Chapter 892: Battle of Grand Dao

    Chapter 892: Battle of Grand Dao

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    Yin Lin always knew that her spiritual roots were not of good quality. Otherwise, she wouldn't have hovered around the Nascent God Stage for so many years. This was why she wasn't particularly disappointed when she saw the result of her test.

    After Yin Lin came down, Di Butong went forward to take his seat. His spiritual roots were similar to Yin Lin's and even if some were to consider his to be slightly better than Yin Lin, the difference was really only marginal. The middle black pillar turned white and then similarly, many grey coloured marks were induced within it.

    Shi Su sighed and despite knowing that Wei Jie wasn't able to recruit talented disciples, he still felt disappointed at how poor their aptitudes were. He was no longer able to conceal his disappointment.

    After Di Butong came down from the tester, Shi Su turned to the shy Ku Cai. "Come and have yourself tested."

    Su Xia was aware of Ku Cai's character so when she saw that Ku Cai didn't dare to step forward, she grabbed onto Ku Cai's hand. "Junior Sister Ku Cai, the sect head is just like our family member and you are part of that family when you arrived here. Go and have yourself tested, you don't have to worry about the result."

    Ku Cai answered with a soft 'en' as she walked towards the magic treasure before cultivating.

    A dazzling white light exploded from the black pillar and on the surface, it looked like a black cloth covered it. It suddenly became pure white colour and this white colour was even emitting faint radiance.

    The eight other pillars were also pure white in colour. As compared to the white on the previously black pillar, the white colour on the eight pillars was evidently lacking a sort of dao spirituality.

    Shi Su stepped forward excitedly as he almost wanted to grab Ku Cai.

    "This is the stainless spiritual root..." An elder muttered to himself and even his hand was trembling.

    In the God Domain, there were all sorts of spiritual roots. There were many varieties of peak grade spiritual roots but the stainless roots were definitely the greatest peak grade spiritual roots.

    When tested using the magic treasure, any peak grade spiritual roots would reveal some faint traces of grey. Naturally, some of the insignificant grey traces would be neglected most of the time.

    Where there was not even a single shadow of grey and was even emitting faint radiance, only one type of spiritual roots matched Ku Cai's ones. It was the stainless spiritual roots.

    No matter how the stainless spiritual roots came about, it wouldn't change. For example, a cultivator in the Immortal World with stainless spiritual roots would continue having the stainless spiritual roots in the God World. Only a minute few people in the entire world would have such unchangeable spirit roots.

    "Elder Wei Jie, thank you, thank you..." Shi Su grabbed onto the astonished looking Wei Jie and was beyond thankful.

    Cultivators with stainless spiritual roots might not even exist in peak grade sects in the God World. Any sect with disciples carrying the stainless spiritual roots would definitely be the number one disciple of the sect; the person that the sect would be fully focused on to nurture. In other words, if the other sects found out about Ku Cai's stainless spiritual roots, she would be the target everyone fights for.

    While Wei Jie was preparing an excuse for himself, he didn't expect that he actually found a disciple with the stainless spiritual roots. He came back to his senses as he said seriously, "To bring Ku Cai back to the sect, I've tried many methods. Fortunately, it all turned out well for us."

    "Something's not right, take a look at her spiritual roots attribute..." Elder Xu Yi exclaimed out a sudden.

    Even without Elder Xu Yi's exclaim, everyone's eyes landed on the eight purely white coloured pillars.

    These eight pure white pillars actually turned into black coloured and one of them was even blue in colour.

    "What is going on? What attribute does the black colour refer to?" Everyone exchanged glances with each other as they were completely dumbfounded at the sight of the black colour. They were aware that the blue colour indicates the presence of lightning attribute spiritual roots.

    If Ku Cai's test didn't reveal the black colour and only blue, the entire Heavenly Mortal Sect would be jumping in joy. Now that the attributes showed black, everyone started feeling uneasy.

    "I know why it is black in colour." Pang Fengban stood up abruptly. Not only was he an elder of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, he was also the descendant of Pang Jie.

    "Elder Pang, what is going on?" Shi Su asked anxiously as he was the most concerned. With a talent like Ku Cai in the Heavenly Mortal Sect, they would most likely be able to regain its past glory.

    Pang Fengban answered, "Back then, my grandfather told me that in the ancient times, cultivators only had two types of spiritual roots."

    "There should be eight types of spiritual roots, how could it be only two?" A few of the elders commented simultaneously.

    Even though there were questions, nobody suspected Pang Fengban's words. This was because he was indeed the grandson of the Heavenly Mortal Sect's Pang Jie. Pang Jie was only an outer disciple back then but if it wasn't for Pang Jie, the Heavenly Mortal Sect would have disappeared into the books of history.

