Chapter 908: Secret Of The Heavenly Mortal Sect

    Chapter 908: Secret Of The Heavenly Mortal Sect

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    God King Salt Pavilion was pleasantly surprised. While he was confident Tang Wuzhen could get rid of Mo Wuji in seconds, Mo Wuji's request to conduct the battle in closed doors made him slightly uneasy. If he wasn't a God King and had to care about his own pride, he would have cut Mo Wuji off and negated his suggestion.

    Pang Jie revealed a trace of disappointment. Even though he knew that the chances of Mo Wuji's victory were slim, he was still hoping that Mo Wuji would give him a pleasant surprise and emerge victorious.

    Now that Mo Wuji had lost his life, Pang Jie would also be required to give away the greatest secret of his Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    "I didn't expect him to actually lose his life here..." Lan Ou shook her head with disappointment. She couldn't believe that she was still thinking of ways to get Mo Wuji to become a disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    "He didn't die." Senior Sister Qu said with a cold expression.

    Lan Ou was shook and before she could ask anything, Mo Wuji walked out. Not ony did Mo Wuji not die, he didn't even have a single injury on him. From the outside, it almost seemed like Mo Wuji went in for a cup of tea before coming out.

    "Senior Brother Tang actually didn't kill Mo Wuji of the Heavenly Mortal Sect..." Someone from the crowd explained.

    Presently, everyone was staring at Mo Wuji. Before entering, Tang Wuzhen mentioned that life and death would depend on fate the moment they entered the speech hall. It just didn't seem right that Mo Wuji would leave the hall with his life intact.

    "I know, Senior Brother Tang must be very magnanimous to spare Mo Wuji's life."

    "That is of course. The Phoenix Soul God Estate is a peak grade sect and I bet all of you don't know that the Estate Lord of the Phoenix Soul God Estate was incredibly magnanimous as well. Such magnanimity was indeed not something we could expect of everyone."


    As God King Salt Pavilion heard the discussions among the crowd, he nodded his head pleasingly. He felt that Tang Wuzhen had done a great job because the effects of not killing Mo Wuji had achieved a much better outcome.

    "Brother Cheng, this disciple of your Phoenix Soul God Estate is really decent. He is definitely very broad-minded." God King Yi Ming went on to compliment Tang Wuzhen.

    God King Salt Pavilion smiled, "Yes, he really didn't disappoint me. Sometimes killing is not the only way to win."

    The fat monk God King Yan Du chuckled. "I'm not too sure about this matter yet."

    Based on the difference in expression which Tang Wuzhen displayed before entering and after leaving the speech hall, God King Yan Du didn't believe Tang Wuzhen would let Mo Wuji off. Since there was no chance of Tang Wuzhen letting Mo Wuji off, why would these two people come out unharmed? There was only one possibility left; Mo Wuji was the one who let Tang Wuzhen off.

    Pang Jie was also surprised when he saw that Mo Wuji had walked out. However, at the thought of what was about to happen, his pleasant surprise disappeared without a trace.

    "Greetings God King Seniors." After exiting the hall, Mo Wuji walked even faster than Tang Wuzhen. After surpassing Tang Wuzhen, Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards the four God Kings.

    God King Salt Pavilion nodded before asking. "We didn't see the battle between you and Wuzhen but I guess you've come to a conclusion?"

    Following that, Mo Wuji acted terrified as he answered. "Thank you Senior God King for the trouble to ask this question. Junior Brother Tan and I had familiarity at first sight and managed to have a good talk. Because the senior God Kings were still waiting outside for us, we hurried out."

    God King Salt Pavilion frowned because Mo Wuji's tone didn't look like he had been taught a lesson by Tang Wuzhen.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji continued to explain. "After a pleasant discussion between Junior Brother Tang and I, we've agreed to not let this harm the peace between both parties. We've concluded that this matter shall be resolved just like that."

