Chapter 893: Ku Cais Plead

    Chapter 893: Ku Cai's Plead

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    Mo Wuji felt mightily comfortable in the Nascent God Stage Level 1. He desperately wanted to fight another expert in the Nascent God Stage to test the limits of his new strength. Besides this, he also wanted to test his various sacred arts. After his laws had strengthened, the powers of his sacred arts must have improved significantly as well.

    At this moment, exploding thunders could be heard from outside. The explosion was so deafening and there were fluctuations in the laws of Heaven and Earth. Evidently, someone was undergoing his tribulation here and this fella must be pretty strong. Mo Wuji even suspected that this person was so strong that Mo Wuji couldn't even hold a candle to him.

    After entering the Nascent God Stage, Mo Wuji's rate of cultivation had slowed down. Now that someone was actually undergoing a tribulation in the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji no longer had any motivation to continue cultivating. Once Mo Wuji packed his items, he kept the array flags before opening up the defensive array.

    Before Mo Wuji even walked out of his small garden, a skinny silhouette darted towards him.

    "Junior Sister Ku Cai?" Mo Wuji looked curiously at the incoming small girl. Ku Cai looked as though she lacked nutrition because her hair was not only sparse, they were slightly yellow too.

    In the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji only had seniority over Ku Cai. Out of the six disciples which Wei Jie recruited, the first four were Mo Wuji's senior sisters and brothers. Only Ku Cai was younger than him and also the last to be recruited which was why she could be considered as Mo Wuji's junior sister.

    "Senior Brother Wuji, save me." Ku Cai knelt on the floor immediately after pleading.

    Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at Ku Cai because if Ku Cai's life was in danger, his life would also be in danger. If this was true, how was he supposed to help Ku Cai? Furthermore, not only was the god spiritual energy here in the Heavenly Mortal Sect sparse, the people around were also very loving. Nobody would actually bully Ku Cai right?

    As he took a step to think about this possibility, Mo Wuji realised that Ku Cai wouldn't come pleading him even if someone was bullying her. From the very beginning, he didn't even share a conversation with Ku Cai before. In other words, the two of them were not familiar with each other so why would Ku Cai plead for his help?

    "Stand up and tell me what had happened?" Mo Wuji lifted his head to look at the dark clouds overhead. Someone was really undergoing his tribulation here.

    Ku Cai didn't say anything as she said while tears rolled down her cheeks. "The Sect Head wants to kill me..."

    Mo Wuji was shocked because if the Sect Head wanted to kill Ku Cai for whatever reason, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to save Ku Cai. Moreover, the Heavenly Mortal Sect's Sect Head Shi Su looked lenient and understanding so why would he want to kill an ant-like disciple like Ku Cai?


    "It's my grandfather! My grandfather didn't perish..." As they dashed out of the sect, everyone saw the cultivator undergoing the tribulation in the dried up swamp. Pang Fengban was the one shouting in great excitement.

    "It's master..." Shi Su was equally as excited and emotional.

    Everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect couldn't help themselves as all their eyes turned red. All the elders knew Pang Jie because he was Pang Fengban's grandfather and also because he was the greatest savior of the sect. He contributed the most to prevent the Heavenly Mortal Sect from extermination. Despite not bringing the Heavenly Mortal Sect back into its glory days, preventing complete extermination of the sect was an extremely important contribution.

    The reason why Pang Jie was unable to bring the Heavenly Mortal Sect back to its glory days was not that he was incapable but because he wasn't strong enough.

    Back then, Pang Jie was only in the Heavenly God Stage Level 9. It was already an incredible achievement for a mere Heavenly God Stage Level 9 expert to salvage the Heavenly Mortal Sect's foundation. His success in holding onto to the sect's foundation came entirely because of his own wisdom, courage and some luck.

    When the god spiritual veins of the Heavenly Mortal Sect had been extracted away, the sect was equivalent to being wasted. Pang Jie wasn't completely dispirited because of that as he grabbed a few survivors of the Heavenly Mortal Sect back. They were cultivating crazily while thinking of ways to rebuild the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    The Heavenly Mortal Sect wasn't rebuilt but it wasn't completely gone as well. However, Pang Jie stumbled upon an opportunity and managed to step into the God Monarch Stage. This wasn't the end because after pacing back and forth in the God Monarch Stage for over 100 thousand years, he actually stepped into the Worldly God Stage.

    100 thousand years from the God Monarch Stage to the Worldly God Stage was considered fast even for a core disciple. However, Pang Jie was merely an outer disciple.

    The pity was that even after stepping into the Worldly God Stage, he still wasn't considered as a powerful figure in the God Domain. The only good thing was that as a Worldly God, he finally had his own confidence.

    Afterwards, no matter how hard Pang Jie worked, he was still stuck in the Worldly God Stage. Perhaps knowing that he would no longer be able to step into the God King Stage, he left the sect to his disciple Shi Su before he left and never appeared again.

    Everyone in the sect including Shi Su and Pang Fengban believed that Pang Jie had perished a long time ago. Who would have expected that not only did Pang Jie not perish, he returned to the sect and even started his tribulation here...

    How could anyone not get excited and emotional?

    Many years ago, Ancestor Pang Jie was in the Worldly God Stage. Now that he was undergoing a tribulation, he would be a God King after this. How many sects in the God Domain had a God King with them?

    In the God Domain, there were far too many sects with Worldly Gods in them. However, only those renowned sects had the existence of a God King in them. The difference between the God King Stage and the Worldly God Stage was like a watershed. Who knew how many Worldly Gods have spent countless years and still failed to enter the ranks of a God King?

