Chapter 913: Heavenly Mortal Sects Humiliation

    Chapter 913: Heavenly Mortal Sect's Humiliation

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    After Mo Wuji returned to his own room, he used his spiritual will to scan the outside. Indeed, the entire God Domain Nest was pasted with wanted posters. The person on the wanted poster was drawn very clearly and it was a dark skinned cultivator with thin eyes.

    Mo Wuji jumped up in shock at the sight of this dark skinned man with thin eyes. This man was him after using the Dry Wimple Pill to disguise himself. It was only after this appearance which he added yet another face mask borrowed from Wei Jie.

    In other words, if he didn't consume the Dry Wimple Pill and used the face mask directly, he would have been discovered by now. Or rather, if the person pursuing him was slightly stronger at the God Monarch Stage, even the Dry Wimple Pill wouldn't be able to conceal his original appearance.

    Fortunately, he was being pretty cautious back then. He was so close to being listed as wanted.

    Mo Wuji withdrew his spiritual will quickly because he would likely implicate the entire Heavenly Mortal Sect if exposed.

    As long as Mo Wuji didn't head out, nobody would be able to capture the person who took the Medicinal Cauldron Stone away. Two more months passed by, Mo Wuji's cultivation level had finally stabilised at the Nascent God Stage Level 2 and Wei Jie came to his room again.

    "Elder Wei Jie, I've said that I will definitely return the face mask to you in the future but there's nothing I can do if you come over to find me every day." Even before Elder Wei Jie said anything, Mo Wuji went straight to the point.

    Wei Jie stared at Mo Wuji for half a day before asking. "Some time ago, everyone in the God Domain Nest was looking for a fella who took the Medicinal Cauldron Stone. Don't tell me you're that fella?"

    Mo Wuji's heart froze and he inwardly praised Wei Jie for his shrewdness. Mo Wuji said with a monotonous voice, "Yes and I even killed a few God Monarch experts."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Wei Jie started laughing out loud. Mo Wuji did borrow the face mask from him but rumours spread that the person who chased the fella with the Medicinal Cauldron Stone was an extremely strong Heavenly God Stage expert. Even some of the bigger sects' experts in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage might not be his match.

    If it was really Mo Wuji, he wouldn't be well and alive talking to Wei Jie here.

    "Tell me why you're looking for me again then. I have nothing to compensate for your face mask now so this will have to wait for the future." Mo Wuji spoke after seeing how Wei Jie was frightened by him.

    Wei Jie chuckled and replied, "There's no hurry regarding the face mask. The battle for slots to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest had begun. Do you want to go and take a look or even participate?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I didn't even register myself and furthermore, heading there with a low cultivation like me would achieve the same result if I didn't go."

    "Who told you that registration is needed? Let me tell you ah, every cultivator in the God Domain Nest can participate. The battle will be divided into Nascent God Stage and Heavenly God Stage. Moreover, for the competition this time around, strength wouldn't guarantee victory. If your luck is good, earning a slot for the sect isn't impossible with your cultivation level." Wei Jie looked at Mo Wuji with another disdainful look.

    Even though Wei Jie was an elder, Mo Wuji's status in the Heavenly Mortal Sect was actually not lower than him. Therefore, there was no need to address each other as senior or junior. Even if there was a need to differentiate who was the senior and junior, Wei Jie wasn't able to differentiate. This fella, Mo Wuji, actually cheated him of his low grade god face mask.

    "Such thing is still possible?" When Mo Wuji heard that low cultivation level could also obtain a slot, he was instantly interested in joining. However, he stifled this thought very quickly. He already had a slot so not participating would do him better.

    "Of course and I am here to get you." Wei Jie patted on Mo Wuji's shoulder before saying. "I shall disregard any former hatred between us."

    Mo Wuji smiled as he replied. "I don't feel like going and I still need to cultivate in seclusion."

    Wei Jie suddenly lowered his voice before saying, "Wuji, do you not know that we have to give away all five of our slots?"

    "What?" Mo Wuji looked shockingly at Wei Jie. Pang Jie had already told him that the Heavenly Mortal Sect had five slots to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. Mo Wuji was convinced that Pang Jie would not lie to him. Even if these five slots had to be given away, Pang Jie would have informed him beforehand and not let Wei Jie pass on the message to him.

    Wei Jie looked sympathetically at Mo Wuji before retrieving a water crystal ball. "Ancestor is currently not in the encampment and the reason is in this water crystal ball. Go take a look yourself."

    Mo Wuji activated the water crystal ball and Ancestor Pang Jie's body appeared within the space. He said to Mo Wuji with an apologetic face. "Wuji, I need to pay a visit to the God King Hall of the God Domain Nest. My Heavenly Mortal Sect has a three words (Heavenly Mortal Sect) tablet nominated by Ancestor Guan Huan. No matter what, I must get this tablet back to the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Among the many conditions stated by the Nine Evolutions God Sect, one of them was to give up all five of our slots to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. Wuji, I will try my very best to retain one slot for you..."

    Mo Wuji stared dazedly at Ancestor Pang Jie's disappearing figure but his heart had no complaints. If there were any, it would only be deep helplessness and humiliation.

    This humiliation was not only to him but also the Heavenly Mortal Sect and Ancestor Pang Jie.

    Ancestor Guan Huan's nominated 'Heavenly Mortal Sect' tablet actually appeared at the Nine Evolutions God Sect. Evidently, it was stolen by the Nine Evolutions God Sect many years ago.

