Chapter 910: God Domain Nest Incubation

    Chapter 910: God Domain Nest Incubation

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    Gorgeous sister? Mo Wuji thought and couldn't think of anyone he met in the God Domain whom he considered gorgeous. The prettiest woman he met was probably only Liu Ruting, who could only be considered decent and not gorgeous.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned outside and he saw a faint green dress woman standing outside the encampment of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. The slight wind blew onto her dress and she looked like she could be blown away easily.

    The slight wind which blew onto her green dress set off her perfect figure which was hard to shift your eyes away from. The woman had picturesque general face features as she looked so perfect that it almost felt like an illusion.

    This woman reminded Mo Wuji of Shuyin and that if Shuyin were to stand beside her, she definitely wouldn't lose to this green dress woman. Any other women who tried to stand beside this woman would only make this woman look even prettier. This woman was definitely worthy of being addressed as a gorgeous sister.

    "I shall go take a look." Mo Wuji didn't know who this woman was and also didn't understand why she would come to look for him.

    "Qu You greets Senior Brother Mo." Just as Mo Wuji arrived at the periphery of the encampment and before he could say anything, this gorgeous woman took the initiative to greet and bow towards Mo Wuji.

    "You are?" Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at this gorgeous woman whom he really didn't recognise. He really wondered why this woman was looking for him.

    Qu You said a trace of helplessness. "Senior Brother Mo, can I head in to have a few words with you?"

    This was the Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment so other than Ancestor Pang Jie and Elder Wei Jie, no other person should be allowed to bring anyone into the encampment for no apparent reason. Mo Wuji was the Da Shixiong so he actually had this power to bring people in. Mo Wuji could tell that this woman was in the Great Circle of the Nascent God Stage Level 9.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't too concerned about her cultivation level as he nodded. "Alright, you can come in with me."

    "Big Brother, I will go and cultivate now." Seeing that Mo Wuji had brought Qu You into the encampment, Ku Cai, who was following Mo Wuji, informed him.

    When Qu You came to find Mo Wuji, she met Zhu coincidentally. Because Zhu didn't dare to disturb Da Shixiong Mo Wuji, he could only call out for Ku Cai to inform Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji patted on Ku Cai's shoulder before saying. "Go on then and work hard in cultivating. You might even be allowed to go to the newly incubated God Domain Nest in the future."

    Ku Cai didn't doubt Mo Wuji's words at all as she answered promptly before leaving quickly.


    After Mo Wuji brought Qu You to his room, put up restrictions and served a cup of immortal tea, Mo Wuji asked. "Dao Friend Qu, please tell me whatever you wish to say."

    From how Mo Wuji only gave her a cup of immortal tea and his storage bag, she guessed that Mo Wuji should be very poor. She stood up before bowing towards Mo Wuji. "Senior Brother Mo, I am actually a core disciple from the Forgotten Creek Dao School."

    Mo Wuji was astonished because he wasn't as clueless as before. He knew that the Forgotten Creek Dao School was one of the peak grade sects in the God Domain. Rumours spread that they even have two God Kings in their sect. In fact, he had even heard that one of the ten great God Kings, God King Scoured Sea was also from the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    Previously, only a small Nascent God Stage disciple from the Forgotten Creek Dao School attended God King Pang Jie's ritual yet his Heavenly Mortal Sect already had to treat her like the other high profiled personnel. Evidently, this was how mighty the Forgotten Creek Dao School was.

    "I wonder why Dao Friend Qu is looking for me?" Mo Wuji didn't wish to have any association with disciples of such big sects. Therefore, he kept reminding himself not to think about what had happened before with the disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School.

    Qu You could clearly sense what Mo Wuji was thinking as she sighed and continued. "I am here to ask Senior Brother for help."

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Dao Friend Qu, if it is a problem which even a legacy disciple of the Forgotten Creek Dao School like yourself couldn't resolve, I, Mo Wuji, would naturally not be able to help."

    Even before Qu You could mention the request, Mo Wuji instantly rejected her so Qu You said in a helpless tone. "Senior Brother Mo, this has nothing to do with our sects but there will be an exchange event tomorrow night among all the Nascent God Stage cultivators in the God Domain Nest. I saw something that I want but so did many others. When everyone goes to the exchange, they will be exchanging merits and demerits of their goods. Even though I am confident that my item would be decent, I am not very fluent with words so I only hope that Senior Brother Mo can follow me there..."

    Mo Wuji finally understood that she came because she wanted him to do the advertising for her. It seemed like the incident where he managed to convince Tang Wuzhen had spread far.

    Mo Wuji was slightly speechless. No matter where he went, as long as he was capable, there would be a market for him. He was merely misunderstood as being a genius with speech and someone came with the intention to hire him. The fact that Qu You came to find him personally proved that this item should be of great importance to her.

    "My apologies, I am unable to help you with this because not everyone is as fair and reasonable as Junior Brother Tang Wuzhen." Mo Wuji didn't hesitate in rejecting her request.

    Qu You bit her lips as her eyes revealed an expression of delicate anticipation. "Senior Brother Mo, this item is truly too important to me. Senior Brother Mo talked about the God Domain Nest before so if Senior Brother Mo helps me this time, I guarantee that I can help Senior Brother Mo obtain a slot to enter the incubation."

