Chapter 895: Speaking To Help

    Chapter 895: Speaking To Help

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    "No, there must still be a problem here." Mo Wuji suddenly thought of a very serious problem.

    "Big Brother Wuji, what is it?" The initially motivated Ku Cai became nervous once more.

    Mo Wuji asked seriously, "When you were being tested back at the hall, didn't you cultivate the technique in the crystal ball?"

    "Big Brother Wuji, it is that technique for I only know one technique. Moreover, I only know a small portion of that technique which my father had taught me before. I am unable to comprehend the entire crystal ball." Ku Cai hurried to explain.

    Mo Wuji replied in a solemn tone, "When you head back to the sect's hall to explain yourself later, you mustn't tell them you know of this technique. In the future, you must not say you know of this technique too. Even if you wish to cultivate this technique, you must do it secretly..."

    "But..." Ku Cai was in a slightly difficult position because she only knew one technique.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand before Ku Cai could say out her thoughts. "Don't worry about this, relax your heart and mind. I shall give you an ordinary technique first."

    Even though the content of that crystal ball was vast and boundless, Mo Wuji sort of understand a little bit of it from just one look at it. In this short period of time, he might not be able to create any powerful technique for Ku Cai. However, he should still be able to teach a few spiritual circulation techniques to Ku Cai.

    "I shall listen to you, Big Brother Wuji." Ku Cai started to relax her heart and mind after saying this.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed in Ku Cai's sea of consciousness and spirit channels. That was when he was truly astonished.

    This was his first time seeing how stainless a spiritual roots could be as if there were no impurities at all. This would make his task much easier than when he was guiding his disciple Fu Jingfeng back then. In fact, Mo Wuji was easily able to find the most suitable spiritual circulation according to Ku Cai's incredibly clean and stainless spirit channels.

    Mo Wuji was well experienced in lightning attribute laws and even though he had just stepped into the Nascent God Stage, he wouldn't be able to deduce a complete set of cultivation technique for Ku Cai. Having seen Ku Cai's spirit channels clearly, it was an easily achievable task to help her deduce a few spiritual circulations in this short period of time.

    In less than half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji managed to help Ku Cai deduced out five spiritual circulations for her spirit channels.

    "Try it yourself." Mo Wuji taught Ku Cai the basics of spiritual circulations before handing her a pile of immortal crystals.

    Ku Cai tried cultivating using the method Mo Wuji taught her and as she managed to form one circulation, she opened her eyes shockingly. "Big Brother Wuji, using your method of cultivating, it is much easier and faster than what I used to do."

    While Ku Cai was cultivating, Mo Wuji could sense how terrifying her rate of absorption of the immortal energy was. He was inwardly praising how unbelievable the stainless spiritual roots were. If it wasn't for the lack of dark laws here, Ku Cai would have already stepped into the Heavenly God Stage with her aptitude.

    "Go and have yourself tested again later. While being tested, use the circulation method I taught you. As for your origins, just say..."

    Just as Mo Wuji was pondering as to what excuse Ku Cai should use, Ku Cai initiated, "Big Brother Wuji, my father had taught me before. I know what to say."

    "Alright, your Laws of Darkness technique crystal ball is incredibly powerful. After I analysed it, I will teach you." Mo Wuji continued.

    "I shall listen to Big Brother."

    Just as Ku Cai said this, Su Xia's voice could be heard from outside. "Wuji, Ku Cai, the Sect Head and Ancestor Pang Jie are waiting for the two of you at the sect's hall. Let's hurry over together."


    Very soon, Mo Wuji and Ku Cai was brought into the hall by Su Xia. Mo Wuji found out that the previous generation Ancestor Pang Jie didn't perish and had just underwent his tribulation to become a true God King. The Heavenly Mortal Sect would be hosting a reopening ceremony and God King ritual a month later.

    "Disciple Mo Wuji and Ku Cai greets Ancestor, Sect Head and the elders." Mo Wuji took the initiative to help Ku Cai greet everyone in the hall.

    Pang Jie looked like an ordinary looking middle aged cultivator. Even though his cultivation had yet to be stabilised, and there were still fluctuations in his energy, Mo Wuji concluded from his appearance that he shouldn't be a hot tempered person.

    Mo Wuji appeared natural and relaxed and wasn't all too frightened to speak just because Pang Jie was a God King. This came as a huge surprise to Pang Jie himself.

    However, one look at Mo Wuji's dao spirituality and one could tell that he should be a cultivator with average aptitude. Pang Jie's eyes landed on Ku Cai as he asked, "Your name is Ku Cai?"

    Ku Cai bowed shyly as she replied with a soft voice. "Replying Ancestor. Disciple's name is indeed Ku Cai."

    "Where did you come from? Where are your parents? Have you formally become an apprentice to any one?" Pang Jie spoke in a warm tone but no matter how warm his tone was, the aura of a God King had already frightened Ku Cai.

    "My father and mother are both rogue cultivators and had perished a long time ago. I have no master and had always been alone." Ku Cai replied softly.

    "Then where did your cultivation technique come from?" Pang Jie followed up with yet another question as his tone became even more strict.

    Ku Cai shivered and answered fearfully, "It is an incomplete technique given by my father. I followed it accordingly to cultivate..."

