Chapter 906: Settle With A Battle

    Chapter 906: Settle With A Battle

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    After saying that, Lan Ou turned to the other side to ask another woman in a faint blue dress. "Senior Sister Qu, do you think Mo Wuji would be able to settle this matter?"

    Once this question was asked, the few women around Lan Ou turned to this faint blue dress woman.

    Even though there were about seven to eight women who came to watch the show with Lan Ou, this Senior Sister Qu looked like the most outstanding one.

    Among the few of them, none of them could even compare with her in terms of class, appearance or even figure. Not only did she possess picturesque general face features, perfect figure, she had this classy aura around her which made people want to keep looking at her.

    Lan Lu was already considered outstanding but this Senior Sister Qu was definitely on another level when compared to Lan Ou.

    Noticing that everyone was staring at her, Senior Sister Qu shook her head. "I'm not familiar with him but if someone were to settle this matter, it would be lead by the member of the Phoenix Soul God Estate."

    She was just like the others as she failed to notice that God King Salt Pavilion really wanted to test for Shen Ming spirit channels together with God King Pang Jie of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. She was only wondering why Mo Wuji would suggest to settle among the own stage cultivators. In her eyes, nobody in the Nascent God Stage from the Heavenly Mortal Sect could compare with that Tang Wuzhen from the Phoenix Soul God Estate.


    Upon hearing God King Salt Pavilion's words, Mo Wuji felt some killing intent exuding from him. He knew that he had enraged this God King expert. If it wasn't for Ancestor Pang Jie's last-minute word of support, God King Salt Pavilion might have already written his name in the Deathnote.

    He faintly felt that whether it was God King Yan Du or God King Yi Ming, they seemed to be helping God King Salt Pavilion instinctively. Both of them appeared as though they also wanted God King Pang Jie and God King Salt Pavilion to test and check if Shen Ming really did consume the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit.

    "Senior God King Salt Pavilion is definitely big-hearted to allow junior to try and settle this. This is already a huge honour for me so why would I dare to suggest anything? This solution to this was of course suggested by the senior and junior brothers of the Phoenix Soul God Estate and I would only ask for one additional condition." Mo Wuji's tone was respectful and humble.

    Mo Wuji knew that if he must not continue to insist that Shen Ming ate the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit and suggest to compensate. Otherwise, God King Salt Pavilion would definitely talk about how he must uphold 'justice' and then carried on to check Shen Ming's sea of consciousness. Therefore, Mo Wuji chose to not mention about this at all.

    Tang Wuzhen immediately stood out to bow to God King Salt Pavilion. "Hearing what Ancestor said, disciple finally realise something. Even when one was certain about something, one should still use the fairest and just method to settle. Just like how disciple was certain that Shen Ming purchased a Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit, this matter must be acknowledged by the Heavenly Mortal Sect. This should be the way of handling matters. If disciple were to suggest a solution, it would be to let the two Ancestors check for the change in Shen Ming's spirit channels. However, this Junior Brother Mo seems to have an objection.

    Since that is the case, why don't the Nascent God disciples of the Phoenix Soul God Estate and the Heavenly Mortal Sect swap some pointers? After which, we shall go according to the suggestions of the disciples of the winning side."

    God King Salt Pavilion nodded satisfyingly. "Wuzhen, you are pretty decent. Disciples of my Phoenix Soul God Estate will never bully the weak, invert right and wrong or even use our powers to pin others down. We shall go according to your intention then."

    Following which, he turned to Pang Jie. "Brother Pang, shall we go ahead with this?"

    Pang Jie could only force a smile as he replied. "There are truly so many talents being nurtured by your Phoenix Soul God Estate. We shall settle this using the God Domain Nest's method so as to prevent any more entanglement between both parties."

    Upon seeing Pang Jie's acknowledgment, Tang Wuzhen turned back to Mo Wuji. "Junior Brother Mo, I, your senior, started cultivating because I want to control my own destiny and roam the vast and boundless universe. Only the mighty will be able to control their destiny. Since you let me suggest a solution to this matter, I've thought of the most direct one. How about a battle? Whoever wins, shall suggest the solution to this matter. How about that?"

    Mo Wuji was certain that Tang Wuzhen would suggest a fight. Even though he was only in the Nascent God Stage Level 7, Mo Wuji was convinced that he should be pretty strong. Moreover, Mo Wuji guessed that the two slaps on Pu Yin's face were given by Tang Wuzhen. It wasn't simply because Tang Wuzhen was the leader of the group of Nascent God Stage experts from the Phoenix Soul God Estate here. Another point was that when Tang Wuzhen was speaking, Pu Yin looked timid.

    Pu Yin was in the Nascent God Stage Level 9 but was slapped twice by Tang Wuzhen. Evidently, Tang Wuzhen should be incredibly strong.

    When Tang Wuzhen suggested a battle, Mo Wuji noticed how Pu Yin lowered his head. Mo Wuji wasn't the only one who noticed that action as even Pang Jie saw it. Pang Jie had already guessed that Pu Yin wouldn't be a match for Tang Wuzhen. However, Pu Yin was the only one in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage Level 9. If someone had a chance to win Tang Wuzhen in a face-off, it had to be Pu Yin.

    After noticing that Pu Yin lowered his head, Pang Jie sighed as he knew that he couldn't rely on Pu Yin anymore. He was all mighty and arrogant when trying to fight for the title of Da Shixiong but when faced against Tang Wuzhen, he didn't even dare to utter a single word.

    Mo Wuji chuckled as he said. "Then we shall go according to Junior Brother Tang's suggestion."

