Chapter 899: Rejection

    Chapter 899: Rejection

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    "That's right, I am the person in charge." Mo Wuji guessed that these four women must have heard from the disciples outside to know about Mo Wuji.

    "I am Lan Ou from the Forgotten Creek Dao School and you can call me Senior Sister Lan. You are definitely a talent. I've heard that you've only used a few days to turn this a wasteland into something so spectacular. Even though it isn't luxurious, everyone seems extremely pleased with it. Moreover, you manage to collect so many gifts from so many people. You are indeed pretty incredible." Lan Ou stared at Mo Wuji with a smile.

    "That's right, this plaza is sloppy and ordinary. Furthermore, I can break through the defensive array with a lift of my hand. The immortal birds and music are not worth anything at all. Even the golden carpet is rubbish... yet when all these low grade items come together, they made everyone's eyes lit up. In fact, to have so many people present gifts to your sect so willingly, you are indeed a talent. However, the four of us are very poor so we don't have any gifts for you." Yet another woman chuckled as she said this.

    Mo Wuji's heart started fuming slightly because of the comment 'rubbish'. She should have realised that she have crossed the line which was why she stopped herself at the last minute.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "The four of you come from peak grade sects and if I am as fortunate to be born in the same sect as you are, I probably wouldn't need to spend any god crystals when I shop outside."

    Lan Ou seemed to have failed to notice the sarcasm in Mo Wuji's words as she replied calmly. "If you're willing, you can join our sect. Your aptitude seems average but you are indeed capable. I can guarantee you a slot as an outer disciple. Just because your aptitude is average, it didn't mean you will not progress further. My Forgotten Creek Dao School has many average cultivators who made it into the Heavenly God Stage eventually too."

    Mo Wuji replied coolly, "Thank you for your kind offer but I know myself the best. Being able to enter the Heavenly Mortal Sect is already one of my greatest fortune. As for your peak grade sect, I really don't dare to have extravagant hopes. Su Xia, bring the guests into the guest hall."

    If Mo Wuji wasn't fearful that he might cause trouble for the Heavenly Mortal Sect, he would have added in a few more words of sarcasm. However, Mo Wuji was well aware that he mustn't offend any one of these four women. If he did, he would be inviting calamity upon the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    "Yes." Su Xia answered before turning to the four women. "May I invite senior sisters to follow me?"

    "Tsk, simply unappreciative of my senior sister's kindness. My senior sister allowed you to join the Forgotten Creek Dao Sect as an outer disciple and that was your opportunity. I can't believe you're so pretentious by rejecting her. Do you think my Forgotten Creek Dao Sect accept disciple so casually? You should know that given your aptitude, you would never be able to enter the Heavenly God Stage right?" The red robe woman shouted furiously at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's dao spirituality was gloomy which proved that his aptitude was low. This was something everyone could tell.

    Even so, Mo Wuji maintained his coolness as he replied. "I know that the few senior sisters are experts in the Heavenly God Stage and I know I might not be able to even step into the Nascent God Stage. Fortunately, I am flexible and ready to adapt anywhere so I really don't mind."

    "We are currently not in the Heavenly God Stage but all of us would charge into the Heavenly God Stage very soon." The red robe woman said while feeling slightly embarrassed.

    She didn't believe that Mo Wuji saw through their cultivations and was mocking them. Out of the four women, she had the lowest cultivation level at Nascent God Level 8 while the rest were all in level 9. Even if Mo Wuji had entered the Nascent God Stage, he would at most be in the elementary stage of it. For a Nascent God Elementary Stage ant to see through their cultivation level? He could only dream about doing that.

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji appeared shocked but didn't continue saying anything.

    However, his silence contained more killing intent than a million words.

    Lan Ou smiled faintly as she grabbed the red robe woman. "Forget it, Huang'Er. Let's go in first."

    Having said that, she turned to Mo Wuji once more. "Junior Sister Huang'Er's words might not be pleasant to the ear but why don't you think more about her words? Also, we will definitely meet again."

    Su Xia, who was observing the entire situation, hurried to lead the way as she prepared to bring these four women into the guest's hall. These four women were supposedly not qualified to enter the guest's hall. It was only because they came from peak grade sects which was why special arrangements were made for them to be invited to the guest's hall. Otherwise, they would really invite unnecessary troubles for themselves.

    "Senior Sister, that person's spirituality is blur and he clearly has a rubbish aptitude for cultivation. Why do you want him to be an outer disciple at our Forgotten Creek Dao School?" The red robe Huang'Er transmitted a message after leaving Mo Wuji's sight.

    Lan Ou replied, "My Forgotten Creek Dao School is a peak grade sect in the entire God Domain. We are a sect not comparable to the Heavenly Mortal Dao Sect which had almost all their resources ruined and wasted. However, when we hosted a ceremony the previous time, did you take a look at the arrangements and set up? It was simply not matching of our renowned name. This Mo Wuji only had like ten helpers and very little resources yet he was able to set up such a scene in a few days. Evidently, he is a master of guest reception. We definitely need a talent like him because this involves the pride of our sect."

    "That Mo Wuji actually don't know how to appreciate your kindness. Why don't we ask Pang Jie directly? I doubt he will reject you." Huang'Er transmitted the message back to her.

    "Huang'Er, you must not spout nonsense. Senior Pang Jie is after all a God King expert and had his pride as a God King. Remember not to say such words ever again." Lan Ou's tone became stricter.

