Chapter 904: Something Aint Right

    Chapter 904: Something Ain't Right

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    "Ah, we should hurry over now. Pu Yin is prideful and arrogant so we must not allow him to get into a fight with the Nascent God Stage Disciple of the Phoenix Soul God Estate. Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable..." Wei Jie said worriedly.

    Even though he was a falsifier, he was able to see many things very clearly. Even though a God King had emerged from the Heavenly Mortal Sect, the Heavenly Mortal Sect should be considered as the weakest sect among all the other sects with a God King in it. In fact, some of the intermediate grade sect with good foundation might even be stronger than the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    If Pu Yin were to offend the Phoenix Soul God Estate, even Ancestor Pang Jie couldn't do anything to help.

    Shen Ming didn't get into trouble in the sect gathering district but at the business district of the God Domain Nest. This place could be considered as a massive open air city square or could also be said to be a cultivation city which was complete as compared to a city square.

    After they exited the sect gathering district, Mo Wuji only walked for a few minutes before he noticed a crowd of people.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed Shen Ming easily. Shen Ming's face was pale and his hands were trembling with fear. Other than Pu Yin, who was standing right next to Shen Ming, there were also about five to six more disciples from the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    Contrary to Wei Jie's guess, Pu Yin hadn't got into a fight with the members of the Phoenix Soul God Estate. However, there were blood stains at the corner of his lips and the energy around him was slightly unstable. Evidently, he had already gotten into a clash with the other party.

    Even though Pu Yin had blood stains at the corner of his lips, there were no other injuries on him. Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed that Pu Yin looked like he was given tight slaps on both sides of his face. In fact, the marks of the slaps seemed to be disappearing.

    Standing on the opposite of the six to seven disciples of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were four Nascent God Stage experts. Among the four people, the one standing in front was an average built man. In terms of cultivation, he seemed weaker than Pu Yin. In Mo Wuji's eyes, that fella would at most be in the Nascent God Stage Level 7.

    Behind this average built man were three other Nascent God Stage cultivators. There was a delicate and pretty woman with slightly smaller eyes while the other two men were both very tall. What made Mo Wuji doubtful was that these three cultivators standing at the back all seemed stronger than the average built Nascent God Stage Level 7 man. They were either in the Nascent God Stage Level 7 or 8. It seemed like the Phoenix Soul God Estate had their weakest man standing in front to handle the problem.

    Without asking, Mo Wuji already knew that these four people were from the Phoenix Soul God Estate. As these four people confronted Pu Yin and co, there was already a huge crowd of people watching on.

    "Tang Wuzhen, what do you want? My Heavenly Mortal Sect has a God King too." When Mo Wuji and Wei Jie arrived, they heard Pu Yin's seemingly furious voice.

    Evidently, the average built man standing in front was called Tang Wuzhen. He pulled back his shoulders intentionally as he screamed. "Aiya, I am so scared. A sect with a God King, hahahaha..."

    "Pu Yin, do you not know that you shouldn't attack here in the God Domain Nest?" Wei Jie had already squeezed through the crowd as he grabbed onto Pu Yin's hand angrily.

    Pu Yin saw Wei Jie and instantly revealed an expression of relief. He hurried to answer, "Yes."

    "What? Could it be that your Heavenly Mortal Sect is going to send a Heavenly God expert to deal with us? Oh yes, your Heavenly Mortal Sect has a God King so you're naturally so brazen." Tang Wuzhen saw Wei Jie scurrying over before commenting with a cold tone.

    Everyone knew that Wei Jie didn't come with the intention to deal with the Phoenix Soul God Estate. Even though he looked like he was reprimanding his own disciples, he was also warning the Phoenix Soul God Estate that they couldn't act here. However, the Phoenix Soul God Estate didn't seem to acknowledge his warning.

    Wei Jie hurried to answer, "I am not intervening for I am only here to watch."

    After saying that, he instantly stood to the side and kept quiet.

    Tang Wuzhen sneered at the sight of Wei Jie. It almost seemed like he didn't even put a Heavenly God Stage Level 9 expert like Wei Jie in his eyes.

    Noticing that Wei Jie had backed down, Tang Wuzhen didn't continue staring at Wei Jie. Instead, he said with a faint tone. "Since nobody from your Heavenly Mortal Sect could settle this matter and even threatened my Phoenix Soul God Estate with your God King..."

    "Hold up, I am the Heavenly Mortal Sect's Da Shixiong. Come at me if you want to settle any matter. Regardless where the Heavenly Mortal Sect has a God King or not, it has nothing to do with this matter. Unless your Phoenix Soul God Estate wants to act against us using the excuse that you have a few God King experts backing you?" When Mo Wuji heard that the other party mentioned about the matter of God Kings, his heart jumped. This matter shouldn't be as simple as it appeared on the surface.

    "Who are you?" Tang Wuzhen saw Mo Wuji walking over before asking coldly. He could tell that Mo Wuji had an average aptitude and his cultivation level was also very low.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciple Mo Wuji and I am also the Da Shixiong who is leading the group of Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciples into the God Domain Nest. Whether it is the matters regarding Junior Brother's Shen Ming or Junior Brother Pu Yin, I am going to settle it for them."

    "Very good! I do want to see how you're going to settle this." Tang Wuzhen looked disdainfully at Mo Wuji.