    God King Yan Du suddenly started chuckling. "Mo Wuji, are you saying that the conclusion of your discussion with Tang Wuzhen concluded that this will be it?"

    Mo Wuji laughed, "In reply to Senior Yan Du, yes, this is what I meant."

    Even God King Yan Du laughed out loud as he looked at Mo Wuji with a weird expression.

    God King Salt Pavilion was fuming inside but he maintained a calm expression as he looked at Tang Wuzhen. "Wuzhen, so this matter regarding the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit has been settled? If you dare alert us for such small matters in the future again, you will be severely punished."

    If Mo Wuji didn't record everything that happened using that water crystal ball, Tang Wuzhen would definitely say it had not been settled. He might even say that the conclusion would be to test Shen Ming's spirit channels.

    Currently, he didn't dare to say such things. Mo Wuji had evidence with him and if he said such things, the water crystal ball would definitely be made public.

    Despite being fearful of the questioning from his God King Salt Pavilion, Tang Wuzhen could only reply with trembling fear. "In reply to Ancestor, it is indeed like what Junior Brother Mo says. Junior Brother Mo says that it is better to squash enmity than to keep it alive. After serious consideration, I've realised that our Phoenix Soul God Estate was able to gain a foothold for so many years mainly because of our magnanimity and universal love. We would simply be disrupting the peace of the God Domain Nest if we were to spoil the relationship between both parties for a single Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit. Disciple thought of what Ancestors had taught us so I agreed to Junior Brother Mo's suggestion. This matter shall end like this and there's no point in any more questions."

    Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered with Tang Wuzhen's boasting of his sect. As long as Ancestor Pang Jie need not check Shen Ming's spirit channels, Tang Wuzhen could say whatever he wanted.

    God King Salt Pavilion laughed, "Not bad, Wuzhen, you really have the demeanor fitting of my Phoenix Soul God Estate. This is the right way to handle this matter and even though it might seem simple to do, it was actually not easy to handle it this way. Must have been tough on you to handle it so well today."

    God King Salt Pavilion then turned to Pang Jie and the other God Kings before suggesting. "Since this has concluded, why don't we go for a good drink?"

    From Tang Wuzhen's words, God King Salt Pavilion knew that Mo Wuji had something to threaten Tang Wuzhen. He will undoubtedly not question his own disciple at this moment. Even if he needed to ask, he would wait for everyone to return back to their encampment before asking.

    Pang Jie was even more surprised because he didn't expect Mo Wuji to settle this problem so soon after entering the hall. When God King Salt Pavilion invited him for a drink, he clasped his fists and said, "Brother Yan Ting, even though your disciple is being magnanimous this time around, my disciples were still at fault in the first place. I have to make a trip back first."

    God King Salt Pavilion's original name was Yan Cheng. Because of the comparatively close relationship between God King Yi Ming and God King Salt Pavilion, God King Yi Ming addressed God King Salt Pavilion as Brother Cheng directly. Pang Jie of the Heavenly Mortal Sect was merely an acquaintance to God King Salt Pavilion and God King Salt Pavilion even tried to link up with God King Yi Ming and co. to steal the legacy of his Heavenly Mortal Sect. While he appeared polite to God King Salt Pavilion, he only addressed him as Yan Ting directly.

    "Since that is the case, I shall not hold Dao Friend Pang up anymore." Once he said that, God King Salt Pavilion signalled before leaving with God King Yi Ming and God King Yan Du.

    Once the three God Kings had left, Pang Jie said with a cold voice. "All the disciples from the Heavenly Mortal Sect, get back to our encampment right now."

    "I've indeed not misjudged him. This person is much more capable than what I thought. I really wonder how did he..." Lan Ou commented as he watched God King Pang Jie leaving with the Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciples behind him.

    "Sister Lan Ou, are you saying that Mo Wuji is even stronger than Tang Wuzhen?" The green robe woman beside Lan Ou asked.

