God Domain Nest constantly incubated, the surface area of the God Domain kept expanding continually. Experts in the God Domain believed that the God Domain was an incomplete world domain. Once the world domain had formed up completely, the God Domain would be even more stable and the laws would be even stronger.

    The only problem was that everytime the God Domain incubated, countless peak grade experts would perish. Moreover, it would make the strong grow even stronger and weak become even weaker. This wasn't something beneficial to the God Domain. Later on, the ten great God Kings of the God Domain gathered as they came to a consensus.

    Their decision was that everytime the God Domain incubated, everyone in the God Domain would have the opportunity to partake in the collection of treasures. It wouldn't be an individual participation but by their sect.

    The participation qualification would be decided from the battles between disciples of the various sects. After all, the battle between experts would always result in severe injuries and incite more violence between sects. Therefore, the ten great God Kings decided to hand the battles to the disciples of sects. Those participating in the fight must not be above the Heavenly God Stage. Once you've surpassed the Heavenly God Stage and reached the God Monarch Stage, you would already be considered a victor. A person like this would not be allowed to participate in the fight between disciples.

    Everytime the incubation occurred, there would be a specific warning sign and time before it. This time around, all the various sects were already made known of it. This was also the reason why a few months ago, all the sects started to recruit more disciples. They wanted to prepare themselves for the battle for the God Domain Nest.

    The Heavenly Mortal Sect had never intended to participate in such battles. Whether it was the sect head or the disciples, none of them felt that they should take part in such battles.

    But, this time around, the ten great God Kings announced an additional rule. It stated that every sect in the God Domain must participate in the fight for the God Domain Nest. As for the reason, the Heavenly Mortal Sect wasn't qualified enough to know.

    Because he knew of all these beforehand, Wei Jie felt uneasy. Only he knew how he recruited the six new disciples. Instead of saying recruited, the word 'duped' would be more appropriate.

    Now that the sect head asked Su Xia to bring the newly recruited disciples here, it was certainly to test their aptitudes and abilities. Once he tested them, everything would be exposed.

    Some of the newly recruited disciples were still of decent cultivation level. Only Mo Wuji's cultivation level was a spectacle too horrible to endure.


    Having cultivated for over half a year, Mo Wuji was completely unaware of how long he had been in seclusion. The more he cultivated, the more confident he grew. Four months ago, he had already managed to enter the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. Even at the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage, he was still able to increase his cultivation rapidly.

    At a moment like this, Mo Wuji would definitely not want to leave his seclusion unless someone used a magic treasure to attack him.

    Mo Wuji was continually enlightening more laws and the laws of his sacred arts had started to change gradually. This was already the seventh month since Mo Wuji stepped into the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage. Mo Wuji was constantly absorbing an insane amount of god spiritual energy to increase his cultivation level while perfecting the laws of his sacred art.

    "Boom!" An alarm that sounded like exploding lightnings sounded within Mo Wuji's will. Presently, Mo Wuji felt different as though his entire body was emptied.

    If someone from the outside were to look at Mo Wuji now, he would be able to see that Mo Wuji had infinite laws of dao flickering and revolving around his body. Concurrently, the energy around Mo Wuji was continuously on the rise and he was certainly exuding a mighty aura.

    These laws of dao were continually entering Mo Wuji's body and his aura would disappear together with the laws of dao. In other words, he was becoming more ordinary by the minute.

    "Kacha!" Mo Wuji's original laws of his sacred arts started to break apart while the new dao laws of his sacred arts started to form up. An incomparable mightiness surged up Mo Wuji's mind and he suddenly opened his eyes excitedly.

    Initially, he was intending to look for resources which could aid his cultivation towards the Nascent God Stage after reaching the Great Circle of the Immortal Emperor Stage.

    What he didn't expect was that under the laws of the God Domain, he actually started to gain enlightenment on a new set of laws of Heaven and Earth. The brand new set of laws made him reluctant to give up as he continued to cultivate and perfected his own Grand Dao Laws.

    On the seventh month, he managed to break out of the Immortal Emperor shackles naturally as he took a step into the first level of the Nascent God Stage. In his Immortal Mortal Technique manual, the term Nascent God was merely an address. Whether it was Nascent God or any other names, he would breakthrough the moment he reached the extreme.

    Mo Wuji couldn't help but felt excited because he knew clearly what the Nascent God Stage meant for him. What Immortal Emperor, what Dao Emperor, what Half-Sage... these were all imaginary. These were terms for cultivators, who couldn't progress any further, to comfort themselves with.

    His current Nascent God Stage, was certainly a legitimate stage and was definitely not an exaggeration.

    After advancing into the Nascent God Stage, Mo Wuji wanted to halt his cultivation to leave his seclusion to take a look outside. However, as he stepped into the Nascent God Stage, immensely dense god spiritual energy swept over and he could no longer bear to leave.

    As his Immortal Mortal Technique was in full force, god spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth started enveloping him. Mo Wuji felt as though he had opened up a magical pandora box and was incredibly difficult to stop himself from cultivating at an insane rate.


