Chapter 914: Ten Great Vicious Cultivators

    Chapter 914: Ten Great Vicious Cultivators

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    "So is the third way a direct battle of skills?" Mo Wuji was also slightly apprehensive. Even though the two ways in front had nothing to do with fighting, the two ways seemed to require some luck. Fortunately for him, he had his dao revelation channel. Even if he couldn't find any Five Elemental Sand in the God Domain Nest Sea, gaining insights over some dao laws in the Tiandi Plaza of the God Domain Nest shouldn't be a problem for him right?

    Wei Jie shook his head, "The third way is not a battle of fighting skills but a battle of dao."

    "Battle of dao? Isn't it the same as fighting?"

    Wei Jie smiled, "Fighting is indeed one component of the battle of dao. However, there are billions types of dao in the world which includes Equipment Dao, Pill Dao, Array Dao, Talisman Dao, etc."

    Mo Wuji finally seemed to understand the gist of it. If he was still in the Immortal World, he would definitely participate in this battle of dao and would certainly win a lot of slots. However, he was in the God Domain where his current Pill, Equipment and Talisman Dao were still very far off the average. His array dao was still comparable but Mo Wuji was convinced that with his current ability to forge out only a Grade 2 god array, obtaining a slot would not be very probable.

    "The fourth way would be the direct fight and this event would usually have the most participants. Because there are so many people joining, life and death were disregarded in the fight and it is an elimination competition."

    The remaining 1000 contestants would all receive one slot to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. The top 100 contestants would all receive 10 slots to enter the God Domain Nest while the top 10 would each receive 100 slots. Moreover, the slots are accumulative so if you were to finish in the top 10, you will receive a total of 111 slots..."

    "Top 1000 ah?" Mo Wuji exclaimed surprisingly. If there were so many slots to be given out, it shouldn't be a problem for Mo Wuji to get a spot in the top 100 right? No wonder Pang Jie mentioned that there will be a lot of slots available this time around but the Heavenly Mortal Sect only had five. Even these five slots were snatched away by the Nine Evolutions God Sect.

    Wei Jie laughed coldly, "Please don't think that it is very easy to get into the top 1000. The people participating in the fight are basically the greatest and most talented geniuses from all over the God Domain. Furthermore, once you stepped onto the stage, you have to win three consecutive fights to enter the next round of elimination. Once you lose a single match, you are eliminated regardless of whether you're the challenger or not."

    Mo Wuji heard Wei Jie's explanation and he knew why there wasn't a need to register anymore. Once it was your turn, you would get to step onto the stage. Win and you guard the stage. Lose and you get eliminated so anyone could join but everyone only had one chance.

    While the duo spoke, they had already reached the periphery of the God Domain Nest's Tiandi Plaza. Looking at the densely packed crowd of cultivators, Mo Wuji finally understood what 'packed like sardines' looked like.

    The entire Tiandi Plaza was divided into two sides. On one side, people were seated with their legs crossed quietly as they seemed to be meditating. Even while Mo Wuji's naked eye couldn't see anything, he could sense that the quiet half of the plaza had dao spiritualities throughout the half of the plaza. It was literally filled with the endless energy of the laws of Heaven and Earth.

    On the other side with a boiling cauldron of voices, battle stages after battle stages were lined up on the plaza. There was a continual flow of people stepping onto the stage and also a good number of people crashing out of the stage. In fact, quite a number of cultivators were also directly killed on stage.

    Mo Wuji noticed the group of Heavenly Mortal Sect's disciples lining up there and Pu Yin was among them. From the determined look and eyes full of fighting spirit, Mo Wuji knew that Pu Yin would definitely want to try his luck for a slot here.

    "Wuji, will you choose to try your luck with the laws of Heaven and Earth or the direct fight?" As he noticed how Mo Wuji was staring at the battle stage, Wei Jie asked subconsciously. In his eyes, Mo Wuji would probably only stand a chance if he tried his luck at gaining insights for one of the laws instead of hoping to win on the battlestage.

    Just as Wei Jie asked, Mo Wuji saw a cultivator, as skinny as a monkey, sent a Nascent God Stage Level 9 expert flying. The Nascent God Stage Level 9 expert was still in mid-air as he exploded into a mist of blood.

    Mo Wuji thought to himself: This fella is so vicious. With the strength of this skinny monkey, he didn't need to explode that Nascent God Stage Level 9 expert into a mist of blood and would still be able to win easily.

    "Hehe, are you frightened now?" Wei Jie looked at Mo Wuji's flabbergasted look before chuckling again. "See that fella there? Even though he was as skinny as a monkey, he was the famous Senior Brother Death in the God Domain."

    "Senior Brother Death?" Mo Wuji repeated the term curiously.

    Wei Jie nodded, "Yes, he is indeed the Senior Brother Death and is one of the most terrifying Nascent God Stage cultivators of the God Domain Nest. Even though he was only in the Nascent God Stage Level 9, even the average Heavenly God Stage cultivators wouldn't dare to offend him."

    "I've also heard that the Tang Wuzhen I faced off the previous time was also the most terrifying Nascent God Stage expert in the God Domain Nest." Mo Wuji chuckled as he wasn't too convinced. This skinny monkey is vicious and ruthless but Mo Wuji didn't believe the statement to say that Heavenly God Stage experts didn't dare to offend him. Despite being only in the Nascent God Stage Level 2, Mo Wuji was not fearful of this skinny monkey.