    Huang'Er said disdainfully, "Our Forgotten Creek Dao School has two God Kings. Our supreme lord is already in the advanced God King Stage. So what if he is a God King..."

    Lan Ou could only answer, "Huang'Er, our current strength is miles away from Sect Head Pang Jie's strength. We are invited to the guest hall not because of our strength but because of the strength of our sects. Therefore, even if we want Mo Wuji, we cannot mention it now. Mentioning it now would be equivalent to slapping the Heavenly Mortal Sect in their face. With Mo Wuji's capability, he would definitely want to be sent to the God Domain Nest's incubation. At that point in time, we can ask our sect head to negotiate with God King Pang Jie for the exchange of Mo Wuji for a few items. This was possible as long as we don't embarrass the Heavenly Mortal Sect too severely."


    Mo Wuji couldn't understand why the Forgotten Creek Dao School's Lan Ou must stare at him. Fortunately for him, she didn't continue pestering him. Now that she had entered the guest's hall, it would not be his problem to settle anymore.

    Now that the welcoming ceremony had ended, Mo Wuji's job was also almost finished. As for the receiving and entertaining of guests, that would be the task of Ancestor Pang Jie and the elders of the sect. He would only need to prepare himself by the side so that he could settle any problems that might appear abruptly.


    After a few days, the reopening ceremony and God King ritual had finally concluded. Even though the Heavenly Mortal Sect didn't have much manpower, Mo Wuji's planning ensured that there were no major issues throughout the ceremony. At least there were still several praises from the public after the ceremony.

    As the guests started departing the sect, Heavenly Mortal Sect's Shi Su started recruiting new disciples on the Heavenly Mortal Plaza.

    Mo Wuji was the External Affairs Hall Lord so the recruitment of disciples had nothing to do with him. Just as he was about to return to cultivate, Ancestor Pang Jie personally called him over.

    "Wuji, please take a seat first. You have done a very good job for the guest reception this time around. If I were to do it, I might not have done a job as great as you. This was especially so in your treatment of the low grade disciples of the Forgotten Creek Dao School, Nine Evolutions God Sect and Moonlight God Sect. I've not misjudged you because not only are you extremely capable in comprehending issues, you have extraordinary abilities." The instant Mo Wuji reached Pang Jie's residence, Pang Jie started talking.

    Mo Wuji replied calmly, "This is all because of Ancestor Pang's prestige which attracted so many experts here to observe the ceremony."

    Pang Jie exclaimed, "You were in charge of reception so you should have realised that other than the Godly Grain Valley's Elder, none of the big sects came. The few disciples of the big sects were merely passing by so they decided to join the ceremony coincidentally. Wei Zheng God King was also the only God King who came and he was a rogue cultivator who had a good relationship with us since a long time ago. Wuji, do you know why?"

    "Disciple does not know why." Mo Wuji didn't know why Pang Jie was telling him these. Logically speaking, Mo Wuji was only an ordinary disciple who would have no qualification to discuss such matters with Ancestor Pang Jie.

    "Many years ago, almost all the big sects, except the Godly Grain Valley and a few sects who were located further away, came to rob my Heavenly Mortal Sect. If there wasn't a rule which prevented God Kings from plotting against or attacking each other, someone might have came to assassinate me already."

    Pang Jie didn't continue as he looked at Mo Wuji, "I want to help you find a master and that is God King Wei Zheng. God King Wei Zheng had a wide collection of sacred arts and was in the God King Intermediate Stage. If you're willing to accept God King Wei Zheng as your master, I will do my best to help you cleanse your spiritual roots."

    When Mo Wuji heard that Pang Jie was finding a master for him, he stood up anxiously. "Many thanks Ancestor but even though I have an average aptitude, my speed of cultivation is still decent. Moreover, I have my own technique so I don't intend to take anyone as my master."

    Pang Jie was shocked because he didn't expect Mo Wuji to reject his offer. Logically speaking, such a good offer wouldn't be rejected no matter who the person was. As he recalled that Ku Cai had also rejected his offer to take her as his disciple, Pang Jie couldn't help but feel agonised.

    Fortunately, Pang Jie was open minded and kind as he didn't mind Mo Wuji's rejection. He sighed and said, "Wuji, I know you have a low aptitude. I hold you in high regard because you are inspirational and is capable of supervising and managing. Even though you had the lowest cultivation level, you are still able to lead a group of senior brothers and sisters in getting the reception job done.

    The truth was that after I become a God King, it wasn't impossible for the Heavenly Mortal Sect to recruit a few peak grade talents. However, my Heavenly Mortal Sect would still need a leader within the disciples. If your spiritual roots could be cleanse, I intend to make you that leader. Also, for the God Domain Nest Incubation which would happen soon, I intend to let you lead a group of our Heavenly Mortal Sect's newly recruited disciples over."

    Mo Wuji inwardly praised the good temper of God King Pang Jie as he stood up and bowed. "Ancestor, I, Mo Wuji, am already a disciple of the Heavenly Mortal Sect so I would definitely do my best for the sect. As for the cleansing of my spiritual roots, I would like to search for that possibility in the incubating God Domain Nest myself."

    Looking at how convincing Mo Wuji sounded, Pang Jie could only say, "Since that is the case, go back and cultivate then. As for cultivation resources, you can collect them from Elder Hui Yu. After the sect is completely rebuilt, you can choose a mountain for yourself."
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