    The Nine Evolutions God Sect stole the Heavenly Mortal Sect's Ancestor tablet and even demanded the Heavenly Mortal Sect to exchange for it with treasures. As for the five slots, Mo Wuji instantly knew that it was the Nine Evolutions God Sect's method to beat down the Heavenly Mortal Sect. Preventing the rise of the Heavenly Mortal Sect was ultimately their goal. If a disciple of the Heavenly Mortal Sect were to come across some rare opportunities in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, it would only be developing a mightier enemy for the Nine Evolutions God Sect themselves.

    Mo Wuji could imagine the humiliation and helplessness Ancestor Pang Jie must have felt while saying these words. It was a helplessness from not being strong enough. Otherwise, how could a God King like himself break his promise of a slot to his disciple?

    Mo Wuji bowed at the water crystal ball before saying. "Senior Brother don't have to worry about me. I will definitely use my own methods to obtain the rights to enter the God Domain Nest."

    After saying that, Mo Wuji turned back to the half shocked Wei Jie. "Elder Wei Jie, please tell me about the selection methods of the God Domain Nest battle and how to qualify. I want to participate in the battle selection."

    "Wuji, what did you just address Ancestor as?" Wei Jie looked unbelievably at Mo Wuji.

    "There's no need for you to care about this. Hurry up and explain the main points to me." Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. So what if he was exposed? Back then, he was chased by three Immortal Emperors and many big sects but didn't he make it out alive too?

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji suddenly felt as though a gate in his heart had opened widely. He was suddenly brimming with an indescribable confidence in himself.

    "Wuji, why do you feel different from earlier." Wei Jie could instantly notice the change in Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji laughed as he replied. "Because I was over-thinking previously so I was fearful and nervous about everything I do. Fortunately, I still had some luck..."

    At the topic of luck, Mo Wuji paused. He thought about how he met the Medicinal Cauldron Stone while he was on the way out of the incubating God Domain Nest. Could this be luck?

    When he considered this, Mo Wuji thought about back when he tore apart and deprived the Immortal World's luck with that massive array just to return that luck back to the Immortal World. Could it be that because he broke the massive array, he obtained some of the Immortal World's luck from it?

    This was definitely possible because otherwise, why would that Medicinal Cauldron Stone appear coincidentally in front of him?

    There was a limit to things like luck so the more you used, the lesser you will have for the future. Even though Mo Wuji couldn't control when to use his luck, he knew that if escaping to the God Domain and obtaining the Medicinal Cauldron Stone were luck, he must have used up quite a bit of his entire lifetime worth of luck.

    "Big Brother Mo, you're going to participate in the battle selection?" Ku Cai hurried over even though Mo Wuji had no idea where she heard this news from.

    Mo Wuji recollected his loose thoughts as he answered, "Ku Cai, continue cultivating here and wait for me to be back."

    Ku Cai was still not strong enough to participate in the selections and since he was going to participate, he mustn't come back with only one slot. He made his decision to help Ku Cai earn a slot too.

    After waiting for Ku Cai to enter, Mo Wuji questioned again. "Elder Wei Jie, am I the only one from the Heavenly Mortal Sect who is going to participate in the selection?"

    Wei Jie looked speechlessly at Mo Wuji. "Wuji, you are definitely not short of confident. The entire Heavenly Mortal Sect is already participating except for you. Oh yes, Ku Cai is participating too."

    Hearing that he was the only disciple who wasn't participating yet, Mo Wuji turned awkward. He had also guessed that Elder Wei Jie came over to pass on Ancestor Pang Jie's words and also specifically to ask if he wanted to participate.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji looked awkward, Wei Jie didn't want to hurt his pride anymore as he continued to explain. "For the battle selection this time, anyone in the Nascent God and Heavenly God Stage experts would be able to join. There are a few types of selection. The first type would be to head over to the God Domain Nest's Tiandi Plaza to gain insights on laws. Within 10 days, the number of Heaven and Earth laws which you could gain insights upon would be the number of slots awarded to you. The second way would be to collect as many Five Elemental Sand at the God Domain Nest Sea as possible. Every complete Five Elemental Sand would be awarded one slot..."

    "Hold on, Elder Wei Jie, where is the God Domain Nest Sea? Why am I unaware of it?" Mo Wuji hurried to inquire.

    He knew of the Five Elemental Sand because he had a piece of the Five Elemental Soil. The Five Elemental Soil was formed from Five Elemental Sand.

    Just because the Five Elemental Sand formed the Five Elemental Soil, it didn't mean that the Five Elemental Sand was less valuable than the Five Elemental Soil. The Five Elemental Soil was a type of soil which contained attributes of the five elements while the Five Elemental Sand were five different sand. When all five different element type of sand was gathered, it would be much more valuable than the Five Elemental Soil.

    "There are plenty of places in the God Domain Nest which you are unaware of. Do you know about the God Domain Nest Desert? God Domain Nest Sword Pond?" Wei Jie looked despisingly at Mo Wuji. "The God Domain Nest Sea is an independent ocean which was covered up by endless fog throughout the year. The ocean was boundless and it was very hard for people to sink there. You will be unable to extend your spiritual will so the restraint on your god elemental energy was also incredibly strong. The Five Elemental Sands are hidden at the bottom of the God Domain Nest Sea..."

    Since Mo Wuji had cheated him off a face mask, Wu Jie felt satisfied to tease and look down on Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind Wei Jie's attitude as he asked. "Elder Wei Jie, doesn't that mean to say that a full set of the Five Elemental Sands is very hard to find?"

    Wei Jie grunted, "Do you think that gaining insights over the laws in the plaza would be very easy? There are billions of laws in the Tiandi Plaza and even in a year, you might not be able to gain insights over one of the laws, let alone ten days. Moreover, the simple laws had already been taken away by others and every law enlightened by others would be equivalent to having one less law there."
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