    Wei Jie laughed out loud, "Wuji, you mustn't think this way. Tang Wuzhen has an incredible sacred art and rumours spread that his starry sky magic treasure was even more terrifying. He was even dubbed as the future leading expert of the Phoenix Soul God Estate. Even so, he was still nothing compared to the Ten Great Nascent God Vicious Cultivators of the God Domain Nest. It wasn't because he wasn't strong enough but because he wasn't vicious enough."

    "Which Ten Great Vicious Cultivators?"

    "You saw that skinny monkey earlier? His name is Wu Liang and his nickname is the Senior Brother Death. Among the Ten Great Vicious Cultivators, he was only ranked number four. Ranked number one is a person called Jian Zheng and his nickname is The Third Hand. I've never met him but I've heard that he is always full of smiles with a tall and slightly fat built. He always attacks without mercy. In one second he could be smiling with you but the next second you might already be murdered by him without any reason or provokes.

    Ranked number two is a very pretty woman called Chai Yan, whose nickname is Heart Collector Fairy. Don't be bewitched by her appearance because this woman looks very innocent, cute and beautiful. She even likes to wear a nice white dress. In terms of viciousness, she wouldn't be worse than Jian Zheng. The most disgusting point about her was that she like to swallow cultivators' hearts and she likes it warm. She often hung around Jian Zheng and after Jian Zheng killed someone, she would go on to swallow their hearts.

    Ranked number three's nickname is Madman and he doesn't have a real name. His beard covered a great portion of his face and he will start acting like a madman everytime he attacked. However, nobody could get rid of him and unless they didn't have a choice, nobody was willing to..."

    Wei Jie suddenly stopped talking as Mo Wuji saw that skinny monkey Wu Liang walked across them. The skinny monkey even projected one of his teeth to Wei Jie. Wei Jie seemed to be frightened by him as he no longer had the mood to continue on."

    Mo Wuji patted on Wei Jie's shoulder before mocking. "Elder Wei Jie, aren't you a little too noob? You are already a Heavenly God Stage expert yet you get frightened by a Nascent God Stage cultivator. Please don't tell anyone you know me in the future."

    Wei Jie smiled awkwardly but didn't say anything. Out of nowhere, the skinny monkey turned around and asked. "What's your name?"

    Evidently, he was speaking to Mo Wuji.

    When the skinny monkey asked this question, everyone around him heard it and almost everyone subconsciously shifted out of the way. Being pointed out by Senior Brother Death would only mean you're unlucky.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Mo Wuji."

    "Very good, I wish you that you live till a hundred years old." The skinny monkey also smiled as he turned and left.

    "Ai, you ah." Wei Jie shook his head speechlessly.

    The people surrounding them also hurried to move off. By wishing for someone to live till a hundred years old, wasn't he implying that you've lived long enough and should die now? Who, in the God Domain, have yet to reach a hundred years old?"

    Mo Wuji touched his chin and thought to himself, have I reached a hundred years old? Even Mo Wuji himself doesn't seem to remember. As for skinny monkey Wu Liang's threat, Mo Wuji never took it seriously. He could still forget about it if he didn't mess with him. If this skinny monkey dared to mess with him, there wouldn't be this Senior Brother Death here in the world anymore.

    "Let's go and take a look at the Tiandi Plaza." Wei Jie changed the topic completely.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I don't feel like going to find insights on Laws."

    "Are you going to participate in the battle of dao?" Wei Jie was astonished because he didn't believe Mo Wuji would do that. With his limited capabilities, Mo Wuji wouldn't survive even if he had nine lives there.

    "I don't want to go to the battle of dao too. Bring me to the God Domain Nest Sea? I want to look for Five Elemental Sand." Mo Wuji wanted to try his luck there at the God Domain Nest Sea. If he really couldn't find the Five Elemental Sand, he will head back here to fight.

    Anyway, this elimination competition wouldn't end in a few days time. For items like the Five Elemental Sand, he could even keep it for his own use if he managed to find extra.

    Wei Jie looked dazedly at Mo Wuji before continuing. "Alright, I really hope you have enough luck to find the Five Elemental Sand."

    To find the Five Elemental Sand, luck was the main factor. What else, other than luck, could be important if one had to find sand within a boundless ocean without the help of spiritual will?

    The terrifying point was that people cannot sink in that ocean. Even when you finally figure out a way to sink to the bottom of the sea, you have to control and find ways to bring yourself up again.


    The God Domain Nest Sea wasn't very far away from the Tiandi Plaza. With Wei Jie leading the way, both of them reached within an incense worth of time.

    Even before he was near to the God Domain Nest Sea, Mo Wuji could sense that fishy smell of the ocean. This brought along a feeling of amiability.

    From afar, the entire God Domain Nest looked like there were only a minute few people wandering around.

    "Nobody will be watching over this place?" Mo Wuji asked confusingly. Logically speaking, this was the period of competition so someone should be here to record the results right?

    Wei Jie smiled, "The numbers here were already decent because it is the competition period. If it was usually, lesser people will be here. Go ahead yourself and I shall head back to the Tiandi Plaza first. Regardless, I have to try my luck too."

    Mo Wuji suddenly remembered that Heavenly God Stage experts were allowed to enter the God Domain Nest too. Wei Jie was in the Great Circle of the Heavenly God Stage so it would be normal that he wanted to try his luck too.

    After Wei Jie left, Mo Wuji walked to the shore of the God Domain Sea. Only after standing by the shore, Mo Wuji realised what the few cultivators wandering about the shore was doing. These fellas were evidently trying their luck from the shore to see if they could find any Five Elemental Sand.

    This made Mo Wuji rather speechless because the Five Elemental Sand was also considered as a treasured item right? After so many years, it would have been picked up by people if it ever landed on the shore right?
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