Chapter 907: Remember Not To Offend Me

    Chapter 907: Remember Not To Offend Me

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    When Tang Wuzhen's domain clashed with Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain, it didn't appear to affect Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain at all. This was when Tang Wuzhen's heart sank and he knew Mo Wuji was definitely not in the Nascent God Elementary Stage. In fact, Mo Wuji could be in the advanced or even Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage.

    Tang Wuzhen, who was initially still underestimating Mo Wuji, no longer dared to do so. The oval-shaped magic treasure in his hands exploded as it turned into an oval-shaped starry sky array.

    Stars, one after the other, started warping from within as it turned into a vast and boundless starry sky which had Mo Wuji trapped in the middle.

    Just as Mo Wuji's spiritual will started to blur out, his three Spiritual Will Arrows pierced through Tang Wuzhen's domain. Presently, there was no longer any protective screen in front of Tang Wuzhen.

    A deadly threat was felt and Tang Wuzhen panicked. He no longer cared about how he was going to trap and attack Mo Wuji with his starry sky array as three of his star shadows was swept over by him.

    "Boom boom boom!" Consecutive explosions were heard and the stars called back by Tang Wuzhen exploded one after the other. The lacerating elemental energy was finally torn.

    Tang Wuzhen felt that his sea of consciousness was going to be ripped apart as he spat out a few mouthful of blood. The weariness of his sea of consciousness could be felt again as he finally heaved a huge sigh of relief.

    He had exhausted three star shadows of his starry sky array to block off Mo Wuji's Spiritual Will Arrows.

    The stars in his starry sky array had yet to be completed but every star was formed from extreme energy and sacrifices. In one single attack from Mo Wuji, he had exhausted three of his stars which pained his heart really badly.

    This was the first time a same stage cultivator could destroy his Spiritual Will Arrow so casually. That starry sky array of the oval-shaped magic treasure even almost locked onto his sea of consciousness. Fortunately, he acted fast with his three Spiritual Will Arrows which pierced through the opponent's domain so swiftly. This was how his sea of consciousness cleared up once again.

    At a moment like this, Mo Wuji was fully aware of how extraordinary Tang Wuzhen's magic treasure was. This oval-shaped starry sky should be a growing shape magic treasure. The stars inside this magic treasure should be arranged according to Tang Wuzhen's thoughts and sacred arts. Additionally, every star should be condensed using a method only Tang Wuzhen had. As the stars within the starry sky array became more solid, this magic treasure would become even more incredible undoubtedly.

    Earlier, Mo Wuji's three Spiritual Will Arrows were able to destroy three of the stars not because Tang Wuzhen's oval-shaped starry sky array was incapable. It was only because the stars within the starry sky had yet to form up completely. In fact, they weren't even in the embryonic form.

    If the stars within Tang Wuzhen's oval-shaped starry sky array were more complete, Mo Wuji will lose without a single doubt even before he could put up a fight.

    As the gap within Tang Wuzhen's oval-shaped starry sky array expanded and after Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness cleared up, Mo Wuji changed his mindset at the last-minute. Tang Wuzhen was strong and possessed an incredibly powerful oval-shaped starry sky array. The starry sky array was perplexed and vast in nature so even while fighting against it, Mo Wuji had no idea how many stars there were within.

    By executing his Wheel of Life and Death now, he would certainly not be able to restrain the other party. At the very most, he would only be able to destroy a few more of Tang Wuzhen's stars.

    Mo Wuji drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd as a winding river descended.

    "Kacha!" Just like lightning descending from the sky without restrains, Mo Wuji finally had a clear look at this oval-shaped starry sky from within the silver radiance killing intent.

    The starry sky had over ten stars suspending within it. Because Mo Wuji had destroyed three of the stars, Tang Wuzhen's starry sky array was no longer able to restrain or trap Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

    "Boom!" A slightly more condensed star appeared like it had smashed through the heavens. Before Mo Wuji's Winding River Sacred Art could descend completely, the star landed right onto the river.

