Chapter 905: Alerting The God Kings

    Chapter 905: Alerting The God Kings

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    Three thousand peak grade god crystals was definitely not a small figure. Sometimes during the mining of a god minefield, obtaining one or two peak grade god crystals was already considered very impressive. How many minefield would have to be dug out to even accumulate three thousands peak grade god crystals? Moreover, even a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit wouldn't be worth three thousand peak grade god crystals.

    "Why are you even selling your Heart Cleansing Fruit for three thousand peak grade crystals in the first place?" Shen Ming refuted.

    "Who says that the fruit I sold you was a Heart Cleansing Fruit? I was selling a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit."

    "You clearly said Cleansing Fruit."

    "Yes, isn't Cleansing Fruit the short form for the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit?"

    "You..." Shen Ming's expression turned from pale white to red. "But you clearly gave me a Heart Cleansing Fruit. I initially thought it was a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit too but after consuming it, I realised it isn't."

    Mo Wuji was really speechless when he heard this. He initially thought that Shen Ming really did consume a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. Mo Wuji thought that even if Shen Ming were to suffer a bit eventually, at least he consumed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit and had cleansed his spiritual root. He didn't expect that after all these drama, Shen Ming had only ate a Heart Cleansing Fruit.

    However, Mo Wuji started to comprehend the entire situation. He was certain that Shen Ming wanted to take advantage of the transaction. Otherwise, he wouldn't have acknowledged the price of three god crystals on his own even before the other party told you specifically.

    If Shen Ming managed to make it back to the encampment, things would have been much easier to settle. After all, the transaction would have been completed for some time already. Now, Shen Ming was held back at the transaction place and even swallowed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. Evidently, Shen Ming lacked reasoning for this matter.

    Mo Wuji was confident that Shen Ming consumed a Heart Cleansing Fruit instead of a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. However, Mo Wuji had this faint feeling that a bigger problem would arise if they kept insisting that Shen Ming consumed a Heart Cleansing Fruit and not a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. As to what the problem might be, Mo Wuji wasn't sure as this was just a feeling he got.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji commented instantly. "Dao Friend Tang, I admit that the disciple of my Heavenly Mortal Sect was at fault and we shall accept the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. I would ask the friends from the Phoenix Soul God Estate to name a price for the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit and we will compensate."

    "I've already said that this Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit was from a billion years old Soul Cleansing Tree. This tree had only bore 11 of the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit so every single one was worth cities..."

    Before the cultivator who sold the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit could finish his sentence, everyone in the crowd understood something. They had come to realise that this matter might not be resolved with the compensation of the normal price of a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit.

    Indeed, the cultivator continued with his sentence. "Since I've already said that it is for sale at three thousand peak grade god crystals, my Phoenix Soul God Estate will not be unreasonable to ask for me. Just three thousand peak grade god crystals will do."

    When Shen Ming heard the last sentence, his heart froze. Three thousand peak grade god crystals was something even Ancestor Pang Jie would not be able to afford. If the Heavenly Mortal Sect wants to abandon him, they could simply shirk responsibilities off themselves. He started suspecting if Mo Wuji intentionally admit that he took away a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit so he can use this opportunity to chase him out of the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    "How could it be? There's no need to mention that Junior Brother Shen Ming purchased a Heart Cleansing Fruit and not a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. Even if he had bought a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit, it wouldn't even be worth three thousand peak grade god crystals. Junior Brother Mo, is this how you, as a Da Shixiong, is going to settle this matter?" Pu Yin's raging voice could be heard as he didn't even bother addressing Mo Wuji as Hall Lord Mo.

    Pu Yin's words instantly gained the support of all the disciples from the Heavenly Mortal Sect who had rushed over. Even Wei Jie felt that Mo Wuji was mishandling this situation. Shen Ming clearly didn't purchase a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit yet Mo Wuji chose to admit it. This was equivalent to putting yourself at a disadvantage or rather, admitting that you're terrified from the start. What kind of tactic was this?

    "The Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit should be able to be detected if it was consumed within a day right?" A soft voice could be heard from the crowd.

    Pu Yin overheard this sentence and shouted instantaneously. "Yes, yes it would be able to detect."

    Truthfully, he had no idea how it could be tested to prove if someone had consumed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit.

    Tang Wuzhen seemed shocked and this made Pu Yin shout even louder. "Who knows how to test if someone had consumed a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit? Please let us know."

    Yet another voice from the crowd was heard. "Testing for the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit requires the help of two God Kings. As long as the person who consumed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit opens their sea of consciousness spirit channel unrestrictedly, the two God Kings will be able to pervade into the sea of consciousness spirit channel. By using their own spirit channels to test if there are any changes to the person's spirit channels, they would be able to tell if someone had consumed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit."

    "Very good, since your Heavenly Mortal Sect insists that what we sold wasn't the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit, we shall have it tested now. Just like what you've mentioned earlier, your Heavenly Mortal Sect has a God King, my Phoenix Soul God Estate has a God King too." As he spoke, Tang Wuzhen had already waved his hand to send out a message.

    Mo Wuji was suspecting why two God Kings were required to use their own spirit channels to check it Shen Ming consumed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. Logically speaking, one God King should be able to detect it right? After Tang Wuzhen heard the news, he instantly sent out a message without hesitation. From his attitude, it seemed like he was going to call out for their God King.

    This made Mo Wuji even more uneasy.

    What kind of existence was a God King? They were existence standing on the peak of the entire God Domain. Regardless of how high Tang Wuzhen's aptitude was, he shouldn't be qualified enough to summon a God King over with a single message right?

    Before Mo Wuji could even figure out what was happening, a skinny man wearing a black robe arrived at the scene.