    When Tang Wuzhen heard that Mo Wuji even called him a junior brother, his heart was boiling with anger. A mere Nascent God Elementary Stage expert actually dared to address him as junior brother?"

    "Junior Brother Mo certainly looks imposing. Previously, you mentioned about asking for an additional condition. You can go ahead and let us know now. Of course, you can ask for as many conditions as you want. Since a battle would definitely come with injuries or death, Junior Brother Mo can forget about asking if you are trying to plead for mercy. Junior Brother Mo, you can arrange or choose anyone to fight against me." Tang Wuzhen's tone was filled with killing intent.

    He believed that Mo Wuji asked for an additional condition to request for the choice of venue or even suggest something like ending the battle at a certain point.

    Mo Wuji was still thinking that if Tang Wuzhen forgot about his additional condition, he would take the initiative to remind him. He certainly didn't expect Tang Wuzhen wanted to let everyone around know how big-hearted he was by showing his willingness to accept almost every condition that he, Mo Wuji, requested for.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists awkwardly in all four directions. "Since I am the Da Shixiong, it should be natural that I am the one to fight you. However, I have a unique sacred art which could be easily learned by others. Even so, I would still need to fight Junior Brother Tang. Therefore, my only condition would be that I hope we can fight in an enclosed and sealed up location. Whoever wins, shall walk out of the place. As for life and death, we shall go according to Junior Brother Tang's words. Dying simply meant that one party was not strong enough."

    To Mo Wuji, he was never afraid of fighting Tang Wuzhen. He sensed that Tang Wuzhen should be pretty strong so the Four Halberd Strikes might not be enough to oppress him. Whether it was his Wheel of Life and Death or Seven World Fingers, Mo Wuji didn't wish to reveal it in front of everyone now.

    By executing his Wheel of Life and Death, Tang Wuzhen should be unable to see through it. However, his sacred arts would definitely not escape the eyes of God Kings.

    Now that he had yet to step into the Heavenly God Stage, his understanding towards the laws of Heaven and Earth of the God Domain were still not thorough. This was why a gap within the laws would be captured by the other experts watching on if he chose to execute his sacred arts in front of them.

    These sacred arts were a protection of his own life so he wouldn't expose the gaps of his laws to anybody. He also didn't want anyone to learn his sacred arts once he displayed them.

    "Alright, I agree. The hall behind this place used to be a speech hall and we shall fight there." Tang Wuzhen was slightly surprised at Mo Wuji's courage to really dare to fight him. After he said that, he dispersed the crowd as they entered a massive grey coloured hall.

    Mo Wuji bowed towards God King Yan Du before saying. "May I ask Senior Yan Du to help me install a layer of protective array restriction over this hall?"

    God King Yan Du smiled, "Go ahead, I will install it for you."

    "Yes, many thanks senior. "Mo Wuji bowed once more as he entered swiftly into the speech hall with Tang Wuzhen.

    After the two of them entered the hall, God King Yan Du really did help them install one layer of a protective array. At this moment, everyone outside would no longer be able to see what was happening on the inside.

    Even though they couldn't say anything, everyone continued to stare excitedly at the speech hall.

    Logically speaking, Mo Wuji will definitely lose. But if Mo Wuji will definitely lose, wouldn't accepting the challenge not make sense at all?

    Moreover, Mo Wuji wanted to fight in a concealed and enclosed arena. Could it be that Mo Wuji possesses some incredible talisman or magic treasure?

    While everyone was discussing the possible reasons, Mo Wuji had already set foot in the hall. Even though the hall had already been abandoned, the concept of the designs was very majestic and it was indeed a massive hall.

    "The one with the surname Mo, since you want to die so badly, don't blame your grandfather for being merciless." As he watched Mo Wuji stepped in, Tang Wuzhen sneered and took out an oval-shaped magic treasure.

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly as he replied without fear. "Junior Brother Tang, please hold on for a second."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji threw out a few array flags and covered up the internal space within the hall very quickly.

    "Ahah, are you trying to trap me with arrays?" Tang Wuzhen laughed as he didn't seem concerned with what Mo Wuji was planning.

    Mo Wuji stopped installing as he answered. "I'm afraid that the monk outside would peek on us which was why I installed another array to prevent peeking. Use an array to fight you? Tang Wuzhen, you've overestimated yourself."

    "What?" Tang Wuzhen looked slightly troubled. If God King Yan Du could watch the entire situation of him and Mo Wuji before Mo Wuji installed that additional array, wouldn't God King Yan Du saw the inconsistency of his own words earlier?

    No wonder when he addressed Mo Wuji as 'the one with the surname Mo', Mo Wuji still called him Junior Brother Tang. This fella was indeed scheming.

    "Then let me see if you are as incredible as your words..." Tang Wuzhen could no longer be bothered to waste time with Mo Wuji. He only had to kill Mo Wuji and he could let the two God Kings check Shen Ming's sea of consciousness spirit channel.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was confident that God King Yan Du could no longer seep his spiritual will in. Even though the defensive array which he installed was slightly weak, it was attached to a warning sound. If any expert's spiritual will tried to come close, it would let out an ear piercing sound. He believed that a peak grade expert like God King Yan Du wouldn't embarrass himself that much.

    Without the surveillance of anyone, Mo Wuji wouldn't go easy as well. When he extended his whirlpool domain, three Spiritual Will Arrows were shot out concurrently.

    Mo Wuji wanted to end this battle as soon as possible so after the three Spiritual Will Arrows were shot out, he started preparing his Wheel of Life and Death. This was his first battle against a Nascent God Stage expert so he mustn't go easy.
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