Chapter 898: Peculiar Guests

    Chapter 898: Peculiar Guests

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    To be honest, nobody cared about the Heavenly Mortal Sect even though it had always existed. In the eyes of others, it didn't matter whether this sect existed or not.

    Because of this reason, Pang Jie wanted to have this reopening of the sect. The news of the reopening of the Heavenly God Sect had spread across half the God Domain in less than a month.

    The reason for the fast spread of news was mainly because of the emergence of a God King in the God Domain. The reopening of the Heavenly Mortal Sect would be held on the same day as the God King ritual.

    Many sects, as well as rogue cultivators, hurried over to the Heavenly Mortal Sect when they heard of the news. Most of the sects came over to congratulate the reopening of the Heavenly Mortal Sect while rogue cultivators came with the intention to join the sect.

    Now that a God King emerged from the Heavenly Mortal Sect, one could imagine how great of a sect it will be in the future. Even if it didn't become a peak grade sect, it will be at least a high grade sect.

    As the Heavenly Mortal Sect only had a few disciples now, joining the sect now would mean a higher status in the sect.


    Because Mo Wuji had been appointed as the Hall Lord of the External Affairs Hall, this guest reception had completely become his task. Even Mo Wuji didn't expect so many people would make the trip down to the Heavenly Mortal Sect today.

    Crowds after crowds of people streamed into the Heavenly Mortal Plaza. The name cards and gifts of these people were dealt separately by Mo Wuji.

    Any guest, regardless of cultivation level, would be asked to walk through the golden carpet into the plaza within the defensive array. As for Sect Heads, or experts above the World God cultivation, would be invited and guided to the guest's hall.

    The Heavenly Mortal Sect had a lack of manpower from the very beginning. Even so, Mo Wuji's management prevented chaos in the guest's hall.

    In fact, every reputable personnel and personnel who had prepared gifts would walk through the golden carpet of the Heavenly Mortal Sect and have their names announced and a 'thank you' for their gifts.

    A few average cultivators, who came to observe this ceremony, saw how complete and perfect the sect's welcoming ceremony was and was inwardly full of praise.

    Even though it was merely an ordinary golden carpet, Mo Wuji's plan to announce the names of those who presented gifts to the sect made it so much more extraordinary.

    There were only a few members in the Heavenly Mortal Sect but a large crowd came to visit. Now that the defensive array had been opened, everyone in the plaza could see the crowd of people waiting to enter.

    With so many people watching on, those who prepared gifts for the sect and had their names announced felt extremely comfortable and pleased.

    Many experts, including some Sect Heads, had even intentionally added in more gifts. A few cultivators, who had never intended to gift anything, felt awkward so they would also prepare a small gift. How awkward would it be when they walked through the golden carpet with no gifts on their hands?

    Others who prepared gifts would have their names announced so how embarrassing would it be for those who didn't?

    Initially, the guests were from the relatively smaller sects as well as a few ordinary rogue cultivators. Towards the end, more big figures arrived.

    "Welcoming the School of Sword Law's School Head Zhuang Yingnan to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. School Head Zhuang Yingnan had prepared an intermediate grade god spiritual vein as a congratulatory gift..."

    "Welcoming the River Pill School's Sect Head Li Ru to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Sect Head Li Ru had prepared a low grade spiritual vein, a Channel Severing God Silk..."

    "Welcoming the Godly Grain Valley's Elder Zhen Qi to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Elder Zhen Qi had prepared two peak grade god mountains..."


    The School of Sword Law and the River Pill School weren't considered a big sect and they didn't have an existence of a God King too. However, the Godly Grain Valley was different because they were one of the peak grade sects in the God Domain. Valley Lord Wen Mingyang of the Godly Grain Valley was even ranked 6th out of the ten great God Kings in the God Domain.

    When Elder Zhen Qi of the Godly Grain Valley arrived, the discussions in the plaza grew louder.

    "Even Godly Grain's Valley Elder Zhen Qi, who is in the World God Stage Level 9, came today. It seemed like the Heavenly Mortal Sect's God Ritual had really gathered quite a few experts here." Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

    "Ah, out of all the peak grade sects, do you see any other sects except for the Godly Grain Valley? Even the Godly Grain Valley only sent their elder here." Someone in the crowd refuted immediately.

    The people around the discussion maintained silent after hearing this. It did seem like there was only one elder who came from a big sect. There were quite a few of the other sects but the best one would only be the School of Sword Law. It was rumoured that the School Head Zhuang Yingnan was in the World God Stage Level 6.

    Without any reminder, nobody seemed to realised this. Now that someone had reminded them, they realised that even though there were many people here, the only peak grade sect was the Godly Grain Valley. Just like what the other cultivator mentioned earlier, the Godly Grain Valley merely sent an elder here. This meant to say up till now, there was still no sign of any other God King.