    Even though the skinny man looked ordinary, Mo Wuji detected a strong law of Heaven and Earth energy when this man arrived. Mo Wuji had a talk with God King Pang Jie before so he knew instantly that this person was much stronger than God King Pang Jie. Evidently, he was also a God King.

    What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that the moment this skinny man appeared, Tang Wuzhen and co. bowed respectfully to him. "Greetings God King Salt Pavilion."

    Even those cultivators who didn't know God King Salt Pavilion all bowed respectfully. The entire scene turned silent and orderly.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank because Tang Wuzhen was merely a Nascent God and he really did summon a God King. If this wasn't planned beforehand, Mo Wuji would never believe what he just saw.

    At this moment, Wei Jie felt incredibly uneasy too. With a slightly pale face, he bowed and said, "Heavenly Mortal Sect's Wei Jie greets God King Salt Pavilion."

    Pu Yin and co. were so frightened that they no longer dared to speak. They didn't expect that they needed the presence of two God Kings to test if Shen Ming had consumed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit.

    "What's happening?" God King Salt Pavilion said it with a monotonous voice.

    Tang Wuzhen explained the entire situation and he didn't actually exaggerate or cut down on any details.

    Mo Wuji hurried to pay his respects. "Heavenly Mortal Sect's Disciple Mo Wuji greets God King Salt Pavilion. My Heavenly Mortal Sect is at fault for this matter and I am already thinking of compensating for the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit."

    God King Salt Pavilion glanced coldly at Mo Wuji before saying with a faint voice. "We always emphasise on being fair and just in whatever we do. Just because they are disciples of the Phoenix Soul God Estate, it didn't mean that they would be speaking the truth. I was just having a conversation with Brother Pang so in this case, let me invite Brother Pang..."

    Just as God King Salt Pavilion mentioned about inviting Pang Jie, Pang Jie landed right in front of everyone. He chuckled as he said, "I've heard about the earlier incident and this matter is just like what Disciple Mo Wuji said. It is the fault of our Heavenly Mortal Sect and compensation is a must."

    Evidently, Wei Jie had already told the full story to God King Pang Jie.

    God King Salt Pavilion laughed out loud. "Dao Friend Pang, you and I are existences standing on the very pinnacle of the God Domain. The God Domain had always been so peaceful because everyone believes in justice here. Even if I am not friends with Brother Pang, I would definitely not believe my disciples' side of the story and conclude just like that."

    Hearing the words of God King Salt Pavilion and looking at Pang Jie's expression, Mo Wuji was certain that the Phoenix Soul God Estate wasn't going after the three thousand peak grade god crystals. They wanted Ancestor Pang Jie and God King Salt Pavilion to test and check if Shen Ming really did consume the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit.

    In other words, the Phoenix Soul God Estate definitely had an ulterior motive. Mo Wuji even suspected that they were more concerned as to whether Pang Jie wanted to test it with God King Salt Pavilion.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to speak, another clear voice could be heard. "What's there to conflict about? Just check this fella's spirit channels and we can all head back to enjoy our wine."

    Once everyone heard this, a fat monk and a refined looking man in green robe landed.

    Everyone saw the arrival of these two men and they started bowing respectfully again.

    From the greetings of the crowd, Mo Wuji knew who these two people were. The fat monk was God King Yan Du and the refined looking man was God King Yi Ming.

    No matter what happened, he mustn't let Ancestor Pang Jie do the test for Shen Ming. Even with the arrival of these few God Kings, he had to find a way to stop this.

    "Wuji, I definitely cannot conduct the test with God King Salt Pavilion to see if Shen Ming really consumed the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit..."

    Ancestor Pang Jie transmitted a message anxiously to Mo Wuji. Even before he could finish his message for Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji saw that Ancestor Pang Jie had already went forward to greet God King Yi Ming and God King Yan Du enthusiastically.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath before clasping his fists. "Disciple Mo Wuji of the Heavenly Mortal Sect greets the few God King seniors. A small matter like this actually alerted the few God King seniors and I, as the junior, sincerely apologetic. If every small matter would need the help of the God King seniors, our God Domain would be in chaos. Junior has a suggestion and that is we abide by the regulations of the God Domain Nest. Shall we let the Nascent God Stage disciples settle this conflict? If we really cannot come to a conclusion, then I would like to trouble the few seniors to intervene."

    Mo Wuji's first suggestion was to follow the regulations of the God Domain Nest to settle this. Heavenly God experts cannot intervene disputes between Nascent God Stage cultivators, let alone God Kings.

    Before the few God Kings could respond, Pang Jie said in a serious tone. "Mo Wuji, they are all your seniors of the God King Stage. The next time you speak, you must not be so rash."

    After reprimanding Mo Wuji, Pang Jie clasped his fists towards God King Salt Pavilion. "Brother Yan Ting, my rash disciples' words had some sense too. After all, the God Domain Nest emphasises on letting the same stage cultivators settle their own problems. Why don't we watch and see how our juniors settle this? We will step in if they couldn't settle this."

    God King Salt Pavilion glanced at Mo Wuji interestingly before chuckling. "Dao Friend Pang is right."

    Having said that, he turned back to Mo Wuji. "Since that is the case, fill us in on how you're going to settle this."


    Near the periphery of the crowd was a green robe woman and another woman in a blue dress. The green robe woman asked, "Sister Lan Ou, that is the Mo Wuji of the Heavenly Mortal Sect whom you talked about right? He is indeed daring. Let's watch and see how he handle this situation and if he is worth your high regard."

    The woman in blue dress was indeed Lan Ou. She smiled and said, "This person definitely has guts. Back then, if he hadn't controlled his anger, he would have thrown us out. However, I doubt this matter is something he could settle."
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