Chapter 912: Medicinal Cauldron Stone

    Chapter 912: Medicinal Cauldron Stone

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    Mo Wuji's spiritual will was much stronger than the Nascent God Stage cultivator. At the same time this Nascent God Stage cultivator came in, Mo Wuji saw another expert coming in. Mo Wuji's guessed that he should be at least in Heavenly God Intermediate Stage.

    No matter how precious an Underworld God Stone was, Mo Wuji wouldn't fight against a Heavenly God Stage expert for it. Mo Wuji had his Undying World to keep whatever he deemed valuable so it didn't matter much to him. Moreover, a storage bag worked the same way for Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji, who was initially charging towards the Underworld God Stone, changed direction at the very last minute.

    Seeing how Mo Wuji acted tactfully, that Nascent God Stage cultivator grunted coldly. If Mo Wuji didn't know how to act, he would have severely injured Mo Wuji.

    However, just when the Nascent God Stage cultivator came into contact with that Underworld God Stone, a powerful elemental energy enveloped him. Before he could even react, a white radiance pierced straight through his forehead. Not only did he lose that piece of Underworld God Stone, his storage ring was also snatched.

    Mo Wuji noticed how the previous Nascent God Stage cultivator was killed with a simple move by that Heavenly God Stage cultivator. Neither did anybody around feel odd nor bother about the entire process so Mo Wuji understood that the items of this place really had no relation with the weak.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji saw yet another Nascent God Stage cultivator slapped to his death by an expert in the God Monarch Stage.

    Looking at the flying treasures in the sky, Mo Wuji decided to back out. This place was simply too dangerous for Nascent God Stage cultivators. Even if you managed to pick up a good item, you will be easily killed in the very next moment. Mo Wuji wasn't interested in the average items but if he saw a decent item, someone stronger would also have noticed it.

    If Mo Wuji didn't fight for anything and only depended on his own Wind Escape Technique, nobody would be bothered with him.

    When the God Domain Nest incubated, countless treasures would descend and some would land very far away. However, most of the treasures would land in the periphery of the God Domain Nest.

    The further Mo Wuji head outwards, the lesser people were around. Those who wished to obtain treasures would have to head closer to the periphery of the God Domain Nest.

    Despite not obtaining any treasures, Mo Wuji didn't feel at loss. In this place, he saw endless laws of Heaven and Earth and even stepped into the Nascent God Stage Level 2. Additionally, he even found the rough location of the dark type laws.

    A massive grey stone brought by a whiz of wind charged towards Mo Wuji's position. Just as Mo Wuji was about to dodge and retreat further, his spiritual will sensed an energy of a law within the grey stone which he had never encountered before. This law seemed to have a type of vitality dao spirituality within it.

    Mo Wuji had the vitality channel so he was extremely sensitive to vitality dao spirituality. He opened up his palm to catch the massive grey stone. Even before he permeated his spiritual will into the stone, Mo Wuji felt incredibly comfortable. It almost felt like he caught hold of a god herb instead of stone. No, it was more like a one in a billion type energy of a god herb.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to send that stone into his Undying World, a stern voice was heard. "Put that down or you shall die."

    Following that voice was an supremely oppressive energy upon Mo Wuji. This was definitely the energy of a Heavenly God Advanced Stage expert. In the face of an expert like this, why would Mo Wuji hesitate at all?

    Following a few continual spatial teleportation, Mo Wuji executed his Wind Escape Technique in full force. If he hadn't got hold of the item and it was an ordinary item, Mo Wuji could still give it up. Now that he already held it, everyone else could forget about snatching it away or harbor onto any hopes that he would give it away.

    Even with his Wind Escape Technique in full force, Mo Wuji could still feel the indistinct threat behind him. Mo Wuji even mobilised his spirit storage channel as his entire body seemed to have merged as one with the wind. From this, Mo Wuji could tell that this fella was undoubtedly strong.

    Because this fella gave up fighting for the other treasures in the God Domain Nest, Mo Wuji guessed that this stone was probably not simple as well.

    Only when Mo Wuji was about to reach the human district of the God Domain Nest, he finally felt that he might have shaken off that threat behind him. Even so, Mo Wuji didn't dare to slow down as he continued at full speed into the God Domain Nest. Simultaneously, he sent his storage bag and face mask all into his Undying World. After recovering his original appearance, Mo Wuji entered the encampment of the Heavenly Mortal Sect.


    The Heavenly Mortal Sect was calm and peaceful as usual. Perhaps because of Shen Ming's incident, very few disciples dared to head out.

    After waiting in his room for over three to four days to confirm that it was still calm and peaceful, Mo Wuji finally heaved a huge sigh of relief.

    He still didn't dare to analyse that grey stone because he still feels that it wasn't something simple. It was probably because he wasn't very sure about the different ores and materials in the God Domain.

    After a full month and just after Mo Wuji stabilised his Nascent God Stage Level 2, Wei Jie came to look for him once more.

    "Wuji, are you able to return the face mask which you've borrowed previously?" The first question Wei Jie asked was for his mask.

    Mo Wuji said awkwardly, "Elder Wei Jie, I saw a sacred art which I liked but because I didn't have enough god crystals, I could only sell the face mask to make up for the amount. Eventually, I did manage to exchange for the sacred art..."

    "You..." When Wei Jie heard that Mo Wuji sold the mask which Wei Jie lent him, he pointed at Mo Wuji furiously with no words. He was already considered despicable but he didn't expect Mo Wuji to be many folds worse than him.