    "God King, God King..." Shi Su muttered to himself.

    My Heavenly Mortal Sect finally has a God King. With a God King, we would be a peak grade sect or rather, it would be hard for us not to become a peak grade sect.

    All the elders were incomparably excited and even the newly recruited Yin Lin and Di Butong couldn't contain their excitement.

    If people knew that there was a God King in the Heavenly Mortal Sect, people would want to join the sect even if the god spiritual energy here was sparse.

    Not for any other reason but because there was a God King here.

    The thunders continued to sound as the lightning bolts landed continually. Pang Jie constantly used his magic treasure to defend himself from the wrath of the lightning bolts. The energy around his body was becoming incredibly unstable as if it was about to break through a new shackle.

    An insane lightning tribulation like this had eventually attracted a crowd of cultivators over. In just half a day, the periphery of the dried up swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect was filled with spectators.

    A lot of cultivators even sat down to start gaining enlightenment from the changes in laws of Heaven and Earth induced from Pang Jie's tribulation.

    Shi Su and co. noticed the crowd of experts around the swamp and started becoming anxious. But because they were simply too weak, they weren't qualified enough to ask these people to leave.

    At this moment, they knew they should sit down and gain enlightenment from the fluctuations in laws of Heaven and Earth induced by Ancestor Pang Jie. However, they didn't have the mood to do so.


    Mo Wuji heard the entire story from Ku Cai including the words of Pang Fengban. He was equally shocked that there was this story about alien cultivators. Moreover, he had also never heard about the dark spiritual roots before.

    "Junior Sister Ku Cai, why did you thought of coming to me for help?" After a while, Mo Wuji questioned Ku Cai.

    Ku Cai was stunned by Mo Wuji's question. Why did she ask Mo Wuji for help? She didn't even know Mo Wuji personally and Mo Wuji was the only inner disciple among all of them who were recruited this time around. The rest of them were at least recruited as a legacy disciple.

    However, who else could she find if she didn't find Mo Wuji? Out of the six newly recruited disciples, two hadn't returned and no one knew if they were still alive. If Yin Lin and Di Butong wanted to help her, they would have talked to her. Other than Mo Wuji, she really had no one else to seek help from.

    Mo Wuji understood Ku Cai's thoughts as he grabbed onto the kneeling Ku Cai. He was equally as helpless in his heart.

    "I'm sorry, Senior Brother Wuji," Ku Cai bowed slightly as she turned around gradually. Just because she spoke less didn't mean that she was a fool. She knew most of the things around her but was only unwilling to express her thoughts openly.

    She was slightly regretful that she didn't listen to the words of her father. Her father once told her that she must not join any other sect or have her spiritual roots tested.

    After cultivating to a bottleneck and was eventually unable to step into the Nascent God Stage, she really couldn't control herself anymore. When she heard the news that many sects were recruiting disciples, she thought about it for a long time. When the Heavenly Mortal Sect's Wei Jie grabbed onto her, she couldn't help herself but join the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    "What is the technique you cultivate with?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    "I cultivate the Laws of Darkness Technique and I regret not listening to my father's words." Ku Cai replied sobbingly.

    Mo Wuji was a master of cultivation technique and was the forefather of the Mortal Dao. His level of understanding wasn't something Ku Cai could compare with but after hearing Ku Cai's words, his heart moved. "Junior Sister Ku Cai, could you show me your cultivation technique?"

    Ku Cai came to a halt as she looked doubtfully at Mo Wuji. After a few breaths worth of time, she nodded, "Yes I can."

    Having said that, she handed Mo Wuji a crystal ball which she retrieved from her storage ring.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will entered the crystal ball and a boundless darkness surged over. Under a darkness like this, everything disappeared. It felt like if even the strongest magic treasure would disappear if it ever landed in this darkness. A type of soul trembling dao spirituality revolved around Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath as he started circulating his Immortal Mortal Technique. The dao revelation meridian fused with this crystal ball very soon after.

    A completely different world of laws appeared in front of Mo Wuji. The extensive laws of dao spirituality made Mo Wuji couldn't help himself as he took in yet another deep breath of cold air. Following which, sentence after sentence of mnemonic chants and dao spirituality of Grand Dao started appearing in his sea of consciousness ineffably...

    Mo Wuji didn't continue wandering in this Laws of Darkness crystal ball. Even though his cultivation level was low, he was a legitimate progenitor as he founded the Mortal Dao. He was much more capable than average cultivators in terms of the use of the laws of Heaven and Earth as well as some other dao laws.

    Handing the crystal ball back to Ku Cai, Mo Wuji said, "Junior Sister Ku Cai, you said that the God Domain didn't have any darkness attributed spiritual roots right? If there were no dark spiritual roots, it would likely mean that there are no dark attribute laws of Heaven and Earth here in the God Domain. Since there are none of such laws of Heaven and Earth here, you wouldn't be able to reach the Nascent God Stage no matter how you cultivate. In order words, you would be unable to breakthrough to the Nascent God Stage regardless of which sect you joined and however high your aptitude was."

    This wasn't rubbish made up by Mo Wuji because after coming into contact with Ku Cai's crystal ball, he really did sense that there were no dark laws of Heaven and Earth here. Even though there was darkness, it was completely different from dark laws of Heaven and Earth.

    "Ah..." Ku Cai was slightly shocked as she even forgot to take over the crystal ball. Without the dark laws, it would signify that as long as she was on this plane, she would never be able to break into the Nascent God Stage.
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