Chapter 911: Emergence Of Dark Type Law

    Chapter 911: Emergence Of Dark Type Law

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    "You mustn't do this." Wei Jie reacted immediately after Mo Wuji asked.

    "Mustn't do what?" Mo Wuji asked once more.

    Wei Jie replied. "You asked if I have pills for disguise so you can head to the periphery of the God Domain Nest to try your luck right?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Given my low cultivation level, why would I want to go there? I'm only intending to make a few rounds in the God Domain Nest itself. Since most experts will be heading over to the incubated area, the God Domain Nest should be relatively safer now. Even so, I'm still worried because I've offended members of the Phoenix Soul God Estate. This was why I feel that heading out with a disguise would still be much safer."

    Hearing that Mo Wuji wasn't heading towards the periphery of the God Domain Nest, Wei Jie heaved a sigh of relief. He took out a face mask for Mo Wuji before speaking again. "Pills for disguise are extremely valuable so I don't have any. However, I have this low grade god face mask which you must remember to return me after use. This item is considered very important to me."

    "Elder Wei Jie, why are you still so petty ah?" Mo Wuji received the face mask and chuckled.

    "Small kid, don't look at me as only an Elder. I'm in fact much wealthier than you..." As Wei Jie spoke, he looked over at Mo Wuji's storage bag on his waist, pondered and decided to swallow his next sentence.

    Mo Wuji had never replaced this storage bag in the God Domain. This was even after Ancestor Pang Jie told him that he was allowed to collect any cultivation resources whenever he wanted.

    After Elder Wei Jie left, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to consume a Dry Wimple Pill. The Dry Wimple Pill was a Tier 8 immortal pill and in the Immortal World, it was the best pill for disguise.

    Because this was the God Domain, Mo Wuji was worried that the laws of the Dry Wimple Pill would be too weak, making it impossible to block others from using their spiritual will to snoop around.

    After using the Dry Wimple Pill to disguise himself as a tanned cultivator with small eyes, Mo Wuji left the encampment of the Heavenly Mortal Sect. After which, he put on the face mask as he turned himself into a fair skin and treacherous looking man.

    The reason why he really wanted to disguise himself was not because Mo Wuji wanted to make a few rounds in the God Domain Nest. Just like what Wei Jie was worried about, he was going to try his luck at the periphery of the incubating God Domain Nest.


    The moment he left the God Domain Nest, Mo Wuji could feel that the laws of Heaven and Earth in the surrounding were beginning to lack order. Moreover, the god spiritual energy around the area was also in a mess with an uneven distribution of god spiritual energy density.

    Mo Wuji was well aware of such situations because it was very common in the void. The main reason for this was that the Laws of Heaven and Earth were not complete.

    The incubating area of the God Domain Nest continued to explode and there were also many other cultivators rushing towards Mo Wuji's destination. These people were just like Mo Wuji, rushing to get there, so nobody would notice the others.

    Mo Wuji executed his Wind Escape Technique and he was incomparably rapid. As his speed kept increasing, even some Heavenly God Stage experts weren't able to match his speed.

    After traveling for an entire day, Mo Wuji came to a halt. At this moment, there were countless of people in this area. Everyone stared shockingly at the explosions far away.

    The space far away looked like it was going to be torn apart or collapse as the laws within that space kept fumbling. The fumbling laws were constantly condensing, transforming and then forming into new laws...

    Over ten God King experts were continually throwing out array flags at the periphery of the space with fumbling laws of Heaven and Earth. Clearly, these experts were installing arrays. Among those experts, Mo Wuji noticed Ancestor Pang Jie, who was also helping.

    A devastating cry could be heard from beside Mo Wuji. In the next moment, Mo Wuji saw a young cultivator with a pale face spitting out blood.

    "This idiot! He must have used his spiritual will to try and get a glimpse of the incubating God Domain Nest. In the end, he destroyed his own sea of consciousness. This is what I call suicide." Another person by the side commented.

    When Mo Wuji heard this, cold sweat rolled down his back. He was preparing to extend his spiritual will to sense the change of laws of Heaven and Earth within that fumbling space. If he could capture a tinge of how the laws of Heaven and Earth condensed and formed new laws, it would be of incredible use to him. Hearing the words of that spectator, Mo Wuji realised that extending the spiritual will would end up in death.

    The laws in the faraway space turned into greater disorder as radiance after radiance were shot out from within. The explosions were continuous and even revealed some dao spirituality occasionally. This dao spirituality originated from a Grand Dao energy which everyone yearned for.

    "This feels like a new creation ah. The Grand Dao of it is simply too intriguing." A cultivator from the other side exclaimed.

    "This is indeed a new creation because I've heard that when the God Domain first formed up, it wasn't thorough. Later on, every time the God Domain Nest incubates, it was equivalent to the creation of the very beginning. The fumbling laws of Heaven and Earth were actually condensing of new laws and forming of a new domain within Heaven and Earth."

    "Indeed, the pity is that our spiritual will are unable to seep into it. Otherwise, to be able to gain insights or sense such heaven splitting dao spirituality would definitely do cultivators a world of good."

    "I've heard that when the God Domain Nest incubates, even a God King's spiritual will be struck back by the laws of Heaven and Earth. Eventually, their sea of consciousness would be hurt too..."

    "Yes, when compared to the creation of a universe, God King is merely like a drop in the ocean."

