Chapter 915: Fortunate Puny Nascent God

    Chapter 915: Fortunate Puny Nascent God

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    Mo Wuji's spiritual will extended towards the sea water and indeed, none of it was able to seep through the surface. Mo Wuji walked into the sea and just like how Wei Jie described it to be, the buoyancy of the sea water was still strong. The good point was that because the god energy was still of use, Mo Wuji was able to submerge into the water.

    There were originally not a lot of people by the side of the God Domain Nest so when Mo Wuji submerged into the water, no one else saw him. Or even if someone were to see him, nobody would be bothered about him.

    Mo Wuji continued moving towards the deep sea as he tried to use his spiritual will again. Similarly, his spiritual will was still unable to extend downwards. Even if Mo Wuji were to condense his spiritual eye, he could only see the area within 3 feet radius of him. If he were to use his spiritual will forcefully, his sea of consciousness would instantly feel a sharp pain.

    Thankfully, he could still see with his spiritual eye. Even though he was only able to reach a distance of 3 feet, it was still better than using his bare hands to scramble around.

    Not only did Mo Wuji have the spiritual eye, he also possessed the spirit storage channel. When Mo Wuji extended the spiritual will from his spirit storage channel, he was astonished and then ecstatic. His spirit storage channel was not in the least affected just like during the incubation of the God Domain Nest.

    Using his spiritual will, Mo Wuji could finally see everything within the God Domain Nest Sea at one glance. No item could ever hide from him now.

    The formation of the God Domain Nest must be somehow related to the incubation of the God Domain Nest. Otherwise, it would be too much of a coincidence that his sea of consciousness spiritual will was also useless during the incubation and nothing could obstruct or hide from him when he used his spiritual will from the spirit storage channel too.

    Now that he could extend his spiritual will downwards, it made things much easier for Mo Wuji. Very soon, his spiritual will managed to sense a few cultivators at the bottom of the sea crawling around blindly. They weren't able to see anything so they could only rely on their hands to look for the Five Elemental Sands.

    The spirit storage channel was indeed an incredibly useful feature as it had already helped him twice in the God Domain Nest. Mo Wuji no longer feared anything as he extended his spiritual will to cover as huge an area as possible.

    In a short period of time, his spiritual will managed to sense two water type Five Elemental Sands and one earth type Five Elemental Sands.

    During Mo Wuji's continual venture into the deep sea, Mo Wuji started picking up Five Elemental Sands one after the other. Moreover, Mo Wuji even realised that for the same type of Five Elemental Sand, there was also a clear difference between the good ones and the bad ones.

    The attribute law within a good Five Elemental Sand would be very clear and was almost as big as the fist of an infant. The attribute law of the bad Five Elemental Sand would be extremely weak and it is also much smaller in size. The smallest would be like a quail egg while the biggest would at most be as big as a chicken egg.

    In just a few days, Mo Wuji picked up at least a thousand Five Elemental Sand. Because the elements of the Five Elemental Sand varied, Mo Wuji sorted them out and realised he had collected over 150 complete sets.

    Mo Wuji chose a few complete sets of Five Elemental Sand to put inside his storage bag as he decided not to continue. The Five Elemental Sand was indeed decent but he had already found enough to forge equipment with it. Any more would be redundant.

    Now that he had so many complete sets of Five Elemental Sand, there was no longer a need for Mo Wuji to participate in the fight.

    An intense tremble made Mo Wuji come to a halt. His spiritual will locked onto a circumference of 10 feet radius before slowly expanding outwards.

    According to Mo Wuji's experience, the God Domain Nest might be vast but there wasn't much danger in it. The tremble at the bottom of the sea brought along an intense elemental energy attack. Clearly, it was caused by a battle.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will extended to over 30 feets, he saw a familiar person, Qu You.

    Mo Wuji recognised this woman because of her extreme beauty. Not too long ago, she even came to request for help from him at the Heavenly Mortal Sect's encampment. At that point in time, he rejected her request.

    At this moment, Qu You was in extreme danger because there was a scar on her chest and fresh blood was spreading in the sea. Even so, Qu You maintained in high alert but Mo Wuji knew that she was blind and unaware of any danger around her at the bottom of the sea. Even though she looked cautious, she had no means of seeing anything that was approaching her.

    Mo Wuji didn't leave the scene just like that. Even though he didn't agree to help Qu You back then, his impression of Qu You wasn't bad. This woman was incredibly gorgeous and even though she was born into a big sect, she wasn't overbearing at all. Even though they were both from the Forgotten Creek Dao School, Mo Wuji had a more favourable impression of Qu You as compared to Lan Ou.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will continued to extend around the surrounding. What made Mo Wuji curious was that he didn't actually see any existence attacking Qu You.

    Moments later, Mo Wuji noticed that Qu You wanted to float up gradually. Just as Qu You's feets left the seabed, an exceedingly thin killing radiance pierced through the sea water as it charged towards Qu You's forehead.

    Mo Wuji saw clearly that Qu You didn't feel anything yet. This killing radiance which was shot towards Qu You didn't exude any energy on the exterior. Even before the killing radiance reached a position, there was basically zero movement around the seawater. Because of this, Qu You didn't feel or sense anything.

    Because of this killing radiance, Mo Wuji saw the fella who was trying to attack Qu You. This fella seemed to have used a special magic treasure as his entire body was the same colour as the seawater. He basically camouflaged himself in the water and if he didn't look carefully, he might not be able to tell that there was someone there.

