Chapter 900: Held In High Regard

    Chapter 900: Held In High Regard

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    Even though Pang Jie told Mo Wuji that he could collect cultivation resources, Mo Wuji didn't go to collect them. After all, Pang Jie was considered one of the Heavenly Mortal's ancestors so he must have some good items on him. After reopening the Heavenly Mortal Sect, he had barely managed to rebuild the Heavenly Mortal Scripture Library.

    Mo Wuji didn't collect cultivation resources and also didn't cultivate for the time being. He spent all his available time at the scriptures library. As the scripture library was just built up, any ordinary disciples could go in to look for materials regarding techniques. This was even without any contribution to the sect. The reason was that the sect contribution system had yet to be in place at this point in time.

    As the External Affairs Hall Lord and also a future Mountain Lord, he would naturally have the rights to be reading in the entire scriptures library. Because he had just arrived at the God Domain not too long ago, Mo Wuji was still unsure of many things in the God Domain. In fact, he didn't even recognise any of the god spiritual herbs here.

    Although the scriptures library only had a portion of the scriptures kept by Pang Jie after the attack on the sect, it was sufficient for Mo Wuji.

    In fact, Pang Jie managed to retain quite a lot of items. Other than a few peak grade techniques which he didn't display, there were some reading notes regarding the God Domain, some ordinary techniques and even a full range of introduction and explanation to the cultivation in the God Domain. As for the introduction of arrays, talismans, god spiritual herbs and all sorts of peak grade materials, Mo Wuji placed quite a bit of emphasis on them.

    Three months later when Mo Wuji had almost finished reading most of the techniques and introductions, Su Xia entered. She told Mo Wuji that all 108 god mountains of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were finally put in place. Additionally, the Sect Head had personally installed a grand array over the sect. She came to inform him to choose the god mountain he preferred.

    The Sect Head was truly very kind to Mo Wuji. Despite Mo Wuji's limited cultivation, the Sect Head still gave Mo Wuji quite a bit of privilege. Not only was he able to enter the Heavenly Mortal Scripture Library casually, he was also able to choose any god mountain he favored.

    In other words, Mo Wuji could choose any god mountain he liked except for the main mountain. The Heavenly Mortal Sect had only just been rebuilt and even though it had 108 god mountains, many of them were there to serve as a stopgap for the time being. By letting Mo Wuji choose, he was simply gifting Mo Wuji with the best god mountain possible.

    Mo Wuji was already very pleased with this arrangement. However, after the sect's Assignments Hall was built up, Mo Wuji's External Affairs Hall Lord token had an immediate increase of 1,000,000 sect contribution points.

    These 1,000,000 contribution points were equivalent to future cultivation resources. He could also use these to exchange for anything in the sect.

    After hearing about this, Mo Wuji was really appreciative of Ancestor Pang Jie's generosity towards him. Having read for a few months worth of scriptures, Mo Wuji had a new understanding towards the God Domain's cultivation. He was about to start incorporating this understanding into his Immortal Mortal Technique. Concurrently, he would help Ku Cai alter her cultivation technique too.

    Now that the sect offered him a god mountain, he would naturally not reject it. However, he didn't choose a good mountain as he chose an isolated one. He named it the Mortal Mountain and it would be where he cultivates.

    After the emergence of a God King and the mass recruitment of disciples, the Heavenly Mortal Sect was no longer like when Mo Wuji and co. first joined. The entire sect appeared to have a flourishing energy surrounding it.


    In the Heavenly Mortal Sect's hall, Ancestor Pang Jie, Sect Head Shi Su and the various elders were all gathered here.

    After the reconstruction of the Heavenly Mortal Sect, there were few experts within the sect itself. Other than God King Pang Jie himself, there wasn't even another World God around. Below Pang Jie, Shi Su's cultivation was the highest among everyone else. Even so, he was also only in the God Monarch Intermediate Stage. Among the newly recruited disciples, the strongest talent was only in the Heavenly God Stage.

    Usually, sects in God Domain wouldn't be able to recruit Heavenly God disciples. However, Heavenly Mortal Sect was able to recruit a few. This was even despite the Heavenly Mortal Sect's previous fall.

    After Pang Jie and co. sat down, Pang Jie addressed. "My Heavenly Mortal Sect had been through supreme glory and also the lowest of dire straits. In fact, we were almost exterminated. Fortunately for our Heavenly Mortal Sect, we had a bit of luck and I managed to enter the ranks of a God King. Over the few months, we managed to recruit disciples and I would consider it a successful recruitment. I could tell that everyone treated this place as their home and had all our hearts devoted to improving the sect.

    I want to talk about a few unrelated matters now. According to what I know, there is an unknown number of places similar to our God Domain in the vast and boundless universe. Any planet domain, regardless of how rich it was in terms of cultivation resources, would eventually delve into dullness and loneliness after countless years. The God Domain is indeed a boundless place but no matter how boundless the place was, overexpansion of the place would always end in the exhaustion of cultivation resources. This was of course except for the restricted places or places where men are incapable of leaving a footprint."

    Pang Jie paused as he sighed.

    Frankly speaking, when Pang Jie saw the 99 concealed peak grade god spiritual veins underground, he was incomparably shocked at the hidden wealth of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. One must know that if a sect had even one peak grade god spiritual vein, they would already be considered wealthy. Many peak grade sects would only have a few of these peak grade spiritual veins.

    A person like God King Wei Zheng, who would generously present a peak grade spiritual vein as a gift, was incredibly rare.

