Chapter 894: Heavenly Mortal Sects God King

    Chapter 894: Heavenly Mortal Sect's God King

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    Mo Wuji suddenly said, "Didn't you say you also have lightning attribute spiritual roots? Why didn't you cultivate the lightning attribute technique?"

    Ku Cai shook her head dejectedly, "It is not that I didn't wish to cultivate but because my father only left me with this technique crystal ball. My father told me that the lightning attribute technique is far too expensive. The higher the grade, the more expensive it was and some of the great sects didn't even have such techniques. I have no rights nor qualification to come into contact with such techniques."

    Having said that, Ku Cai pushed the crystal ball back to Mo Wuji. "Senior Brother Wuji, I am going to be a dead person soon. This was the only item left behind by my father so I shall gift this to you."

    Mo Wuji subconsciously took over the crystal ball as he was well aware of how incredible this crystal ball was. If he could control the Laws of Darkness and then deduced a Law of Darkness sacred art, his power would be frightening.

    Earlier, Mo Wuji heard from Ku Cai that Pang Fengban talked about the many God Kings who attacked an alien cultivator and eventually suffered heavy losses. Why did they do so? Just because that alien cultivator's Laws of Darkness was too strong? He had no relations with the dark spiritual roots and without mentioning the dark spiritual roots, Mo Wuji didn't even any of the eight normal spiritual roots. Wasn't he still able to cultivate with his Mortal Dao?

    "My father says that the Laws of Darkness sacred arts are the strongest of them all. Once one could cultivate to the God King Stage, one would be able to be the strongest existence in the entire God World." Ku Cai seemed to have given up on her hope of pleading for help as she calmed herself down.

    Mo Wuji said slowly, "Ku Cai, this darkness technique crystal ball is of great use to me so you would be helping me greatly by leaving it with me for the time being. How about this? I might not have any lightning attribute technique but I am proficient in lightning sacred arts. If you don't mind, I can help you deduce a lightning attribute technique made especially for you."

    Mo Wuji chose to keep this crystal ball with him not just because this crystal ball would be of great use to him. More importantly, Mo Wuji knew that if he left the crystal ball with Ku Cai, it would invite calamity. If experts used their spiritual will to scan through Ku Cai's storage ring, Ku Cai would no longer have any privacy. Mo Wuji was different because he could place this crystal ball in his Undying World.

    Unless they kill him and destroy his sea of consciousness, nobody would be aware of his Undying World.

    "Senior Brother Mo, you are able to deduce technique?" Ku Cai stared shockingly at Mo Wuji. Just because she was an introvert, it didn't mean that she was clueless. She was well aware as to what kind of people would be able to deduce techniques. Her father, or even her grandfather who barged into the God Domain many years ago, wouldn't be able to deduce techniques.

    "If you trust me, I would be able to deduce. However, I wouldn't be certain of the grade of the technique I deduce." Mo Wuji answered honestly.

    He was able to deduce the Immortal Mortal Technique, possessed the dao revelation channel and had vast experience with lightning attributes laws. As long as he knew Ku Cai's spirit channels, he would be able to deduce a lightning technique out for her. The only uncertainty would be the grade of the technique he deduced.

    "Big Brother Wuji, will your deduced technique allow me to step into the Nascent God Stage?" Ku Cai asked curiously. The way she addressed Mo Wuji seemed to have changed unknowingly.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said confidently, "Don't worry, I am certain you will be able to step into the Nascent God Stage."

    Mo Wuji was a Nascent God himself now and while he was uncertain if his technique could allow her to step into the Heavenly God Stage, he was confident that the Nascent God Stage wouldn't be a problem.

    "May I ask Big Brother Wuji to help me deduce..." Ku Cai only completed half her sentence as she seemed to remember about her own fate. She shook her head and didn't continue speaking.

    Mo Wuji commented, "Ku Cai, many years ago, I was in greater danger than you were. However, I still made it out alive didn't I? If the Sect Head truly wanted to kill you, would you have survived till now? Since he didn't kill you on the spot, it meant that there was hesitation. If there was hesitation, it meant that you would still have hope. Listen and have faith in my words: If you don't accept that your fate is predestined, you would still have a hope of living. If you accept that you will die today, you will not have any strands of hope left. Even if you are in front of a dead end, anything could still happen until the very end."

    Ku Cai lifted her head as she stared convincingly at Mo Wuji, "Big Brother Mo, I shall listen to you."


    "Boom boom! Ka! Ka! Kacha!" The lightning bolts grew denser and thicker. At this very moment, lightning radiance had covered almost the entire dried up swamp outside the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    All the elders in the Heavenly Mortal Sect were watching on anxiously. There were plenty of experts who had failed their Worldly God tribulation and eventually perished.

    "Ka!" Yet another thick lightning bolt landed and everyone at the Heavenly Mortal Sect held their breath. Following which, a mighty and vast energy surged into the sky as this energy instantly oppressed the entire space around the dried up swamp.

    The lightning bolts subsided as dao spirituality clouds started to clear up. Pang Jie emerged from the subsiding lightning bolts with an increasingly mighty aura. He almost felt like he was going to break through the horizon.

    Everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Sect including Shi Su fell to their knees and almost everyone had their eyes turned slightly reddish. There was finally a God King in the Heavenly Mortal Sect which signified that the Heavenly Mortal Sect would not remain as obscure as before.

    "Congratulations Sect Head Pang on realising your God King Dao as you tower majestically above the God Domain..." Countless congratulations could be heard.