    Truthfully, Mo Wuji, who was standing at the reception desk, had already noticed this. They had welcomed quite a number of guests and received quite a number of gifts. However, there were no signs of any God Kings which made him slightly disappointed.

    Regardless of how the Heavenly Mortal Sect was like in the past, a God King had emerged from it now. He couldn't believe that no other God Kings came to show their face. Mo Wuji concluded that the God Kings of the God Domain were all looking down on the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    Isn't an expert in the God King Elementary Stage also considered a God King? While Mo Wuji had been in the God Domain for more quite some time now, even he knew how incredible the existence of a God King was. He had heard that if they added up the total number of God Kings in the God Domain, it wouldn't even sum up to 100.

    And how many people were there in the God Domain? Over a quadrillion of people? Less than a hundred out of a quadrillion of people were God Kings. Was this a huge percentage? No, it was simply too little.

    Noticing that almost all the guests had entered the plaza and just when the sect defensive array was about to close up, the announcing disciple suddenly announced. "Welcoming God King Wei Zheng to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. God King Wei Zheng had prepared a peak grade god spiritual vein, high grade god spiritual vein and ten peak grade god mountains..."

    Before this disciple could complete his announcement, Pang Jie had already hurried out from within the sect with a face full of smiles. "Small brother is preparing to rebuild the Heavenly Mortal Sect and it actually alerted Brother Wei Zheng. What an honour, what an honour!"

    "Haha." God King Wei Zheng merely laughed before clasping his fists. "Congratulations Dao Friend Pang on joining the ranks of a God King like myself. I've received the news slightly late but it seems like I made it in time. I am truly fortunate, very fortunate."

    "Brother Wei Zheng, please hurry in..." Pang Jie personally invited God King Wei Zheng into the sect.

    Even though the welcoming ceremony was coming to an end, the arrival of God King Wei Zheng brought a new climax to the crowd's emotions.

    "Didn't you say no God Kings came to observe this ceremony? Look at that! God King Wei Zheng, one of the greatest God King among the rogue cultivators."

    "Of course I know about God King Wei Zheng. Even though he is a rogue cultivator, he does things fairly and forthrightly. Moreover, he was in the God King Stage Level 4, one of the highest existence in the God Domain."


    Mo Wuji also heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of the arrival of God King Wei Zheng. Otherwise, there would still be something lacking no matter how good of a job he had done as the Hall Lord of the External Affairs Hall.

    Just like a chain reaction, God King Wei Zheng had just arrived and the announcing disciple carried on his announcement loudly. "Welcoming Forgotten Creek Dao School's disciple Lan Ou, Forgotten Creek Dao School's disciple Bian Huang'Er, Moonlight God Sect's disciple Gong Qianchan and Nine Evolutions God Sect's disciple Gan Luan to the Heavenly Mortal Sect!"

    Following the announcement, four extremely beautiful women walked in from the golden carpet.

    Mo Wuji was dumbfounded because every single one of the four women were incredibly gorgeous. With Mo Wuji's judgement, he noticed that none of the four had entered the Heavenly God Stage. All of them were still in the Nascent God Stage.

    It was okay even though these four beautiful women, of rather low cultivation level, came to observe the ceremony. The more important point to note was that none of them brought gifts but carried on walking on the golden carpet with a clear conscience.

    Hold on, Mo Wuji had heard of these few sects. Wasn't that Liu Ruting woman also from the Nine Evolutions God Sect...

    Just as Mo Wuji was thinking about the few sects, Su Xia had already whispered in his ears. "They are all from peak grade sects namely the Forgotten Creek Dao School, Nine Evolutions God Sect and Moonlight God Sect."

    Mo Wuji wasn't the only one feeling apprehensive as the rest of the guests were discussing intensely. Previously, they were still mentioning about how the Godly Grain Valley was the only peak grade sect around. In a blink of an eye, so many other peak grade sects had arrived. Forgotten Creek Dao School, Nine Evolutions God Sect and the Moonlight God Sect were all reputable existences in the God Domain.

    But why does it feels wrong? Not only did these disciples who came to visit not bring gifts, isn't their cultivation level slightly too low? Not even a Heavenly God Stage disciple but four Nascent God Stage disciples...

    Were they here to congratulate or insult?

    Mo Wuji seemed to understand what was going on in his heart. It would be okay if these few big sects didn't come to congratulate but to send a few ants over? Wasn't this a form of insult? However, as the External Affairs Hall Lord, he could only contain his fury as he turned to Su Xia. "Su Xia, bring them to the guest's hall then."

    Ultimately, they still came to represent their peak grade sects. If the reception for them wasn't done appropriately, he might invite hatred from these sects for the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    "Are you the one in charge?" What surprised Mo Wuji was that just as he ordered Su Xia, the four women came to a halt. One of them even walked intentionally in front of Mo Wuji to question him.
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