    Mo Wuji continued to shake his head even though Qu You's delicate look could really make it hard for a majority of men to reject. However, Mo Wuji was an exception.

    Mo Wuji was confident that he could obtain a slot to enter the God Domain Nest Incubation himself. Even if he couldn't, Mo Wuji would still not commit such a brainless act.

    He was certain that the item Qu You wanted should be extraordinary. Those who could compete with Qu You for the treasure will definitely be of high status too. The moment he agreed to help, he would offend others whether or not he managed to help Qu You get the treasure. Mo Wuji would undoubtedly not do such strenuous and unrewarding act.

    Can good looks protect your life? Moreover, what has Qu You's good look got to do with Mo Wuji?

    Qu You didn't appear to expect Mo Wuji to reject her directly. The rejection was so direct that it shook her a little. She didn't like to plead with anyone but if it wasn't for the fact that this item was of incomparable importance to her, she would definitely not come to plead a stranger like Mo Wuji.

    The reason she came to look for Mo Wuji was that she personally saw how Mo Wuji convinced Tang Wuzhen and also Lan Ou's constant compliment of Mo Wuji.

    Qu You was never fluent in her speech and the words she've just said to Mo Wuji was rehearsed over and over again. Now that Mo Wuji had rejected her so directly, she could no longer find any words to say.

    She could only say to Mo Wuji, "Many thanks, Senior Brother for your reception. Qu You shall leave now."

    Even though she expressed her gratitude, she was still disappointed beyond words within her heart.

    Mo Wuji stood up as he didn't continue to say anything else. This was never a matter which he would be willing to help.


    Just as Mo Wuji sent Qu You away, Ancestor Pang Jie appeared inside Mo Wuji's room.

    Mo Wuji hurried to show his respects.

    Pang Jie nodded as he told Mo Wuji, "Did that woman ask you for help earlier?"

    "Indeed, she said something about an exchange event between Nascent God Stage cultivators of the God Domain Nest. She saw something she liked and hope that I can help her with the exchange which I rejected." Mo Wuji didn't conceal anything.

    Pang Jie nodded once more. "It is right that you rejected her because that item is not something simple. No matter who went to exchange for it, my Heavenly Mortal Sect should never intervene."

    "Since it is that precious, why was it brought out for exchange?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Pang Jie exclaimed in reply, "Because this item wasn't brought out by anyone for exchange but spotted concurrently by 11 God Kings of the God Domain Nest. Because there was only one of it, the 11 God Kings came to an agreement to let the Nascent God Stage cultivators exchange for it. Moreover, the items brought out by the Nascent God Stage cultivators must be of the Nascent God Stage peak grade. The item shall belong to whoever brought out the most valuable exchange item."

    Mo Wuji finally understood why Qu You would come to find him for help. It seemed like all the items brought out by everyone should be around the same standard and the eventual victor should have to rely on their description of their item. Whoever can describe their item as the most outstanding will emerge victoriously.

    "What is it?" Mo Wuji asked curiously.

    "It is a Five Elemental Bead..." Just as Pang Jie finished half his sentence, explosions from outside could be heard. The entire God Domain Nest seemed to be trembling due to these explosions.

    "The God Domain Nest has started incubating. Inform Wei Jie and the rest of the disciples of the Heavenly Mortal Sect to wait for me at our encampment. No one is to rush indiscriminately into action..." Once the last two words were uttered, Pang Jie had already disappeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    When Mo Wuji heard about the Five Elemental Bead, his heart was slightly excited. His Undying World was incomplete mainly because he didn't have all five elements. What he didn't expect was the sudden incubation of the God Domain Nest at this point in time which resulted in him being unable to ask what attribute the elemental bead was.

    "Where's ancestor?" Just as Pang Jie left, Wei Jie hurried over anxiously.

    "The God Domain Nest has started incubation and ancestor had gone over to check it out. Elder Wei Jie, since the God Domain Nest is incubating now, is it time for us to prepare to enter the God Domain Nest?" Mo Wuji was very excited. Ever since his days in the Immortal World, he was used to fast cultivation and quick advancements. He had never experienced such slow progress like presently and it was almost like a snail's speed.

    Now that there was this God Domain Nest Incubation, it was his fate and opportunity.

    Wei Jie shook his head, "No, it is still too early. The explosions of the God Domain Nest were simply the warning signs of incubation. There was still about half a year to three years before the complete incubation of the God Domain Nest. Moreover, we would still need to decide on the namelist of people to enter the God Domain Nest. Everytime it incubates, you would go according to the namelist. Every slot would be chosen wisely with the winners of contests."

    "But wait, I see a lot of people charging towards the periphery of the God Domain Nest. They look like they're heading towards the area of incubation?" Mo Wuji sensed the situation outside as he saw everyone charging towards the explosions.

    Wei Jie laughed, "When the God Domain Nest incubates, the periphery would produce a large amount of dao spirituality essence and even some peripheral treasures. Those people must have gone to fight for those treasures and essences. Death rates would usually increase exponentially every time the God Domain Nest incubates."

    Mo Wuji's heart jumped as he asked abruptly. "Elder Wei Jie, do you have any god pills used for disguise?"
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