    Mo Wuji hesitated for a while. He was unaware of how this fella ambushing Qu You managed to find Qu You's position but he still decided to help her.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to intervene, Qu You seemed to be able to feel this ambush as she dodged it and took out a dagger. Because she was unable to extend her spiritual will, she could only draw a dagger out.

    "Boom!" The dagger struck against that killing radiance accurately. Even so, the wound on Qu You's chest opened up even more because of the impact of this attack. The seawater surrounding her started trembling intensely once more.

    Regardless, Qu You managed to save her own life again.

    After this attack, Qu You grew even more cautious than before. Instead of trying to get to the surface, she simply retreated carefully.

    This Qu You was indeed quite skillful and it was no wonder that she was a core disciple of a big sect. Mo Wuji didn't continue waiting as he immediately shot out a Spiritual Will Arrow.

    The Spiritual Will Arrow was much more powerful than the opponent's killing radiance and it also brought along a mighty killing intent. It pierced through the sea water towards the concealed fella who tried to ambush Qu You.

    "Ai!" The Spiritual Will Arrow pierced through this fella's chest and he was no longer camouflaged in the water. The fresh blood spread across the sea water like ink and that fella retreated frantically. Shortly after, he managed to disappear into the depths of the God Domain Nest.

    Mo Wuji truly admired this fella's magic treasure. Even after his Spiritual Will Arrow pierced through the fella's body, the killing intent didn't continue to explode.

    Qu You was not a fool, she had already felt the power of Mo Wuji's attack. Moreover, she could sense that someone was helping her. The person helping her even managed to injure the fella who tried to ambush her. As she didn't know where Mo Wuji was, she could only clasp her fist in a random direction before leaving speedily.

    Mo Wuji was able to use his spiritual will at the bottom of the sea so without waiting for Qu You to charge out of the sea, Mo Wuji had already got out of the water with a few spatial teleportations.

    Mo Wuji had just left and Qu You, with a bloodied body, landed on the shore. She swallowed a few healing pills as she stared right at the God Domain Nest Sea.

    At this point in time, both Mo Wuji and the mysterious fella who ambushed her didn't appear.


    Mo Wuji didn't return as he changed his clothing before arriving at the Tiandi Plaza of the God Domain Nest.

    The Tiandi Plaza's battle stage was still ongoing ferociously and intensely. Mo Wuji was not interested in this as he headed straight to the God Domain Nest's Hall of Affairs.

    According to Wei Jie's words, one could exchange for the jade token to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest at the God Domain Nest's Hall of Affairs.

    People continually entered and left the God Domain Nest's Hall of Affairs and there were queues in front of a lot of windows. Some people were even distributing duties but there was not a single person in the area to exchange for jade tokens to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest.

    Mo Wuji hesitated for a while before eventually giving up on disguising himself. The main reason was that he didn't have any good methods to disguise himself. The Dry Wimple Pill was nothing more than rubbish here in the God Domain.

    If there wasn't the incident regarding the Medicinal Cauldron Stone, Mo Wuji would undoubtedly try to find a way to purchase pills for disguise before exchanging for the jade tokens. Because of the Medicinal Cauldron Stone incident, Mo Wuji was certain that the entire God Domain would be extremely cautious towards people who buy disguise pills. If he were to go and purchase disguise pills, he could be sending himself into a net.

    "You want to exchange for the jade tokens to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest?" A shocked Heavenly God Intermediate Stage cultivator looked at Mo Wuji.

    There was a window for people to exchange Five Elemental Sand for the newly incubated God Domain Nest's jade tokens but not a lot of people would head there. It wasn't because that these slots were more valuable but because the Five Elemental Sand was simply too difficult to find. In other words, even if people were to come and exchange, it wouldn't be so quick. How long has it been? Someone found the Five Elemental Sand?

    "Yes..." Mo Wuji merely acknowledged as he looked at the signboard by the side.

    The signboard clearly displayed how to exchange Five Elemental Sand for the jade token to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest. Metal, wood, water, fire and earth type Five Elemental Sand would form a set. Every set could be exchanged for one jade token. At the same time, two sets for three jade tokens...

    When Mo Wuji saw that five sets of the Five Elemental Sand could be exchanged for ten jade tokens, he took out five complete sets and handed them over with hesitation.

    "You are going to exchange five sets at one time?" The astonished Heavenly God Stage Cultivator stared at Mo Wuji. He had even forgotten to take the sets from Mo Wuji's hand.

    Mo Wuji asked, "Is there a problem with it?"

    Mo Wuji was well experienced in dealing with such matters. He knew that it was very abrupt to take out five sets at one go but he had no other choice. He was the Da Shixiong so he had to take care and bring his few junior disciples along. Out of the five sets which he took out, only a quarter of the Five Elemental Sands were the peak grade. another quarter of the lowest grade while the rest were all in the intermediate grade.

    "No problem, no problem." The Heavenly God Stage cultivator responded. He checked the five sets of Five Elemental Sand before handing Mo Wuji ten jade tokens.

    Even after Mo Wuji had left the Hall of Affairs, this attendant had yet to regain his composure. He suspected that Mo Wuji might have found a Five Elemental Sand nest within the God Domain Nest Sea. This might be why he managed to collect so many at once. At the thought of that, he shook his head because this wasn't the first time such a thing happened. Previously, there was someone who found over 100 Five Elemental Sand at the same spot in the God Domain Nest Sea. He could only say that this puny Nascent God Stage Cultivator was too fortunate.
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