Chapter 909: Heavenly Mortal Sects Guan Huan

    Chapter 909: Heavenly Mortal Sect's Guan Huan

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    Pang Jie nodded, "Yes, the aptitudes in the God Domain is indeed divided into nine stars. However, our nine stars are different from the nine stars of the lower plane. Once the spiritual roots were transformed, they would no longer change. In the God Domain, One Star cultivators would usually stagnant around the Nascent God Stage while Two Stars cultivators would stagnant around the Heavenly God Stage. I am a Three Stars cultivator and according to the order, I should only be in the God Monarch Stage. However, not only was I able to charge past the God Monarch Stage, I was even able to surpass the Heavenly God Stage. Eventually, I've even entered the God King Stage."

    The first thing Mo Wuji thought about wasn't why Pang Jie was able to break into the God King Stage even with his Three Stars aptitude. What he thought about was how the aptitudes of the God Domain was divided into nine stars. According to the order, Five Stars cultivators would be equivalent to the God King Stage. So what about the six, seven, eight or nine stars aptitude?

    "Do you know why I only have three stars aptitude yet I was able to enter the God King Stage?" Pang Jie questioned Mo Wuji after explaining the relationship between aptitude and cultivation level.

    Mo Wuji answered hurriedly, "Disciple does not know."

    Truthfully, he was not interested in this. He, himself didn't have spiritual roots and was even a mortal with extremely low aptitude. Wasn't he still able to arrive here at the God Domain?

    Pang Jie explained patiently, "Because my Heavenly Mortal Sect has a unique cultivation secret which could allow ordinary cultivators to surpass the realms of their own aptitude. Because God King Salt Pavilion knew of this, he wanted to use the excuse of checking for the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit to get a glimpse of his Heavenly Mortal Sect's secret."

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to ask anything, Pang Jie continued his explanation. "Anyone who consumes the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit will have a change in their spirit channels. Their aptitude and sea of consciousness would also be up one level. As soon as I check Shen Ming's spiritual roots concurrently with God King Salt Pavilion, he would be able to have a glimpse of my cultivation. At the same time, he would be able to detect all circulation of the dao spirituality in his spirit channels.

    Even if God King Salt Pavilion only managed to capture a hint of our secret, he would have his ways to find out about the dao fruit I consumed before my breakthrough and the methods to refine a dao fruit like that. If God King Salt Pavilion found out about these secrets, my Heavenly Mortal Sect's Heavenly Mortal Technique would no longer be a secret.

    "Ancestor, does this mean that our secret would be exposed when any God King of our Heavenly Mortal Sect gets captured?" Mo Wuji questioned. He was thinking about what kind of secret could be exposed so casually by others.

    Pang Jie smiled, "No, as long as the dao spirituality of my dao fruit dissipated and my God King Stage stabilised, he wouldn't be able to get a glimpse of my secret. He only set up this plot because he saw that I had just advanced into the God King Stage and had yet to have my cultivation level stabilised."

    Noticing that Mo Wuji seemed to be in deep thoughts, Pang Jie interrupted Mo Wuji's train of thoughts. "Wuji, there's no need for you to overthink. Your aptitude is average and my Heavenly Mortal Sect is basically a sect which doesn't think highly of good aptitude. If we could help you find spiritual roots cleansing magic treasure during the upcoming God Domain Nest Incubation, that would be the best case scenario. Even if we couldn't find, all you need to do is to cultivate my Heavenly Mortal Technique seriously coupled with the secret method of my Heavenly Mortal Sect. With your ability to comprehend, stepping into the God King Stage would not be impossible for you at all.

    The only worry is that you have lightning type spiritual roots. Other than my Heavenly Mortal Technique, I don't have any other good lightning type technique to help you..."

    Mo Wuji knew that Pang Jie was sincerely interested in nurturing him. At this moment, he felt that he should tell Pang Jie the truth as he stood up and bowed in front of Pang Jie. "Ancestor, the reason why I didn't take you as my master was not because of lightning type techniques. The reason is that I am also a sect head and I have a sect in the Immortal World called Ping Fan. In the future, I might be establishing my own sect so I cannot take you as my master or even cultivate your Heavenly Mortal Technique."

    Pang Jie was slightly shocked at what he had heard. If any other Nascent God Stage cultivator were to say that they wanted to establish a sect in the God Domain, Pang Jie would have kicked him far away. However, when Mo Wuji mentioned that he wanted to establish a sect, Pang Jie didn't think that it would be impossible.

    Pang Jie sighed as he helped Mo Wuji up. "Wuji, I believe that your future will definitely be limitless. As for how you convinced Tang Wuzhen, I will not ask you about it. Since you have your own way of thinking, you shouldn't call me Ancestor anymore. Just address me as Senior Brother directly. You want to establish a sect, that would only happen a few thousands of years later. Until then, the Heavenly Mortal Sect will be your home."

    "How can I do that?" Mo Wuji was astonished because he didn't have the guts to address a God King as Senior Brother. He was thankful for Pang Jie for not questioning how he convinced Tang Wuzhen. Evidently, Pang Jie knew that he had his own secret. Also because Mo Wuji wanted to establish his own sect in the future, Pang Jie decided not to ask such a sensitive question. What Mo Wuji was even more appreciative of Pang Jie was his attitude upon hearing that Mo Wuji would be leaving the Heavenly Mortal Sect in the future. Pang Jie's response had won Mo Wuji's respect and admiration.