    Insane elemental energy swept over and Mo Wuji's chest tightened. Tang Wuzhen was evidently very experienced in battles because without waiting for Mo Wuji to act again, yet another star was swept over. This particular star charged directly at Mo Wuji.

    However in this instance, Mo Wuji never even thought about retreating. Not only did he not retreat, he even sent out a punch with his left hand- the Domain Crushing Fist. Mo Wuji didn't withdraw the Winding River as the killing intent of the halberd radiance became much sharper. The initially weakening halberd radiance became condensed back once again.

    "Boom! Kacha!" The star clashed against the Domain Crushing Fist and Tang Wuzhen's fourth star exploded.

    Under the backblast of the incredible god energy, Mo Wuji forcefully swallowed a mouthful of blood. Even so, he didn't take a step back as he moved forward towards Tang Wuzhen's oval-shaped starry sky array. He struck out a Yin and Yang hand seal with his right hand.

    Sacred Art, Wheel of Life and Death!

    The space enveloped by Tang Wuzhen's starry sky was split into two abruptly. Tang Wuzhen sensed that the space was split into two extremes, life and death on either side. The deathly energy swept away all his life force while his primordial spirit and soul were gradually being bound.

    The deathly energy overwhelmed the space around him and Tang Wuzhen's heart shivered. He really couldn't wrap his head around how Mo Wuji's spiritual will and sea of consciousness could be this powerful. His own spiritual will was already considered mighty yet he was unable to display such ferocity in his sacred arts when compared to Mo Wuji.

    "Stop." Tang Wuzhen shouted sternly. He had crossed swords with Mo Wuji for only a short period of time and a few exchanges of sacred arts. From this, he concluded that Mo Wuji was no weaker than him. No, Mo Wuji was even stronger than himself. With such the threat of a deathly wheel imprint like this, Tang Wuzhen couldn't help but feel the extreme danger to his life.

    As the deathly energy grew stronger, you would need to exhaust half the number of stars from within his starry sky to protect himself.

    Four of these hard-earned stars formed using years and countless sacrifices had already been destroyed. If more were to be destroyed, his magic treasure would be completely done for. This magic treasure was his proudest and most valuable capital. A huge reason why he gained fame while being at the Nascent God Stage was because of this magic treasure. No matter what, he mustn't allow his starry sky array to be destroyed so easily.

    Mo Wuji had no intentions to stop and not only did he not stop, the life and death marks of the wheels became even clearer.

    One life and one death but the deathly energy were forming up around Tang Wuzhen's body.

    "Mo Wuji, I know you're strong but if I were to break the cauldrons and sink the boat [1], you wouldn't be able to kill me. You will only deepen the enmity between your Heavenly Mortal Sect and my Phoenix Soul God Estate..." Tang Wuzhen shouted furiously and if Mo Wuji still chose not to stop, he will instantly sink the boat with all his might. Even if he were to destroy his magic treasure, he didn't want to lose his life here.

    "Tang Wuzhen, if I want to kill you, I can kill you no matter what you try to do. Try me if you dare. Of course, I can stop my attack but are you sincere in admitting defeat? If I stop and you attack me once you're free, wouldn't I be wasting effort?" Mo Wuji said with sarcasm.

    He also admired how good Tang Wuzhen was at speaking. Tang Wuzhen didn't mention about deepening the enmity of himself and Mo Wuji but between the Heavenly Mortal Sect and Phoenix Soul God Estate.

    The truth was that Mo Wuji never intended to kill Tang Wuzhen. Even so, he was confident that if Tang Wuzhen were to bring out his trump card, Mo Wuji could still finish him off with his Seven World Fingers. However, killing Tang Wuzhen will unquestionably form a lifelong animosity between the Heavenly Mortal Sect and the Phoenix Soul God Estate. This wouldn't do Mo Wuji any good as well.

