Chapter 903: Suspicion Of An Immortal Swindler

    Chapter 903: Suspicion Of An Immortal Swindler

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    For the next four months, they had been constantly changing between travelling on the flying ship and transfer arrays.

    Just as everyone was complaining about how far away the God Domain Nest was, the flying ship came to a halt on an extremely grand plaza together with the other ships. While some of the flying ships were magic treasures which could be kept away, many others were those massive flying ship which were unable to be kept.

    There were a great number of shophouses and rest houses on the plaza. Therefore, Mo Wuji lost count of the number of people passing by here.

    Initially, Mo Wuji thought that this would be an extremely big cultivation city or city square. After descending from the flying ship, he realised that the average cultivation city or city square would definitely not be of such large scale.

    Mo Wuji had no idea how long the continuous stretch of shophouses extended for while towering buildings were seen one after the other. The most worthless thing here seemed to be the land as even the narrowest path were a few metres wide.

    One more difference between this place and a god city was that there were almost no god restrictions here. Other than the individual shophouses which had their own arrays, the entire street seemed boundless and the spiritual will had a panoramic view of everything.

    Looking at all the shocked expressions of the disciples, Wei Jie said proudly. "Haven't been to the God Domain Nest before right? The one thing this place doesn't lack was land. Anybody, as long as you're willing, could set up a shophouse or immortal residence at the periphery of this place. This was why the people here ranged from God Kings to even mortals with their spiritual roots wasted."

    Yin Lin whispered, "Could this really be the God Domain Nest? Why is it look like a levelled wilderness?"

    Pu Yin chuckled, "Junior Sister Yin Lin wouldn't have known of it since you've not heard it before. This is indeed the God Domain Nest but this was the area of the God Domain Nest which was incubated a long time ago. The incubated God Domain Nest would be searched over and over again so even the most concealed underground treasures would be dug away. Even so, there were countless treasures being found. This was because the periphery space around the God Domain Nest would be incubated and everytime it incubates, it would add on from the original foundation of this place.

    Following incubations after incubations, there was an increase number of treasures found here so even more people gathered here. Gradually, it had turned into what you see today. Even the most uneven places would have been even off by people. However, everyone has a share to this place and while you can build immortal residences here, you cannot mark out your territory. This was also why there are no signs of any huge arrays in place here."

    Pu Yin clearly knew a lot about this place and he had been constantly explaining and describing everything to everyone.

    Mo Wuji also found out from his words that no matter how many times the God Domain Nest was searched, there would still be some undiscovered treasures.

    With Ancestor Pang Jie leading the way, Mo Wuji and the group of disciples travelled past the business district into the sect gathering district.

    Even though no signs of strong spiritual will swept across them, the instant Mo Wuji entered the sect gathering district, he could feel an oppressive aura. He could clearly feel that in this district, there were far too many experts around.

    At the periphery of the biggest plaza in the sect gathering district, Mo Wuji noticed the God Domain Nest Dao Discussion Plaza, God Domain Nest Battle Plaza and many other plazas.

    In the area further into the sect gathering district, Mo Wuji noticed the signboards of even more sects.

    God Evolution Sect, Godly Grain Valley, Moonlight God Sect, Five Oceans Godly Palace, Refined Star God Sect, Heavenly Turbid God Sect...

    Almost all the sects had an encampment here and Mo Wuji also noticed the Heavenly Mortal Sect's.

    The Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment was adjacent to the other peak grade sects. The sign looked like it had just been put up not too long ago. The reason should be the recent emergence of a God King which was why they were treated with slightly more prestige as compared to the other ordinary grade sects.

    "Haha... Brother Pang, because I was in the God Domain Nest, I couldn't make it for your God King ritual a few months ago. I hope that Brother Pang would forgive me for this." Even before Pang Jie could bring Mo Wuji and the other disciples into the Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment, a long bearded elder walked over. In fact, he clasped his fist to greet Pang Jie even when he was still physically far away.

    Pang Jie also returned the greetings with a smile. "So its God King Li He. The Phecda God Sect has so many disciples and the God Domain Nest is busy as ever. God King Li He would naturally be too busy to come over."

    Mo Wuji wasn't able to tell God King Li He's specific cultivation level. Even so, he could sense that God King Li He was probably more than an entire level above Ancestor Pang Jie.

    Mo Wuji also paid special attention to this God King Li He as this fella was the God King of the Phecda God Sect. Back in the Immortal World, there was also a sect called Tian Ji Sect so he wondered if there were any differences between Phecda God Sect and the Tian Ji Sect. [1]

    "I wonder if Brother Pang had added a God King Throne?" God King Li He asked enthusiastically.

    Pang Jie replied, "Because I've only just entered the God King Stage and the ritual was rushed, I haven't been able to add a God King Throne."

    God King Li He laughed, "That is great! One of the ten great God King, God King Clear Rise is also here. Why don't Brother Pang follow me over and discuss about Brother Pang's addition of the God King Throne? This is definitely not a small matter."

    Without waiting for Pang Jie to answer, God King Li He continued speaking. "Let these disciples enter the Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment to have some rest on their own. Anyway, the God Domain Nest has yet to incubate and we might even need to wait here for another hundreds of years."

    Pang Jie nodded, "Will do."

    Having said that, Pang Jie turned to Wei Jie. " Wei Jie, you shall be in charge of bringing the disciples into the Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment to rest. Restrain and make sure that our disciples don't go wandering around."

    "Yes." Wei Jie bowed respectfully as he received the orders.