    Tang Wuzhen didn't even smile but every other cultivator spectating this conflict laughed out loud when they heard that the lowest cultivation disciple would be settling this matter.

    At this moment when Mo Wuji continued to address himself as Da Shixiong, Pu Yin no longer dared to say anything else.

    Mo Wuji looked at Shen Ming before saying. "Shen Ming, tell me everything that had happened in full details."

    "Hold on, if I am not wrong, you look like you're only in the Nascent God Elementary Stage. Could it be that because you couldn't handle this, your Heavenly Mortal Sect keeps sending useless disciples to waste everyone's time?" Tang Wuzhen waved his hand as a god elemental energy surged towards Shen Ming. Shen Ming, who wanted to step out to speak, was sent right back to his position by the god elemental energy.

    Mo Wuji didn't obstruct his act as he turned to the crowd. "Fellow Dao Friends, even though my Heavenly Mortal Sect is a sect which had just been reconstructed, we aren't an existence for anyone to insult as they wish. I am the Head Disciple of the Heavenly Mortal Sect who came to settle this matter. However, the Phoenix Soul God Estate didn't even allow my junior disciple to explain what happened. The first thing they mentioned was that my cultivation level was too low. Oh, could it be that everyone in the Phoenix Soul God Estate became a God King the moment they were born? I really want to know that is it just because the Phoenix Soul God Estate is a big sect which is why they can casually convict whoever they want of a crime?"

    Mo Wuji had this feeling that something was not right here but because he really had no idea what was not right, he wanted to let all the spectators understand what happened.

    "Hahahaha, you are merely in the Nascent God Elementary Stage and you dare call yourself their Da Shixiong? Are you lying to me or everyone? If my guess ain't wrong, you should the one with the lowest cultivation level among everyone from the Heavenly Mortal Sect who came here right?" Tang Wuzhen started laughing hysterically.

    After Tang Wuzhen was done laughing, Mo Wuji replied calmly. "My cultivation level was indeed the lowest among the disciples who came from the Heavenly Mortal Sect. If I am not wrong, you are also the one with the lowest cultivation level out of the four of you here right? Why was it that your Phoenix Soul God Estate can send the lowest cultivation one to settle matters but my Heavenly Mortal Sect couldn't do the same? Even if your Phoenix Soul God Sect claims to be one grade above my Heavenly Mortal Sect, we aren't standing on your turf. This is the God Domain Nest which is not somewhere your Phoenix Soul God Sect can hide the truth from the masses."

    Tang Wuzhen didn't expect Mo Wuji to be able to tell his cultivation level. One must know that his cultivation level wasn't something a Heavenly God could tell.

    "Very good, let him say then." Hearing that the crowd around him started to whisper, Tang Wuzhen reacted on the spot by saying this."

    Mo Wuji turned to Shen Ming immediately, "Step out and tell us everything that happened. Also, try to be more concise in your description."

    "Yes," Shen Ming bowed towards Mo Wuji before continuing. "I was initially planning to walk around the God Domain Nest city square for a while but I didn't expect to see him setting up a stall just as I reached this open air transaction district..."

    Shen Ming spoke hesitantly and even pointed to one of the taller man standing behind Tang Wuzhen.

    "I got excited because I actually saw a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit for sale at his stall. When my spiritual roots were transforming into god spiritual roots, it wasn't a thorough transformation but it was still decent. I am certain that with one Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit, my spiritual roots would cleanse the speck of impurities..."

    Nobody was surprised with what Shen Ming said because no matter who it was, seeing a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit would definitely make them incredibly excited.

    "At that time, this person said: You like this Cleansing Fruit? If you want, you can have it for this figure as he extended three fingers." Shen Ming's tone was filled with regret as he continued the story. "I thought he meant three high grade god crystals so I took out the three high grade god crystals without any hesitation. At this very moment, a person came over to talk to him so I placed the three god crystals on his stall before leaving with my fruit. What I didn't expect was that after about ten steps, he seemed to have realised something. Following which, the person he was speaking with chased over..."

    Mo Wuji sighed because that fella was indeed a swindler. If he wasn't wrong, Shen Ming saw the two people chasing after him so he hurried to swallow the fruit instantly.

    The Soul Cleansing Fruit had a benefit which was that it could be consumed anytime. Also, the person consuming didn't need to circulate his spiritual roots for it to take effects.

    Shen Ming shouldn't be blamed because anybody who was frightened would have done the same. When someone finally spotted a loophole, that item would naturally belong to him after paying for it. If this item was of tremendous use for the person, he might not even be willing to return it even if the other party realised his mistake.

    Shen Ming did exactly how anyone else would have done.

    "Whether or not I've mistaken my dao fruit for another dao fruit, you took away my item even before the transaction was completed. What is the meaning of that? Just because your Heavenly Mortal Sect has a God King, you can buy whatever you want forcefully?" The taller man pointed out by Shen Ming stood out to respond furiously.

    "Who says that the transaction was not completed? I've paid the god crystals before taking your item. Moreover..."

    Before Shen Ming could finish his sentence, that same tall Nascent God cultivator refuted. "You've paid the god crystals but have I agreed? Yes, I was indeed talking to someone else back then but I've only extended three fingers when I told you the price. Who says that my three fingers meant three high grade god crystals? I actually meant to say three thousand peak grade god crystals. Furthermore, you left the god crystals on my stall and before I even say that I agree with your transaction, you took my item and leave. This is simply daylight robbery."
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