    He was not fearful because he could simply run away. However, he didn't want to invite unnecessary pressure or animosity for the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    "Mo Wuji, I admit defeat so I plead for you to stop." Once Tang Wuzhen said out these words unwillingly, the deathly energy around him stopped increasing in pressure. While the energy was still oppressive, his heart was slightly more stable now.

    "I only have one condition now. After we leave this place, the incident regarding the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit shall be written off at one stroke and both parties will no longer owe each other anything. As for the reason, just say that we had a deep talk and you feel that it would be better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive." Mo Wuji said calmly.

    "Then I wouldn't be able to account to God King Salt Pavilion." A sense of helplessness overwhelmed Tang Wuzhen.

    "That shall remain as your problem." Mo Wuji replied coldly.

    "Alright, I agree." Tang Wuzhen clenched his teeth as he agreed.

    Mo Wuji released the Wheel of Life and Death. If it was years ago, someone had to die the instant he executed the Wheel of Life and Death. However, he could control it however he liked now.

    After withdrawing his starry sky array, Tang Wuzhen's entire back was drenched in cold sweat. He looked down on Mo Wuji before saying. "You are indeed very capable at disguising yourself. An expert in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage actually disguises yourself as a cultivator in the Nascent God Elementary Stage. God spirituality was almost hidden perfectly. I may be hypocritical but you're much worse than me."

    "Tang Wuzhen, you are not in the position to comment about me. Remember never to offend me in the future, otherwise, I will be hypocritical to you when nobody is around." Mo Wuji didn't bother about what Tang Wuzhen had to say about him.

    "Very good, I, Tang Wuzhen, will remember this." Tang Wuzhen grunted as he prepared to leave.

    Mo Wuji took out a water crystal ball before saying. "Tang Wuzhen, I have a water crystal ball which recorded everything that happened and everything you've said earlier. After you step out of this hall, you are free to say anything you want. If I am unhappy with what you say, everyone will receive a copy of this water crystal ball. And after I distribute this water crystal ball, I will challenge you to a battle at the battle stage. At that point in time, I wouldn't be as friendly as I am talking to you now."

    "You..." Tang Wuzhen looked shockingly at the water crystal ball in Mo Wuji's hand. He couldn't believe there was a fella as despicable as Mo Wuji.

    This was his first time seeing someone as despicable as Mo Wuji. The truth was that even if he won Mo Wuji, he would never have thought of using a water crystal ball to record everything.

    Mo Wuji kept the water crystal ball as he continued. "I know what you're thinking. You are thinking about how you wouldn't use the water crystal ball even if you managed to win me right? Because you will kill me directly. I am much more loving than you so look, I didn't even touch a single strand of your hair, let alone kill you. So remember not to offend me. Humans must always appreciate and be thankful."

    "Very good." Tang Wuzhen clenched his fists as he left the speech hall.


    "Interesting." God King Yan Du chuckled as he never expected Mo Wuji to install another protective screen array from the inside.

    Just like Mo Wuji's prediction, God King Yan Du was indeed able to see through the hall even after helping Mo Wuji install the layer of the array on the outside. Indeed, he had heard what Tang Wuzhen said when they first entered the hall. It wasn't because he wanted to eavesdrop but because he was the one who installed this array, a movement of his thought and he would be able to see everything.

    Mo Wuji's addition of another protective screen array was indeed full of loopholes in the eyes of God King Yan Du. However, he didn't wish to touch it because why would a God King lower himself to the level of a mere Nascent God cultivator.

    However, God King Yan Du was also very curious what Mo Wuji was planning to do to win against Tang Wuzhen.

    "Tang Wuzhen of the Phoenix Soul God Estate is out. The winner is Tang Wuzhen, I've told you so..." Someone from the crowd exclaimed.

    "Isn't this a little too fast?" Yet another person commented.
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