    After Ancestor Pang Jie and God King Li He left, Wei Jie mentioned loudly. "All disciples are to take note, you are only allowed to walk around the God Domain Nest's residential district. No one is allowed to walk out of the residential district."

    "Why not? Didn't Pu Yin said previously that there were still treasures undiscovered in places where nobody is living? If we go on a search, we might actually find some more treasures?" Yin Lin asked curiously.

    Wei Jie chuckled, "Do you think those treasures would wait for a small Nascent God expert like you to be discovered? If the treasures were so easily found, I, Wei Jie, would have left to find them already. Stop spouting nonsense and follow me back to the encampment to rest."

    Pu Yin commented faintly, "There are indeed treasures but dangers exist too. There are way too many people here and everyday, someone would die in areas where nobody else is there. Even though the God Domain Nest had been searched countless times, there were still plenty of dangers around. Some dangers were man-made while some dangers remained natural."

    Mo Wuji never intended to leave this place. The instant he entered the God Domain Nest, he sensed that the god spiritual energy was dense. However, there was an indescribable feeling within the laws of Heaven and Earth here. It was as if something had yet to mature, the laws of Heaven and Earth didn't appear completely formed up.

    From Mo Wuji's guess, this should be related to the God Domain Nest. The God Domain Nest had yet to be fully incubated so the laws of Heaven and Earth would naturally not be complete. Cultivating here would be a notch lower than when he cultivated in his own Mortal Mountain.

    Fortunately, even if Mo Wuji didn't cultivate, he had many other things to do. He could deduce talisman or learn more about god array dao. If Mo Wuji chose not to head out, Ku Cai and the other disciples under Mo Wuji, would naturally not head out too.

    After nine consecutive days of seclusion and when Mo Wuji could deduce a grade 2 god array, someone knocked on his room's restriction.

    Mo Wuji opened up his restriction to find Elder Wei Jie with an anxious look outside his door.

    "Elder Wei Jie, what happened?" Mo Wuji asked worriedly.

    Elder Wei Jie's body flashed as he entered Mo Wuji's room directly. He said, "Wuji, could you help me think of a way quickly?"

    "What is it?" Mo Wuji was confused. From what he remembered, Elder Wei Jie's cultivation might not be very strong but when faced with problems, he was always calm and collected.

    Wei Jie answered anxiously, "Because Shen Ming managed to purchase a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit..."

    "Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit?" Mo Wuji repeated the name shockingly. After the few months of reading up in the Heavenly Mortal Scripture Library, Mo Wuji was no longer that clueless in terms of god spiritual herb.

    A dao fruit like this was extremely valuable because it was also a dao fruit which could cleanse someone's spiritual roots. Even though the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit was one of the lowest grade dao fruits capable of cleansing spiritual roots, it was still very valuable. Try imagining how many people would have incomplete transformation of spiritual roots when advancing into the Nascent God Stage? As long as there were many people with incomplete transformation, this dao fruit would remain priceless and treasured.

    Previously, Ancestor Pang Jie mentioned that he would help him get a dao fruit to cleanse his spiritual roots. This Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit should also be considered as a dao fruit Pang Jie promised. And now, Shen Ming actually managed to purchase one Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit? Mo Wuji was stunned at how many good items the God Domain Nest had. And someone would actually bring the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit out to sell?

    Wei Jie nodded, "Yes, but this is not the main point. The main point is that Shen Ming ate this Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. Now, the other party wants Shen Ming to pay back with another Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit..."

    "Elder Wei Jie, hold on. While my cultivation level is not high, I'm not completely inexperienced. I know that a fruit like the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit is not usually brought out for sale. Even if someone wanted to sell, it would be usually during an auction right? Alright, let's take a step back and say that the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit was really sold there. Shen Ming had that many god crystals to purchase?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Elder Wei Jie sighed, "This is where the problem lies. The person who sold the dao fruit to Shen Ming didn't know it was the Soul Cleaning Dao Fruit. He thought that it was the Heart Cleansing Fruit."

    Mo Wuji had not seen both the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit and Heart Cleansing Pill before but according to the manual he read, these two fruits indeed look similar. The only difference was that the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit contained a law of god dao. On the other hand, the Heart Cleansing Fruit was merely an ordinary god spiritual herb.

    "Elder Wei Jie, It still doesn't add up ah. Since it was the other party's mistake, it should be counted as Shen Ming's gain right?" Even though Mo Wuji said this, he started suspecting something. A God Domain Cultivator, unless he had just arrived here, should never have mistake these two fruits for each other.

    Elder Wei Jie said, "That person is a disciple of the Phoenix God Soul Estate and he simply said he made a mistake and would compensate Shen Ming with some god crystals in exchange for the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit back. However, Shen Ming had already eaten the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit and they had detained him. I suspect that this might all be part of their plan but I have no prove..."

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart. He was certain that this person was definitely an immortal swindler. "Elder Wei Jie, you are an elder so why have you come to me for help?"

    Wei Jie exclaimed, "You don't know the rules here right? As long as we're in the residential district, Heavenly God Stage experts cannot intervene disputes between Nascent God Stage disciples. God Monarch Stage experts cannot intervene disputes between Heavenly God Stage experts. The Phoenix Soul God Estate also had a God King and countless of genius disciples under them. This matter couldn't be resolved with violence..."

    "Elder, Senior Brother Pu Yin had gone to rescue Shen Ming already..." Yet another disciple came over in a hurry.

    [1]: Remember that Phecda in chinese hanyupinyin is also Tian Ji with another character 'Ji'
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