    Lan Ou shook her head, "No, that shouldn't be quite possible. I believe that he didn't actually fight Tang Wuzhen and merely used his great eloquence to strike an agreement. I actually didn't believe Tang Wuzhen would be convinced by his words so I really wondered what he said at that point in time. Evidently, this person is so much better at handling matters than any of us. The only pity would be his lack of cultivation."

    "Sister Lan Ou, I'm afraid it might be incredibly difficult for us to recruit him into our Forgotten Creek Dao School now." Yet another woman commented.

    Lan Ou smiled but kept quiet. In her opinion, the more capable Mo Wuji became, the greater the possibility of him joining the Forgotten Creek Dao School. Only when Mo Wuji was truly capable, she would be confident in convincing the elders of the Forgotten Creek Dao School to talk to God King Pang Jie.


    At the Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment in the God Domain Nest, Pang Jie sat on the head seat in the meeting hall with an ugly expression.

    "Shen Ming." After about ten silent breaths, Pang Jie finally calmed himself down before calling out for Shen Ming.

    "Disciple greets Ancestor." Shen Ming stood up, terrified as he bowed.

    Pang Jie looked at Shen Ming before saying, "From today onwards, you are no longer the disciple of my Heavenly Mortal Sect. This is the God Domain Nest so you are free to go anywhere."

    Shen Ming's face turned pale. He thought that because Mo Wuji had settled the matter, he would at most be reprimanded. He didn't expect to be expelled from the sect just like that.

    Fortunately, he wasn't an idiot as he knew that Ancestor Pang Jie had already controlled his anger to the best of his ability. Otherwise, Ancestor Pang Jie would only need a lift of his hand to turn Shen Ming into bits.

    "Yes, disciple understands." Shen Ming answered and was brought out by Elder Wei Jie.

    After Shen Ming was chased out of the sect, Pang Jie told the rest. "From today onwards, Mo Wuji will be the Big Disciple of our new generation. There will no longer be any further disputes over this, understand?"

    "Yes," All the disciples bowed promptly.

    Even though Pu Yin was still unhappy with Mo Wuji, he didn't dare to say anything. A disciple got into trouble, he went to mediate but was given two slaps by the opponent instead. Eventually, he even alerted the God Kings of the sects.

    Mo Wuji might not be strong but he really did know how to speak. Just like how he hosted the sect's guest reception, he did a good job today. This could only be said as Mo Wuji's good fortune.

    Now that the Ancestor had given his orders, everyone knew that this fact would no longer be altered. Mo Wuji would be their Da Shixiong.

    The good point was that even while their Da Shixiong had average cultivation and didn't dare to accept Senior Brother Pu Yin's challenge, he was still pretty impressive in convincing Tang Wuzhen.

    "Alright, everyone may go out now except for Mo Wuji." Seeing that everyone acknowledged the fact that Mo Wuji was their Da Shixiong, he really didn't wish to reprimand anyone anymore.

    After all the remaining disciples left, Pang Jie indicated for Mo Wuji to sit. "Wuji, you should know that this was an intentional plot right?"

    Mo Wuji nodded and while he didn't know what the plot was trying to achieve, he was certain that it had to be a plot.

    Pang Jie explained satisfyingly, "Wuji, you've really done very well whether it was before or after I came back. Do you know why God King Salt Pavilion wants to check Shen Ming's spirit channels with me?"

    "May Ancestor enlighten me," Mo Wuji bowed.

    Pang Jie sighed and said, "Our Heavenly Mortal Sect is famous only because we have a big secret. That is how we manage to allow even the most average of cultivators to have the chance to enter the God King Stage. In the God Domain, there was a saying about how those with aptitude below five stars will never be fated with the God King Stage."

    "Could it be that aptitude in the God Domain was also divided into nine stars?" Mo Wuji asked because he knew that the Immortal World classified the aptitudes of cultivators with the maximum of nine stars.
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