    On the other mountain at the Heavenly Mortal Sect, a skinny middle-aged man had his eyes shut. If it wasn't for the slight fluctuations in the energy around him, others might be convinced that he was a dead man.

    At the instance Mo Wuji broke through the Immortal Emperor Stage and stepped into the Nascent God Stage, the skinny man opened his eyes abruptly. He raised his head to take a look shockingly before shutting his eyes again.

    At this moment, he could actually feel a sudden emergence of dense god spiritual energy around the Heavenly Mortal Sect, where god spiritual energy had dried up for many years now. Not only was the god spiritual energy pure, it contained infinitely perfect laws of Heaven and Earth.

    He personally witnessed how the Heavenly Mortal Sect's god spiritual veins and god mountains were extracted away by others. He was well aware of why the god spiritual energy was sparse here. The only reason why he didn't leave the Heavenly Mortal Sect was because this was his root. Even if he was about to perish, he had to perish while protecting his own sect.

    He was the sect head of the previous generation's Heavenly Mortal Sect, Pang Jie.

    The god spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth started to grow even denser and the laws were also becoming clearer by the minute. Pang Jie got excited as he had been stuck at level 9 of the Worldly God Stage for countless years. He wasn't able to step into the God King Stage because he lacked a peak grade cultivation area with dense god spiritual energy as well as perfect and clear laws of Heaven and Earth.

    At this moment, what he was lacking for many years was presented right in front of him.

    Regardless of where this energy came from, Pang Jie couldn't help but to start cultivating. Once he cultivated the Heavenly Mortal Technique, dense spiritual energy started forming circulations around his body. His Grand Dao was started to perfect itself using the clear laws of Heaven and Earth presented to him.

    "Boom boom boom!" A series of wild explosions were heard from above Pang Jie's head. Pang Jie was neither depressed nor elated as he completely cleansed his decayed energy swiftly. His life force got increasingly exuberant, sacred art laws started clearing up and his primordial spirit became increasingly resounding.


    Heavenly Mortal Sect's hall was where Su Xia brought three disciples in.

    Standing in the center of the hall, Su Xia bowed. "Sect Head, except Junior Brother Mo Wuji who was still in seclusion, Yin Lin, Di Butong and Ku Cai are all here."

    "Greetings Sect Head, greetings elders," Yin Lin and co. hurried to bow to everyone in the hall.

    Shi Su looked doubtfully at Su Xia as he spoke. "The god spiritual energy here is so sparse so why is Mo Wuji cultivating behind closed doors for so long?"

    Su Xia replied hurriedly. "I believe that it is because Junior Brother Mo has a low cultivation level to begin with. Therefore, even the sparse god spiritual energy here should be of some benefits to him."

    "Yes, that Mo Wuji's talent is only average so I merely made him an inner disciple," Wei Jie decided to settle one at a time. He shall use the excuse that Mo Wuji had the worst talent among the rest of them first. Later on, he would continue finding excuses for the other disciples.

    Shi Su didn't mind the words of Su Xia because he already knew that Wei Jie wouldn't be able to recruit extremely talented disciples. He looked at the other three disciples. "All of you are disciples of the Heavenly Mortal Sect so you have to be confident and there's no need for you to worry. Come, the three of you shall go and test out your aptitude."

    A white jade magic treasure for the test was already installed in the middle of the hall. To test for aptitude in the God World, one simply needed to sit on this tester before cultivating at full force.

    Noticing that Di Butong and Ku Cai were slightly astonished, the usually optimistic Yin Lin took the initiative. "Let me go first."

    Having said that, she immediately sat on the white jade magic treasure and started cultivating.

    Even though cultivators in the Cultivation World, Immortal World or God World called it spiritual roots, the essence of it would be different. After cultivators from the Cultivation World ascended into the Immortal World, their spiritual roots would turn into immortal spiritual roots. After reaching the God Domain, their spiritual roots would turn into god spiritual roots.

    Even though many cultivators had peak grade spiritual roots in the Cultivation World, not all of them would have peak grade immortal spiritual roots. If the transformation of the spiritual roots to immortal spiritual roots weren't complete, they would be considered as cultivators with average immortal spiritual roots. Naturally, those whose spiritual roots were transformed well would have greater aptitude in the next world.

    Presently, there were about nine pillars as thick as an infant hand surrounding the white magic treasure. The middle pillar was black in colour while the remaining eight pillars were clear. The black pillar in the middle was used to test for spiritual roots. The more complete the transformation of spiritual roots were, the black pillar would turn into pure white colour. If the transformation wasn't complete, the white would have some grey and the greater the grey, the more incomplete the transformation was. The eight pillars on the side were used to test for the attributes of the spiritual roots.

    After Yin Lin sat down to start cultivating, the black pillar in the middle turned white. Very soon after, there was more grey colour induced within the white.

    Shi Su sighed but didn't say anything. Yin Lin's spiritual roots transformation was evidently not complete. With her level of aptitude, it was no wonder she would choose to join the Heavenly Mortal Sect.
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