    Hearing the discussions of the crowd, Mo Wuji's heart shivered. Even if the sea of consciousness spiritual will couldn't seep through it, it shouldn't affect him that much right? He had the spiritual will of the spirit storage channel and even if there were backblast, it would at the very most, cause damage to his spirit storage channel. This would mean that his sea of consciousness wouldn't be affected at all.

    Mo Wuji carefully extended his own spirit storage channel's spiritual will. Half an incense later, Mo Wuji's spiritual will finally reach the space with fumbling laws of Heaven and Earth.

    A vast and mighty law of Heaven and Earth surged over and Mo Wuji could feel his own dao will defeated. It was as if everything that he had cultivated thus far was about to be utterly destroyed in this moment.

    Mo Wuji instantly circulated his dao revelation channel. This energy of the laws of Heaven and Earth captured by his spirit storage channel's spiritual will was shifted to his dao revelation channel. Concurrently, all 108 meridians started forming spiritual circulation to support it.

    The extensive laws of Heaven and Earth were swept in by Mo Wuji's spiritual will and then abandoned through the dao revelation channel. Even when over billions of laws were passed through Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel, it only managed to retain one or two of the laws. There were even more impressive energy of the laws of Heaven and Earth were abandoned by Mo Wuji because they were either too extensive, mysterious or too rarefied.

    If messy laws like these weren't abandoned instantly, it would only cause damage to Mo Wuji's meridians.

    Even though he only managed to capture one or two laws out of the billions of them that passed through his dao revelation channel, Mo Wuji was still satisfied. He could still feel that his cultivation level was constantly on the rise even if he didn't cultivate. Because he had gain insights over these laws, his sacred arts became clearer too.

    Time passed gradually as everyone stared intently at the fumbling laws of Heaven and Earth. Everyone was patiently waiting for the incubation to end before the emergence of treasures.

    Just like the others, Mo Wuji was standing around. Unlike the others, he wasn't simply waiting as he was busy cultivating. He had already been in the Nascent God Stage for over a year. Throughout this year, there was almost no progress in his cultivation level. Yet the disorderly energy from the God Domain Nest ensued speedy rise in his cultivation. In just a number of days, he charged towards the pinnacle of the Nascent God Stage Level 1 and was only a step away from the Nascent God Stage Level 2.

    Just when Mo Wuji was considering if he should charge into the Nascent God Stage Level 2, a unique energy of the law was captured by Mo Wuji. Without hesitation, he controlled his dao revelation channel to give up on all the other laws just to capture this particular one.

    Mo Wuji was indescribably excited because he actually managed to sense a dark type law from the location of the incubating God Domain Nest. Others might see or even touch it but not realised that it is the dark type law. However, because he had the Laws of Darkness technique which Ku Cai gave him, he could instantly capture it when he sensed it.

    The dark type law grew clearer in his dao revelation channel and Mo Wuji suddenly had an uncontrollable urge. He wanted to start cultivating the Laws of Darkness cultivation technique immediately.

    Fortunately, he was still rational enough to control his urge. His spiritual will stopped trying to gain insights over any other laws as he started to capture the position of this dark type law.

    As the God Domain Nest continued to incubate, all sorts of laws were still traversing across the space.

    Mo Wuji cautiously controlled his spiritual will to enter the depths of the incubating God Domain Nest. Even more terrifying and extensive dao laws surged over but Mo Wuji wasn't tempted as he directly threw these laws aside. In this instance, his priority would be to find the exact location of these dark type laws in the upcoming incubation of the God Domain Nest.

    As time passes, the explosions of the incubation lessened.

    The trace of dark type law which Mo Wuji captured suddenly disappeared within the boundless space. Mo Wuji was no longer able to sense any of that energy.

    "Boom boom boom!" Even more intense explosions occurred and following that, endless amount of densely packed light radiance emerged.

    At almost the very same moment, Mo Wuji managed to breakthrough from Nascent God Stage Level 1 to Level 2.

    "Treasures are starting to fall in the incubated God Domain Nest!" Surprised voices could be heard while everyone started charging towards the countless treasures from the light radiance.

    Under the sky full of flashing radiance, this was when cultivators started fighting.

    Mo Wuji didn't head over to fight for the treasures at the first moment. Instead, he went to put down a marker on the location where that dark type law disappeared. When they were allowed to enter the God Domain Nest incubated area in the future, he wouldn't go fight for treasures but to the mark where he left behind. He wanted to cultivate the dark type laws technique.

    Only after putting down this mark, Mo Wuji entered the army of fighting cultivators.

    The incubating God Domain Nest was almost like a treasure fountain as treasures kept emerging from it. Some of the treasures even landed about thousand miles away.

    Even though there were many treasures, the number of cultivators fighting over them was much greater. When a peak grade god material or god spiritual herb appeared, up to hundreds of cultivators would charge forward to fight for it.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will was not any weaker than the average Heavenly God Stage cultivators and the first thing he spotted was a peak grade Underworld God Stone. The Underworld God Stone was a god material used to forge storage ring. For cultivators under the World God Stage, this item was incredibly precious. Even though there were many storage rings in the God World, very few cultivators used storage ring with unknown origins. No one could be certain if these storage rings with unknown origins had any sort of marks on it.

    "Scram." Another Nascent God Stage cultivator threw a fist at Mo Wuji because he had also spotted this Underworld God Stone. He was more aware than Mo Wuji of the true value of an Underworld God Stone produced from the incubation of the God Domain Nest.
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