    Mo Wuji walked in front of Elder Wei Jie before patting him. "Elder Wei Jie, don't worry about it. I will definitely repay you with at least an intermediate grade face mask in the future."

    Mo Wuji was also feeling helpless because the face mask would have been exposed the instant he was chased. If he were to return Wei Jie the face mask now, he would be harming Wei Jie.

    "Count me as unlucky then. Ancestor had returned and had called out for you." Wei Jie was still fuming and was exceedingly regretful that he lent Mo Wuji the mask. No, he was regretful that he recruited Mo Wuji into the Heavenly Mortal Sect.

    "Many thanks, Elder Wei Jie." Mo Wuji answered as he sped out. He really didn't want to see Wei Jie show him his look of disdain.


    "Come in." Mo Wuji had only just arrived at the entrance and Pang Jie's words were heard.

    Mo Wuji bowed to show his respect as he entered. Even though Pang Jie held him in high regard and was also very polite to him, Mo Wuji's heart had extreme admiration for this God King Pang Jie.

    "Wuji, the God Domain Nest has been completely incubated. Presently, the entire periphery around the incubated area was protected by defensive arrays. Nobody would be allowed to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest."

    Mo Wuji hurried to say, "After the God Domain Nest incubated, are there any arrangements to enter?"

    He was most concerned as to whether he himself could enter the God Domain Nest. Having seen the dark type laws, Mo Wuji was full of anticipation to be able to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest to cultivate the dark type laws.

    Pang Jie sighed, "Even though the newly incubated area here was extraordinarily huge, it didn't have much relation to disciples of my Heavenly Mortal Sect."

    'Why?" Mo Wuji looked confusingly at Pang Jie.

    Pang Jie explained. "For the newly incubated God Domain Nest, sects with one God King can allow up to five people to enter. Those with two God Kings could allow ten people. This was the number of people who could enter without any conditions. Because of the massive area incubated this time around, there would be even more people entering it. The remaining slots are all decided through battles. My Heavenly Mortal Sect doesn't have any outstanding disciples so I can only say that the slots earned from battles are of no concern to my sect."

    Pang Jie couldn't help but sigh. There were many slots to be won from the battles but the Heavenly Mortal Sect only had five slots which were incredibly little.

    Mo Wuji also fell silent. He was in the Nascent God Stage Level 2 and he really didn't fear any Nascent God Stage experts. However, could he enter any battle? Every sacred art of his was a huge sacred art which touched upon a brand new law of Heaven and Earth.

    Other than being worried about exposing his sacred arts, Mo Wuji was more worried that when he attacked, God Kings could tell that he didn't have primordial spirit or spirit channels.

    He was afraid because the difference between his cultivation level and a God King was simply too drastic.

    "You don't have to worry. Among the five slots that we're awarded, you will definitely have one. The four other slots will also be left for you to assign. Wuji, your ability to comprehend things is very high so no matter which disciples you choose to enter the God Domain Nest with you, you have to exercise extreme caution. We rather obtain fewer treasures than to lose a life." Pang Jie went on to console Mo Wuji when he saw that he fell silent.

    "Disciple understands but may I ask what are the different stages of cultivators allowed to enter?" Mo Wuji was worried that mighty Heavenly God Stage cultivators might also be allowed to enter the God Domain Nest. Regardless of how strong he was, he would merely be an ant in front of a Heavenly God Stage expert.

    "Mainly Nascent God Stage and Heavenly God Stage but there's no need for you to over-worry. The newly incubated God Domain Nest had countless of treasures so in the first few years, nobody would usually be fighting for treasures. There were simply too many good items everywhere." Pang Jie explained.

    When he mentioned about fighting, Pang Jie seemed to have thought of something. "Before entering the God Domain Nest, try your best to restrain our disciples from heading to the business district. When the God Domain Nest incubated, an extraordinary peak grade treasure appeared. It is called the Medicinal Cauldron Stone."

    "Medicinal Cauldron Stone?" Mo Wuji suddenly recalled of the grey stone, which was filled with vitality, and kept by him. Could that be the Medicinal Cauldron Stone? Was he really that lucky?

    Pang Jie nodded, "Yes, Medicinal Cauldron Stone. The Medicinal Cauldron Stone was a stone which accumulated vitality laws of the Heaven and Earth and dao spirituality of all living things. This stone was a natural material meant to forge the Medicinal Cauldron and was considered a Xiantian material. This material was a priceless treasure to anyone and everyone and it might be very difficult to even find this stone in the newly incubated God Domain Nest. The peakest grade medicinal cauldron between heaven and earth was forged using the Medicinal Cauldron Stone. Also, the medicinal cauldron forged by the Medicinal Cauldron Stone also has a unique characteristic which every cultivator dreamt of: Advancement to the next level.

    This Medicinal Cauldron Stone had been snatched by a disguised cultivator who entered the God Domain Nest later on. A few big God Kings were searching the entire God Domain Nest for it so, disciples of my Heavenly Mortal Sect must try not to head out. Even if you didn't fight for items at the God Domain Nest, none of you should reveal your face outside at this point in time."

    "Yes," Mo Wuji bowed as his heart was thumping fast. He was certain that the stone he obtained was a Medicinal Cauldron Stone.

    Now that he had obtained the Medicinal Cauldron Stone, he wouldn't risk his life to head out unnecessarily even without Ancestor Pang Jie's warning. As for this Medicinal Cauldron Stone, he wouldn't hand it over for anyone else to refine it too. He had decided to forge out a medicinal cauldron on his own.
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