    Following that, the dao spirituality clouds above Pang Jie's head initially disappeared as the energy around his body started to be concealed. The God King energy wasn't as evident as it was initially. Everyone knew that the God Domain had one additional God King from today onwards.

    Pang Jie didn't continue cultivating as he clasped his fists to all the spectating cultivators. "My Heavenly Mortal Sect would be organising a sect reopening ceremony as well as God King ritual 30 days later. All the fellow friends here are welcome to attend this ceremony at my Heavenly Mortal Sect."

    Even though there were no God Kings among the spectating crowd of cultivators, everyone was well aware that Pang Jie was trying to tidy up the sect. 30 days later, there would be a brand new peak grade sect in the God Domain.

    The crowd went on to congratulate Pang Jie and also indicated that they would be present 30 days later to attend the ceremony.

    A few of the experts who had once taken items from the Heavenly Mortal Sect started trembling in fear. If the Heavenly Mortal Sect didn't have any God King experts, those Worldly God experts wouldn't fear even if they were to break the Heavenly Mortal Sect apart. Now that the Heavenly Mortal Sect had a God King, they would be doomed if the sect were to revisit what happened many years ago.

    "Disciple Shi Su greets Master." The moment Pang Jie walked out of the dried swamp, Shi Su walked over towards him speedily.

    Following Shu Su's lead, the elders and remaining disciples started moving forward to greet Pang Jie.

    Pang Jie swept his eyes across everyone before exclaiming. "Back then, my Heavenly Mortal Sect was also considered a peak grade sect. I cannot believe that it had fallen to this state today."

    "Ancestor, now that you've become a God King, our Heavenly Mortal Sect would be able to regain our past glory." A few elders hurried to comment.

    "Yes, grandfather. You are a God King now so our Heavenly Mortal Sect will return to what it used to be." Even up till now, Pang Fengban was still unable to believe what he just witnessed.

    Pang Jie nodded his head as he lifted his head to stare at the two towering mountains. "The few of you are right. We shall get back everything and even more than what we lost many years ago. 30 days later, my Heavenly Mortal Sect shall feast with guest and reopen the sect's hall. Shi Su, settle this matter for me while I go stabilise my cultivation. After which, I will need to head out for a while."

    "Yes," Shi Su replied promptly. He was slightly hesitant as to whether he should inform Pang Jie about Ku Cai.

    Pang Jie noticed Shi Su's hesitation so he asked faintly, "Shi Su, you are my disciple. I've told you before that the Heavenly Mortal Sect will always be open and straightforward. If you have any issues, just let me know immediately."

    "Yes, may I invite Sect Head to return to the sect's hall." Shi Su bowed respectfully.


    Half an hour later, they arrived back at the sect's hall. Pang Jie sat in the head's seat while Shi Su and the few elders hurried to sit on either side of him. Even though Ku Cai's dark spiritual roots had stressed everyone out, the emergence of a God King in the Heavenly Mortal Sect got everyone excited again.

    "Tell me about it." Pang Jie nodded at Shi Su.

    Throughout all these years, even though Pang Jie didn't show his face, he had never stepped foot out of the Heavenly Mortal Sect before. He was well aware of what Shi Su had done. In his opinion, he was very pleased with everything Shi Su had done thus far.

    The Heavenly Mortal Sect didn't have a God King or even a Worldly God. Shi Su's plan to not expand the sect or let the sect possess any god spiritual energy was a very logical move.

    "Yes," Shi Su stood up, bowed and explained the entire Ku Cai's incident.

    Initially when Pang Jie heard that Ku Cai had a set of stainless spiritual roots, he was incomparably excited about the prospect. When he heard the later portion, his face became increasingly serious.

    After Shi Su finished his explanation, Pang Jie remained silent for a long while before speaking again. "Do you know what happened to the God Domain after that alien cultivator was encircled and killed in the God Domain?"

    Without waiting for anyone to answer, Pang Jie continued, "Back then after that alien cultivator was killed, everyone wasn't thinking about the Battle of Grand Dao. They were interested in a portion of a technique. That technique was the one left behind by that alien cultivator called the Laws of Darkness cultivation technique."

    The crowd exchanged glances and everyone understood what Ancestor Pang Jie meant. If that alien cultivator was able to kill so many God Kings surrounding him at that point in time, one could imagine how powerful his cultivation technique was. With a technique like this, everyone would naturally fight for it.

    Pang Jie sighed, "Who knew if that alien cultivator had planned to leave this Laws of Darkness technique behind? Even when that alien cultivator was killed, experts in the God Domain started fighting against each other for that technique. When they were fighting the alien cultivator, the space in the God Domain was already becoming unstable. When everyone started fighting each other again, a tear in the God Domain finally appeared from all the fights. The originally depleted number of God Kings decreased significantly once again.

    At that point, everyone went crazy as they drew out all sorts of magic treasures. For example, the Book of Luo, Qian Kun Cauldron, etc were all drawn out. Ai..."

    As he recalled that terrifying battle, Pang Jie sighed once more. "Where is Ku Cai now?"

    Shi Su answered, "She went to the residence of the other disciple, Mo Wuji. She should be aware that we wanted to kill her so she panicked and pleaded for his help because she didn't know anyone else."

    Shi Su shook his head because Mo Wuji was a rogue cultivator brought back by Wei Jie. He was deemed as being worse than Yin Lin and if it was the previous Heavenly Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji wouldn't even be qualified to be a service disciple. Ku Cai pleading for Mo Wuji's help was probably because she had nowhere else to go.

    "Bring her in then," Pang Jie ordered.
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