    After Pang Jie got Mo Wuji to sit down once again, he spoke. "Wuji, what you've just said would be deemed as egotistical by anyone else. However, I do believe you. Do you know how my Heavenly Mortal Sect was established? Back then, the ancestor of my Heavenly Mortal Sect was called Guan Huan. He only had a one star aptitude and cultivators with one star aptitude in the God Domain were not very different from mortals. Because Ancestor Guan Huan had a low aptitude, he was looked down upon by everyone everywhere he went. Additionally, because of his fat appearance, he was almost like a clown ridiculed by people whenever he appeared in public."

    As if he could empathised with his ancestor back then, Pang Jie sighed. "However, Ancestor Guan Huan still laughed it off whenever people made fun of him. Because Ancestor Guan Huan always maintained his smile even when bullied, he found joy in everything or everyone. Techniques or sacred arts unwanted by others or even incomplete techniques would be thrown to Ancestor Guan Huan.

    However, Ancestor Guan Huan's ability to comprehend was incredibly shocking. He actually used over 900,000 thousand years to merge all the techniques he had collected together. This was how he wrote out the Heavenly Mortal Technique and through these 900,000 over thousands of years, he had been stuck at the Nascent God Stage. After writing out the Heavenly Mortal Technique, Ancestor Guan Huan's cultivation level started rising tremendously. Eventually, he ruled over a place and founded the Heavenly Mortal Sect."

    "So Ancestor Guan Huan of our Heavenly Mortal Sect is no longer around?" Mo Wuji suddenly had a deep admiration for Ancestor Guan Huan.

    As compared to Guan Huan, his experience was already much better. Even if he was betrayed on Earth, he was still an existence being looked up to by people. Even if he was reborn into the Country of Cheng Yu, his life was still better than some of the poor people.

    A person ridiculed at by everyone still managed to maintain his bubbly attitude. How broad-minded must he be? Given Guan Huan's ability to comprehend issues and establishing the Heavenly Mortal Technique, he was clearly not an idiot.

    Pang Jie shook his head as he chose not to answer Mo Wuji's question.

    Perhaps because Mo Wuji would eventually leave the Heavenly Mortal Sect, Pang Jie no longer had the mood to continue explaining to him. He said to Mo Wuji, "You should go back and rest now. The powers in the God Domain Nest are intertwined. Having just entered the God King Stage, I'm not really qualified to comment on it."

    "Yes, Ancestor." Mo Wuji was initially intended to ask if it was easier for those with five stars aptitude to enter the God King Stage. Noticing that Pang Jie no longer had any mood to converse, Mo Wuji chose not to ask anymore. He believed that he could simply find someone to ask this question.

    Pang Jie smiled, "I still think you should address me as your senior brother in the future."

    After hearing Pang Jie's story about Guan Huan, Mo Wuji knew that Pang Jie didn't let Mo Wuji address himself as a senior brother for no apparent reason. Therefore, he answered directly, "Yes, Senior Brother."


    After experiencing the incident regarding the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit, the disciples of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were no longer as excited as when they first arrived. In terms of movements, they really did cut down significantly. At least they were now aware that the Heavenly Mortal Sect really was a small existence in the God Domain Nest. This fact doesn't change even though they had a God King as their ancestor.

    Mo Wuji didn't even step out once because he knew that the members of the Phoenix Soul God Estate would definitely keep thinking about him. He was merely a Nascent God Stage Level 1 expert so if Tang Wuzhen wanted to deal with him, he only needed to summon a Heavenly God expert. Mo Wuji also wasn't a fool so why would he head out at a time like this? Furthermore, he had extremely poor so he wouldn't be able to do much outside. Other than a few consciousness crystals, Mo Wuji didn't have a lot of valuable items on him.

    In a blink of an eye, four months passed and Mo Wuji had dedicated himself to further progress from the Nascent God Stage Level 1. The only pity was that he didn't have any god crystals on him. He was certain that his progress would be even more significant if he had a few piles of god crystals beside him while cultivating.

    Even while his progress was shockingly slow, Mo Wuji didn't neglect to cultivate. He was well aware that in the God Domain Nest, his cultivation level was probably one of the lowest.

    On one of the day Mo Wuji was cultivating in seclusion, someone knocked on his restriction.

    Ever since the Soul Cleansing Dao Fruit incident, Mo Wuji was, in fact, an existence only second to Ancestor Pang Jie in the God Domain Nest's Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment. Even Wei Jie cannot order Mo Wuji around casually. Therefore, nobody would actually disturb Mo Wuji for the daily issues.

    The first was the change in a status of Mo Wuji. Secondly, not many of the disciples who came to the God Domain Nest were on good terms with Mo Wuji. Even while Ancestor Pang Jie had already mentioned that the Da Shixiong was Mo Wuji, a majority of them still supported Pu Yin in their heart. Not for any reason but because Pu Yin was still the strongest disciple in terms of cultivation.

    Mo Wuji saw that the person standing outside the door was Ku Cai so he instantly opened the restriction for her.

    "Ku Cai, congratulations on entering the Nascent God Stage Level 2." Mo Wuji only needed a split second to notice her breakthrough.

    "Big Brother, I had only just broken through into the Nascent God Stage Level 2." Ku Cai's heart felt comfortable as her cultivation progress was beyond comparison. This made her even more determined to follow Big Brother Mo because her current cultivation technique was given by Senior Brother Mo. It was even multiple folds much faster than her previous technique.

    "Why have you come to my place instead of cultivating further?" Mo Wuji said while smiling. He knew that Ku Cai was a cultivation addict. Every time she had spare time, she would unquestionably be cultivating.

    Ku Cai hurried to answer, "A gorgeous sister came and she said that she wanted to find you for some matters."
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