    "Shi Su, bring out the magic treasure again. Let Ku Cai try cultivating it once more." Pang Jie said faintly.

    "Yes," Shi Su responded as he got people to bring out the white coloured magic treasure.

    "Sit there and cultivate that incomplete technique of yours." Pang Jie nodded at Ku Cai.

    Even though Mo Wuji had briefed her before, Ku Cai could still feel her legs trembling as she had never experienced this before. At this moment, she could only walk up onto the magic treasure before sitting down to cultivate the technique.

    In just one spiritual circulation, the black pillars started turning white and radiance were emitted from it.

    Out of the eight white pillars on both side of the magic treasure, two of them displayed blue colour. One of the blue was striking to the eye while the other slowly became black. However, the black colour was far from being as dark as the previous test.

    "It is indeed the stainless spiritual roots and is even the peak grade..." Pang Jie stood up abruptly as he muttered excitedly to himself.

    If he had Ku Cai's aptitude coupled with the opportunities he had, he would have already been in the Great Circle of the God King Stage a long time ago.

    Ku Cai recalled Mo Wuji's words so she stopped cultivating after only three spiritual circulations

    "Not bad, your technique is pretty impressive. However, this technique appear to be lacking a lot as well." Pang Jie and Shi Su were different as Pang Jie could tell Ku Cai's technique as she cultivated. If Ku Cai was cultivating the Laws of Darkness technique, Pang Jie would definitely be able to tell.

    "Master, previously when Ku Cai cultivated, her dark spiritual roots were far more obvious than her lightning spiritual roots. This time around, her lightning spiritual roots were more obvious." Shi Su told Pang Jie his doubts.

    "Ku Cai, I have no idea how your dark spiritual roots came about but the fact remains that it is prohibited in the God Domain. This was even if you don't cultivate the Laws of Darkness technique." Pang Jie sighed as he said to Ku Cai. He really liked Ku Cai and he was certain that with her aptitude, he would be able to guide her to become another God King of the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    Ku Cai revealed a fearful expression because now that Pang Jie still wanted to kill her, what should she do?

    Mo Wuji noticed that Pang Jie couldn't bear to kill Ku Cai. He knew that he should step out to say something before Pang Jie continue his sentence. If Pang Jie continued, it would be to make that order to kill Ku Cai.

    "Mo Wuji greets Ancestor and as the Heavenly Mortal Sect's inner disciple, there are some words I must say." Mo Wuji bowed as he said with a comfortable air of arrogance.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji actually had such guts, Pang Jie grew even more flabbergasted as he nodded. "Please go ahead. My Heavenly Mortal Sect is able to last until today is mainly because we respect and love each and everyone here."

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "Ancestor have said that our Heavenly Mortal Sect is able to last until today because we respect and love everyone here. Ku Cai joined the sect so she should be considered a disciple of this sect. Firstly, she had done nothing wrong and secondly, she didn't cause any trouble. By punishing her for who she is seemed to be lacking a little justice. If the Heavenly Mortal Sect really did this to her, the Heavenly Mortal Sect would no longer be the Heavenly Mortal Sect. The love and respect mentioned by the Ancestor and sect head would merely be words that mean nothing."

    "Don't you know that cultivators with dark spiritual roots here in the entire God Domain was an existence which everyone hated? This will invite trouble and calamity upon our Heavenly Mortal Sect." Shi Su reprimanded Mo Wuji furiously.

    Mo Wuji maintained his composure as he replied. "I believe that for a sect to exist, it must have a reason to exist. When the Heavenly Mortal Sect was encircled by countless experts, we managed to survive because of united friendship and love. As long as everyone was united, even if we can't beat our opponents, we wouldn't back down. This is our spirit and the reason why our Heavenly Mortal Sect was able to survive till today. Now that we don't have any enemy invading us, we are going to kill a disciple just because she has dark spiritual roots. This would add a smear in the history of our Heavenly Mortal Sect and cause us to lose this unique spirit.

    A sect without spirit would never last long even if we became stronger because ancestor had just stepped into the God King Stage. If yet another incident occurred like before, the sect would not have the mindset or trust to hold on. Ku Cai indeed has dark spiritual roots but this wasn't her choice. As long as nobody leak this out, who would find out? Moreover, I believe that Ku Cai is not the only one with dark spiritual roots here in the God Domain."

    "Oh? Please continue." Pang Jie let out an 'oh' as he nodded at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's impression of Pang Jie improved tremendously. As a God King, he was an existence at the very peak of the God Domain but he was still humble enough to speak so casually with a disciple who had just joined the sect. This was indeed something not everyone could do.

    "Yes," Mo Wuji clasped his fists once more. "I've heard that after that alien cultivator perished in the God Domain that many years ago, his laws had spread into the God Domain. I believe that alien cultivator must be very strong and his laws had condensed darkness attribute laws within the God Domain itself. This meant that it isn't entirely impossible to have dark spiritual roots here in the God Domain..."

    Pang Jie heard Mo Wuji's words and the shock in his eyes intensified. Unless one had extremely deep understanding of the laws of Heaven and Earth, one shouldn't be able to say what Mo Wuji just said. Or rather, Pang Jie had never heard an explanation like this before. Could it be that Mo Wuji was also another talent?
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