    However, rumours spread that almost every peak grade god sect in the ancient times would have at least 100 peak grade god spiritual veins. Even sects with over 1000 god spiritual veins were nothing surprising.

    Pang Jie raised his voice. "The difference between our God Domain and the other planet's domain would be that our God Domain Nest could incubate. Occasionally, our God Domain would be able to expand our area and this expanded area often consists of many unexpected treasures. The main reason for the emergence of some God Kings after a period of time would be because we had a foundation like this.

    Now that the God Domain Nest is about to incubate once more and my Heavenly Mortal Sect had just been rebuilt, we have to head over. Not only must we go over, we must fight for more disciples of our Heavenly Mortal Sect to enter the God Domain Nest early. For the God Domain Nest this time around, I shall personally lead the way. External Affairs Hall Lord, Mo Wuji, shall be in charge of the disciples. Shi Su, has Hall Lord Wuji moved into his new mountain?"

    Shi Su stood up quickly to reply, "Hall Lord Wuji had already chosen his god mountain and had moved into it. The mountain was named as Mortal Mountain and he should be in seclusion now."

    Pang Jie nodded and as he was about to continue, Shi Su commented. "Master, Hall Lord Wuji might be capable but his aptitude is simply..."

    Shi Su didn't continue his words but everyone knew what he meant.

    Pang Jie looked across the hall as he said in a calm tone. "I believe everyone thinks that I gave Wuji a god mountain of his own and even assigned him to be the External Affairs Hall Lord because he did well in hosting the ceremony previously right?"

    Nobody spoke but their expression indicated this belief.

    Pang Jie explained. "If we were to compare the love for our sect, I believe everyone loves the Heavenly Mortal Sect as much as myself. In fact, I know that everyone would even sacrifice our lives for it. But I have to be completely honest when I say that even Shi Su and Pang Fengban would only be ordinary disciples of our sect. If the sect was at its golden age and flourishing, this would be a good thing. However, now that our sect is rebuilding and would face strong wind and rain, we need someone capable to defend the wind and rain for us."

    Even though everyone wanted to refute to say that Mo Wuji still had a poor aptitude, nobody dared to talk back while Ancestor Pang Jie was speaking.

    Pang Jie continue. "I agree that Wuji's aptitude is very ordinary now. Nevertheless, I believe that before he transformed his spiritual roots, he should be one of the top in terms of aptitude. Even one with the peak grade..."

    Everyone exchanged glances doubtfully as Pang Jie explained further. "Wuji's bones are very young and even though I didn't check it, I believe the age of his bones wouldn't exceed 10,000 years. It might even be much lower than what I thought. How poor could his aptitude be if he could reach the Nascent God Stage in less than 10,000 years? The problem should have been when he was transforming his spiritual roots into god spiritual roots. This should be why his peak grade spiritual roots turned bad. In the incubation of the God Domain Nest this time around, as long as we find a magic treasure to help cleanse his spiritual roots, don't you think Wuji will have a tremendous future ahead of him?"

    "Many thanks master for your explanation. Disciple understands it now." Shi Su and co. seemed to have finally understood the Ancestor's intentions and hard work.

    Pang Jie smiled slightly, "There is also one more point which I believe none of you managed to pick up. When I developed a killing intent to Ku Cai, only Mo Wuji stood up. For a newly recruited disciple with poor aptitude, doesn't he know that standing up against a God King would mean death? Even so, he stood up so what does this prove? This shows his resolute and that he would go all out to safeguard a junior sister which he barely knows. With a character like this, he would never betray the Heavenly Mortal Sect as long as we treat him sincerely."


    After Mo Wuji settled Ku Cai's cultivation technique, he was indulged in his own cultivation. He felt that as long as he was using his Immortal Mortal Technique, he would be able to absorb that incomparably dense god spiritual energy which contained the laws of Heaven and Earth. In the Heavenly Mortal Sect, his cultivation progress was extraordinarily rapid.

    Five months flashed by and Mo Wuji had completely stabilised himself in the Nascent God Level 1.

    After entering the Nascent God Stage, no matter how quickly he managed to absorb god spiritual energy, entering the Nascent God Stage Level 2 was still very long away.

    Today, while Mo Wuji was absorbing wildly, the restrictions he installed around his Mortal Mountain was disrupted.

    Mo Wuji stopped his cultivation as he opened the restriction. To his surprise, Sect Head Shi Su came personally to visit him. Since Sect Head Shi Su was here, he hurried out to welcome him.

    "Haha, Hall Lord Wuji, I guessed I have disrupted your cultivation?" Before he even entered, Shi Su was chuckling.

    Mo Wuji replied, "No, I was about to head out for a walk coincidentally. Why has the Sect Head come to visit me?"

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji had already guided Shi Su into this own guest hall in his immortal residence.

    As Shi Su stopped Mo Wuji from pouring immortal tea, Shi Su said, "Wuji ah, you should know about the incubation of the God Domain Nest right?"

    "Yes, I do." Mo Wuji nodded because he recalled Ancestor Pang Jie mentioning about it. He would naturally not let an opportunity like this slip by.

    "Previously when the God Domain Nest incubates, our Heavenly Mortal Sect would only be there to make up the numbers. Now that Ancestor is back, our Heavenly Mortal Sect would no longer be there for the sake of being there. The time of incubation is not certain yet but regardless, our Heavenly Mortal Sect would be heading out three days later. Have you prepared yourself?" Shi Su said with a faint tone.
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