    Pang Fengban continued, "It is also right to say that there are eight types because there are indeed eight types in the God Domain now. In the ancient times, there were only two types of spiritual roots namely the light and dark spiritual roots. Among which, the light spiritual roots were divided into metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning and ice while the dark spiritual roots remained as only dark. According to this explanation, there should be nine types of spiritual roots inclusive of the dark spiritual roots.

    "Elder Pang, are you saying that Ku Cai's spiritual roots are a mixture of both dark and lightning?" Shi Su asked shockingly.

    Pang Fengban nodded, "Indeed, because that middle pillar definitely proved that she had dark spiritual roots. The only thing that is troubling me is that I've heard that dark spiritual roots shouldn't coexist with other spiritual roots, let alone lightning spiritual roots."

    "But we've never heard of any dark spiritual roots before?" Elder Xu Yi frowned and while his cultivation was not high, he was quite experienced. Given the number of years he had stayed in the God Domain, he should have heard of at least one example of a dark spiritual roots right?

    Pang Fengban explained, "My grandfather told me before that dark spiritual roots exist within the vast universe and shouldn't be on the same plane as our God Domain. This meant to say that in the plane where we are on, there aren't any dark spiritual roots. Ku Cai has dark spiritual roots so the only explanation would be that she didn't come from the same plane as we did."

    "Alien cultivator?" Everyone exchanged even more frightened looks.

    If there was still an existence in the God Domain which everyone was afraid of and wished to kill, it would be alien cultivators.

    Whether cultivators ascended from the Immortal World, Magic World, Demon World or any other worlds, everyone were still cultivators of the same plane.

    For cultivator of the same plane, even with the grading of worlds, those who cultivated to the limit before ascending would have the same system in them. Ever since a long time ago, all the planes in the God Domain were named as the Seven World Planes. However, whether you're in the God Domain or a world beneath the God Domain, everyone would still be on the same plane. There were no comparisons to be made so nobody bothered to find out what their planes were called.

    Alien cultivators were different as they didn't come from any one of the Seven World Planes. They came from a totally different plane where their system of cultivation, laws of sacred arts were all different. In other words, their understanding of their Grand Dao was completely different from everyone else.

    There was once when an alien cultivator arrived at the Seven World Planes and appeared in the God Domain. After finding out that the cultivation system was completely different from his understanding, he developed an idea to establish his own cultivation system here in the Seven World Planes.

    Naturally, no cultivators in the Seven World Planes would accept an idea like this.

    Eventually, there was a heaven trembling war called the Battle of Grand Dao. Rumours spread that after that war, there were more than millions of God Kings of our God Domain perished.

    Presently, the entire God Domain didn't even have a hundred God Kings. Try thinking what would signify of our future when those millions of God Kings perished back then?

    Fortunately, the experts of the Seven World Planes managed to strip all the power of this alien cultivator before slaughtering him.

    Even so, the God Domain failed to produce many God Kings even after so many years.

    After that incident, alien cultivators became the taboo of the God Domain. One could imagine how perilous the situation would be if another alien cultivator were to appear on the Seven World Planes.

    Today, an alien cultivator appeared in the Heavenly Mortal Sect. What were the chances the Heavenly Mortal Sect could continue existing?

    Everyone started thinking the same way: Kill Ku Cai. As long as Ku Cai was dead, the appearance of Ku Cai in their sect would never be exposed.

    Shi Su was incredibly stressed out. The Heavenly Mortal Sect finally had a supreme talent but they had no other choice except to kill her. This was simply...

    Everyone felt the need to kill Ku Cai but nobody was willing to voice out this idea; Nobody would be willing to do it as well.

    There were not many people in the Heavenly Mortal Sect and even though the god spiritual energy here was sparse, everyone led a peaceful life. This was because everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect believed that once we entered the sect, everyone would be part of a big family.

    Just as everyone had no idea on what to do about Ku Cai, intense sounds of thunders could be heard from outside the sect.

    Shi Su heard the sounds and shouted angrily, "My Heavenly Mortal Sect was indeed down and out and we will not head out to fight for anything. However, to treat my Heavenly Mortal Sect as an existence to trample your foot on, we would defend our pride until the very end even if we were to perish."

    Having said that, Shi Su's body flashed and he had darted out of the sect's hall.

    The remaining elders rushed out one after the other because everyone knew what the Sect Head was fuming about. Someone actually dared to undergo lightning tribulation here at their Heavenly Mortal Sect. This was simply unacceptable.

    Yin Lin looked at Ku Cai, who was still cultivating and sighed. She had heard of the story of alien cultivators and as much as she wanted to help Ku Cai, there was almost nothing she could do.
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